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On May 3, 2018, ricardoP (2 reviews) from Pawleys Island, SC

In April I bought 300 bare-root periwinkle plants (vinca minor Bowles) from Peekskill Nurseries. Having experienced a particularly long, cold winter, the plants were a bit smaller than they needed to be, so Peekskill delayed shipment to ensure I received quality plants. They were then shipped by Priority Mail and arrived in perfect condition. I would suggest, as another reviewer did, that Peekskill Nurseries notify customers of delivery changes and shipment status (I was not, which caused me concern). When Peekskill packaged each group of 100 plants, they spread them out on a flexible sheet of plastic about 12 inches wide and 30 inches long, folded one long edge over the roots, and then rolled this up, jellyroll style. This kept the roots (in peat moss) moist and made it easy to remove each plant without damaging the roots. Each plant had abundant roots and many healthy leaves. There were actually more than 100 plants in each group. All plants are now thriving. I highly recommend Peekskill Nurseries. It’s clear why they’ve been in business “since Franklin D. Roosevelt was President” – they offer the highest quality ground plants at great prices. You can contact them at [email protected]

On May 10, 2016, rhvance (1 reviews) from Danville, KY

I ordered the plants, and due to scheduling problems, had to request a different ship date. They were completely accommodating. The plants arrived as promised (2000 pachysandra bare root plants). We got them in the ground and they look amazing! We have not lost a single plant and they look so healthy! We underestimated what we would need and ordered 200 more, which we again received on time and were just as healthy. I would recommend them highly.

On Apr 6, 2013, derickso (1 reviews) from Mill Hall, PA

We were very pleased with the healthy plants that were delivered, packed in peatmoss and still damp upon arrival to our home. Within in two days we had 200 pachysandra planted and they look incredibly good. They were between 6-8 inches tall and in addition to that height, each plant had a solid root system. I was hesitant to go with an online nursery, but Peekskill truly lived up to the ratings. Thank you for such great plants!

On Oct 26, 2011, maryannay (1 reviews) from Manistee, MI

Planted over 1500 pachysandra plants. In one year they are lush and beautiful. Had only two plants not thrive.

On Jun 14, 2011, dennyboy34 (14 reviews) from Yonkers, NY

Placed multiple orders for Vinca Minor Bowles in Spring 2011. Nice plants, no real issues. Would only suggest they improve order shipment statusing.

On Apr 19, 2011, mamamichelle (3 reviews) from Larned, KS

I ordered 60 burgundy periwinkle plants, and was very pleased. The periwinkle was very nicely rooted, healthy growing plants. They were so much nicer plants than the cheapy periwinkle stems that I got from Van Bourgondien. The periwinkle from Peekskill were packed well and were still moist when I took them out of the box. Would definitely order again!

On Jul 16, 2010, xcugat (1 reviews) from Yorktown Heights, NY

Excellent plants! I lived pretty near the nursury for most of my life and have gotten plants from them many times. I have worked at nursuries myself for years, and most of the time we deal with Pachysandra grown in flats--Peekskill nursuries does not grow flats and I think this is why these plants are by far the best Pachysandra I have seen. You get a larger, much more heathy plant with a vigorous root system when are grown individually in large planting beds rather than tightly in flats, as most nursuries use--I have gotten them else where online and they are gorwn this way, very wimpy and for more money than from Peekskill Nursuries. Shipped in peat moss and waxed paper, the old fashioned way, excellent customer service.

On Apr 12, 2006, fleursuz (1 reviews) from Hinsdale, IL

Great shipment, received today. 100 plants, all healthy.

On Apr 22, 2005, mrsmudge (1 reviews) from Bunker Hill, WV

I ordered 200 bareroot pachysandra plants from Peekskill's website to try to stop erosion on a steep slope under a thick cover of oak trees. The response was immediate. I received my oder within the week. The plants I received were much better than any "bareroot" plants I have ever encountered. They were strong, healthy, plants with loads of green leaves and carfully packed roots. Bundles of 50 were wrapped with a heavy waxed water retentive paper rather than shredded newspaper or wood shavings. Every plant was fresh and moist. I would not hesitate to order from Peekskill Nursuries again.

On May 14, 2004, Motley (4 reviews) from Bath, NY (Zone 5b)

I was nervous about replanting our small front yard with ivy, but Peekskill Nurseries answered my questions and happily agreed to wait until May 1 to send the plants. They arrived on the 6th, in fine shape -- all with old, established leaves and younger, more vulnerable ones; thick root systems; great overall health. Last year at this time it was quite cold, but, of course, it's a veritable heat wave this year. The new leaves wilted a bit, but the plants seem to be toughing it out quite well. I can't wait until they fill in! I would not hesitate to order from this nursery again.

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