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On Jun 15, 2011, Lazydaisy153 (12 reviews) from Lilburn, GA

I ordered several daylilies from this company.WOW!!! The clumps are huge . Their assortment of daylilies is outstanding. They also have a large selection of hard to find daylilies.

On Mar 4, 2007, shawnmichael (4 reviews) from Newbury, VT

My family and I have visited this outstanding establishement each summer for the past three years. The setting is exquisite and the variety of plants available is ever growing. Most daylily plants are arranged in alphabetical order in the display gardens and plants for sale are potted and arranged in alphabetical order. I have been fortunate to visit on a day when the owners were there and had plants dug that were not in the sale area. I have purchased at least 30 varieties and have had wonderful luck. I had one plant that winterkilled, but the owners were nice enough to replace the same plant the following year and it has done wonderful. The drive to get there is a little tricky, but well worth the time and effort. We will certainly take the trip to Vermont Daylilies again this year.

On Aug 10, 2003, dlilygirl (3 reviews) from Berlin, NH

Visited this new (?) organization a couple of weeks ago. Was using the directions in The Adventurous Gardener and got really, really lost (single lane dirt road, eventually ending up in the middle of a Nature Conservancy preserve). Never mind. My companion and I laughed a lot. Having given up on our search, and on our way out of town, we spotted Vermont Daylilies' attractive sign by chance. Unfortunately for us, a wedding was being held in the display gardens.(Take home message: When you're coming from a distance, always call ahead.) The gardens are at the Lakeview Inn in Greensboro (northern Vermont, nearest city is St. Johnsbury) and are very nice. The daylilies are arranged alphabetically, and especially intriguing is the display border that shows a continuum of award winners in chronological order. Didn't have a lot of time to really check things out. (Not dressed for a wedding!) This is the collection first started by the Hills (Lewis & Nancy Hill, authors of Daylilies, The Perfect Perennial), now being updated by the new owner. Daylilies are offered in pots at reasonable prices, and they have an excellent list. I bought three plants that are doing just fine three weeks later, and I'm looking forward to visiting them again next year (but will call first!) They do mail order too.

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