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On Oct 23, 2017, EnglishJ (2 reviews) from Atkinson, NH (Zone 5a)

Posted on May 21, 2011, updated October 23, 2017 Posted on October 2, 2010, updated May 21, 2011 I've bought bulbs in person from Messelaar Bulb Co. Inc. in the past and have been pleased with the quality of their product, but this year was the first time I ordered by mail. I was very pleased at how quickly I rec'd my order and the care with which my delivery instructions were forwarded to the shipper. Communication was great with a personal message notifying me when my order was shipped. I purchased English bluebells that are now extemely hard to find; they are good size and appear to be very healthy.

On May 21st, 2011, EnglishJ added the following: I'm pleased to say my English Bluebells survived one of the worst winters in several decades and are now in flower:)
On October 23rd, 2017, EnglishJ changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: I'm really unhappy with Messelaar this year. Today, after checking their web site to make sure the English Bluebells I wanted were in stock, I arrived at the sales outlet - some 30 miles away - to find they were actually sold out. The sales assistant suggested I should have called instead. In addition, their web site has had an update that has made it very user unfriendly. The 'View Cart' links, both on the right hand side and on the bottom of the page, resulted in a blank screen. The only way to see it was to add another item and then edit as necessary. Once in the cart, you can't click on an item to check the details; instead you have to Browse or Search again. Finally, the search option is very picky. A search for the tulip 'sorbet' brings up nothing unless the first letter is capitalized i.e. 'Sorbet'. Thankfully, I was able to find the English Bluebells elsewhere, and the search for them introduced me to other suppliers with a more reliable online presence.

On May 15, 2015, Ves (13 reviews) from Buffalo, NY (Zone 5b)

Posted on November 1, 2014, updated May 15, 2015 I ordered heirloom hyacinth varieties by phone in mid-October and the order arrived in just 3 days. The bulbs were large, healthy, and packed with meticulous care.

On May 15th, 2015, Ves added the following: May 2015 update: I am happy to report that the hyacinths survived one of the worst winters we've had. All bloomed beautifully and were long-lasting. These are rare heritage varieties and It is wonderful that a great company like Messelaar is preserving them.

On Oct 28, 2010, bottlegreen (7 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

On Aug 25 I ordered 2 dozen tulip bulbs from Messelaar and received an automated email confirming my purchase. When they hadn't arrived by Oct 7 I sent an email asking when I could expect them. I received no response. Eventually I wrote again asking if perhaps they hadn't received the bulbs from Holland, and then I cancelled my order. They did not respond to this email either. Meanwhile, I of course didn't purchase tulips anywhere else. Very disappointing. I certainly hope they don't send them at this point--winter is settling in (zone 4).

On Dec 20, 2009, nbcrook (1 reviews) from Summerdale, AL

We have been doing business with Messelaar Bulb for some thirty years and have never NEVER had a bad experience. for some 18 years we have received bulbs through the mail in the south where we had relocated! Never NEVER had an issue

On Aug 15, 2005, rdinjian (9 reviews) from Watertown, MA (Zone 6a)

I have not ordered any mail-order from them, but I have bought bulbs from their retail store in Ipswich the last 2 years, and the quality and size of the bulbs has been head and shoulders above any mail order catalog orders I have received. This is a family-run joint, and the family lives right there next to the retail store, I find it hard to believe that they would not offer excellent customer service Keep in mind they really only do business mid August through November, at least that's when the retail store is open.

On Mar 15, 2003, lpavesi (2 reviews) from Watsonville, CA

I agree with best price and at first I was pleased with responsiveness and customer service, however when I encountered problems with my paperwhite bulbs, they were damping off (stems turning black) and I contacted the company for advise, I never received a reply

On Jan 10, 2002, Agapanthus (3 reviews) from Hampstead, NC (Zone 8a)

Best price in catagory I wanted. Order shipped promptly. Bulbs were top size and healthy.

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