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Our roots can be traced back to 1909 when Victor H. Dunton established a farm to support his family and to serve our local community of Liberal, Oregon. Building upon our ancestor’s efforts, the Victory Seed Company was organized in 1998 on Victor's farm. Using the power of the internet, the community that we now serve is global.

The Victory Seed Company remains an independent, farm-based, family owned and operated organization working to protect threatened seed varieties from becoming extinct. We work with cherished family heirlooms, rare old commercial releases, as well as newer interesting varieties - some of which we ourselves have released. Regardless of their histories, all of the seeds which we offer are open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO and not chemically treated.

Our mission is focused on cultivar accuracy, seed quality, customer support and of course, keeping these vegetable, herb, and flower seeds available to our home gardening supporters. It is through the support of your purchases that we are able to continue our seed variety preservation work. We also support the work of many charitable organizations by annually donating thousands of dollars worth of seeds for their outreach and educational programs.

Along with our secure online seed store and shopping cart system (//www.VictorySeeds.com), we have an informational web site (//www.VintageVeggies.com) that provides seed saving, general gardening and other related information. As a personal "pet project," Mike has been working on a historical horticulture informational site at //www.SaveSeeds.org. You can also check out our YouTube Channel at //www.youtube.com/VictorySeeds/ or read our blog at //www.vintageveggies.com/blog/. We hope that you will stop by one of our web resources and get to know us better. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Gardening Success to You!

Mike Dunton
(Great-grandson of Victor H. Dunton)

posted on January 7, 2013



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On May 1, 2021, LKGrowRite (1 reviews) from Fairport, NY

I am extremely pleased with this company's responsiveness to my inquiry about my seed order and their follow-up to a problem caused by the USPS. Their "order shipped" email included a USPS tracking number. When it looked like the package was delivered in Portland OR, (not my shipping address), I contacted the company by email. Mike responded soon after and followed up with the Post Office. Mike was prompt about getting to the bottom of the problem and communicating with me about it. The USPS had mis-marked the package as delivered when it was really still in transit. I received the package the very next day. Despite the fact that my order was tiny (a few dollars), he treated my situation as though it was a top priority. What excellent customer service!! I will certainly be ordering from Victory Seed Company again.

On Apr 10, 2021, prettyeyes668 (1 reviews) from Colorado Springs, CO

I have been a customer for a few years now and have never been disappointed. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast and quality is top notch. I have excellent germination, growth and production from every seed packet I have received and from seeds I have saved. I am also a big fan of The Dwarf Tomato Project. Tiny Tim is in my grow box every year and I add new dwarf varieties each season. I like not having to harvest off of 8 foot plants and the quality, production, and taste are just as good if not better then those larger plants. I recommend your company to anyone who asks me where to purchase seeds from.

On Apr 8, 2021, RonaUSA (2 reviews) from Pittsburgh, PA

I ordered a lot of vegetable seeds from another company in February, which were to ship early March. Then mid-March. Then late March. Then mid-April. Then in early April I found they were shipping the seeds late May. The plants should be in the ground before that. Went back to a couple of companies I've used in the past and they either didn't have what I wanted or were sold out. Went to look at Dave's Garden recommendations and found Victory Seeds, who I've never heard of. They had most of what I wanted and reasonable substitutes for the others at OK prices. I placed an order on Monday. Tuesday got an acknowledgement. Wednesday told they'd shipped. Today, Thursday, they arrived at lunchtime. The other company told me that they had their multiple-month delay because of Covid. Clearly from Victory's performance that is not a valid excuse. I will return and update on how the wee plants come up but at the moment I am very impressed.

On Mar 23, 2021, SPORTSMAN1 (11 reviews) from Hawley, MN (Zone 4a)

Ordered some seed from Victory. Came it a prompt time. Looks to be good.

On Jan 24, 2021, sdgardennymph (2 reviews) from Beresford, SD

Wonderful selection of heirlooms I haven't seen before! Quick shipping and great prices. This is my second year ordering from them.

On Jan 19, 2021, MaryKath (2 reviews) from De Soto, MO

I received my first order of seeds. I love the packaging and the shipping was great. Looking forward to planting the seeds.

On Dec 29, 2020, louisvillefrank (1 reviews) from Prospect, KY

Good variety of hard to find tomato seeds

On Feb 12, 2020, BuddyMJ (3 reviews) from Mount Juliet, TN

Great Seed company. I love the variety they have. I've found some old varieties that were grown in Tennessee back in my grandparents day. I appreciate that I can get the seed and grow the same vegetable my ancestors grew. Always great service, they are one of my top four seed companies I order from each year.

On Jan 24, 2020, farmerxbee (1 reviews) from Ashland, NE

Great experience with Victory Seeds. They have a wonderful selection of seeds, many unique heritage seeds I have not seen from other companies. My order was on-time, securely packaged, and they even include smaller plastic bags inside the outer envelope. This was my first experience with Victory Seeds, but I will be a repeat customer!

On Jul 9, 2019, EastMode (2 reviews) from Fallon, NV

I wish I could give them a higher rating. I have had zero issues with their seeds. Prompt shipping and very responsive. I emailed them with a question and had a very detailed response with references within 5 minutes.

On Jul 10, 2018, cjbloom (2 reviews) from Bloomington, IN

Planted a 40 x 40 garden using moslty Victory Seed. Excellent germination, good growth, absolutely love their seed. Also, if you write to them, a human being will answer you. Strongly recommended!

On Mar 28, 2018, jndcarl (1 reviews) from Nashua, NH

I ordered several varieties of heirloom tomatoes and got 100% germination. I'll be ordering all my seeds from Victory Seed Company next year.

On Mar 20, 2018, memphogreen (1 reviews) from Memphis, TN

I ordered seeds last year in February. I started the tomato and eggplant indoors; in general, they germinated almost 100%, and within 12 days. (I am a new gardener, so my terms may not be accurate!) The Tiny Tim tomato plants produced well, were about the dize of a dime and had a wonderful flavor. The eggplant produced small, delicious fruit, although I only got 4-5 out of two plants. I am not sure if that is normal, or if it was a problem with my soil/weather, what have you. This year, I used the same seeds from last year (having stored them in the fridge in tupperware), and I started tomato and eggplant again indoors; so far, all the tomato seeds have germinated after 10 days in the potting soil. I anticipate good returns again. These seeds are absolutely of a high quality, with hardly a dud in any of my packets. Once I run out, I will absolutely be purchasing seeds again from Victory.

On Mar 9, 2018, Lily333 (2 reviews) from Bethesda, MD

Wonderful prompt service and fast delivery! Less than a week for delivery of my seeds and I'm on the East Coast.

On Jan 2, 2018, jeffroky (3 reviews) from Brodhead, KY

Web site is easy to use, ordered seeds and got them in just a few days, got every thing in one shipment. I will update this review after I plant these seed this spring

On Dec 31, 2017, ElenaWill (1 reviews) from Bremerton, WA

This is a great source for unique seeds. I found some peas I like that have been out of commerce at the large seed vendors. I am particularly impressed with the dwarf tomato plants that produce average size tomatoes!

On Aug 28, 2017, tx_flower_child (1 reviews) from Dallas, TX

I cannot say enough good things about Victory Seed Co. My first order was placed on a Sunday night (8/6/2017) and I requested that it be sent by USPS 1st class mail. Well was I ever surprised when it was in my mailbox the following Wednesday, 8/9. The seeds were perfectly packaged and the packets themselves had excellent instructions and information. I have total confidence that these seeds are going to perform wonderfully and beat any taste test around. A side note is that I exchanged a few emails with Mike Dunton (the great grandson of the company's founder) regarding 'how to' and then moving on to this, that, and the other. Not something I would expect from most businesses. Very personable and friendly. Now really. How could anyone ask for more?

On May 21, 2017, garyj59 (19 reviews) from Sheboygan, WI (Zone 5a)

Received my first order in March and planted May11th and had an excellent germination rate, a lot better than seeds bought in retail stores in my area. Below are the seeds I planted. Cherry Belle Radish Sparkler Radish White Delicatesse Kohl Rabi Sugar Snap Pea

On May 16, 2017, monkeynaz (4 reviews) from Anthem, AZ

A family member introduced me to this company. Placed the initial order for me and I must say I am very pleased. Fast shipping/ great customer service. I have the seeds started right now under my grow light and so far everything seems to be sprouting nicely. I will be ordering from this company more often. Thank you

On Mar 31, 2017, eagnesfontenot (3 reviews) from Lakefield, MN

I have used this company several times and have had great experiences. The seeds arrive promptly and my orders have always been correct. I really appreciate all the information that they include in their descriptions. Thanks!

On Feb 18, 2017, azhighdesert6 (3 reviews) from Willcox, AZ (Zone 8a)

Fast shipping - received seeds a few days after ordering. As for customer service? the owner himself wrote to be regarding a concern. Will update at end of summer how the seeds fared. I would definitely order from here again.

On Feb 8, 2017, rickcast66 (1 reviews) from Hamburg, PA

Placed my first order and just received my seeds. I am pleased with how the seeds look and the packaging. Seeds were priced well. Now we'll see what the seeds produce. Stay tuned.

On Jan 21, 2017, aholzi (1 reviews) from Warner, NH

This is my third spring ordering seeds from Victory. My orders have been shipped promptly. The seeds have had great germination rates. I found the prices for seed packets were slightly lower than other similar companies for the same varieties. The shipping fees are reasonable too.

On Jan 9, 2017, threebgarden (1 reviews) from Quakertown, PA

We grew from seed for the first time last year and were a little nervous about the process. We wanted non-gmo, organic, clean seeds and Victory seemed like a great fit. I love that they are a small, family owned farm and they grow all their own seeds. The selection was excellent, we got a prompt receipt of our order, and the seeds were shipped quickly with a nice note. We over-planted the seeds certain we'd have first-year hiccups. Everything took! We wound up with 30 tomato plants (Amish paste and brandywine) and they all did amazing. Huge, healthy, and high yielding! My only complaint is I nearly got heat exhaustion trying to can them all in the August heat. We planted other seeds as well (cucumbers, peppers, melons) and they all did fantastic. We're sticking with Victory from now on!

On Dec 12, 2016, MVIsland (15 reviews) from MA, MA (Zone 7a)

Posted on March 3, 2016, updated December 12, 2016 Posted on January 13, 2016, updated March 3, 2016 I had never bought from this company before, but looking at the ratings here, I was pretty confident they were worth doing business with. Are they surely are! This company has a lot of the new Dwarf tomato seeds I have been looking for. There are 13 varieties that I placed in my order online, but before I hit the place the order button, I have a question about this type of tomato, so I emailed the company, and got a answer back in my email with a in depth detail answer, in less than 3 hours. Very impressive, especially during this busy time of year. I placed my order and it was in my mailbox 7 days later. Great service, great prices and fast shipping. Victory Seeds - hats off to you, for doing a great job! I will be placing plant of orders with you in the future!

On March 3rd, 2016, MVIsland added the following: In January I ordered quite a few varieties of the "dwarf tomato" seeds from this company. I started all of them about 8 days ago.....well, they are ALL up and running! The germination rate is excellent. I dropped 2 seeds in every cell, and both seeds germinated. I have over 400 tomato seeds under grow lights, just waiting for another couple of weeks, before they go out into the greenhouse for another month, then into the garden they go. I am thrilled with Victory Seeds. So glad I found them. I hope Victory Seeds has a banner year for their seeds. They deserve it! With so many negative comments showing up in watchdog from other gardening companies, it is refreshing to know there is a company that really stands behind what they do. It saddens me that so many gardeners are getting burned by so many companies. If I could leave just one word about Victory Seed Company, it would be " AWESOME"
On December 12th, 2016, MVIsland added the following: December-12, 2016..... Victory Seed Company now has their 2017 line-up already online..... I placed my veggie seed order a week ago, and my seed order was in my mailbox 5 days later. Every item I ordered arrived...no "back-ordered", no "out-of-stocks", just great service that you can count on year after year..... There is a reason Victory Seed Company is in the top 30 best gardening companies to do business with-> because they take great pride in what they do.

On Oct 18, 2016, larryv38 (1 reviews) from Leander, TX

Quick delivery of exact products ordered. This is my 2nd time ordering through Victory Seed Company. Last time, seeds produced great quality veggies! I'm looking forward to the same this time around.

On May 12, 2016, fletchrg (1 reviews) from Travelers Rest, SC

I have ordered from Victory Seed Company numerous times, and never had a problem. This time, however, the friendly folks at the Post Office saw fit to lose my order, one which was time-sensitive for planting. I emailed the folks at Victory Seed and they promptly tracked the shipment and sent me the tracking number. For some reason, our friends at the Post Office seemed less than enthusiastic when I contacted them. In the meantime, Victory Seeds had duplicated my order and shipped it, with instructions to me to refuse the first order if it should ever show up ( which it hasn't yet). Long story short, I got the seed in time to plant it due to the proactive folks at Victory Seed. I will continue to do business with these folks, and will probably order from them exclusively from now on. Great doing business with them!

On Apr 15, 2016, pfrutescens (6 reviews) from Havertown, PA

I ordered from Victory based on excellent testimonials around the Internet and their excellent number of dwarf varieties, particularly those from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Despite the numerous places to buy Cherokee Purple seed, I chose to buy from Victory because I felt more confident that they would take good care to make sure their original sources of seed were reliable and true to type. I placed an order for several tomato varieties in March. Shipping was very reasonably priced, and delivery time was in line with other seed companies, with no delays despite it being the busy season. Germination rates were excellent. The only thing I could wish is that the shipping would be trackable. But despite the lack of this convenience, the shopping experience was completely satisfactory. Victory will be one of my preferred sources for seed.

On Mar 15, 2016, lovely12 (2 reviews) from Midland, MI

I purchased 2 packages of Glass Gem Indian Corn from Victory Seeds. There is a good amount of kernels in each package, and they're pretty, which indicates to me the ears I grow will be pretty. The shipping was quick. Overall I'm happy with my transaction with Victory Seeds.

On Mar 14, 2016, texasbelle (9 reviews) from Mid Gulf Coast, TX (Zone 9b)

I ordered seed on Thursday, March 10, and they arrived this morning (March 14)....they will be in the ground before sunset!!!! Great company, great selection, great prices. Thank you for filling my order so quickly.

On Feb 23, 2016, WolfsbaneMN (3 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

Excellent service (tomato seeds, Feb 2016). Highly recommend.

On Feb 17, 2016, Lilyhazen (13 reviews) from Ellijay, GA

Posted on March 4, 2015, updated February 17, 2016 Posted on February 7, 2015, updated March 4, 2015 Posted on February 6, 2015, updated February 7, 2015 I have never ordered from this company, but was thrilled with how quickly they sent the seeds. Many people think well of this company, so I am looking forward to growing the seeds. I was disappointed that they were already out of some seeds I wanted (Mexico Midget) but I am glad they have a waiting list.

On February 7th, 2015, Lilyhazen added the following: MIke, I did click on the waiting list for 3-4 items. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Keep up the good work, and thanks for replying so quickly!
On March 4th, 2015, Lilyhazen added the following: Got a notice that one of the items I wanted was now available, so I ordered and got it quickly. I really appreciate that! If I could make one suggestion--if someone orders something after being on the wait list, it would be nice if the price of shipping (which is great) could be reduced a bit. Getting one packet is doubled in price by the shipping cost. Still, a great company!
On February 17th, 2016, Lilyhazen added the following: This company is amazing! I ordered February 9 and received the seed on the 12th? Were ya'll standing outside my mailbox? I was very pleased with last year's seeds. They did very well, even though I was away from my garden for 5 weeks with open heart surgery! My neighbors jumped right in and did their best to keep up with everything. Thanks for your fine company!

On Feb 17, 2016, josully (2 reviews) from Herington, KS (Zone 6a)

These folks are wonderful. Ordered my seed, and received them the following week. We will be back.

On Feb 7, 2016, BotanicalBoi (9 reviews) from Carrollton, GA (Zone 7b)

❀ ¯¨'*·~-.¸¸,.-~*'✿ƒavorite Çompany✿*·~-.¸¸,.-~*'❀ Always a pleasure to deal with. Seeds always have high germination rates and always perform very well! I love that this company is consistent and offers quality product. My only wish is that they offered even more varieties :-) Looking forward to trying more of your seeds this coming spring. Thank you!

On Feb 5, 2016, msjw (5 reviews) from Springfield, MO

I ordered seeds from Victory last year and also this year. I have just received my seeds for this year. I do container gardening in earthboxes. I absolutely am wild about the Dwarf Tomato Project seeds, perfect for my use. I had my seeds in a matter of days after ordering.

On Jan 30, 2016, jwneibaur (1 reviews) from Rupert, ID

I met Mike at the 2015 Mother Earth News fair in Oregon. I was impressed by how down-to-earth the company felt. You can tell that everyone who works there has a special blood sweat and tears bond with the company and the gardening way of life. I made my first order through them last fall. I was pleased with the results. I some of my seed for some experiments in the greenhouse, and everything came up happy and strong. I have written a full review on my blog, you can see it here //www.simpleground.com/blog/victory-seed-company-a-little-known-gem

On Jan 18, 2016, GardenerJan812 (1 reviews) from Parker, CO

I was looking for heirloom seeds and found this company on Dave's Garden. I orders several different types of parsley as well as flower seeds. They arrived promptly. I am very pleased with the service I received and I am extremely excited to have found this company. I'm a master gardener and I plant seeds/plants with the goal of helping the birds, bees, and butterflies.Will be ordering from Victory Seed Company again!

On Dec 16, 2015, YB (4 reviews) from Kittanning, PA

Posted on November 1, 2007, updated December 16, 2015 Good company, plants grew well. Seeds arrived on time. The reason I give them a Neutral was the germination rate left a lot to be desired. 7 out of 25 seeds is not good in my book. Had to replant some seeds to keep the garden full. I thought about sending my complaint to the company but for the small cost of the seeds I bought didn't make it worth while.

On December 16th, 2015, YB changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Since I first posted this years back, Victory Seeds have been very good at sending what I need and the seed quality is very good. I just purchased more and will continue to use them for my future Heirloom seed needs. Keep up the great work....

On Dec 8, 2015, abiggerplate (1 reviews) from Weatherford,
United States

Order arrived promptly. Shipping cost was fair. Product was well packaged

On Sep 21, 2015, pamelakuhens (1 reviews) from Otisville, NY

Victory Seed Company reps are always there to help. I get fast and informative email replies. The seeds are high quality of course, but if it weren't for their responsiveness to my inquiries, my gardens wouldn't be nearly as successful as they've been.

On Jun 2, 2015, Jaesmyth (3 reviews) from Watkinsville, GA

Absolutely thrilled! Our order was processed quickly, shipped promptly, and we had about a 95% germination rate. The plants are doing wonderfully! I am so glad we chose to do business with Victory Seed Company, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Five star experience!

On Mar 15, 2015, bickster (1 reviews) from Toronto,

I am absolutely delighted with Mike and the folks at Victory Seeds. Wonderful selection of seeds, courteous service and prompt processing and delivery. I recently received my first order delivered to here in Canada in just under two weeks. I really appreciated the e-mail notifications of the status of my order so I knew exactly when it had been received, fulfilled and shipped. It was my first order, but definitely won't be my last!! Thanks!!!

On Mar 15, 2015, debles (16 reviews) from Tulsa, OK

One of my favorite online seed sources. Victory Seed carries a lot of hard to find open pollinated varieties, including many rare seeds. The shipping is always fast too. As someone who rarely uses all of the seed in a single packet at one time, I really appreciate the ziploc bag inside the paper seed packet. Another bonus is the full description of the product on the paper seed packet. So many companies do not provide that information on the seed packet. Most have generic information that applies to all varieties of the particular type of seed. Victory lists the days to maturity along with other information right on the packet. This saves having to locate the listing for specific seeds when making decisions about what to grow. I've had very good germination with all of the seeds I've purchased and appreciate the little things that make this company special.

On Mar 10, 2015, aedwardsford (1 reviews) from Plano, TX

This was my first order but not my last. Quick shipping, great customer service.

On Feb 15, 2015, jumpinjo (12 reviews) from Marshalltown, IA (Zone 5a)

I have go-to seed companies I use but Victory had seeds I wanted to try. Very happy with the service and the seeds. Will order again!

On Feb 7, 2015, ALauver (1 reviews) from Sunbury, PA

I ordered 23 packs of seeds on Monday and had them in my hands on Friday! Definitely surprised but very excited. I love the selection and am a huge fan of the heirloom, NON-GMO, less well known choices they offer. I found the prices really reasonable by comparison to other companies and in fact cheaper than many. I will most definitely be ordering from them again and don't care if I never get another catalog from the "big guys". Great job, keep up the good work!

On Feb 7, 2015, KWalter (1 reviews) from (Zone 13a)

As a new customer from Zone 13, I was pleased by the swiftness and response to my January order. The seeds came well-packaged, and the first planting showed high germination. On the packaging: I was impressed with detailed lable on the standard sized packets. Then I noticed two things which put Victory Seeds ahead of their competition: first, the seeds are in a clear resealable plastic bag which keeps mosture out and provides a clear view of the seed condition; second, the outer standard size packet is resealable which allows the gardener to keep the seeds organized and out of direct light. I am convinced that this packaging contributes to the high germination rates that I found on first planting. On the shipping: I also appreciate that the seeds came via USPS which handled the package tracking and first class postage with ease. I believe more companies should use our national postal service, and that is a plus in Victory's favor. Besides, so many companies cannot ship to Hawaii and Alaska because they rely on non-USPS shipping. On timelyness: I received my order within 4 days, which allowed me to begin planting that weekend. My peas and beets are doing well. Well done, Victory Seeds. I look forward to my next package.

On Feb 7, 2015, johnsonr9 (1 reviews) from Eagle Rock, VA

Haven't planted yet but great selection and service and reasonable prices. Thanks.

On Feb 2, 2015, Lozo (4 reviews) from Fort Wayne, IN

Posted on May 11, 2014, updated February 2, 2015 Ordered my seeds on the 6th and got them on the 10th. Well packed and adequate info on the packages for planting and care.. I like!!!

On February 2nd, 2015, Lozo added the following: 2015 - ordered seeds on Wednesday and received complete order on Saturday!

On Jan 30, 2015, newwine2go (1 reviews) from Pickens, SC

Victory Seeds was prompt with the order and I look forward to using their seeds. Thanks for the great service!

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