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Roozengaarde is a sister company to Washington Bulb Company, Inc., who supplies all of our bulbs. We have been in the bulb catalog business since 1984.

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On Dec 16, 2021, FarmFullofFowl (1 reviews) from Sequim, WA

I last minute realized I had some more space in our garden for bulbs. I ordered 30 tulips and 10 daffs on a Monday evening. That same Wednesday, they were at my doorstep! Granted, I live in the same state as they do (WA), but I was shocked and best of all, the bulbs are large and very healthy looking. There's no doubt I will order more from them next year!

On Dec 1, 2019, TeaTimeT (1 reviews) from Vancouver, WA

I ordered and received daffodil (Salome) bulbs for fall planting. The bulbs were well packaged. They are healthy, generously sized bulbs, many with pups. Planted them around some fruit trees; I'm excited to see them come up in the spring!

On May 25, 2017, BuenaVistagarde (1 reviews) from Grass Valley, CA (Zone 8a)

Posted on May 9, 2017, updated May 25, 2017 First order was great of 1200 tulip bulbs and second order two years later they sent me junk tulip bulbs. Over half didn't come up. I called and e-mailed with no satisfaction!

On May 25th, 2017, BuenaVistagarde changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Tulips.com have contacted me and offered to correct the problem bulbs and thanks to Dave's Garden.

On Feb 18, 2015, collectorpalms (15 reviews) from College Station, TX

Ordered over 5 thousands total bulbs for a Trial Garden in Zone 8b Texas for Spring 2015. Primarily Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Muscari, Hyacinthus, and Amaryllis. Companies ordered from included: (Colorblends, Van Engelen, Devroomen, Abbott-Ipco,Tulips.com, Long-field Gardens, Netherland Bulb Company, Holland Bulb Company, White Flower Farm, John Scheepers, K Van Bourgondien and etc... Some came prechilled in limited weeks and others were prechilled personally. While it is to early for Results. I was happy with Tulips.com customer service. The bulbs did arrive partially prechilled at no extra cost IF you request them to be prechilled at ordering time which should be done in late fall. Shipping is a full week to Texas which is the only major con, besides not having price breaks for ordering more than 10 on most varieties. The shipping cost could also be prohibitive at 30% to location like Texas. So far the Bulbs have been vigorous and will update with results.

On Sep 7, 2013, kkmoore211 (1 reviews) from Boise, ID

I live in Boise, Idaho and for several years every fall I have a selection of bulbs delivered. They are the first thing I look for every spring! I get so excited over seeing them open up and getting to enjoy the color. The quality is amazing. I have attended their spring open house once and next year will be going back to appreciate their bulbs in mass plantings. Thank you for your tried and true service!

On Nov 16, 2009, macma (1 reviews) from Black Diamond, WA

I ordered 3 different kinds of tulips. I received the order when specified and was extremely safisfied at the condition of the bulbs. All in seperate mesh bags with identifying tags and instructions. We are now awating the moment when spring brings these beautiful tulips into the world. Thank you for your exsistence.

On Nov 7, 2009, nancylorun (1 reviews) from Renton, WA

Website has lots of information AND I was able to pick up my order [saving shipping costs] at the 'farm'.

On Nov 6, 2009, macmom (1 reviews) from Seattle, WA

I love Roozengaard! Their products are wonderful, their staff is personable and helpful. Their bulbs are grown in Western Washington so they like living in our garden in Western Washington!

On Oct 31, 2009, dougmcnerd (1 reviews) from Atlanta, GA (Zone 8a)

My order was processed and received very quickly. I am very pleased with this vendor.

On Oct 30, 2009, jjfiona (1 reviews) from Seattle, WA

The quality and variety of the bulbs is excellent. The customer service is excellent as well. I would not hesitate to order from Tulips.com. The fresh cut flowers are also a wonderful gift idea.

On Oct 30, 2009, MaddiMaitland (1 reviews) from Chattanooga, TN

I ordered 30 tulip bulbs (Pink Diamond) online. Bulbs arrived on the exact date promised and in beautiful condition. They were well packaged. The bulbs are large and healthy. Given that this is near the end of the planting season, I was concerned that I might receive leftover "runts," but that was not the case at all. I feel that my order was handled with the same care with which a large, early-season order would have been. A gold star to Roosengaarde (www.tulips.com).

On Oct 30, 2009, sbarnes (1 reviews) from Loomis, WA

Web site was easy to use. Product came at the correct planting time. Great bulbs - good size & quality.

On Oct 30, 2009, grizz91345 (1 reviews) from Marysville, WA

We attended the class on bulb planting. We found Leo to be very knowledgeable and free to share his knowledge. We felt welcomed and learned a lot. We are now planting our bulbs and can't wait for next spring to see the colors and flowers. We will definitely visit The Gardens again and again. We are grateful that we live close enough to enjoy these gardens more than once or twice a year. Thanks for the beautiful show each year.

On Oct 30, 2009, dlsullivan (1 reviews) from Sedro Woolley, WA

The communication from Roozengaarde about my shipment was excellent. I was notified by e-mail and knew exactly when my bulbs would arrive. I have purchased from Roozengaarde for years now and they will continue to have my loyalty in the years ahead. Thanks for helping my dream garden come to fruition!

On Oct 30, 2009, grammajoan02164 (1 reviews) from Milton Freewater, OR

I phoned my order in and the person who helped me spoke perfect English! My bulbs arrived at the exact time for planting; they were all in wonderful condition, huge and firm! Thanks for doing what you say you will do!!!

On Oct 30, 2009, joank (1 reviews) from Palos Park, IL

these are without a doubt, the BEST tulips you can buy. they are offered in a variety of beautiful colors, sizes and bloom times. all of their tulips are BIG and healthy and reasonably priced. they have free bulb offers, prompt delivery and excellent customer service. i used to live in the area where these bulbs are grown, and i know the dedication this family has to providing the highest quality products and service.

On Oct 30, 2009, carlfinn (1 reviews) from Hawley, TX

I researched the bulbs that I wanted and found the ones I wanted ans the ilistrations were first rate.

On Oct 30, 2009, lewisdianej1 (1 reviews) from Tacoma, WA

Quality product arrived on time.

On Oct 30, 2009, LeafPeeper (1 reviews) from Bonners Ferry, ID (Zone 6b)

I've been ordering tulips from this company for 10 years and have ordered primarily online at Tulips.com. I've visited their magnificent display gardens many times. I've even won First Place in their Customer Garden Photo contest for the tulip combo I planted on our deck. Tulips.com provides beautiful bulbs every year in a timely manner. I highly recommend getting their catalog so you can peruse it at leisure and then order online or by phone. I even cut out the excellent photos and play around with the color combinations before ordering. Whether ordering for mail delivery or to pick up at their plant, I know the product will be reliable and beautiful. I feel very fortunate to have this company within an hour of my home, but I also know that ordering through their website is as dependable as purchasing the bulbs in person.

On Oct 29, 2009, djackson2189 (1 reviews) from Colville, WA

My bulbs came right on time, just as promised. I planted them according to your very helpful directions. Now I am very impatiently waiting for spring so I can enjoy the beautiful blooms that we experienced at the Tulip Gardens last May! Thanks so much!!!

On Oct 29, 2009, jredmond (1 reviews) from Woodinville, WA (Zone 7b)

Bulbs arrived on time in good condition.

On Oct 29, 2009, anthonyrt (1 reviews) from Redmond, WA

Quick pick up at drive up service center

On Sep 30, 2008, Rosa_Alba (3 reviews) from Olympia, WA

Very, very positive! I placed my order back in June and got an immediate email confirmation of my order and was advised that my bulbs would ship in the fall. About a week ago, I got another update, letting me know that my bulbs would ship between Sept. 22nd and Oct. 11th. They just arrived today! Bulbs are terrifically clean, plump and in wonderful shape. I ordered 4 different varieties of crocus, a daffodil mix, blue hyacinths, chionodoxa and mixed Darwin tulip bulbs. I also received 20 Ile de France tulip bulbs free since my order was made prior to June 15th! All of the bulbs are packed in net bags and labelled as to variety and the packing material was recyclable shedded paper. I'm very impressed, as well as very happy and wouldn't hesitate to order from them again!

On May 30th, 2009, Rosa_Alba added the following: I just wanted to add that due to my having to take care of my Father, the majority of my bulbs were not planted in the Fall. I wound up planting them in February and every one of them, chionodoxa and crocus included came up and bloomed! I was very impressed with the "fatness" and quality of the bulbs that, even being planted late, they still bloomed beautifully. And their tulips have converted my husband--he always thought of tulips being a "bloom and gone" flower--these lasted weeks. I will very definitely be ordering again.

On May 30, 2008, Bubba33 (9 reviews) from Gig Harbor, WA

have ordered or purchased bulbs from them since 1992. A true delight --the staff is outstanding. They truly know their stuff. Although they do not offer a huge number of bulbs, what they do offer is outstanding.

On Apr 9, 2007, seagardener (40 reviews) from Southport, ME

We ordered a box of 5 bunches of mixed color French tulips for Easter. We recut the stems and put them in water to hydrate and arranged them the following day for a fabulous Easter display. It was an extravagance but their cut flowers arrive in great shape overnight from the west coast and last well in the vase, superior to what is available at local markets and florists. They averaged just about half the price of local florists per bunch.

On Oct 8, 2006, grannymarsh (21 reviews) from Marquette, MI (Zone 5a)

My friend and I had the wonderful experience of visiting this company during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It was outstanding, Tulips.& daffodils as far as the eye could see. Lovely, lovely display gardens, all varieties clearly labeled. All the staff was helpful and friendly. We placed our orders easily and eagerly awaited their delivery this fall. All boxes arrived at the appropriate time for planting. The bulbs were fresh and firm. All were clearly labeled and well packaged. Communication is prompt. My friend placed another order recently and it was shipped within the week, with the same postive results. We will purchase from them again and hope to someday revisit during the Festival.

On Oct 4, 2006, bbrookrd (36 reviews) from Nantucket, MA (Zone 7a)

On May 17 2006 I placed and order for 6 packages of bulbs. They arrived today with a bonus package of 20 free tulips. I am very pleased with the size and condition of the bulbs as well as the shipping and ease of ordering. The selection isn't huge, however I did find Tulip Boule d'Or which I had craved. I will order from them again in the spring. Patti

On Sep 29, 2006, staniforth (6 reviews) from Bellevue, WA

I ordered, got order confirmation quickly followed by notice that shipping would be approx. (date). Received a timely copy of shipping order and delivery date. Shipment arrived as promised; was beautifully packed with copy of my order and best of all; the bulbs were beautiful. Thanks Washington Bulb Co/tulips.com/Roozengaarde.

On Oct 18, 2005, 75751 (40 reviews) from Fort Mill, SC (Zone 7b)

I received my order from Tulips.Com and I am very happy. The bulbs were huge and healthy! The packaging was great and the prices were good. The bulbs were labeled well, with planting instructions included. I will order from the again! NRN

On Apr 4, 2005, cowgardener (30 reviews) from Southport, ME

We've ordered both tulip bulbs and cutflowers from this company and have been very impressed with the quality. The bulbs were among the largest and cleanest we have received from any of the dozen or more bulb companies that we order from. This Spring we ordered cutflower tulips, both the big elegant French tulips and mixed "Field tulips". These were shipped overnight from the west coast to the east coast and they arrived in better condition, at a better price per bunch and were of better quality than those available in our area! Both times we ordered 5 bunches of cut tulips per order and filled the house with big, elegant blooms.

On May 24th, 2005, cowgardener added the following: All the tulip bulbs that we ordered performed very well in the garden; uniform and true to color.

On Apr 24, 2004, GardenMouse (14 reviews) from Mahomet, IL

I was very impressed with Tulips.com. I ordered some bulbs from them very late in the season, and the order arrived promptly, with large, fresh bulbs in great condition. I ordered "Amsterdam" hyacinths as I had not seen these anywhere else and I wanted them to commemorate a recent trip to the Netherlands--and even though these were the last bulbs I ordered and planted (very late in the season to be planting hyacinths in Central IL), they were the first to come up this spring. Also, they responded promptly to e-mails, and were very gracious about my constant fiddling with my order. So, although they don't have as large a selection as some of the other companies, they definitely have some interesting things, bulbs that perform at good prices, and great service--well worth ordering from!

On Apr 13, 2004, BGM (6 reviews) from Seattle, WA

I ordered several varieties of tulips (Golden Appeldoorn being one) and daffodils (including Jack Snipe) from them, and recieved some Ad Rem bonus bulbs. Because I live so close, I drove up there to pick up the bulbs rather than have them shipped. The bulbs were packed in a sturdy cardboard box, which was nice. When I planted the bulbs, I did notice that the bonus bulbs looked split. Planted them anyway. This spring, most of the Ad Rem tulips have multiple heads, most 2 or 3, one with 6. One of the Golden Appeldoorns has red pinstripes on one petal. Also there was 1 daffodil that was definately NOT Jack Snipe--it's much taller, and emerged nearly a week later. It is white with a yellow cup, though . . . just obviously not the same as its bedfellows. The Ad Rem bulbs were bonus bulbs, so I didn't pay for them (except by ordering over a certain amount). They do look like mutants, though, especially the 6 headed one. I'm not too upset about the stripes on the Golden Appeldoorn. I am wondering about the mystery daffodil in the Jack Snipe cluster, though. That seems to be a pick/sort mistake. Seems that their quality control could use some improvement. I will say that everything came up, is large and healthy, even the multi-headed Ad Rems and the mystery daffodil. I'm going to order more bulbs from them this Fall, and see what happens.

On March 19th, 2005, BGM changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: Last Fall, I placed a second order to Tulips.com for several varieties of tulips, including "Gander's Rhapsody". Two of the 5 bulbs are definately NOT "Gander's Rhapsody", as they are white with pink stripes. One is a darker pink, nearly red, and I question if that one is "Gander's Rhapsody" also. I don't think I will order from Tulips.com again. Out of 2 orders, I've had problems with bulbs in both, either with flowers that look like mutants or with one or more bulbs not being what it is supposed to be. There are other bulb companies with better quality control.
On September 11th, 2005, BGM changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Earlier this year, Tulip.com contacted me, after reading my negative rating. They offered to either refund my money, or send replacement plants, whichever I chose. I declined the offer, as I am re-doing the garden, and don't know how much I will put into bulbs this year. However, they did offer to make it right, and that's all anyone can ask of a company. I'm satisfied with how it ended.

On Oct 10, 2003, LooneyLinda (36 reviews) from Mantua, UT (Zone 4b)

I am new to on-line ordering. My Tulips.com order arrived today and it was great. The packaging and labeling were very good. Tulip bulbs were healthy-looking and good-sized. The daffodil bulbs were gigantic. I have never seen better. I thought the prices were reasonable. Selection was a bit more limited than some other companies, but I am very pleased with what I received.

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