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On Feb 1, 2012, catsyjohn (1 reviews) from Wilton, IA

First off I would like very much to offer my deepest sympathy to this customer. I know that it has been a long time for a response. I have worked for Walnut Hill Gardens for almost 2 yrs now and have become the business manager. Unfortunately, 2007 was a very, very bad year for Walnut Hill Gardens. The owner Lynn had major surgery she had a double knee replacement. The other owner Barry was left in charge of everything, the garden, the house, and running to town to see Lynn. In trying to get the business back up and on their feet now, I am finding a multitude of issues like the one listed here. I wanted to let any of your faithful readers know that this problem is no longer a problem and I would like to have the writer if still here please try us again and then may be she could adjust her opinion of us.

On Jan 8, 2007, 66bug (1 reviews) from Wichita, KS

I placed an order and sent payment with Walnut Hill Garden in August. I did not see that they had a minimum order requirement, as it was in very small print. However, they did not contact me, to discuss my order with them. I kept waiting for my order to arrive, and as it never did, I called several times. At first their computer had crashed, and with it, their garden map, so they couldn't locate the daylilies I wanted. So I kept waiting. I called again. Then I was told that because my order was so small, that is was not high on their priority list, and they had to fill orders going to the North, but that I would recieve it. Now October has come and gone, and still no order. I called again, just before Thanksgiving and told them to just send me back my check back. It is now January, and I still have not received my check. I am extremely displeased at their lack of customer service, and their inability to let people know that they are having problems filling their order. I definitely would not order from them ever again.

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