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Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363-9420 (United States)
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On Jul 8, 2016, mpedersen (2 reviews) from Duluth, MN

Have purchased plants mail order, winning both on the Hosta Library auctions and direct purchases. Ships promptly, reasonable cost, and the plants have all been in great shape!

On Jan 24, 2012, steve_mass (8 reviews) from Millbury, MA

Mary Chastain was one of the most prolific and successful Hosta hybridizers ever. She produced some spectacular plants that are sold in every nursery in the country. A few years back Mary retired from hybridizing and Rob Canning bought all of Mary's stock. All of it and moved it North. Right now he only does business by email (friend him on facebook) and on the Hosta Library Auction site. I ordered from him on the HL Auction and then expanded that order through email. The plants that Rob has are spectacularly beautiful, and they are plants that simply aren't available anywhere else. His communication with me through email was quick, friendly and helpful. His shipping costs were reasonable. The plants arrived in great shape and were reasonable in price. if you are looking for some Lakeside Hostas and don't know where to find them, this is the place. Email Rob. He will take care of you.

On Aug 1, 2009, dhaven (6 reviews) from Solon, IA

I just received a shipment from Rob Canning of Lakeside Hostas, and I have to say I was absolutely delighted! This is the new owner of Lakeside Hostas, and he bought the entire nursery of Mary Chastain and moved it to Michigan. He plans to continue Mary's hybridizing as well as keeping the plants available to those interested in the Lakeside varieties. I ordered 10 different minis, all originator stock, and was amazed at the size of the plants that were sent. Several varieties were large enough clumps that I was able to divide them into 5 or 6 nice pieces. All but one variety (the least common one I ordered) had at least two pieces, and the one single was a robust piece with great roots. All the plants were healthy, well packed, and have nice foliage, especially given that it's August. But best of all, the root systems were outstanding on every single plant. On several of these, the roots were longer than the height of the plant, and everything had profuse roots. Even after teasing them into smaller pieces, the roots on every piece were excellent. Rob is also very nice in his emails, and clearly very knowledgeable about hostas in general and the Lakesides in particular. All in all, a complete pleasure to receive hostas from this nursery, and I very highly recommend it. Prices are also quite reasonable, especially considering the size of the plants shipped, and the fact that they are all originator stock.

On Jul 17, 2002, indyom (6 reviews)

I visited Mary last summer. Her gardens are a real treat! Quality is very good. A little pricey, but one dosen't mind paying a little more for OS from the originator herself. Will buy from again. Definitely worth the trip! Very friendly people; a wealth of information! Thanks Mary and Roy! Ellen

On Jun 6, 2002, PlanterMan (2 reviews) from Cleveland, TN

Very nice small display garden. Have bought over the last 3 years. Good quality plants, pricy but many unique hostas. Has over 80 registered hostas of lakeside origin. Look for some fantaastic "Black" hostas in the future. They are now only selling their own registered hostas and seedlings. They will treat you fairly and tell you like it is!

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