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On May 26, 2013, mantlady (2 reviews) from Quilcene, WA

Over the past four years or so I have been paying attention to which seed suppliers sell non GMO combined with quality and pertinence to my location, rainy Olympic Peninsula (we live on the 40 inch line). Ed Hume gets my vote due to availability of seed for the short season we have, and the extremely high germination rate. I pre sprout corn and then grow the plants in a container before transplanting- this year's bicolor choice was at least 99%- I didn't see any unsprouted seeds:). 100% on the snow peas. I can get the seeds locally so cannot comment on the website. Last year the corn seeds sown direct into the garden in early June had an embarrassing germination rate as I planted them too close. Delicious corn harvested 10/13/2012. Also purchased were lettuce, beet, chard, and squash, all doing well at present. Mr Hume's responses to negative reviews are invaluable, making them not a negative review at all, but rather reflecting on the buyer. Go Ed.

On Mar 4, 2013, mraider3 (1 reviews) from Helena, MT

I first heard of Ed Humeís seed company from a chance encounter with a lady in a Bozeman Ace Hardware store. As I was standing next to a rack of seeds she came up and started a conversation about seeds which she had purchased from Edís company. After having a bad experience last season with a bulk order of green beans from another company, I vowed never to purchase any seed in bulk mainly because of the ridiculous shipping prices many seed companies have. Even orders of ten packets of seed with shipping costs which are as much as half the purchase price seem ridiculous to me. I read the negative comments on Edís company in Watchdog and liked his responses as well as his position on Ďfresh seedí, non-GMOíS, and especially the flat rate shipping of only $2.00 per order. Made my initial seed purchase of seed which came in a standard envelope just a few days. Ed is keeping it simple which is my kind of guy. He didnít send me two or more of the same seed catalog which is fine by me. Ed even answered the phone when I had a small problem with my order which was my fault, but it got corrected in a timely manner. Kudos Ed and staff, canít wait to see how my new seeds fair in my cool climate.

On Dec 2, 2012, primrozie (1 reviews) from Saxonburg, PA

I love this company. It is a family business. I've purchased from them several times and in this day and age of GMO seed, I trust what I'm getting from them. Also, their seed is fresh which I like because I have a small garden space and I often have seed left over which I use the next year. No problem with germination, ever. Lynn

On Mar 2, 2012, Pitcom (24 reviews) from Avondale, PA (Zone 6b)

I placed a small order for some corn seed. The shipping was very fast and i also received a free pack of flower seed with my order. I was impressed by the quick response time, and hope the seeds germinate well.

On Feb 28, 2011, mtilton (6 reviews) from Ada, OK (Zone 7a)

I'm satisfied with my recent order. Pretty fast shipment and a free pack of seeds to boot. Thank you!

On Feb 24, 2011, kenwhitten (3 reviews) from South Woodstock, CT

Prompt excellent service. Great varieties for cooler climates. Good prices, and they are the only company I ordered from that didn't profit from shipping charges ($2) Small company with real personal service.

On Dec 3, 2010, margelessard (1 reviews) from Gentry, AR

I've ordered seeds from this company for 2 years. So many of them grew (in NW Arkansas) that I ended up donating lots of veggies to the local food bank. I have had nothing but excellent service and great seeds from them.

On Jul 2, 2010, judgelyn (3 reviews) from Bluefield, VA

Wow! I ordered seeds for a friend from Ed Hume Seeds and the seeds were returned to the company because I had given an incorrect address. Ed Hume Seeds called me to explain the problem, then they shipped the order at my request to my address. I received the seeds immediately at no extra cost to me (They only charged $2 for shipping in the first place!). I was very impressed with the professionalism of this company and will definitely buy from them again! Great prices! Great selection!

On Mar 17, 2010, rwouhaybi (3 reviews) from Portland, OR

Since I live in Portland, many local stores carry a great collection of Ed Hume Seeds. Got Arugula seeds, last year, from a local store and got a great harvest. This year I will be trying more seeds from Ed Hume and will report back on the outcome.

On Jan 21, 2010, MustafaMc (5 reviews) from Leland, MS

I had ordered San Marzano tomato seed, but the tomatoes were grape-sized instead of the expected plum-sized. The plants were also determinant while I was expecting them to be indeterminant. It seems they shipped the wrong seed.

On Jun 28, 2009, WCarp (1 reviews) from Omak, WA

We planted some of their seeds (cucumbers-Straight Eight, I believe, lettuce-Red Sails, and parsley-Italian, Dark Green), this spring (2009) and had very poor germination for some reason. We are located in Eastern Washington. We have quite a bit of gardening experience and it was discouraging to have such poor results.

On Feb 28, 2009, maptoad (4 reviews) from Bellingham, WA

Ed Hume Seeds in an all-around excellent company. They have the lowest shipping costs I've seen ($2 flat rate), the fastest service (within the week), and fresh seeds with fabulous germination rates. They also respond quickly to questions and are friendly and helpful. You couldn't ask for a better experience.

On Jan 19, 2009, anniesgranny (2 reviews) from Pasco, WA

I've used Ed Hume seeds for years with excellent results. In past years I've purchased them from the seed racks at a local nursery, but last December my daughter wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. I directed her to their on line seed catalog (a great website, I might add) and gave her a list of the seeds I would like for my 2009 garden. She was very happy with their prompt service, and she found their shipping charges to be very reasonable. I was overjoyed with my present, which included two free packages of seeds. I plan on using their website for future purchases.

On May 26, 2006, renwings (8 reviews) from Sultan, WA (Zone 8a)

I decided to order from this company because they specialize in plant varieties well suited to our climate in the Pacific Northwest. Most hardware stores and garden centers in this area carry a large selection of their seeds as well. After I made my order online (which went smoothly) I pulled an airhead and purchased most of the same seeds from a local store, forgetting what i had just done the day before. I saw seeds, I need seeds, I bought seeds. I contacted them immediatly after I realized what I had done, and they were happy to change my order. The seeds arrived packaged nicely in the cutest envelope! The seeds have taken off like a rocket and are producing very well. I got really great germination, better than I had hoped for. I love Ed's advice on the back of the seeds packets. All kinds of helpful and creative gardening advice. For example, plant stocks with you tomatoes to attract pollinators. I'll be a repeat customer!

On February 27th, 2007, renwings added the following: Another year, another great order!

On Jul 6, 2005, Bellingham (8 reviews) from Bellingham, WA

No problems using the on-line ordering. They use Digital River and everything went smoothly. Order was shipped promptly and it was accurate. I've had good luck with Hume seeds germination in the past. In all, very positive.

On Jan 9, 2005, ger1351 (2 reviews) from Hillside, NJ

Humes Seeds service is fast and the seeds are top notch. I get at least 90% germination with their seeds. My highest recommendations to this company! I have been ordering from them for many years.

On Mar 20, 2004, Jili (3 reviews)

Although its still too early for me to plant the seeds that I purchased, I was very pleased with their service. Everything arrived very quickly and the freebies are great!

On Aug 11, 2003, Qwaig (2 reviews)

I had a lot of trouble using the back button on my browser when using their web site to purchase seeds. After making all my selections, I went to check out and the shopping cart was empty. It was a frustrating waste of time. I wrote to them about it. They were prompt in responding...explaining that they don't host the online purchases...some other company does it for them. They apologized for the inconvenience and offered to give me the whole order for free. I wrote back that it wasn't necessary as I had finally gotten the order to go through and explained to them, in detail, what was the problem and how I had overcome it. After I did get the order submitted, I noticed that I had forgotten to order one type of spinach...or something? I wrote that since they had offered to send the whole order for free and I had spent the time to help them with their online ordering glitch, that they could just toss in that forgotten packet of seeds with my order. I never heard from them again. Also, although I live in the Pacific Northwest where they are located, I had very poor germination results with their seeds; especially the beans.

On Jul 3, 2003, NewEnglandGardener (3 reviews) from Auburn, ME

quick service, fresh seeds, nice freebies thrown in.

On Feb 13, 2002, Weezingreens (10 reviews) from Seward, AK (Zone 3b)

Ordered online in 2000 & 2001. Fair prices, prompt response, and lots of planting tips available as you shop. The 2000 order had some errors, but the 2001 order was fine. They seem to favor cool weather climes..WZ

On Jul 1, 2001, donnagearhart (2 reviews)

I will never order anything again from anyone but Ed Hume Seeds! They'll treat people right!

On Feb 1, 2001, liselepage (1 reviews)

Ed Hume Seeds is located in the Pacific Northwest and specializes in seeds for short season climates. Since I'm in New England, I decided to give them a try. I ordered about 30 seed packets from Ed Hume last year (2000), and they filled my order promptly, even calling me about substitutions for a variety they were out of. Germination rates were excellent, and everything grew well. I was so satisfied that I went back to them for more annual flower seeds, and a few herbs. They are an excellent small company with a nice web site for browsing (plus you can order online). They carry flowers (annuals and perennials), vegetables, and herbs.

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