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Deerbusters is a mail order catalog with useful information on deer damage to plants, gardens and landscaping.

posted on July 1, 1996



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On Apr 21, 2014, iykim (23 reviews) from Hillsborough, CA (Zone 10a)

DeerBusters was the only company that was willing to sell me remnants of Tenax C-FlexP deer fence. I had a 200' roll that I covered I used to make my front yard deer-proof. However, I was short about 10'. I did not want to buy a whole roll of 100' deer fence when I needed just a 10th of it. I asked around all companies that carried Tenax C-FlexP, but none would sell me a partial roll. DeerBusters sent me the 10' I needed promptly, and I was able to completely cover the front yard.

On Dec 8, 2012, Scott10 (1 reviews) from Hayward, CA

Used Deerbusters product to protect my vineyard has worked well easy to install, and shipped fast.

On Nov 24, 2012, gregg01 (1 reviews) from Wayne Heights, PA

I have been fighting deer for the last 20 years, trying but failing to have a garden. I purchased Deerbusters fence this spring and the fence has allowed me to have a garden again, and it is wonderful. My only regret is I did not do this 20 years ago. Thank you Deerbusters

On Mar 17, 2011, jasonwiles (2 reviews) from Frederick, MD

Posted on March 16, 2011, updated March 17, 2011 Posted on March 16, 2011, updated March 16, 2011 Posted on April 2, 2010, updated March 16, 2011 I read your review and I wanted to further understand the problem and see if there is any way I can help you out. Can you supply me with your information so we can contact you. Once we are contacted we can study the issue and find a resolution. Some possible issues may be from the harsh winter, a possible defect or an installation issue. All of these can easily be resolved very amicably by calling or emailing us immediately. THANKS!!!

On March 16th, 2011, jasonwiles added the following: "Posted from Local Paper" The Maryland Emergency Management Agency activated to a Level 3 Saturday afternoon, due to high winds around the state and a large number of resulting brush and structure fires, several road closures and some power outages. Level 3 means representatives of several state agencies involved in firefighting, law enforcement, transportation and emergency medical response joined MEMA staff in the state emergency operations center. At that time local jurisdictions were fighting numerous fires around the state. The heaviest fire activities were located in Prince George’s County. Small portions of several state highways were reported closed with partial lane restrictions in Baltimore, Howard and Prince George’s counties as of 6:30 p.m. Saturday. A power outage in the Pikesville section of Baltimore County cut power to a water pumping station serving parts of Baltimore County and adjacent areas of Baltimore City. The station is operated by the Baltimore City department of public work. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources deployed its forestry firefighting equipment to assist on several large fires around the state. As of 6:30 p.m. Saturday, approximately 8,000 customers were without electric service around Maryland, with about 1,500 each in Anne Arundel, Harford and Prince George’s counties.
On March 16th, 2011, jasonwiles added the following: February 18, 2011 Hold onto your hat; high wind watch up tonight Sounds like a wild weekend ahead, with highs in the 70s Friday afternoon, gusts to 50 mph overnight into Saturday, and some whispers about rain and snow Monday into Monday night. Ready? Here goes: This morning's overcast skies will burn off and forecasters say skies should become at least partly sunny Friday afternoon. That will help bring temperatures into the 70s across much of Central Maryland. The high at BWI-Marshall on Thursday touched 71 degrees. That gave us an average temperature for the day of 56 degrees, which was 20 degrees above the long-term average for the date. The forecast high for Friday at BWI is 73 degrees. Sterling often shoots low on our warm days, so don't be surprised if we top that. The real excitement comes late in the day and overnight. The warm air rushing into the region from the southwest and west is doing so ahead of an approaching cold front. The front is draped southward from a strong low-pressure system crossing the Great Lakes today. As the front approaches and passes through, it will be mostly dry. But winds will pick up. A lot. Sterling is predicting sustained winds in northeast Maryland from 20 to 30 mph, with gusts to 50 mph. Some locations, especially the Appalachian ridges, could see gusts to 60 mph. BGE is anticipating more power outages from the wind storm. They said Friday the winds "could very likely cause trees and tree limbs already weakened by last month's heavy, wet snow and wind, to fall onto power lines and other electric delivery equipment, causing power outages. BGE has more than 650 employees and contractors on stand-by for restoration work..." UPDATE: 5 P.M.: The weather service has also issued a High Wind Warning from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, from Allegany County east to Harford, and south to Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties. The warning says we can expect the high winds to reach their strongest speeds between 10 a.m. and 5 a.m. Saturday. The NWS says: "BE PREPARED FOR POWER OUTAGES...AND DOWNED TREES AND LARGE BRANCHES. ENSURE LOOSE OBJECTS ON YOUR PROPERTY ARE SECURED OR BROUGHT INSIDEA HIGH WIND WARNING MEANS A HAZARDOUS HIGH WIND EVENT IS EXPECTED OR OCCURRING. SUSTAINED WIND SPEEDS OF AT LEAST 40 MPH OR GUSTS OF 58 MPH OR MORE CAN LEAD TO PROPERTY DAMAGE." And that returns us to the issue of wildfire dangers. UPDATE, 4 p.m.: The NWS has issued a Red Flag Warning for the entire state of Maryland east of Cumberland. The warning is in effect from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Saturday. Expect sustained winds from 25 to 35 mph, with gusts betweeen 50 and 60 mph. "A RED FLAG WARNING MEANS THAT CRITICAL FIRE WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE EITHER OCCURRING NOW...OR WILL SHORTLY. A COMBINATION OF STRONG WINDS...LOW RELATIVE HUMIDITY...AND WARM TEMPERATURES WILL CREATE EXPLOSIVE FIRE GROWTH POTENTIAL" Relative humidities will be desert-like, between 15 and 25 percent. High winds and dry fuels only add to the danger that discarded cigarettes or careless outdoor burning will ignite a fire that will quickly get out of control. Temperatures will cool slowly behind the front, holding in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees through the weekend, even under sunny skies. Forecast models show another storm system approaching for President's Day. Forecasters are looking for a 40 percent chance of rain Monday. And with temperatures falling back into the 20s Monday night, some of the models are raising the possibility of the rain mixing with or changing to snow overnight into Tuesday. "Confidence is low" on that snow thing, forecasters say. So let's not think about that. (SUN PHOTO: Jed Kirschbaum, 2003)
On March 17th, 2011, jasonwiles added the following: The customer received the product in good faith and as advertised. We have been selling the same product for over 10 years with no such complaints or damage issues. The customer has also not had any deer damage nor mentioned having any deer damage which shows that the fence is functioning as described. The fence posts that we sold are the same style, strength and type of post sold for chain link fencing. We do not provide installation services, and therefore we can only assist customers over the phone with the layout and standard needs of a fence installation. The customer also ordered more rolls of fence in August of 2010 a month or so later without ordering more posts or bracing which he would have needed to expand the fence that he ordered in June. We can only assume that the lack of more bracing with the additional fencing along with the extreme wind caused a failure in the system. We cannot be held responsible for a damaged fence when something hits the fence; extreme wind blows it down, and or improper bracing. We recommended that the customer replace the posts, and to add braces in order to solve the installation problem. The customer discounted the advice and demanded we pay a lump sum of monies or he would bash our company on the internet. The customer has already made a complaint on a popular site that included a claim that the customer purchased a potting bench form us that was of poor quality which we have no record of in our system. If you search weather history during the time of the accident the extreme winds caused significant power outages, blown off roofs and significant damage to the mid-Atlantic area which should be considered an act of god. We make no claim to repair or replace fence from wind or other said damage on our site, verbally or in offsite advertising. We only make claims of use and the claims of use for keeping deer out have been implied and satisfied in writing by the customer. Our solution for the customer is to replace the posts and to add more bracing on that line to support the additional rolls ordered in August.

On Mar 15, 2011, LCeD3F (1 reviews) from Montgomery Village, MD

We purchased 17 rolls of metal mesh deer fence (DEE-8105) and the respective number of 'heavy duty deluxe' posts (DEE-8205) in June 2010 and had them installed by September 2010. In March 2011 ten fence posts failed after 5-6 months of service - bent 90 degrees at the base (pictures available); about 150 feet of the fence line was found lying on the ground. Urgent replacement was requested. Deerbuster's General Manager responded on the 4th day: refused to refund or replace, saying that we should have propped the posts to prevent damage from the wind. -- No such guidance was provided on their website, in print, or verbally prior/during/after purchase. Further in his e-mail, he refused to "be held accountable for damage from wind especially with the extreme wind conditions in Maryland recently". Complaint summary: 1) Product issues: flawed design / low quality material: posts are hollow tubes made of thin metal; bent like pretzels after 6 months in service. 2) Sales practice issues: no user/installation guide warning of possible failures; product misrepresentation on the website: "heavy duty deluxe" posts; misleading video showing seamless installation process while in reality the sleeves were very hard to drive/fix in the ground. 3) Warranty issue: warranty terms were not even mentioned in the invoice (there was no contract provided with the purchase); the sales rep assured of a year-long warranty; the website says that vendor's warranty is limited to 30 days. Non-deerbusters products should be managed under the manufacturer warranty. However, the product came without any labeling -- with no information on the manufacturer or product origin. 4) Refund/exchange issues: refused to refund or compensate arguing that posts tend to fail under strong wind. If deerbusters consider this a serious argument, then they should have advertised their ‘heavy duty’ posts for indoor use only. 5) Customer service issues: lack of response / slow response / ineffective response - no response provided in writing until explicitly requested (prior to posting this complaint on Davesgarden); general manager constantly interrupted the customer during telephone conversation; requested information from the customer, but ignored it in his statements. Accused customer of extortion when the customer mentioned that a complaint would be filed with BBB and the product / complaint management experience would be publicized on-line. So for those of you who consider buying from Deerbusters, please be advised that they seem to favor low-quality products. Even a kneeling garden bench that I bought from them is so wobbly that I am afraid to sit on it. The five-digit $$ amount spent on their fencing and accessories looks like a waste of money if it continues to rip in the wind, rain and other 'unusual' natural phenomena. The way products and installation are presented on their website qualifies for 'deceptive practice in trade'.

On Feb 27, 2010, casaogden (1 reviews) from Memphis, TN

I ordered the 8' deer fence kit for small gardens (100') and in less than one year the "wire" fencing split in two places. Both spots had about 5' vertical rips of the fencing and will be very time-consuming to repair.

On Jun 9, 2009, silicaslicker (1 reviews) from Hibbing, MN

I ordered a large roll of plastic mesh deer fence. My order arrived exactly when I was told it would, and better yet, the product was exactly as, maybe better than, advertised. This is a quality outfit to do business with!

On Jul 3, 2006, bbinnj (21 reviews) from West Orange, NJ (Zone 6a)

After authorizing a credit charge I noticed that they take Paypal. I e-mailed them asking them to switch the payment if possible. I was willing to cancel and re-order if necessary. They sent me an e-mail telling me they'd do it my way, no need to cancel. They also called to tell me an item was back-ordered and when it would be in. I'll up-date when the order arrives next week, but for willingness to please a customer, I'd say they rate a positive.

On July 10th, 2006, bbinnj added the following: Today my order is complete. The trellis was dropped-shipped from Dura-Trel and arrived July 8. The rest arrived today. The split shipment saved money (shipping was free because I bought more than a minimum amount). I appreciate being able to switch my payment mode, being told what wa sin stock, and that the trellis came much faster than with another supplier. Now if I can figure out how to put it together, I'm in business!

On Mar 4, 2005, Breezymeadow (8 reviews) from Culpeper, VA (Zone 7a)

My husband purchased a cold frame last month from these people for my birthday. It arrived missing 2 parts that are absolutely necessary in order to use it. Husband phoned the same day it arrived (2/21) & spoke to some woman there about the situation. "Woman" said she'd phone the warehouse & take care of it. Two weeks later - no part, no contact, no nothing. Husband phoned back today & spoke with same "woman", who at least had the decency to admit that she remembered speaking to him 2 weeks ago. Told husband that the warehouse "couldn't figure out what part he was talking about". Hello???? Husband again read her the part letter & description from the packing list - what the heck else can he do???? Send her a picture?? Once again she said she would "look into it". If I ever get my missing cold frame parts, I'll let you know.

On March 19th, 2005, Breezymeadow changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: We were able to get in contact with Deerbusters & sort out the missing parts for the cold frame. To their extreme credit, they not only overnighted the missing parts to us at their expense, giving us a tracking number so we could trace the package if necessary, but they also gave us credit for the entire order to compensate us for the delay & misunderstanding. This is certainly above & beyond the call of duty. Many thanks & kudos to them for making this more than right for us. I would definitely order from them again.

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