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England's Orchard & Nursery

Mailing Address:
316 S.R. 2004
Mckee, Kentucky 40447-9616 (United States)

Phone: (606) 965-2228
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  Company Comment, posted on August 5, 2003:  
I want to thank all of you for your prays and your high evaluations and Possitive feed back that everyone has left if we can be of assistance in the future with knowledge , scion wood or other plant material please just let us know.
We work hard so you do not have to and again thank you for your support in the past.

Kumme and Cliff England

England's Orchard and Nursery was derived from my husband's grandfather's tree farming hobby on his farm in South Eastern Kentucky. Between 1960 and 1985, many kinds of fruit and nut trees were planted. By 1985, it was obvious that the area was well suited for the growth of nut trees with the native fruit and nuttrees being the best-adapted and most promising crop of the trees planted.

For several years we have collected plant material, seedlings from around the world and seeds from our best orchard trees. These seedlings represent some of the best genetic material available today. The parent trees are selected based on consistent yield, size of nuts, and quality of nuts, blight resistance, cold hardiness and tree vigor.

Relying heavily on the research, gathered information and data from the agricultural communities through the University of Kentucky, England's Orchard and Nursery has enhanced many of the most common propagation techniques. Our Propagating methods include budding, vegetative propagation, and grafting.

Our business goals have been and are to demonstrate the feasibility of nut and fruit tree for alternative cash crops and to provide the highest quality produce and nursery stock available.

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Positive NarrowWayFarm
Brookville, OH
(16 reviews)
March 1, 2021
I ordered several trees from England's for pick on the last day of February. My order was ready when I arrived and I was also able to buy some extra trees before I left. The owners were very hospitable and answered all of my questions patiently. Recommended!
Positive cindydefelice
Canaseraga, NY
(2 reviews)
April 12, 2019
I ordered seed and tools from Cliff for the first time this winter. He was very responsive to all my questions and quickly and effectively changed my order at least three times before my material shipped to me in the early spring. The material is very high quality, the seeds came stratified, and all was very reasonably priced. Cliff's personal attention and advice is priceless.
Positive calebstroh
Kaysville, UT
(6 reviews)
April 6, 2019
I ordered three persimmon trees in March 2019, and received Two trees in early April (one variety was sold out, only charged for the two of course.) I was pleased with the packaging and quality of trees, as well as the price ($45 is about average in our area for a 3-5 foot fruit tree.) The shipping was expensive to our area (KY to Utah) but that's beyond their control and I'm glad they were able to ship them at all. The trees appear to be spring dug, which is my preference, and they appear healthy with large, full buds. A pleasant difference from the usual "dried sticks" many of us get through mail-order of fall dug plants. Bottom line is the plants arrived in good condition, now the rest is up to me. I hope they'll do well in our area, but if not, it is not England's fault. I hope to enjoy my Utah Persimmons in a few years! Thanks England's Orchard & Nursery!
Positive Wyrsch1111
Aldrich, MO
(6 reviews)
April 12, 2017
England's Orchard is one of my top nursery picks. I've made multiple orders including scion wood, pawpaw seed, and grafted pawpaw, Asian pear, hawthorn, persimmon, quince, and Che. Have never had a problem. Many many times I've emailed asking for advice or information and have always received an honest and timely answer. Cliff England is very valuable resource of knowledge and experience for those interested in growing some of the less mainstream fruits.
Positive Clove
Union City, NJ
(17 reviews)
April 8, 2016
I visited the website of England's Orchard & Nursery,, and I was impressed by the complex persimmon hybrids in stock. England's customer service is quick & excellent. I placed an inquiry about their persimmons, and I received a quick & very friendly response, an e-mailed invoice, & a quick shipment. excels on all counts: Excellent customer service--excellent packaging & shipping--and excellent stock. I was highly pleased with the arrival of my order, so I placed another persimmon inquiry to which I received another immediate response, and I look forward to ordering from again this fall.
Positive jeremybro
Mulvane, KS (Zone 6b)
(6 reviews)
September 16, 2015
Near the end of the season, both of my new jujube trees are still going strong.

This despite the cool, wet spring, the minor flooding that required me to relocate one tree while ankle deep in water (and the tree in full leaf), and deer nipping off the new growth.

When contacting the business regarding my order, the owner answered the phone, and all my questions. I haven't had a need to contact him again, because the quality has been great.

Overall, I had the best possible experience with this business.
Positive treesmoocher
Spencer, WV
(9 reviews)
March 20, 2015
My order--two goumis and an aronia--arrived when expected, was as ordered, and the little trees were healthy, clearly labeled, with a fair amount of dirt and that gummy moisture-retention gel on a sizable root mass. I would not hesitate to order from these guys again. Even if they are severely spelling-challenged.
Positive wildforager
Sheboygan, WI
(3 reviews)
November 23, 2014
In April of 2014 I purchased 20 paw paw trees from Cliff. Great guy and wonderful plants. They were healthy and in deep pots. He even gave me the milk crates that he had them in so I could transport them. All the trees continue to thrive.
Negative jf82
Boise, ID
(3 reviews)
January 27, 2014
The persimmon trees I ordered from this nursery were a huge disappointment! The height of the trees that I ordered was achieved by the rootstock instead of the graft. The grafted part was 8Ē long one year growth! It will take a long time before I see any fruit on these trees! In addition to that, half of the trees did not break dormancy. I chose not to contact the nursery about replacing the trees simply because I was so disappointed in them. I have since replaced all the dead trees with a lot larger trees from other reputable nurseries that did not cost me nearly as much. I have to admit that Englandís Nursery offers a good variety of trees but the quality is simply not there.
Negative TreeLover12
Mendon, UT
(2 reviews)
October 8, 2012
Posted on August 28, 2012, updated October 8, 2012
I had a different experience with Englandís Orchard and Nursery. In the spring 2011 I ordered 2 persimmon trees. They arrived in the end of March as we agreed and were completely dormant. They never broke dormancy. When I contacted the nursery Cliff told me that the weather had been hard on their trees that year and the trees would be replaced. What came after that did not make me happy. I did not hear anything from them after that email exchange in August. One morning in November (November 6) I walked out of the house and saw a package on the front porch. How long it sat there I donít know: we had been out of town for a couple of days and I had no idea it was coming. I checked all my emails after that: there had been no contact to let me know they were shipping the trees. It freezes here at nights in November. Planting season in this area ends in the beginning of October. Why not get in touch with me and discuss when to ship the trees? Why not let me know they have been shipped? Anyway, we dug the holes in the cold wet ground covered with snow and planted the trees (probably already dead) the best we could given the conditions. Not surprisingly, the trees never broke dormancy. I contacted Cliff this August again to let him know that. He told me that ďthere was a huge drought and in spring there was a hard freezeĒ (I am guessing they donít have threes this year) and asked me to email him pictures of the tops and bottoms of the trees. I did. From the pictures he determined that there was a 2Ē layer of mulch. There is no mulch. He also determined looking at the pictures that the trees were planted 6-8 inches higher than they should have been planted. Not true. I am an engineer and I know that there is absolutely no way to make this kind of determination just looking at the pictures unless there is a scale there placed for comparison. He also told me that the roots were exposed. They were not. All that according to Clifford Endland voids their warranty. Basically, I paid them over a $100 and got 4 dead sticks in return.
What bothers me the most is that he admits they had problems with their trees, he also sent the replacements in a completely inappropriate time for the area but still puts the blame on the customer any way he can. I have purchased over 30 trees and bushes over the internet so far including another persimmon tree from a different nursery and all of them are doing very well except for one hazelnut that did not have good root system. Normally, I get plants with their buds at least swollen so I know they are alive. These trees were a completely different story. I am very disappointed with the whole experience. It seems that a few of the previous reviewers actually went to their nursery and saw what they were buying. I would say, be very careful if you are buying their trees over the internet without seeing them because you may be out of your money with no trees to show for it.
On October 8th, 2012, TreeLover12 added the following:

Well, i am VERY disappointed with the company's response. THESE WAS NO EMAIL to let me know they were going to ship or that they shipped the trees!!! Whey never denied it when i contacted them. Second, we did mulch the trees when they were planted in the fall, in addition to mulch we covered them with newspaper they were packaged in and threw some leaves on top. The pictures were taken in August. I removed all the newspaper/leaves/mulch during the summer when it was clear that the trees were dead. There were absolutely no roots sticking out. The trees were planted at the same depth as they were in the nursery. If it was possible to post a picture here i would have. The roots were at least 4 inches below the ground. I could measure it because i had the trees. They made their estimates based on the pictures! I am sorry but that is simply impossible to do! It seems that the company's slogan is: BLAME THE CUSTOMER no matter what. The absolutely worst experience buying trees online for me. Nothing comes even close.
Company representative comment on August 28, 2012:
On Aug 28, 2012 6:55 PM, England's Orchard & Nursery responded with:

To : Ekaterina Saraeva
Mendon, UT. 84325
First the original order was placed in November 5, 2010 and was shipped in March 28, 2011 and our policy state.
Remove the trees from their packing and wet the roots. They are packed in moist packing material to keep their roots moist during shipping. Inspect the trees for damage (such as freezing, drying or breakage). If there are ANY problems with shipping, WE MUST HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE TREES by writing or phone. (606-965-2228). We will not accept any claims after this period for shipping damage.
Ekaterina Saraeva then in August 15. 2011 notified us Englandís Orchard and Nursery that the 2 purchased trees never leafed out
Our Policy states Englandís Orchard and Nursery cannot be held responsible for cultural conditions that are beyond our control. However if the tree(s) do not brake dormancy they will be replaced at no charge and if the tree should die within a (7) Seven Month period of purchase the tree(s) will be replaced at a 50% replacement rate plus the cost of shipping and handling. No replacement will be given after this period. Warranty of tree(s) only applies to a one time replacement of the trees that does not leaf out the second time. Note Persimmons and Jujube trees must be given at least till July of the year ordered to break dormancy.
I never charged her the second time nor did she pay postage I simple replaced the trees at my cost trees and postage.
See was emailed and ever customer is email a copy of the invoice with date ordered and time (date) trees will ship.
We planted the trees the best we could given the conditions. Not surprisingly, the trees never broke dormancy
On all questionable warranty issues especial an issue where the customer wants trees replaced for the second time I asked for pictures and if you contact me I will send you copies of the pictures as you know persimmons have long tap roots and we grow these tree in long tall tree pots 24 to 28 inches deep.
So up on the examination of the pictures I could see what was to be mulch around the trees and 6 inches of root sticking out of the ground now up on my questioning her about the trees she insured me there was no mulch. Policy staes . If conditions are not favorable for planting the trees then they must be planted (or heeled in) a temporary location till planting is permitted. Main things to do . (3) Mulching for weed suppression and moisture conservation. (No fertilizer of any type for the first year)

So it was very apparent that there was actually 8 inches of root sticking out of the ground and 8 inches to the collar on the trunk of the tree. The policy states
. Annual mulch will protect the roots as the soil later settles in the planting hole. Trees should be set planted at the same depth they were growing in the nursery, with the root crown slightly below the surface of the ground and can be planted 1 to 2 inches deeper. The root crown is where the root meets the trunk of the tree bark.
Thank you and we are truly sincere
If the customers would only read the planting instruction on deep rooted trees like pecan, walnut and persimmon this problem would not have a cured thank you
Kum Hui England
Rebuttal for England's Orchard & Nursery

To :
Ekaterina Saraeva
Mendon, UT. 84325

Positive pkalisz
Mercer County, KY (Zone 6b)
(6 reviews)
May 21, 2012
I bought eight persimmon and four pawpaw trees in the Spring, 2011. I picked up the trees and Clifford England was cordial and knowledgeable. Ten of the trees prospered during the first year; two persimmons died. Clifford replaced the two persimmons that died via UPS in the Fall, 2011. As of the middle of May, 2012, all the trees are healthy and doing well. I am happy with the planting stock and service and highly recommend England Orchard.
Positive treebird101
Bedford, IA
(13 reviews)
November 6, 2011
Ive ordered trees from Clifford England and WOW, what wonderful size and health! The man is super friendly and even gave me his own personal cell phone number to call if i had any questions. Very knowledgeable and really wants us young future nursery guys to succeed! I give him a call frequently and he always takes the time out to answer questions and offer advice. These were definitely some of the nicest trees I've ordered. Talking to the man, you certainly realize that he doesn't sell a product he doesn't know inside and out. The man is brilliant and has been had his knowledge passed down from previous generation. definitely look forward to doing business with England's Orchard and Nursery again in the Future! Highly recommended!!!
Positive coolmornings79
Trinity, AL
(4 reviews)
April 22, 2011
I ordered several Asian pears and some grafting scions in February, they were shipped quickly and well packaged. All are healthy and doing well. Great service, great products at a great price.
Positive PlantsnobIN
Paoli, IN
(31 reviews)
October 7, 2009
We were able to visit this nursery last weekend and had a great time there. Brought home 9 trees and couldn't be happier. Clifford knows his stuff and is happy to share his knowlege. We look forward to ordering more trees next spring, once we figure out just where we are going to plant more. Thanks again Clifford for the tour.
Positive Chills
Saint Clair Shores, MI (Zone 6b)
(20 reviews)
April 10, 2009
I lamented not being able to find some kinds of American Persimmons on gardenweb and in a NAFEX posting. The next day I received an email from the proprietor of England's including a current catalogue.

I spoke to him on the phone, emailed him that same night and placed my order and the trees were in the mail a week later (which was appropriate for planting and when I would have wanted them).

I got 2 jujube's unavailable elsewhere and a persimmon I've never seen anywhere else either (though it was listed in the fruit and nut inventory from 2000).

Great communication, plants and reasonable shipping!

No complaints here! I just hope he re-opens his site so others can order from him.
On July 10th, 2009, Chills added the following:

JULY 10th, 2009

I just wanted to follow up on my previous posting and say that everything I purchased has grown well (one Jujube even re-sprouted from dormant buds after its original growth was accidentally damaged). Both Jujube's have bloomed (after just being planted months ago!) and the persimmon looks great too!

Thanks for such great stock. I will certainly be ordering from England's again!

Positive elwoodzeus
Saint Mary, MO
(6 reviews)
April 28, 2005
In the past I have ordered from Englands. I was very happy with the heartnut seedlings and a few other trees. They have been very nice and are growing well. I have read that Mr England has been called up to service to our country. My prayers go with him.
Positive Lucky_P
Hopkinsville, KY (Zone 6b)
(4 reviews)
August 20, 2003
While I have not purchased from England's, Clifford England and I are fellow nut & fruit growers, and we have 'traded' plant materials on several occasions, so I have grown out a few of his 'First Stage Trees', as well as stratified seednuts, etc, and can attest to their quality.
Cliff is very knowledgeable with regard to nut trees and the minor fruits he offers, and I recommend this nursery highly.

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