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On Feb 20, 2012, jbreuner (2 reviews) from Orinda, CA (Zone 9b)

I have purchased seeds from Larner through the mail and at a local retail outlet because I wanted to grow California natives (that's all they sell). I have consistently found their quality and germination rate to be outstanding. They're not inexpensive, but their seed products are reliably excellent.

On Jul 30, 2007, toedrifter (2 reviews) from Richmond, CA

Great success with their annuals. Huge quantities in the packets and high germination results.

On Apr 21, 2007, 123456789 (5 reviews) from Winston, OR

I ordered lupinus propinquaas seed enticed by the lovely picture of a violet lupine on thier website; but after a year of work and anticipation I ended up with a Gigantic Tree lupine with dull white flowers, that attracted every aphid for 100 miles! it was a totally different plant that I expected. I think there is an Issue of trust when you buy seed; that it will come true after all your work. more over, thier prices are the most expensive I've seen anywhere online for a pinch of seed. do yourself a favor and check out Theodore payne, before making your purchase of California native seed.

On Jan 13, 2005, JoseyWales (1 reviews) from Danville, CA

Stopped by in person and picked up some happy native seeds last weekend. This variety of CA natives in one location is an excellent find, . Bryan

On Feb 1, 1996, tracyleemurphy (2 reviews)

I've been ordering seeds (and buying off the rack and going to their open houses) at Larner for the last three years. We've used her seeds to plant three landscapes in the San Francisco East Bay area. We are wonderfully happy with the outcomes. She carries some rare and unusual seeds and cautions people to never plant "outside" seeds like hers anywhere native stands might be hybridized. The staff is helpful and has taken the time to answer 1001 questions I've had during the planning and planting of our native meadows. The catalog lists a number of pamphlets that are *essential* to starting California natives (including seed starting and collecting seed). We will continue to buy Larner seeds in any situation where we want California natives.

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