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On Jul 7, 2014, ZenSojourner (4 reviews) from Fairborn, OH (Zone 8a)

Pacific Tropical was owned and run until about 2006/2007 by the current owner of Hawaiian Tropical Plant Nursery. Pacific Tropical has been through at least 2 different owners, maybe 3, between the time he sold it and the current year (2013). Currently it is moribund - the website is down and reportedly the current owner is operating only part of the nursery, and that somewhat sporadically/lackadaisically. Hawaiian Tropical Plant Nursery should be separated and listed separately from Pacific Tropical.

On Jan 5, 2008, tropicalgaza (4 reviews) from Culver City, CA

this company is the best i have ever found!,i spend thousands of dollars on tropical plants,and these guys have the best,and HUGE,the only draw back,not for me,but they have told me,is the shipping costs,which some times is more than the plant,but if only people knew!! plants are 20 times bigger than anything you see on websites/ebay as for the neg post,i read earlier,WELL,sorry,but all responces i get,see,read have nothing but praises,maybe the person was not a plant person

On Nov 17, 2007, ahelms (42 reviews) from Kannapolis, NC (Zone 7b)

Received my first order of four Anthuriums today. The plants are big, healthy and beautiful. I will definately order from them again.

On Apr 8, 2007, hawaiiroses (12 reviews) from Honolulu, HI

I've ordered from them twice and both times the plants were healthy. One order had to be propagated, and they estimated when it would be ready to ship accurately. The plants were large and robust when received. The other order was ready in stock and was shipped very promptly.

On Feb 13, 2007, eldys (3 reviews) from Miami, FL

I ordered two pedalai (Artocarpus sericicarpus) and a lansat (Lansium domesticum) from PTG, and all of the trees arrived promptly and in excellent condition. All three were the correct species, and the plants were large, healthy, and packed with care. Two of the trees were trimmed back for shipping, but the trimming was done in a professional manner that is unlikely to have any negative effects on the plants (and probably kept them from drying out in transit as well). I am very happy with my order and expect to buy more trees from this company in the future.

On Sep 20, 2006, expluto (1 reviews) from changunga,

Bought some plants and some fruit trees. They arrived propmtly but my order was incomplete, one tree was missing, no notification at all, at least they didn`t charge me for that. Then one of the fruit trees is a complete scam, since it wasn`t the tree I did buy (like ordering a jade vine and geting an ordinary vine). It was a complete ripp off. I would have never bought anything from them if those 2 fruit trees I wanted weren`t in their list, and they never let me know one of them wasn`t available and the other wasn`t the tree I buy. I am not buying from this company again, I am not rich, and can`t let that sort of thing happen, since I can`t buy that kind of order in a while. Now this guy don`t want to refund my money or even answer my mails since he knows what I got wasn`t what I paid for (this guy is deliverately selling fake things). Stay away from www.pctgardens.com!!!!!!! Complete scam.

On Aug 11, 2006, samosa (5 reviews) from San Diego, CA

Bought two trees from them last month. Great condition as always. They are honest, ethical and prompt in shipping orders. They also have great prices their plants and I have always received sincere suggestions regarding availability, care and state of the plants. Definitely will buy from them again. One suggestion, wish they had more varieties to choose from.

On Jul 25, 2006, Fallbrookguy (19 reviews) from Fallbrook, CA

Two weeks ago I purchased eight (8) different trees from Pacific Tropical Gardens(PTG). All were extremely healthy, lush and green and much larger than I had anticipated. They also complied with my special request to send only trees with straight leaders. I think that PTG offers outstanding valor for the dollar and I will definitely be buying from them again!

On May 4, 2006, mpoche (5 reviews) from Alexandria, LA

I ordered two guava trees, a purple guava and a yellow guava. They arrived within a week in excellent condition and for an outstanding price including shipping from Hawaii to Louisiana. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

On Jan 30, 2006, adam7twiddle (5 reviews) from Dallas, TX (Zone 8a)

The order of three plants was sent within a week of ordering. The one plant that was out of stock was never charged on my credit card. For those familiar with the mail-order plant industry, this is rarity. Besides their promptness, they have an outstanding selection of rare, hard-to-find plants at reasonable prices. Their shipping costs tend to be a little steep, but this can be expected when shipping from Hawaii. In my years of mail-ordering plants, this is one of only two nurseries that I can consistently trust for quality, honesty, and promptness.

On Nov 17, 2005, CoolPlants (1 reviews) from Sarasota, FL

Steve has plants that are hard to find in the U.S. especially the rudraksa tree. All the plants arrived in absolutely beautiful shape and are thriving very well. I'd highly recommend this nursery.

On Sep 16, 2005, ecrane3 (30 reviews) from Dublin, CA (Zone 9a)

I've placed two orders now and both arrived in great shape--the plants were packed very well in the box and were large and in good health when I got them. My orders arrived very quickly too.

On Jun 7, 2005, Ntropics (14 reviews) from Mount Sinai, NY

I ordered two Mucuna benettii. They were tremendous plants and at a very reasonable price. One arrived broken, and Steve promptly replaced it at no charge. A very honest, classy company.

On Mar 10, 2005, gowron (38 reviews) from Athens, GA

I ordered two Araucaria bidwillii from Steve. The plants arrived today in great shape, larger than I expected and beautifully grown. I will definitely order from them again and endorse them without reservations.

On Jul 8, 2004, meixue (4 reviews) from Alameda, CA

I ordered some plants from this nursery.One Ylang Ylang tree, one tabernaemontana and one inga , ice cream bean tree. They were all exactly as described and very healthy. Prices are very reasonable and company has great communication. Shipping was fast. I would definately buy from them again. They seem to have great standards and QC. Meixue 07/08/04

On October 13th, 2004, meixue added the following: Wanted to mention that the trees were huge! At least 4 1/2 to over 5 feet tall. All still doing very well and growing strong. Meixue

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