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Stokes Tropicals

Mailing Address:
4806 E Old Spanish Trail
Jeanerette, Louisiana 70544-6018 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-624-9706
Paper Catalog Cost: $7.95

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This company offers a variety of gardening supplies and plants.

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Positive magnaastra
Charleston, IL (Zone 6a)
(49 reviews)
April 3, 2012
The Easter Bunny (that's me) ordered a Nepenthes alata for my little guy this year, and methinks he's going to be tickled to pieces...he gets a meat-eating plant, very cool, while Mom/EB is thrilled with the quality: beautiful, happy, healthy plants, which have obviously been lovingly cared for, and which were shipped from the Deep South to the Midwest in great condition. Tremendous value for the price. I wholeheartedly recommend Stokes for an exotic plant fix.
Positive bsnider
Reading, PA
(1 review)
May 28, 2011
I ordered several bamboos, bananas, australian tree fern etc this week. Order arrived in several days, everything was as advertised, condition was exceptional.

One thing I would say to those with negative experiences- I had a favorite mail-order plant company when I lived in Rochester NY. When I moved to PA I ordered from them as usual. In NY everything came in Fabulous condition, nothing ever was even distressed let alone dead. Well, in PA the delivery company was killing everything I ordered from them. I once got several pots of what looked like VERY overcooked canned spinach! That is BAD!!! So I had to stop ordering from that company- of which I informed them.

So- it may be best to find one shipper that can deliver healthy plants- it may not be the company.

That said- the FED EX delivery guy DID leave my plants sitting in Full Sun- when he had a screened in front porch 5 feet away!
Stokes did NOT send me any shipping info- which is very irritating. If I was going to be out of town they may not have been unboxed for days and everything could have died. If I grew big beautiful plants like these I would want to ensure they have the best chance of survival.
Positive braun06
Irving, TX (Zone 8a)
(11 reviews)
February 17, 2011
I am very impressed with the company and its customer service. My order through the web didn't show the items purchased on thier end but they called within a few hours to find out what I was wanting. They were personable and accomodating. I just received 2 plants from them and I was very impressed with the size and quality. They were able to send them due to unusually very warm late winter temps but also included a heat pack in the package to keep them warm just in case. I will definitely consider them for future purchases, from top to bottom the people with Stokes seem to know thier stuff.
Positive cics
Fort Worth, TX (Zone 8a)
(7 reviews)
December 1, 2010
Ordered a dragon fruit, mission fig, and miracle fruit kit. The dragon fruit and fig shipped quickly and arrived in great condition. The miracle fruit did not ship due to a vendor issue but I switched it out for another plant with no hassles. When I called I received very friendly service from Chantel and they were more than willing to make the situation with the miracle fruit right. Would definitely order from them again.
Neutral mableruth
Bolingbrook, IL (Zone 5a)
(2 reviews)
June 28, 2010
I ordered several plants from this nursery and they sent me a confirmation through my e-mail. Several days later I received an e-mail stating that they could not process the order because the last four digits of my charge card number were missing. This seems wrong to me since they sent me a confirmation and all the numbers were there at that time. Also I had printed the receipt that was on-line on their site before closing the order. All the numbers were on that page also. They wanted me to give them my charge number again but I really hestitate to do this. In the end we canceled the order. Although I have ordered through them before I am now a little uncomforable about doing it again. What happened to the missing digits?
Negative DoniTexas
Hitchcock, TX
(3 reviews)
May 25, 2010
On May 5, 2010 I placed an order for 4 multi-colored bouganvillas in a 10 hanging basket. I contacted them May 17 and left my e-mail address and phone number, wanting to know if there was a problem with my order. I gave them my order number. I paid for the order with my credit card. I have ordered items since that time from other companies, and I have gotten them all. Stokes has not responded. I either want my order or a refund. As of today (May 25, 2010) I have not received my order or a response. In shipping there is only one day with Fed Express, I live in Texas on the Gulf Coast. I will not buy anything else from them or give them any of my business, I have been ripped off and this is the first time when I do online business. Beware of Stokes Tropicals, in New Iberia, LA.
Positive rebecca101
Madison, WI (Zone 5a)
(25 reviews)
May 25, 2010
I was astonished at the size of the plants I received - just HUGE! Mature specimens. I've ordered plants through the mail many times and they've always been tiny in comparison. And the price was extremely reasonable. Shipping was lightning fast.

I find their website annoying and difficult to use - no way to browse plants by botanical name, and very skimpy information. They also don't have a very good selection of the type of plants I want (windowsill houseplants for the north). But, if they've got something you want, I'd highly recommend getting it from them!

Positive georgia_flowers
Blakely, GA
(3 reviews)
May 13, 2010
Could not ask for any better service. Great communication about my order and lightning fast shipping. Ordered some kinda hard to find/little bit expensive lilies. Only found a few places that sold them commerically. Stokes had the best price so I actually expected somewhat smaller plants. Wrong! Large, beautiful plants. Very happy with them and can't wait to order something else!
Positive pad1
Fremont, CA
(1 review)
April 22, 2010
The plant I ordered arrived on time and was in good condition.
Positive gwendylena
La Salle, MI
(26 reviews)
July 2, 2009
I just received my order. Having ordered from Stokes before, I expected the plants to be very large and healthy. My expectations were high, and the plants I received today were even better than I expected. Huge, and very healthy looking, packed perfectly, arrived very quickly. Wow. I'm really happy with my order.
Positive plantgnome
Coram, NY
(26 reviews)
March 27, 2009
I received my order yesterday and am very pleased with the plant size and health. they were packaged very well and arrived quickly with great individualized planting instructions. I will be doing further business with them in the future. Great customer service thru emails also, none of that auto reply like some other companies. AA++

On April 12th, 2009, plantgnome added the following:

The plants are doing well, however their site stated the purple fountain grass is a zone 7 plant. After further investigation, after I received the plant. Every other site on the web states this is a zone 8 or 9 and above plant. So now I have to bring it in in the fall or I'll lose it. My fault for not investigating further with other sites, before ordering. But they should be more accurate with their zones for each plant. I did email them, but they never answered. So I may or may not order from them again.
Positive smwheels
Virginia Beach, VA
(2 reviews)
March 24, 2009
I have ordered various plants from Stokes over the last several years and have never been disappointed, quite the contrary. Everything I have ordered, which includes plumerias, foxtail ferns, tree ferns, agapanthus, has come in a very timely fashion and every plant has been a full and lush specimen. Consequently, I have never had to use their customer service department. I have and will continue to recommend this company to others.
Positive Williampaul
Scottsdale, AZ
(3 reviews)
February 13, 2009
I ordered in early Feb, the plants came within a week.
They were very well packed, and arrived in perfect condition.

The amazing thing is........the plants were much larger than I
expected, and I had to up-size the clay pots I had purchased
for them.........what a pleasant surprise. bb
Positive gone2seed
Milton, FL (Zone 8a)
(24 reviews)
January 2, 2009
I received my order 4 days after placing it.The plants were well packaged and actively growing.These bulbs don't even know they have been moved.I can't say enough good things about this company.They have made a repeat customer of me.
Positive vossner
East Texas,
United States (Zone 8a)
(114 reviews)
December 24, 2008
I ordered 2 amaryllises on 12/21/08 and received on 12/24. I was delighted with the items and the careful way they were packaged. A+ Won't be my last purchase.
Positive zubababy
West Jordan, UT
(13 reviews)
August 2, 2008
i ordered a plumeria, banana, sansevia, and alocasia. i received my order within a week from ordering. everything arrived packed well. the size of the plants were very generous. great company to order from.
Positive couchfry
Florence, AL
(3 reviews)
July 24, 2008
I have ordered two varieties of bamboo from Stokes Tropicals and was pleased with each. Both large healthy plants are still thriving.
Positive waydownsouth
Lafayette, LA
(1 review)
July 18, 2008

I live about 30 minutes north of Stokes. I bought my first house 1 1/2 years ago and have been steadily buying from Stokes since then as I decorate my yard. My experiences with them have always been the very best. Sometimes I order over the net when I'm just too busy to make it there, other times I stop by and try to limit my exploring to an half hour or less before making my purchases. Plants are always full and healthy.

Sondra is definitely there and great. One time last fall there was only 1 specimen of a bromeliad left and it looked a little less than good. I was willing to take it as is, and she reduced it to half price unsolicited because she felt it did not warrant full price. It's a alive and well and split into 2.

She and all the staff know their business and will answer any questions. They'll also ask you questions, to learn about how the plants fared for you and in your environment.

Kudos to them.

Positive eickenho
Sugar Land, TX (Zone 9a)
(32 reviews)
April 18, 2008
I ordered an Australian Tree Fern from Stokes. Stokes was fast and friendly in answering my questions beforehand, and I couldn't be more happy with the tree fern that I received. It was healthy and reasonably priced, and it looked great.
Positive bunkhouse
Columbus, MS (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
April 13, 2008
I ordered one Erythrina herbacea and was surprised to find three in the package. A handwritten note was included that said they sent three because the plants were small! All three are doing well.
Positive cd777
Foothill Ranch, CA
(1 review)
January 11, 2008
I went and visited their location in Louisiana. They have a greenhouse but not everything is in it; don't expect to order a plumeria in January and get it in a week. Their web store is GREAT but it didn't seem to know whether something is in stock or will take a while to supply; a phone call is a good idea. Good plants, including some hard-to-find varieties, at competitive prices. Nice job Glenn. If you decide to visit, 1) call ahead as they aren't always open for Sat. visits; 2) It's a haul from New Orleans so get a hotel room; and 3) You can make a day of it by also visiting the Tabasco factory nearby.
Positive queenofthegarde
Whittier, CA
(12 reviews)
August 24, 2007
Wow! With trepidation, I orderd luna moth and another ginger from Stokes Tropicals via ebay. I was pretty worried as the ratings here on GW were so low. WOW! I was shocked to receive incredibly wonderful clumps - not measly rhizomes! The packages were huge! I also ordered from GingersRUs - the difference between what I got from Stokes and what I go from GingersRUs was so incredibly dramatic. Had I not already unwrapped everything from GingersRUs, I might have considered returning some of the plants for comparable specimens from Stokes - - where GingersRUs sent one rhizome, Stokes sent a dozen. Don't know if the website orders would produce the same result as ebay orders, but I am now planning a large Stokes order. Thank you, Stokes!

One request, though. NO packing peanuts, please! My two boxes from Stokes had so many peanuts, I couldn't add any more to my trash cans. The peanuts that got away took hours to clean up. Plus, they are SO bad for the environment. I am sure you at Stokes could figure out a way to pack plants WITHOUT styrofoam. Also, the wet shredded paper that was also in the box was also messy and hard to take off the plants.
Negative bingobirdie
Toledo, OH
(1 review)
July 26, 2007
placed an order online for a SPRENGII FERN (ASPARAGUS).it was advertised for 14.95 very full plant in a 1 gallon container.when in received it,it came with dead and dying fronds,roots and soil wrapped in a paper towell with white duct tape.the plant had been divided and i had only received about a four inch pot size.i called and complained and was told i would have to return it and of course they were not going to pay for return shipping so i just kept it.i'll never order from them again.
Positive amarantha00
San Bernardino, CA (Zone 8b)
(14 reviews)
April 29, 2007
Very good experiences at Stokes Tropicals. Helpful customer service, healthy plants and very careful shipping. I've purchased colocasia, alocasia, ginger & hibiscus and never once been disappointed.
Positive bradfordko
Plattsmouth, NE (Zone 5a)
(1 review)
October 31, 2006
Ordered a white bird of paradise from this company. I was pleasantly surprised by delivery, packaging and care taken for it's travel. I would highly recommend. I believe you get what you pay for. You may spend a little more for Stokes Tropicals but it's well worth it. AAA++++
Positive Michaelp
Piney Flats, TN (Zone 7a)
(5 reviews)
September 9, 2006
I have bought from Stokes several times, they were not perfect on two occations --but when I contacted them ,they went out of their way to make it right, --I just recieved a 2 foot tall banana in the mail from them, for no charge, after sending them a picture of a banana I had bought 2 years ago, that was not the one I had asked for.--This is far more than I had expected, --I am very happy with them, and plan on using them in the future, --Michael Porter
Positive DiamondD
Baton Rouge, LA (Zone 8b)
(9 reviews)
August 26, 2006
A friend introduced me to Stokes and she has released the monster in me! Dented my credit card quite a bit. I have placed quite a few orders and received my plants the next day [we live in the same state]. The quality of plants were excellent. I've sent e-mail questions and received replies the same day. Can't speak highly enough about them.
Positive bbinnj
West Orange, NJ (Zone 6a)
(21 reviews)
July 27, 2006
I ordered 2 cordylines from ST on July 16 by phone (website was having difficulty). They arrived on the 19th. Beautiful plants, but they came bare-rooted; a fact not prominently displayed on the website (my one criticism). I contacted them right away since I could not plant immediately and was told that I could keep them moist in a bucket for 4 days. I planted them and have them on my patio; I see new leaves coming out already even though it's only been 4 days since I planted them.
On October 4th, 2006, bbinnj added the following:

Just received 2 bromeliads I won through their eBay auctions. Folks, these were a bargain, a Guzmania in bloom for less than $3 and 3 Aechmea pups, 1 in bloom, for 99 cents. Even with shipping ($12 altogether), I paid less for them then I would have for the Guzmania alone. They arrived quickly and in good condition. Pups were bare-root, other was potted, these details were noted in the auction listings.
Positive TrixieM
Mc Call Creek, MS
(3 reviews)
July 7, 2006
I recently ordered two ginger rhysomes from Stokes. They arrived in fine condition. When the first one bloomed, I realized it was not the plant I had ordered. I called Stokes and explained and also e-mailed a picture of the bloom.
That same day they had two of the correct plants on their way to me. I kept the original plants and they paid for the shipping on the replacements. The people I spoke with were all very polite and knowledgeable. I would trade with them again any time.
Positive mpoche
Alexandria, LA
(5 reviews)
June 5, 2006
I just ordered two super dwarf Cavendish banana plants from Stokes. I received them the very next day! Of course, I suppose living in Alexandria, Louisiana helped. Even so, I have never had a company deliver so fast. They were excellently packaged and in very good shape. I will definitely order from them again.
Positive jodhi
Brooklyn, NY
(1 review)
May 30, 2006
I've ordered plumerias from Stokes about 5 years ago and another one just recently. They certainly have stepped up their customer service over the years. Stokes Tropicals is one of the few mail order places that offer a good variety of plumerias. I got confirmation the day I order my Bali Whirl and it arrived within a week. It was more than what I had expected. The quality was definitely much better than what I got 5 years ago. I will definitely purchase from Stokes Tropicals again.
Positive BrianInOrbit
Pompano Beach, FL
(1 review)
April 27, 2006
Stokes Tropicals - I just want to express the sentiment that i have lived in Florida(northern and southern) for over 12 years and regardless of some complaints lodged against ST i am very pleased to get some of the species they carry(i personally have not encountered problems) i've been to countless nurseries and am thrilled to get an unusual specimen even mailorder and small when a couple years down the road i can look at an interesting plant that i won't see in other yards since they come mostly from Home Depot or Target. Thank you ST for being here even if your not perfect- and remember folks its a difficult business even at the best of times.
Positive Fangorn
Fayetteville, GA
(2 reviews)
July 21, 2005
First time I've ever ordered from a mail-order nursery. I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered a Musa Basjoo late on a Friday night, received confirmation Saturday morning and plant was on my doorstep Thursday when I got home from work (without getting gouged for shipping). Plant was nicely packed (and roots still moist) in sphagnum with newspaper over that and all protected with packing peanuts. Plant was good-sized and in as beautiful a condition as any I've bought at a nursery. I will buy from them again (impressive selection of gingers)!
Positive lwsd
Coronado, CA
(5 reviews)
July 7, 2005
I'm very pleased with this company. I just received my dwarf singapore plumeria and it is healthy, leafed out, and rooted in a one gallon pot. I received a conformation of my order the same day, and received my plant exactly one week from placing my order. Nice job Stokes. Will be ordering from them again.
San Diego
Positive cfarm
Discovery Bay, CA (Zone 9b)
(1 review)
April 21, 2005
Placed a first order with these folks for 2 super dwarf bananas, a Heliconia and a desert rose. Items showed up next day via FedEx which was a surprise based on the low shipping cost I was charged. Well packed, good sized, nice looking plants. Will definitely be buying from them again soon.
Positive Jobee
San Jose, CA
(1 review)
September 13, 2004
I have made several purchases from this company and have found their staff to be knowledgeable and friendly, their plants have arrived healthy and bug free, and their delivery is really fast. - Jobee in San Jose, California
Positive Philly
Philadelphia, PA
(19 reviews)
April 30, 2004
I had heard things were a lot better at Stokes so I placed an order. Got to say, they were especially quick and i got a great plant and some hard to find fertilizers for bananas and tropicals. I am cosidering ordering some more plants in the future.
Positive rylaff
Niceville, FL (Zone 8b)
(18 reviews)
March 19, 2004
I have nothing but high praise for this company. Their website is easy to navigate. I ordered 2 hibiscus online Sunday night. I recieved an email acknowledging the order. The plants were delivered priority mail on Friday. They were very well packaged and not even droopy. The roots were wrapped with spagnam moss, then newspaper. One of the hibiscus had a bloom and several buds on it! Very impressed. I am going back on there now to order more.
Positive ScottDurand
Miami, FL
(3 reviews)
December 11, 2003
I have nothing but high ranks for Stokes Tropicals. I have dealt with them for a few years, and I must say anytime there is the slightest problem with something I have purchased it is handled promptly. The service could not more friendly, and I always get a quick return phone call from them if I leave a message. They recently updated to a new website, and have streamlinted things on it. Salutations to the gang at Stokes.
Positive paullgj
(1 review)
November 25, 2003
I placed the order by internet on Nov. 17. It was shipped Nov. 19. Yesterday, Nov. 24, two bananas arrived in perfect condition. They were neatly wrapped and well -protected for the shipment from Louisiana to Brownsville, Texas. I have dealt with Stokes in the past for bananas - the living plants (not corms) have all arrived in very good condition.

I do not understand why all the negative reviews for Stokes Tropicals.

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