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On Mar 12, 2010, esteve59 (39 reviews) from Annapolis, MD

Posted on February 28, 2008, updated March 12, 2010 I ordered a couple of pre-bonsai trees...actually two separate orders and they were very nice healthy trees.... definitely recommend......

On March 12th, 2010, esteve59 added the following: Still fantastic,some large 1gallon japanese larch,,,,and a very nice azalea bonus plant....

On Feb 17, 2003, robynb (3 reviews) from Brookline, MA

Well packed plants that were healthy

On February 17th, 2003, robynb added the following: More elaboration includes the fact that I ordered one pyracantha and then was so happy with it that I ordered three nore. I am really impressed that they had an unusual type ( name escapes me now) and that the packaging seemed to be just wonderful and the plants have all survived. I would for sure want to order from them again

On Jun 1, 2002, unholey (1 reviews)

No problem at all with repeat orders. UPS messed up and they were very cooperative in re-shipping a NEW plant. I ordered a very unusual nice series of rare pyracanthas. Very healthy.

On Nov 1, 2001, charlesaomer (1 reviews)

I got some very difficult to find Ezo spruce here. Nice size, healthy and a great price. I definitely recommend them.

On Oct 1, 2001, francistoohey (1 reviews)

I've been growing bonsai for over 6 years now and ordered from many other nurseries. Just received my third order from Riverbend Gardens and plants are very nice. I placed three orders over $100 (They offer free shipping on web when orders are over $100.00). It was nice to see they didn't bare root the maples or try to save expenses in shipping plants. Also, the plants are packed neatly and securely. They arrived in perfect shape with tags on each plant. The rooted Japanese Maples are outstanding!!!

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