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On Mar 9, 2020, bcucch (1 reviews) from Rochester, NY

I purchased two Paw Paw grafted plants from this nursery spring 2019. at the same time I ordered another pair of Paw Paws from another nursery. Neither of the plants from Edible Landscaping budded, the two from the other nursery did fine. I want to add that i grew up on a farm and I am not a novice grower. I contacted Edible Landscaping at the end from June, 2019, no one answered their telephone so i left a voice mail message. Edible Landscaping (Micheal) replied on 07/03/19 "Out of both varieties, would you consider another type? Michael" I answered "I'm hesitant to plant this this late in the season, Can I reserve two for next spring?" I never heard back from Michael Last month I wrote back "I'm assuming that varieties offered for sale online are available, unless Edible Landscaping has them listed as being "Sorry, we are currently out of this item, please check back!". If this is the case may I get as replacements: Wabash (R) Pawpaw - Asimina triloba and Overleese Pawpaw - Asimina triloba Both are listed as available and for sale There seems to be a misunderstanding-confusion with these e-mails I did see your email of 7/3. I responded that I would rather take delivery in 2020 as 7/3//19 seemed a bit late in the season to put something in the ground. That is the email that I never got a reply to. please respond soon. If these varieties are not available please send a list or web address of what my choices are. Regards" I still have not heard back, it seems that Edible Landscaping's idea of a Limited Warranty is No Warranty. If I could give them no stars I would

On May 21, 2019, JerichoFarms (1 reviews) from Marshfield, MO

Ordered 2 persimmons in May of 2018. Saijo and Great Wall. Both are rated for Zone 6. BOTH died overwinter. Should mention I have 50 fruit trees in my small orchard including a Hachiya ordered from another company that is 4-years old and doing great. I am not an expert but more than a novice. I should also mention I am highly trained in Customer Service so kinda my hot button. I waited till May 2019 to be sure both were dead. The Black Wall was turning black, The Saijo had growth below the graft. I was curious to see if this company would WOW me or.. I called and left a message and emailed. NEITHER returned. I called again and got someone. I was careful to be polite and respectful. I gave my name explained I was not looking for anything but was hoping for some advice. I explained what had happened and asked what was used for rootstock on the Saijo...I was hoping maybe worth saving. Immediately person who answered phone was rude and condescending in tone and didn't bother to identify themselves. "You don't want that!". I was a bit surprised by her approach but asked quietly "I understand but may I know what is used for rootstock?" Again very rude and aggressive tone, "Native Persimmons." No warmth, no friendly tone, nothing just cold, rude aggressive. This company had chance to shine, they could have at least sounded like they cared, were disappointed for me, anything resembling human. I really wasn't wanting anything but was very disappointed in their "approach to customer service". To other companies out there, I can appreciate you get hit with people trying to scam you. I respect that this companies policy is 90 days. OK...but if you have a customer on the line who might order from you again at least "sound" like you care about them. Based on this person's tone and total lack of concern for me as a person and customer I will NEVER buy from them again {did I mention I have over 50 fruit trees, 5 Currents, 3 Gooseberries, 100 Raspberries, 50 Strawberries}. There are better companies out there. My strong suggestion to anyone reading this...by-pass Edible Landscape and find another to order and spend your money with!

On Oct 22, 2018, patriciamoberly (1 reviews) from Manson, NC

I have been ordering from Edible since the 1990s, as I moved from California to Spain to North Carolina. Their plants and their shipping is way above average. Advice to other customers: plant persimmons and jujubes!

On May 20, 2017, chancremechanic (13 reviews) from Wartrace, TN (Zone 7a)

Posted on February 24, 2016, updated May 19, 2017 Posted on November 19, 2015, updated February 24, 2016 Posted on May 6, 2015, updated November 19, 2015 I ordered two Jujube trees along with a Japanese Persimmon tree from this company, back in March. The trees arrived well packaged, healthy, and in good shape. I planted them ASAP (within a day). As of today, May 6, 2015, all trees are growing well. This company has good customer service, healthy plants, and a great website. There are a couple of Youtube videos featuring the staff and a writer sampling some fruit-check it out. I will order from these folks again.

On November 19th, 2015, chancremechanic added the following: On November 19, 2015, chancremechanic from Wartrace, TN wrote: This is my second time ordering from Edible Landscaping. The first time ordering was an excellent experience; same for the second time as well. This time I ordered two native Chinkapin trees as well as one "Viking" Aronia shrub. All trees were in excellent condition and the packaging was superb. I will order from them again when I see something else I just have to have. Thanks!
On February 24th, 2016, chancremechanic added the following: Addendum: On February 24, 2016, I received a Tiger's tooth Jujube tree from Edible Landscaping. The tree was excellently packaged; the tree came with moist soil wrapped around its roots, which is OK at this time of year as the tree is dormant. The tree was healthy, so I planted it right away. I can't wait for Spring!!! I will be buying from these folks in the future, again.
On May 20th, 2017, chancremechanic added the following: Just received my male hardy Kiwi plant, and it arrived alive and packaged tightly. I have NOT had a bad experience with Edible Landscaping yet. Always friendly, and their plants have ALWAYS been healthy upon arrival.

On May 3, 2017, gsimcik (2 reviews) from Huntington, NY

Posted on May 3, 2017, updated May 3, 2017 Recently purchased one elderberry and two juneberries. The elderberry was a larger size while the juneberries were two inch pots. Everything shipped on time and arrived promptly. However one of the two juneberries arrived in a declining state and one week later the foliage was completely dried out and dead. Company states two inch pots not guaranteed and no reply by company when told about the juneberry.

On May 3rd, 2017, gsimcik added the following: Just looking at the root system of the juneberries, I could tell these were very young plants and I wouldn't be surprised if they were recently bareroot plantings.
Company representative comment on June 15, 2017:
On Jun 15, 2017 1:00 PM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

Was it an Autumn Brilliance? We've had a problem with them. If it was contact the office again with your information and we can replace or credit you.

On Jun 24, 2016, DavidPutty (4 reviews) from Arlington, VA

I have made two purchased with Edible Landscaping recently and talked with them on the phone several times. My first interactions were very positive. I asked about plants and they were very helpful. Their website is also very informative and provides great detailed information. Ordering and actually purchasing plants has not gone as smoothly or desirably. Their ordering system is a bit old fashion compared to most companies now days as you place an order, you get a receipt, and then that is about it. It shows up when it shows up, a bit behind today's standards for online/over the phone ordering. My first purchase was a bit complicated. I ordered a plant and during the course of the order they changed the zone rating on the plant. They informed me of this 5 days after placing my order and asked if I would like to change via email. I replied since the plant is no longer zoned for where I live I would like to change and provided alternatives. I never heard back from the company despite asking questions in my response email. I called several times over the next week and emailed, but no one provided a response or answer until about the 5th attempt. On this same order they substituted one plant I ordered with a different variety, which could be fine, but you should inform the customer that you are doing so or ask rather than just doing it. I do not mind that it was substituted but you should tell someone you are going to do so especially when you specifically indicate during the order that substitutions are not OK. I figured I would give them a second chance because when the plants arrived they looked fine and the nursery is local to my state and climate. I placed an order online once again. My credit card was charged and I heard nothing from them for 2 weeks. Two weeks later I receive a phone call saying they do not have the plant I ordered in the size I would like and asked I would like to change, I said no and cancelled the order. This is fine, my complaint is in this day and age why does it take two weeks to do this? If I knew it would take so long just to tell me you don't have it I would have gone somewhere else and not wasted two weeks.

Company representative comment on August 17, 2016:
On Aug 17, 2016 2:48 PM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

Was your order ever completed?

On Jun 9, 2016, MikeMdavesgarde (2 reviews) from Saint Louis, MO

The plants I did receive are healthy and were packaged and shipped with great care. This is great! Unfortunately, 1. They sent a 1/2 size Jujube and only put a $13 "credit on my account". They were out of the size I ordered or not received. 2. The Che tree was out of stock and "will ship" in 6 more weeks making a 14 week wait for all the plants to arrive. 3. The Shenandoah Pawpaw was out of stock, so I agreed to getting a Mango Pawpaw. That is 3 out of 9 that were not what I ordered. Plus the plants are more expensive than other places. I will update and maybe change the rating based on the final receipt of the Che tree and the "credit" not refund of the 1/2 size Jujube.

Company representative comment on August 17, 2016:
On Aug 17, 2016 2:49 PM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

Was your credit ever refunded to you?

On May 25, 2016, Perma (1 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

I purchased 5 plants from Edible Landscaping in April: 2 pawpaws, 1 persimmon and 2 pineapple guavas. The pawpaws were supposed to be grown in ĺ gallon long pots. On their website videos pawpaw plants are shown in these long pots because they are the best for growing plant with long tap root. However, the plants that arrived were in regular round ĺ gallon pots. When I removed them from the pots, the earth fell away revealing the actual size of the pots they were grown in. The shape of the root system showed that the plants had been grown in pots approximately 1/3 the size of the pot it was sent in. Because they has been grown in such small pots the long tap root was twisted and Jíed. When I looked at the grafting, one plant has a graft that was almost horizontal. These plants will not thrive. The persimmons came in a long pot. (It seems that whatever is handy they use because this plantís root system does not necessarily need a long pot). Again the earth fell away when I removed it showing a plant about half the size of the pot with a very immature root system. The pineapple guavas, which I had bought on sale, were severely root bound and turning yellow. I emailed Michael asking him for a refund plus shipping to return the plants to him. He, even though I included images of the plants, said that the pawpaws were good. He did not comment on the persimmons and admitted that the pineapple guavas were root bound but justified this by saying that they were on sale. If Michael has made it clear that he was sending pawpaws with Jíed roots, plants with immature root systems or root bound plants , I would not have made the purchase, no matter how much the discount. I wrote back again asking for a full refund plus shipping to return the plants to him. He has not replied. Edible landscaping charges more for their plants that most. I decided to purchase from them because they had the verities of plants that I wanted and they seem to be such an excellent company, so mindful of the Earth. I also enjoyed Michael singing videos on the website. It was such a shock to receive these plants. If this company was once good they certainly have taken a dive. I spent $208.10 and got very little in return.

On Apr 16, 2016, purilisa (2 reviews) from Richmond, VA

I visited Edible landscaping, and will go back again. I bought a Wase Fuyu Persimmon and PawPaw--Shenandoah. Very happy about the find. Excellent customer service, the staff-George was very patient, kind, knowledgeable, answered every question I had and even helped me decide which variety to pick:) They have an amazing variety of plants-so-Will definitely return to this place again. Go early as there's lots to look at!

On Oct 10, 2015, DEEJOA (3 reviews) from Linden, TN

We have mail-ordered from Edible Landscaping several times during the past three years. What I appreciate about Edible Landscaping is that they promote and sell many plants that require little or no sprays. For example, they promote such plants as persimmons, pawpaw, and kiwi, which have almost no pests! Even with the plants that normally require sprays, such as peaches and grapes, they have narrowed their selection down to the few varieties that have the best chance at fruiting without sprays. We have treasured these low-spray/no-spray trees that we have purchased from them. Weston

On May 28, 2015, Bmarkel (2 reviews) from Grottoes, VA

Posted on May 12, 2015, updated May 28, 2015 Posted on May 12, 2015, updated May 12, 2015 I placed an order for 4 Saijo Persimmon trees. The trees were promptly planted in early spring before bud swell. As spring progressed 1 of the trees never leafed out. Since the other 3 trees leafed out, I decided not to contact Edible Landscaping. This spring the 3 remaining trees never leafed out :( After bark scraping the 3 trees, its obvious that the grafts have failed. The rootstocks are now shooting up sprouts, however they will never produce Saijo persimmons :( I can understand a graft failure, but to have all of them fail......These trees were well taken care of, watered, caged, mulched etc. I'm really upset about this loss. You can put a price tag on a tree, but you cant put a price tag on 2 lost years of growth. To make matters worse, im getting ready to send off my 3rd email (no response from the other 2). On a side note....the PROK and Deer Magnet Persimmon trees that I planted from DIFFERENT NURSERIES are doing great!!! Hopefully this post hastens a response from Edible Landscaping :(

On May 12th, 2015, Bmarkel added the following: So it's safe to say edible landscaping doesnt take pride in their customer service :(. After no reponses on the emails, I called them today. I was informed their computer was down...and I'm guessing now their phone is down because the manager never returned my call :(. Bad grafts, bad computers, bad phone system, what's next??? I guess contacting the better business bureau will be my next step.
On May 28th, 2015, Bmarkel added the following: Since a company representative commented back and directed statements towards me, I feel obligated to respond! Plus, it's time for an update....I was so upset about this ordeal, specifically how it was handled, I literally lost sleep over it. I'm trying to take the "higher road" here, but Edible landscaping hasn't made this easy. Bottom line here is that I lost all of my trees and I've lost all the money I spent on them. When customers experience total failure on their purchases, please expect them to contact you feeling frustrated and upset. Listen to what they have to say, try your best to de-escalate the situation with an apology. Please don't argue with them and sass them. Advising me in the "company representative comment" to stay with American persimmons was like pouring salt on an open wound. I sure found out the hard way. Perhaps the advertising of Saijo as a zone 6 persimmon tree may be a bit of a stretch. If I lost all of my remaining trees during a typical zone 6 winter, seems fair to say you shouldn't advertise Saijo as a zone 6 tree. Yes your company offered to replace 1 of the trees....but why would I want to plant another Saijo persimmon??
Company representative comment on May 26, 2015:
On May 26, 2015 10:33 AM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

We did discuss your loss of Asian Persimmons. The 2 persimmons you had success with are not Asian Persimmons they are American and much hardier varieties. We did offer to replace the persimmon that originally did not come out. We can not replace for winter kill as it is out of our control. I think American persimmons are a better choice for your area.

On May 14, 2015, Jaybirdokc (2 reviews) from Edmond, OK

First off, I will review the ordering ordering process as easy, shipping was on time and actually earlier than promised. Good ratings on packing too. Very well packed and fast freight so plant was not having to sit in box long time. Freight was pricey, but that's the same with everyone now days. Now for the persimmon tree. I am neutral for now. It is only just barely 2 ft tall switch of a stick. It was supposed to be pot grown and I ordered it fome them only because of that paying about a third more than other well knowngood greenhouses. When I tipped it over to release from pot, all the entire soil fell out. There were no fine roots, only tap roots, and this appears to have just very recently been potted and roots were only 1/4 deep in this pot, so it really should be thought of as a size or two smaller and as a bare rooted tree. I went ahead and planted it even though it is going to take a couple years to establish before growth. I prefer well rooted potted trees because it saves you many years growth, and I am very old and not good health so hope I live to see fruit in the very few years I have left. I will update if the tree survives and how it grows. Maybe it will fool this old, skilled gardener.

On May 6, 2015, INGardenAddict (1 reviews) from (Zone 5b)

I don't typically write reviews, however, I've spent hours pouring over reviews for most all products (and companies) when purchasing online. I had never heard of Edible Landscaping before and after reading their reviews here, I decided to give them a try. I had ordered a male hardy kiwi to accompany my lone female from the year before. She was purchased as a matched set from another nursery, the male had died, and it was too late in the season to replace it last year. This year, when the email notification came through that the previous nursery had them in stock, I quickly ordered...only to be me with an email months later that they were out of stock. I figured it was time to look elsewhere. When looking at the Edible Landscaping website, I was overwhelmed by the numerous varieties of hardy kiwi. I called the company and spoke with two very nice folks who answered all of my questions and ended up taking my order. The plant arrived in a large white box that made my roommate question its contents (she thought I had ordered a tree). Upon opening the package, I found a very alive, very healthy, very leafy kiwi!! I didn't know what to expect, but based off of the previous years results, I guess I had expected a stick that might or might not have had leaves. This was surely a living plant that was already thriving and healthy looking! The packaging was amazing, the plant has taken off in its new spot in the garden and I still can't believe it looked so good upon arrival. I'm pretty understanding when it comes to small businesses and the unforeseen factors that arise with living plants, so I wasn't too upset when the previous male kiwi died (and the other nursery did refund the cost without hassle), but this was just so much above and beyond that I'm speechless. Thanks again! I've added you to my list of recommended nurseries.

On Aug 31, 2014, PittsburghLaw (2 reviews) from Pittsburgh, PA

Approximately 1 year ago I ordered 3 mature trees from them. A seven year old Stella Cherry Tree, An Asian Pear and a weeping Mulberry. I spent hundreds to have them delivered by truck. When I received the trees they were all smashed together in the truck and were in horrible condition. They were all very obviously diseased with the leaves spotted and falling off. I contacted Edible landscaping and was told that this was not a big deal and that they would be fine in the spring. The trees did survive the brutal winter. However, the disease(s) flourished. The cherry and Asian pear trees started losing leaves almost as soon as they grew. The weeping mulberry is the worst - it did produce mulberries but the leaves prematurely brown and fall off. I planted this tree in my front yard and from mid-summer on it has looked ridiculous with a few brown leaves on top and stringy branches hanging down. I would understand if these diseases started showing up after I received the trees, however, they were so diseased when I received them that it couldn't be missed. That means Edible Landscaping purposely sent me diseased trees and then blew me off when I contacted them. I spent over $500 for these trees including shipping and now have to tear the mulberry tree out of my front yard because it makes the whole yard look bad. I will Not order from them again.

Company representative comment on September 3, 2014:
On Sep 3, 2014 3:21 PM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

I am sorry you had problems with the 3 trees. Leaf spot is not a disease but does cause leaves to fall. It's September the 3rd, and I've noticed early leaf fall on choke cherry and black walnut. My cherries in our front yard at home have only about 20% of their leaves at this time. My neighbor has a weeping mulberry. It too has spots on it's leaves. Once the plant makes a lot of new growth all leaves will not fall, though there will be spots on them. At this time of year observation in nature shows many species with similar cosmetic negatives. Cherries and mulberry included.

The third tree discussed, the Asian pear is susceptible to fire blight. We attempt to sell the most resistant varieties, but all Asian pears are susceptible to a certain degree.

We would like for the buyer to contact us and we can credit the purchase price of the plants and hope he has better experiences with or without our input.

On Jun 28, 2013, bodyworkgoddess (4 reviews) from Maryville, TN

Posted on June 22, 2013, updated June 28, 2013 I have ordered three times from Edible Landscaping since last fall. My third order arrives next week, will update if it somehow changes my opinion but so far I love this company. Unique plants that arrive healthy at my home. The shipping is a little higher but the packaging shows why. Completely protected plants, worth the extra cost. The ones that I have already are blackberries and yellow and red alpine strawberries. The prices for the plants I find to be excellent. The order that arrives next week has currants, jujube, persimmon, wintergreen & yellow raspberries. Hoping to report back that all are fabulous!

On June 28th, 2013, bodyworkgoddess added the following: Update. I am completely impressed now that I have received my third order. The box that arrived was 6.5 ft tall and loaded with healthy plants. The contorted jujube makes me smile each time I see it. I would also like to say that the shipping isn't as expensive as it appeared to be before. I got a large order and the shipping was just $30. 3 double gold raspberries 2.75"pots, ichci ki kei jiro oriental persimmon 3/4 gallon, contorted jujube 3 gallon, Russian pomegranate salavatski quart pot, wintergreen 2" pot, black velvet gooseberry 2" pot and a cherry red currant quart pot. Plants $135.50, total $165.50. Highly recommend. Daydreaming about what other additions I can add to our garden from EL.

On Jun 13, 2013, joebvet (4 reviews) from MOUTH OF WILSON, VA (Zone 6b)

Winter of 2012 I placed two orders consisting of a large number of Fruit trees and berries. This consisted of a plum, Halls almond, pear, aronia, goumi, tigertooth jujube, two types of Kousa dogwood, goji, and a seedling and Susquehanna pawpaw, autumn olive, Che seedless, and hops. The plants all arrived potted, which allowed me to put them into the ground when I was ready to, but did add greatly to the shipping costs, which were pricy compared to other plant companies. Most were well rooted, except for the goji had a very limited root system compared to the size pot it arrived in. The plants were smaller in size then I anticipated except for those ordered in 3 gallon or larger size pots. Most of the plants grew reasonably the first year and have come back this spring except the Goji and the Sus. Pawpaw. The goji appeared to not be able to tollerate the heat, I quess from the small root system, and mid summer dried up despite watering. I contacted them mid summer and was told they go dormant in the summer drought and should come back. I recontacted them this spring when it failed to return, and was told I need to make sure it's ph was 7. The Pawpaw arrived at 6 inches tall, with the grafted part of the tree having 6 leaves that were about 6 inches long. The leaves were as long as the grafted part of the plant. It kept it's leaves through the fall, but never grew an inch, and put out buds in the winter, but failed to come back this spring. When contacted they offered to replace the two that died at half cost plus shipping. Pros: hard to find plants, plants shipped potted and not bare root, plants arrived well packaged and healthy. Cons: pricy shipping due to being in pots, small size plants, not as responsive to quarantee or my concerns as I expected.

On Jun 7, 2013, MattGibby (3 reviews) from Roy, UT

Received a large order of various edibles like figs, pineapple guava, blueberries, a pawpaw, a filbert, and some other things. They are all gorgeous! I got way more for my money than I expected. All shipped very well with no damage. Couldn't recommend Edible Landscaping more.

On Apr 15, 2013, sam03 (1 reviews) from Crozet, VA

I have visited Edible Landscaping three times. I feel they are under staffed or need more staff members that are knowledgable on the products they sell. On my first visit I had two trees I wanted to get information on to choose the best fit for me. I asked about the trees and was told where they were located but when I asked questions on the care I was told there were care sheets on their website. After looking at the website I had more questions than before. They never offered to show me the trees or help load it into my car. The second time I visited as I was waiting to check out I was told someone would be with me shortly by three different staff members but after thirty minutes of waiting no one came to check me out so I left. The third time I visited (figured I would give them one more try because of their selection of plants) I had a list of plants that I wanted to try but wanted to know the care associated with them. Janet helped me find some plants by looking on the computer but before we went to get them out of the greenhouses she said she wasnt sure about her selection for me and asked Michael his opinion. He then changed the order and selected plants for me. This took a considerable about of time which could have been avoided if she were knowledgable on the products she is selling. Overall they have an great selection but if you want questions answered be prepared to search the care of plants yourself and dont go there if you are on a time limit because you will be waiting for help.

Company representative comment on April 17, 2013:
On Apr 15, 2013 12:11 PM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

What was the plant?

On Apr 17, 2013 2:26 PM, Edible Landscaping added:

Yes, Saturday and Sundays in April are a bit hectic. Janet is knowledgeable and I trust her decisions, she has been with us for 19 years. If I recommended something else it is possible I just knew of something that looked a really nice. Sorry you had a bad experience. George, Ben, Jeannie and Ian are also knowledge about the products we sell and have personal experience also. Of our mail order shipping staff Rodney and Kay are gardeners and have worked for about 12 years here. Any of these folks should be able to help.

On Apr 1, 2013, allgr8dogs (1 reviews) from Phoenix, AZ (Zone 9b)

Posted on September 24, 2012, updated April 1, 2013 My first experience with Edible Landscaping in 1989 was extremely positive, so when I wanted to send a thank you gift to a very special host and hostess I decided to order a pair of Kiwis from Edible Landscaping... I was unable to complete an online order and so I called and talk to an employee who took my order. After a couple of weeks I found that I hadn't been charged, and my special hosts had not received the kiwis I had ordered. I called Edible Landscaping and was told an order had never been put in, and that had the order been put in I would have received an email. I told them that I was embarrassed at having taken so long to send this gift of appreciation, and I felt that they should make sure that the plants were extra nice. That being said, I put in an order and ask that it be delivered as soon as possible because I wanted the plants to have time to settle in before the cold weather in Yelm, Washington. I was told that without fail the order would be put in on Friday so the plants would go out before Labor Day. This did happen, but came to my home instead of my hosts' home. The plants had sat in my carport in the Phoenix heat (106) from whatever the delivery time was until I got home at 5:30. I called Edible Landscaping and was told they would have Fed Ex pick up the plants, but that my host would be shipped out plants that hadn't set in the heat. I expressed how embarrassed I was at the delay, and the fact that I chose this company even though my SIL (who was splitting the cost with me) wanted to use someone else, and was pointedly questioning my choice of vendor. I was told to put the plants back out and that they would get picked up which didn't happen for two days. Edible Landscaping didn't send my host fresh plants, but had the plants that had set one day in my carport in the heat, one day in my pantry, and then another day in the carport, a night and however much of the next day before they were picked up in my carport - these plants were the plants that were sent as gifts to my hosts. I called to check on the plants and was told that one was dead, and the other was sickly... I'm embarrassed and aggravated... I feel that there is extremely poor customer service, and that online customers are second class with this company... I'm a special education teacher and I often work 12-14 hours a day. I don't have time for this, but this is what has happened. I emailed them today, and I'll be calling Edible Landscaping again tomorrow to see if they are going to refund me for the cost of the plants and shipping. I'll let you know how it goes...

On April 1st, 2013, allgr8dogs added the following: I did eventually get my money back, but it doesn't make up for the frustration or embarrassment I experienced while dealing with this company. I will not be ordering from them again.

On Feb 6, 2013, ericb (7 reviews) from Yadkinville, NC

I've placed and received 2 or 3 mail orders from EL, all completely positive, some with a couple dozen items. I also visited the nursery and got some things late last year. I think they're great, and if I ever did have any problems (which I'm sure will happen with them as with any nursery sooner or later), I'm very confident that they'd make things right. One thing that I think is especially notable about EL is that they do a really outstanding job of helping people find plants that will actually do well for them. For example, while I was there I heard the owner tell an employee to take some perfectly healthy trees out of inventory and not to sell any more because the fruit was just too disease prone.

On Nov 21, 2012, GPBurdell (2 reviews) from Kennesaw, GA (Zone 7b)

So far so good. Received 3 trees and an herb. The Che and Yuzu and the herb were very healthy. Perfect in fact. The pomogranate was dormant as expected so the jury will wait until the spring. It takes them about 48 to 72 hours to respond to email, but they have always reponded. What is most intriguing about them is that they have a broad collection of stuff I can't find in any one place. Sure I can get a goji on one site, josta at another ... But then I hit a shipping min at every site. If these plants develop as expected I will be ordering many more. I wish I lived in VA so I could drop by.

On Jun 15, 2012, BeeznBearz (6 reviews) from Cottonwood, ID

I received my shipment a number of weeks ago. Everything was healthy and green then and they are healthy and green now. I was particularly pleased with the Dogwood 'seedling' which was two feet tall and very well developed. I look forward to ordering from them again.

On May 26, 2012, cramsey1 (24 reviews) from Salt Lake City, UT (Zone 6b)

This is my first experience with Edible Landscapes. I found their website when I was looking for a special Blackberry Plant. They did not have what I was looking for but they did had two other berry plants I had never heard of. I wanted to try them and they were the only source on the internet that I could find that had the Schultz Thornless Black Berry and the Wyeberry (a rare black berry red raspberry cross that is suppose to be more winter hardy than the Tayberry). Their website said that the Schultz Thornless plants would not be ready to ship until May 7, 2012. I ordered all my plants on April 14, 2012. They called and said that they might not have the Wyeberry plant but if they were able find one they would include it in the shipment. When I had not heard from them by May 12, I called them and left a voice message and asked about when I might expect the shipment. When I did not get a call back from them by May 14th, I sent an email for a follow up or the shipment date. On May 15th I got an email back saying the plants would be shipped on May 21, 2012. On May 18th, I got a phone call from a lady at Edible Landscapes saying she was following up on my phone call the previous week and wanted to let me know that the plants were being shipped on May 21, 2012. I laughed and thanked her for the call. I told her I had gotten an email response from them the previous Friday giving me the same information. I thanked her for following up with me and said that in the future I would send emails because they got responded to faster. On Monday May 21st, I received an email confirmation saying my plants had been sent by FedEx and gave the tracking number with the link to FedEx. I was able to track my shipment from the time it was sent to the time it arrived. The plants arrived safe and very well packaged five days later. They were larger than I expected some of the plants were in bloom and already had small berries on them. They were also well rooted for a good start this year. I planted them the day they arrived. I was happily surprised to find that they had found a Wyeberry plant in a large container and included it in my shipment. I am very pleased with the quality and size of their plants. Their customer service was good and the speed of shipment was excellent. I can highly recommend them.

On May 15, 2012, wlj (11 reviews) from Rochester, MN

I have ordered several times from this company and I can say I would order again, for several reasons. My last order was for Chicago figs (2x). The trees arrived rather on the small side but I am OK with that. The first shipment as virtually destroyed by UPS. I took a picture of the box and the product and sent it to them, then followed with a phone call. I was amazed at how quickly the product was replaced (small again but in good condition). I do understand that it can be tricky ordering through the Web (damaged shipments/delays/etc) but this company is good to their plants and prompt at problem resolution. I will be ordering next year as well.

On Feb 10, 2012, OldChurchEggery (9 reviews) from Mechanicsville, VA

I've ordered from Edible Landscaping twice and have been pleased with what I got, despite the fact some of the plants are no longer with me. My first order was in spring 2010. I bought three blueberry plants and two cherries. 2010 was also one of the hottest, driest summers we've had in Virginia in a long time. Our well ran dry and so I wasn't able to water my plants like I wish I could have. Despite that, two of my blueberries managed to survive, though they did suffer some considerable dieback. They've recovered somewhat (it's now early 2012) and I'm hoping that they're now back on track to bloom and fruit next season. My second order came in April of last year, 3 cherry trees and 10 strawberry plants. The cherries were in bloom when they arrived (they were 3 gal. size) and I even got to eat a few Rainiers! Our cow bit the tops off of them one day when she got loose, so I'm hoping they'll leaf back out okay this year. I like supporting a Virginia business and am happy with what I've gotten from Edible Landscaping.

On Dec 9, 2011, treebird101 (13 reviews) from Bedford, IA

Posted on December 9, 2011, updated December 9, 2011 I recently ordered a che tree aka melon berry or Chinese mulberry from edible landscaping. The tree was tiny, I mean half the diameter of a pencil! Shipping was $20 for a tiny $20 tree! Judging so far I'm not too pleased but this is the only thing Ive ordered from them so I cant give any further reference.They do offer a wide variety of more difficult things to obtain, so I may give them another try in the future. Tiny Tree was alive when it arrived. We will see how it over-winters here in Iowa.

On December 9th, 2011, treebird101 added the following: Apparently I am in error on my above statement. I guess the tree was $30 and shipping was $10. This info was meant to lean neutral-positive, I do lean on a strict scale though. Thought tree was small for price even if contained in a 1 gallon pot. I will add more detail. Tree was packed secure and well, order was was processed and shipped promptly within fall planting season. Staff seems to care about customer concerns and addresses issues promptly. If you haven't seen their Youtube videos you should, they love what they do and they seem like a good bunch of people. I love the pawpaw song sung by the gentleman from edible landscaping on Youtube, cracks me up! My view may change to positive with future orders but am still a little sketchy about size price ratio of the che tree.
Company representative comment on December 9, 2011:
On Dec 9, 2011 10:42 AM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

Your order was for a gallon che $30 and ship cost was $10. The caliper of the tree is correct for a gallon size plant. Please contact us with your concerns.

On Aug 20, 2011, wetdogfarm (8 reviews) from Eveleth, MN (Zone 3a)

I ordered two white nanking cherry plants (4" pots) through the website. Email notification from them gave me a heads up on shipping time. Two four inch pots were received 8/18, well packed. I was surprised that they were 3.5" rooted cuttings each with 2 leaves. For approx. $30 with shipping I hope I can get them to survive the winter.

On Aug 8, 2011, citrusgrower80 (1 reviews) from Peoria, IL

Edible Landscaping made an error on my order and although I returned the plant, they still have not refunded my credit card. The woman I have been in contact with via e-mail has been rude, sarcastic, and extremely unprofessional claiming that the money was indeed refunded. She also had very bad grammar. For a company that presents itself as positive, filling their website with videos of singing and light-heartedness, their representatives are the exact opposite. Nasty and negative. I have no desire to ever deal with them again or to support their business.

Company representative comment on August 9, 2011:
On Aug 9, 2011 1:27 PM, Edible Landscaping responded with:

Our company goes to every effort to resolve issues for our customers, however occasionally a situation such as this arises and we find it necessary to put forward the event as it occurred to the public.

On 7/15/11 the customer's initial order was placed on our website along with a comment that they would like a gallon sized Meyer Lemon. We responded informing them we had only quart sizes in stock.
On 7/18 the customer requested a quart sized Meyer Lemon be added to their order, which incurred an additional charge of which they were notified. The order had already been gathered for shipping, but our staff located the order and added the lemon plant to it.
On 7/19 the customer called to inform us they had changed their mind. The package had already been picked up by UPS.
On 7/20 the customer called and spoke to our owner, claiming they never ordered this plant and requested a refund. We issued a pick-up ticket through UPS at our cost.
On 8/1 the plant was returned to us by UPS after 5pm.
On 8/2 a refund was processed through our system to the customer's credit card. The speed with which a refund tracks to an account depends on the credit card company.
On 8/3 the customer emailed to ask about their refund, and we notified them it had just been processed the previous day.
On 8/8 the customer sent another email demanding to know the status of their order immediately. We recommended the customer check with their credit card company on the status of the refunded charge.

We are a lighthearted company that values both our employees and our customers, and are sorry when a customer feels negatively about their experience. This customer's refund has been processed, and they should contact their credit card company to obtain further information on that transaction. We will not do further business with an individual who attempts to defame our company when we have gone to an extra effort at every level of their transaction.

On Jun 23, 2011, Anna21 (2 reviews) from Staten Island, NY

Posted on June 3, 2011, updated June 23, 2011 Posted on June 2, 2011, updated June 3, 2011 Pros: I recently purchased 4 Lingonberry plants and 2 Sunshine Blueberry plants (3 gallon size). All of the plants were healthy, and the blueberry plants were packed with fruits. Can't wait for them to ripen fully. They also told me that the currant bushes I ordered (3 gallon) did not look so good, so they removed that from the order. I appreciated their honesty. Cons: After I got the first order, I called and placed another order for a Jostaberry (3 gallon) and a Legacy Blueberry (3 gallon). I specifically asked Michael (about the Legacy) and Kay (about the Jostaberry) if the plants were healthy and fruiting, to which they each responded 'Yes'. Well, neither is flowering or fruiting. The Jostaberry is too small and spindly to set fruit this year. The blueberry plant is about 3.5' tall, looks spindly and doesn't even have fruiting buds. It has 5 unripe berries on the whole plant, and almost half of the stems look dead (they are very dark, and again, no fruiting buds, not even leaves or flowers!). Poor pathetic plant. I will do my best to bring it back. The whole point of me ordering online and paying shipping charges as opposed to picking up plants from my local nursery was that Edible's plants were supposed to be larger and fruiting. I regret placing the second order. More cons: They do not send notification e-mails with tracking #'s, so you never really know when to expect your package. I called a few times to get my delivery dates, and was given the wrong dates. Why is this important to me? Because I'd like to be home when my plants arrive so I can re-pot them asap, and not have them sitting out in the sun all day til I get home late at night. I don't think I will order from them online again. If I were in the VA area, I might swing by in person to see if they had any good plants. Going forward, I am sticking with my local nursery, even though they have a smaller selection than Edible.

On June 3rd, 2011, Anna21 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: I am changing my review to 'negative' now since Edible should have known better than to send me 2 pathetic looking plants, especially after I specifically requested healthy fruiting plants. As for the blueberry plant. I have never seen a potted blueberry plant that had some bare twigs on it (bare- no leaves, no buds, no flowers, nothing) in June. After I remove them (they look like dead branches) the plant will be even more spindly and pathetic looking. The other branches have leaves, but no flowers, no buds, no fruit (whole plant only has 5 fruits). BUYER BEWARE.
On June 23rd, 2011, Anna21 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Now I am updating this to POSITIVE!!! Michael (I believe he is the owner) of Edible sent me 2 replacement plants- a very healthy looking blueberry and a very healthy looking jostaberry. I didn't ask for replacement plants, and wasn't expecting any, but I was was thrilled when I got them. This shows that they take customer service very seriously, and have integrity when dealing with customers. I will definitely order from them again & recommend them to friends.

On Apr 20, 2011, onewish1 (25 reviews) from Denville, NJ (Zone 6b)

I just received my order from Edible Landscaping.. the figs look wonderful and the packing was secure.. in fact I plan on recycling the box for plants I am sending to a friend.. I took photos & they are posted in my diary .. looking forward to some yummy fruit and future orders!!! https://davesgarden.com/community/blogs/t/onewish1/15327/

On Apr 10, 2011, AngelDance (1 reviews) from Callands, VA (Zone 7a)

Last Spring (2010), I drove to Afton to make a large purchase from Edible Landscaping as it is not too far from me. I purchased: 9 Blueberries (3 ea early, mid-season and late) 12 Black Elderberry 1 Yellow elderberry (as a cross pollinator) 1 weeping mulberry tree 3 Meyer lemon trees 3 Lime trees 1 avocado tree 1 olive tree 6 grape vines (2 each of 3 varieties) 3 native paw paw trees 6 raspberry 14 fruit trees (sweet cherry, peach, apple-different varieties) 10 Joel bush cherries 12 asparagus crowns 1 large Arp rosemary Some assorted 4" pot of herbs Rather than pay shipping on this large order, we opted to drive up and get them. It took 2 trips: one in our station wagon and one in the Ford F250 to get them all. Despite some small communication mishaps (all dealt with courteously and efficiently), we picked up all our plants, brought them home and planted them. All were in beautiful condition. Fast forward one year. Everything but the yellow elderberry not only survived, but thrived. The Yellow elderberry fell victim to my 15 year old mowing the lawn too fast (speed demon!! LOL) I would order from them again, if I ever need to!

On Aug 30, 2010, clpgirl (46 reviews) from Chippewa Lake, OH (Zone 5b)

I found Edible Landscaping in my search for Day Avocado. To say I am delighted would be an understatement. The tree I purchased is HUGE and healthy. Though it will be overwintered in a GH, it has done beautifully for the past month in a container in my yard. I also ordered a hops vine, which transplanted with no difficulty, and is healthy, and vigorous. Packing was great, phone communication very helpful, and speedy delivery. I will return next spring for several other items. Five stars from me!

On Jul 27, 2010, dan6 (1 reviews) from Westerly, RI

Fair price,items arrived in excellent condition.Would definably buy from them again.

On Jun 28, 2010, collinsm65 (2 reviews) from Smithsburg, MD

I ordered 2 jujube trees from here. They came quickly and were in good shape, well packed. The only issue was that I ordered a Li and a Lang, and got 2 Langs. I contacted them and they sent a new Li tree right away. I asked them if they wanted me to ship the other back, and they said no. So though there was difficulty, the items were much better than those I've ordered elsewhere and in good shape. I can't argue with the way they handled it...so good job overall!

On Jun 2, 2010, Yglo (5 reviews) from Princeton, NJ

I had very positive experiences with Edible Landscaping from several orders. Good sized healthy plants. Very well packaged.... In 2004 a bought a " Ulm apricot". It grow fast and well but this year the blooming was definitively not a Ulm, so I email them to let them know that this tree was never grafted. They replied fast and send me a "real " one the very next week, Gallon size and promising. I was very pleased and will buy from E.L. again.

On Nov 3, 2009, ohestnes (2 reviews) from Blacksburg, VA

We drove up to the nursery last Thursday, having found their website and realising it was only a 2 hour drive from where we live. The place appeared organized and well run and more importantly, everything they had for sale looked extremely healthy. We bought 14 plants for $400 and change total, and with the exception of the 1 gallon pawpaw's which I'd say was about average, everything was bigger and more developed than you would expect for the pot size. The one quart $16 olive tree was 2.5 feet and probably 2 years old, the 1 gallon coffee plant looks as if it might yield a crop next summer already and the 3 gallon contorted jujube had a trunk with over a half inch calliper. Everything that did not immediately go into the ground had to be repotted since the plants were already too big for the pots they were sold in. The owner showed us around, helped us make our selections and offered fresh persimmons from the many large trees growing amongst the greenhouses. A pricing error on the internet was honoured without us even asking, leading to a $20 discount on a Novak Dwarf Banana. I can't comment on their shipping practises, but in terms of the nursery itself and the plants they sell we were very impressed. Can't wait to go back in the spring (or possibly sooner ...)

On Sep 28, 2009, Colleenee (1 reviews) from Racine, WI

I ordered $254 worth of nursery stock last winter and was given a delivery date for the second week of May. So far so good. Second week of May comes and all but five items arrive in excellent condition. No word though on the missing five. After emailing Edible Landscaping and receiving no reply I call and am told they're all on back order. I ask why they didn't reply to my email and am told they had it listed wrong. Summer comes and no stock and no word from E.L. I call again and am told it won't be here until fall. Fall comes and I call to ask for a delivery date. They say third week of September. Third week comes and goes and I call and am told it is slated for that week. Later that day receive a call telling me the stock doesn't look good and now it won't arrive until next year!!! I call to ask for an email confirming this but receive none. I call and leave a message asking to talk to someone to work this out (maybe replace with similar items?) and receive no reply. I am underwhelmed by the customer relations skills in this company, especially from Kay, with whom I dealt with on most occasions. Why did I have to initiate each interaction? Why was there no email correspondences, and no call backs? How about an apology?

On September 28th, 2009, Colleenee changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

On Aug 16, 2009, Brennus (3 reviews) from Plano, TX

Communication with ediblelandscaping.com was excellent. Delivery was timely. All plants are in the ground & growing. Any nursery that accomplishes those three things makes me a satisfied customer.

On May 25, 2009, grrrlgeek (5 reviews) from Grayslake, IL (Zone 5a)

Found their site looking for lingonberries; ordered them and lemongrass and some wintergreen plants. Got the lemon grass and wintergreen, they are fine, received a hand written slip that the lingonberries are out and "will ship asap". When I went to their site, the lingonberries say they are out until September. I emailed them 5/20 to ask if they could let me know when my plants would be available, as I did not want to wait until September and would look elsewhere if they would not have them until then. Still have not heard. Emailed again today, will update if/when I hear back.

On May 26th, 2009, grrrlgeek added the following: Received an email this morning that they are shipping 2 "korelle" and 3 red pearl "this week". I ordered 5 Koralle lingonberries, which were listed as in stock at the time of my order, on 4/15/09. I had settled on that cultivar after much consideration, and ordered from them because they had them "in stock". I have replied that I would like them to send the 2 Koralle they have and refund me for the rest.
On May 28th, 2009, grrrlgeek added the following: Received the Lingonberries today. Three are labeled Red Pearl, two just Lingonberry. I emailed them to make sure those are Koralle. Very poor communication-only answered my first email after I posted here, never answered my other emails, so not holding my breath. Did not want the Red Pearl, guess I can grow them in pots as I understand they spread more and I don't have room for that in the ground. At least they did send the next pot size up (4") from what I ordered (2.5"), though the plants are about the same size as the wintergreens in 2.5" pots. I would only recommend them if they have something you can't find anywhere else, they will be shipping immediately (since they apparently don't hold plants ordered prior to ship date), and either you tell them when ordering absolutely no substitutes or you don't mind getting something else when they run out of what you want.

On May 22, 2009, katykaty (1 reviews) from Washington, DC

I ordered 3 Kiwi plants, got an email giving me a shipping date range, then 10 days later when they didn't show up, I called, was told that someone would check and get back to me. This did not happen. When I called to find out what the story was, I was told they were out of stock. This would not have been a problem but I could have sourced them elsewhere-and now they are hard to find. If this transaction had worked out I had planned to buy some feijoas and possibly some other things.

On May 4, 2009, Express128 (21 reviews) from Mansfield, TX

Recently placed an order, their customer service is great, but the shipping charges are alittle high compared to others. Overall can't wait till the plants arrive.

On May 15th, 2009, Express128 added the following: Coffee plant arrived today, it looks great. Leaves were green and the overall plant was bigger than expected. Will buy from again next year.

On May 2, 2009, anitar49 (7 reviews) from Ridgeley, WV

I ordered 3 raspberry plants and a medlar tree. The plants were packed very well and arrived in excellent condition. They even upgraded the size of the raspberries I ordered. The information sent with the order was very helpful and informative. I'll definitely order from them again.

On Apr 28, 2009, nini1953 (4 reviews) from Gloucester County, VA (Zone 7b)

I ordered 3 Blueberry plants and 2 fig plants from Edible Landscaping this year. The individuals that I spoke with before I ordered and when I actually ordered could not have been more pleasant to deal with.They were willing to discuss the survivability of certain varieties that I was thinking about planting, and the young lady who took my order was willing to discuss the flavor profiles of the fig plants they carried to help me decide which ones I actually wanted to order. The potted plants arrived well packed and were in wonderful shape with little or no breakage. I look forward to ordering from this company again.

On Apr 14, 2009, ditravels (3 reviews) from Annapolis, MD

I ordered from them based on a recommendation from a fellow gardener. My plants arrived last week as promised and I was very pleased with how healthy they looked, their nice size and the careful way they were packed.

On Mar 26, 2009, CarolineC (7 reviews) from Berwyn, PA

Wow! That was fast!! I ordered a red currant bush and Surround spray last week, and it arrived today. The bush is extremely healthy looking, almost 2 years old (1 gallon), and it was packaged with great care. The Surround spray is hard to find, and it was reasonably priced at Edible Landscaping, and shipping charges were not exorbitant either. They were very nice to speak with on the phone too. I definitely hope to do business with them again. :)

On Oct 20, 2008, jim777 (5 reviews) from Riceville, TN

I've ordered about 5 times from Edible Landscaping. Each time the order arrived promptly and I've been impressed with the plants. Only once did I get a call asking if I was OK with a substitute because something wasn't available and ironically I wanted the substitute more - it just wasn't on the website. I've called and added to an order at the last minute too and all was handled extremely well. All plants have arrived in great packaging and good condition. I'll order from them again.

On Sep 17, 2008, Dorr_n_PolkGA (3 reviews) from Rockmart, GA

I just got my order today and I only ordered last week! And I'm so excited because I finally got my Flying Dragon citrus tree!!! It's been on my list for awhile now. Very nice package, though a little hard to remove all that tape around the pot. I had ordered two other plants as well, a cranberry and sweet bay laurel, both packaged similarly and all with plenty of dirt. And I was kinda surprised as to the size of the plants, definitely larger than I was expecting to get. I'm not sure if I'll order again just because they don't have else on my list, but I definetly would they did.

On September 25th, 2008, Dorr_n_PolkGA changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: Edited - September 25-2008 I'm changing my feedback to neutral...I had realized that the "Flying Dragon" plant I received had very straight thorns, which are supposed to be curved so i called and spoke with a woman, I didn't catch her name. She said she would speak to Owner and get back to me by email, that was 2 days ago, I've yet to see an email. She said it may be because it's a young plant, but I'm skeptical. I'll wait a few more days and if I haven't received an email I will call again. But all the plants themselves are fine.
On October 1st, 2008, Dorr_n_PolkGA changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Hadn't received an email, unless it got spammed by my server, so I called back. I was correct, I did not have a flying dragon and they informed me that they had shipped one my way. YAY!!! Going back to Positive where it shall stay.

On May 5, 2008, shawdraw (2 reviews) from Marietta, GA

We ordered 3 persimmon trees and a couple of dwarf pomegranate. They were nicely packaged but one of the persimmon trees was basically a stick in dirt...no roots, nothing. My husband called and they sent a replacement almost immediately. I don't recall the details, but it seems that something was wrong with the replacement so my husband made another call. At that point, if I were an Edible Landscaping employee, I would have been reluctant to send YET another replacement, but they promised to do so in a couple weeks. A little over a week later one was mailed and everything is great. I commend them on their pleasantness and trusting that we weren't making up stories (although we would have sent digital pictures if necessary!). We'll definitely order from them again in the future...although they might prefer that we NOT do that! :-)

On Apr 28, 2008, TnGardens (1 reviews) from Madisonville, TN

Best part of order is it was canceled! Ordered fruit trees that were advertised online and order was confirmed about 24 hours later. Didn't think much more about it till I received an email from them 2 days after that advising me they would not be fill the order for a week or 2 perhaps till May. Order was placed early April. That in itself would not have been exceptional but they also stated they would not guarantee the price of the plants and advised they would probably charge the credit card right away.... anyone who doesn't know better than to allow a company to do the later deserves to be taken. The seller would seem to be having the customer pay ahead and they in turn order from somewhere else? You're not allowed to charge a product until you ship and if you can't set a fixed price with a customer perhaps you need to quit selling. I for certain won't bother with this "merchant" again.

On Jan 5, 2008, ket0276 (4 reviews) from Aurora, IN (Zone 6a)

I ordered a coffee plant as a Christmas present for my husband. Unfortunately, their website was down, but they responded quickly to my email with a phone number to call. The csr was very helpful, and I received my order in 1 week for the regular shipping charge, which was impressive, given it was the week before Christmas. I was also impressed by how carefully packaged the plant was, and how healthy it looked. I'm not sure how it will fare as a houseplant, but if it doesn't thrive, it was through no fault of the company. I'm looking forward to ordering some more plants in the spring.

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