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On Jul 4, 2006, elegant (1 reviews) from Athens, AL

My family has been dealing with International Bulb company for more than 30 years. My Mother had a flower and gift shop in MS and ordered bulbs to sell in her shop. They also had 6 acres of flower gardens around my father's home place (an antebellum home) where they also planted bulbs from the International Bulb company. The bulbs were always large and of excellent quality. When I established a home I also began ordering from International Bulb company. Over this period of time we have always had excellent bulbs, been given stellar service and had wonderful results. This company is fondly remembered by me as both my parents died last year and will be a company I continue to use hoping they will continue in business for as long as I order bulbs.

On Aug 31, 2005, SusanCoeBrown (1 reviews) from Glenn Dale, MD

Years ago I purchased from this vendor on behalf of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society as I understood that they were also the source for White Flower Farm. The bulbs were superb. No fancy marketing, just good old fashioned service. I am looking forward to ordering from them again this fall as I have just moved into a new home. In fact, searching Google to find them is how I came across this excellent site. Contact me in the spring to see how they did!

On Jan 13, 2005, boothbaychris (2 reviews) from Chester, NJ

Don't worry about the no warranty statement. Their product is always excellent. They always have told it like it is, good or bad. They won't sell you garbage. I have been working with them for many years and so far so good.

On Dec 1, 1999, joanngriebel (1 reviews)

The catalog is titled Wholesale bulb growers but the general public may order with a minimum order of $150. My favorite gardening author, Dianne Benson (Dirt) wrote an article in Town& Country & gave it a good review in '96. I have also read about it in another older source. I know that sources are a fast changing, with new companies buying out older & the quality can change drastically. I requested the catalog, was intrigued by the prices, but was concerned about the "non-warranty statement" plus, since they only accept checks, one loses the protection of a credit card. Also, as I stated, the "non-warranty" makes me nervous. [Update] Well, I took the plunge & ordered from International Bulb! They had great communication, packaging & the tulip bulbs were the largest I have ever seen of my favorite variety! They were listed as jumbo & they certainly were! They sell out early as are used by many landscaping firms, so would recommend ordering early ie-July. Call to get them to send you last year's catalog so you can get familar with it, as the new catalog doesn't come out until Sept & by then, much is sold out. Again, call early to reserve your favorite varieties, then when you receive the new one, you can add any new items from it you want. I had a good experience with them, so give it a thumb's up!

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