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Established in 1976 Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply originated in 1976 on tiny Peaceful Valley Road in Nevada Couny, California. The business started in a small garage and sent out a four-page newsletter to growers. As the business expanded, we moved down Peaceful Valley Road where we leased a few acres and a shed. The shed was only about 12' x 20' and employees had to use an outhouse! Since the business was in a rural area, we were able to have a greenhouse and grow nursery plants to sell to local customers.

PVFGS now enjoys ever-increasing recognition as one of the leaders in the field of organic supplies. Today, we have tens of thousands of customers and almost 60 employees!

We're the largest U.S. organic farm & gardening supplier. Organic, non-GMO vegetable seeds, fertilizer, weed & pest control, tools. homesteading & growing supplies, irrigation, books & more!

Choose from over 5,000 items at our Grass Valley store and warehouse, or shop online at // We ship anywhere in the U.S.

Since 1976 we have made it easy and affordable for people to farm and garden in earth-friendly, organic ways.

Grow Organic... For Life!

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On Feb 22, 2021, metarachel (8 reviews) from Burnsville,
United States

I literally do not have words for how absolutely gorgeous and healthy these trees are. I ordered four of their "fruit salad" trees, which arrived bare-root today. The grafts are all beautiful, the root stock and the root system are HUGE, and even the grafted branches are far, far past the "twig" stage. (All that being said, these trees are not so large that they'll be at high risk of transplant shock--it's the perfect balance between vigor and transplantability). Customer service was also excellent; they only guarantee three varieties per tree, but I requested and received four on each. I also asked if it was possible to receive at least one apricot graft, and while they told me they couldn't make any promises, I received two. Also, every single graft, and every single rootstock, is clearly labeled with informational tags, which SEEMS like it should be industry standard but sadly very much is not, so I really appreciated that. I've ordered bare root trees from at least a dozen nurseries, and these were by far the best I've ever seen. So were the planting directions, which included very recent research into best practices, including one recommendation I'd never seen anywhere before. I have to admit that I balked a bit at paying $50 a tree, but after seeing what I received (and they're organic, too!), I frankly feel like I was undercharged. Can't recommend highly enough!

On Jan 30, 2020, Coco7 (1 reviews) from Marblehead, MA

Just received quality good size fruit trees delivered across the country and look good! I ordered three multi bud fruit trees (Dave Wilson fruit trees) all grafted with multiple varieties of fruit. (pluets, plums, peaches, cherries) extremely happy with how they looked after shipping. (FedEx). Shipping cost seemed steep at first, but once I saw the size of these trees, it made sense. These are not the twigs I received from other companies. These are two year old trees, 2-4” trunks. The price is fair. I have two multi bud pear and apple espaliers that were twice as much. I have emailed the company daily with questions (it is 19 degrees in Massachusetts) on how to heed and care for dormant trees. The gardening staff have been very encouraging and helpful (thanks Janice and Suzanne!) I only wish I had a bigger yard to plant more. Their website has helpful videos too. Can not wait to plant these trees. I am beyond excited!

On Apr 10, 2019, sgelfan (1 reviews) from Shelburne Falls, MA

I have been buying trees and shrubs from many reputable companies over the years and been happy with my purchases. This year, for the first time, I bought some trees from Peaceful Valley Farm. I was nervous about it, because they needed to ship in January, and I live in MA, zone 5B, where the ground is often frozen until April. However, they said I could keep them dormant in a cool dark place, which I did: my garage. The trees came bare root, and they all had by far the most robust root systems I have ever seen in bare root trees. The trunks were also substantial for their young size. All three trees were just fine in my garage and are now happily planted and beginning to leaf out. I also consistently found their garden specialists be friendly, knowledgeable, and quite willing to answer my many many questions. I will definitely be buying more from them.

On Mar 5, 2019, rose2001 (3 reviews) from Jersey City, NJ

Ordered a few bare root trees from this nursery, one of them apparently has some disease problem. New leaves are tiny and deformed. Laurie from the nursery refused to exchange or refund, said they would only guarantee leaves coming out by summer. Very disappointed that my money and time wasted.

On Mar 23, 2017, lwbuchholz (11 reviews) from Manhattan, MT

I placed an order with them for seeds and plant starts for my garden. They split the order and sent half of it to the PO and half to me. I now have to drive about 1 1/2 hour to pick up the PO order. When I contacted them they said I asked it to be done that way. I didn't see where I had a choice. I am old enough that I don't drive much so am not pleased with this.

On Jan 20, 2017, katespeppers (1 reviews) from manila,

I ordered 7 packets of seeds from Upon checking out, using the same billing and shipping address in Daly City, CA. I got an error re my billing address. after i sent an email to their helpdesk, i found out that they do not ship outside US. so i emailed them back and clarified that I am shipping to California. they said they do not take non-US or Canada issued cards-- I am using a Visa Debit, I am in the Philippines. So I gave up but upon checking my debit card it seems that they did charge the $18.66. I sent another email- they have ceased to respond.

On Sep 16, 2016, sologray (1 reviews) from Grass Valley, CA

I bought a 12' aluminum orchard ladder from Peaceful Valley in Grass Valley, CA 2 days ago, 9-14-2016. The employee loaded it in my pickup truck and I drove about 6 miles and unloaded it. My husband went to set it up and use it this morning and noticed a bend/dent in one of the ladder legs and also the aluminum was split on the same leg where it screws on to the leg. He didn't feel it was safe to use so he had me return it. When I took it back to Peaceful Valley I gave them my receipt ($269.24), and the fellow who waited on me went out to the warehouse to talk to someone about exchanging it. He came back and told me I couldn't return it and that it must have gotten bent on the ride home because they wouldn't sell a defective ladder, that they would have sent it back to the company. My receipt says "return within 30 days". Albeit I should have checked out that ladder every inch from head to toe before it was loaded on my truck but I didn't check it out. I DID NOT BEND/DENT THE LADDER LEG OR RIP THE ALUMINUM BRACE!!! I did not like the insulation that somehow I did bend the leg on the ride home and do not know what I could have possibly done, by just unloading it from my truck, to put a dent in the leg and rip the aluminum brace where it screws to the leg. I have spent considerable money at Peaceful Valley and I just got ripped off for about $270 and I am stuck with an unsafe ladder, (that was supposed to be strong and not defective), but PEACEFUL VALLEY JUST LOST A CUSTOMER. I will buy another ladder at a place that is dependable and honors their return policy but I will never buy anything at Peaceful Valley again.

On Aug 22, 2016, Permie4895 (2 reviews) from Reynoldsburg, OH (Zone 6a)

I have been gardening for years. Winter 2015 I ordered 30 Syrah grape vines for planting. They arrived in December during a cold snap. They were immediately put in wood chips and the "instructions" that came with were followed to the letter. All of the plants were dead. I e-mailed Customer Service in the timeframe required. After pictures of them in the ground, out of the ground, scratch test, etc., they finally agreed to give me a credit toward a future purchase. They said I could no longer receive a guarantee on ANY bare root stock from them. I was also told this was very rare and didn't happen often. At the same time I ordered my 30 plants, my son also ordered 30 plants. He ordered two other varieties. Same exact scenario. I have been growing grapes well over 25 years. I was treated like a complete moron. In order to use my credit, I have to stand on my left leg, tap my head with my right hand, swirl around three times.....OK, my point is that they make it difficult at best to utilize their plant guarantee. I have ordered from them in the past at a previous address, but will no longer order from them in the future. I am setting up a Permaculture garden in our new location and will utilize FedCo for most of the fruit trees. Peaceful Valley could take a few notes from them on customer service. Very disappointing.

On Mar 15, 2016, gourdobean (14 reviews) from Minden, NV (Zone 5a)

Posted on March 13, 2016, updated March 15, 2016 There are so many positive things to say about this great resource for organic fertilizers and supplies for small or medium size growers that I would hope they would get out of the barefoot business based on the reality that they ship substandard plants and have a 3 day return for refund, policies that make any softies like me bite the loss since I tried planting the poor quality plant material that I received. If I wanted spouted, pale, dried out strawberry plants I could go to any of the big box store and find them for the same price and return them for a full refund when they died, Whoever packed the plants must of known what poor shape they were in and either ignored the poor quality or were told to ship anyway. Buy your fertilizer and growing materials here but find your barefoot plants somewhere else.

On March 15th, 2016, gourdobean changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: A company representative contacted me and let me know that there are different policies for barefoot than for perishable plant material. A little confusing but I will be able to get credit for the plants when and if they fail to leaf out. I bought the plants at full price just before they went on sale, perhaps because they were reaching their time limit in cold storage.

On Jan 24, 2016, JoanSpencer (1 reviews) from Orangevale, CA

Love this company! I found them online when I was looking to replant a new orchard a few years ago, and was delighted the store was only ~ 40 miles away. We bought about 30 varieties. The onsite staff was knowledgeable, friendly and provided helpful guidance on planting. The majority of our trees yielded a beautiful harvest of fruit in the next season. I've since ordered plants online, and have visited the store. Always a special treat! The online videos are FANTASTIC! and I love the quarterly periodicals with the helpful ideas. Thank you Peaceful Valley!

On Dec 25, 2015, no_regrets (7 reviews) from San Diego, CA

I have ordered from Peaceful Valley several times for seeds, bare-root trees, and potted trees. They seem to be a fairly sizeable operation; unlike some other nurseries I have dealt with, they have an actual customer service team, phone number and email address, catalog, functioning website, etc... all of which is great, and it certainly makes it easier to do business with them. I have never had any issues with their seeds. They do have a lot of "mix" packets, which is a nice way to try several different varieties of carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, greens, etc. without having to buy numerous packets. I always get good germination rates and no issues with the plants. Quantities are okay. I have occasionally had issues with their bare-root trees, and they do make it awfully difficult to get credit when there are problems. I got one tree that was cracked straight through the trunk from root to halfway up, which never should have shipped at all, if anyone was paying attention. Unfortunately my husband threw it out before I could take pictures or ship it back for credit. A persimmon never leafed out at all... not sure if that was due to the tree, or error on my part. The root pruning done on a few others was extremely severe, to the point of the root ball being barely the size of my fist to support a 3'+ whip and the hacked roots being more than the diameter of pencil but cut back to barely a few inches long. Their customer service team told me I couldn't make a claim for credit until after June 1st, which is very late in my SoCal climate, and even if I had gotten credit for the value of a tree, shipping fees would pretty much negate the value of the credit. I ordered a half dozen potted trees (fig, pomegranate) and found them to be satisfactory. The figs had no branching whatsoever, which was a bit of a bummer, but the pomegranate was well-branched. They were all put into the ground a few days ago, 24 hours after being received, so we'll do how they do this spring. Overall, their prices are decent, and their shipping costs can be managed if you work with their customer service team(who have always been very nice and responsive to me) to group items together, use discount codes, etc. They have a good variety of products and I'd order from them again, but would be prepared to be a bit more proactive to make sure credit is given where it's due when the plants are not up to par.

On Nov 20, 2015, grwgrn57 (3 reviews) from Fieldon, IL

I was not pleased with my experience with this company's product. 1st the resource dept was terrible to deal with, so unprofessional, it was awful. 2nd I ordered my seed potatoes from them and got ""POTATO BUGS"". I had never had them before and was really irate about my infestation. I have done just about everything to get rid of them except shooting them. Since I am Organic and they say they are you would think they would be very careful about spreading disease and bugs. 3rdly when I tried to talk to them about the problem they hung up on me. I never even cussed or raised my voice, I just explained they sent me bugs with my potato order. Of course they did not refund any money(I didn't ask) I just assumed they just don't care about bugs they don't care about the customers. I will never order from them again. I would strongly advice if you don't have Colorado Potato Beetles don't order from them its not worth it.

On Jun 11, 2015, vineymaple (4 reviews) from Olympia, WA (Zone 8b)

I have ordered a few times from this company and have been pleased at the quality of products (irrigation parts), as well as the fast shipping. They have reasonable prices as well. Definitely recommend!

On Apr 29, 2015, smilingcat (4 reviews) from Troutdale, OR

I've been their customer for several years without any issues with the seeds that I buy. This go around I ordered number of different vegetable seeds like I normally do without any problem. But one variety did very poorly on germination. I explained how my germination tests are conducted, and this particular variety did poorly compared to all the others on my 128 plug trays. 8 varieties tested per tray. All I wanted to know was had anyone else seen a same problem. I wasn't asking for a refund. Just wanted to know and to let them know that they may have a problem with germination rate. Their response was a form letter saying no refund and germination rate is dependent on the environmental condition etc I gave them my detailed germination setup. Temp controlled, number of sample seeds etc. I'm very unhappy with their customer response. I was trying to be helpful and try to give them a headsup in case the seeds did have a problem. Instead a form letter written for a novice/inexperienced grower.

On Apr 10, 2015, doghill6 (37 reviews) from Central Point, OR (Zone 8a)

I ordered some irrigation supplies from them, a small amount to try, and then a larger amount after I decided I really liked the product. Both times one item was backordered so they gave me the option of waiting until all items were ready to ship. The wait wasn't long and the irrigation product is super easy to put together and looks like it will last forever. Much better than other products you need an engineering degree to figure out with small parts that pop out and get lost. I didn't order plants, but my experience was more than satisfactory both times.

On Apr 10, 2015, greatmamaone (1 reviews) from Hidden Meadows, CA

In 2013 I ordered several trees. They were scheduled to be delivered in 2014, I believed in January. They arrived the week of Christmas, unexpectedly. It's my feeling they also split up trees so, the shipping fees are exorbitant. I questioned the shipping fees (think they were as much as the trees)and they offered an explanation that made no sense. When I called about the ALMOND tree not having broke dormancy they ask me to do the scratch test, which I did. When I called back not one word was said about their refund/replacement policy. Then they asked me for a picture of the tree dug up. Still no mention of their policy. I'm nearly 75 years old so this was not exactly easy. Had to have someone help me both plant and dig it up. After submitting the picture they informed me my time period for requesting refund/replacement was only in June. Something that totally escaped my notice in all of their descriptions on-line and I might add their shipping fees explanation is beyond understanding. They informed me of this replacement/refund policy in an email. I could not find it on-line. My return email asked them to remove me from their mailing list, that I was not used to doing business with companies who did not make good on their merchandise. They promptly removed me from their mailing list with no offer to make things right.

On Sep 6, 2014, djasper (1 reviews) from Santa Fe, NM

Posted on September 6, 2014, updated September 6, 2014

On September 6th, 2014, djasper added the following: I ordered 15 bare roots trees from Peaceful valley in December 2013. They were having a special promotion, 10 trees for $199 shipped. There were numerous banners urging me to order early, because they were likely to sell out. Not wanting to miss the promotion and wanting the best selection of trees, I ordered right away. Initially, I received an email indicating my trees would ship at the end of February, but despite that, the trees actually shipped on almost two months early, on December 30th. My farm is located in USDA Zone 5, and at that time of year, the ground is frozen solid. It was impossible to plant the trees when I received them, and I nearly broke my back trying to chip away enough earth to “heel in” the trees according to the enclosed instructions for later planting. Peaceful valley did not honor their original shipping estimate and they made no effort to ship the trees at a time that would have been appropriate for my zone. I was eventually able to plant the trees at the end of March, the soonest it was possible to dig into the soil. The 3 months of “heeling in” was likely a factor in the death of 7 out of the 15 trees ordered. That and the fact that 10 trees are shipped in a single box, and to fit them all in, they prune the roots extremely aggressively. Many of my trees had only a few 4 inch stubs left where the roots used to be. Peaceful Valley does offer a “guarantee” on their bare root trees. You have a whopping 15 day window to notify them of any problems, between May 15th and June 1st, no sooner and no later. After that, you are out of luck. This deadline is buried in the fine print somewhere on their website. Ironically, of the 8 trees that did survive, several of them eventually broke dormancy and leafed out after June 1st, so reporting a dead tree before that time would have been premature. When I was sure I knew which trees were not going to make it, I asked for a credit for my lost trees and I was told that having missed the deadline window, they would not do anything for me. I have ordered dry goods from Peaceful Valley in the past and it was OK, but this was my first time ordering nursery stock. I believe the quality of the trees is poor because of the aggressive root pruning, the timing of shipping is erratic and makes it impossible to plant the trees in many areas, and the so-called guarantee is unreasonably restrictive. I am out $140 for 7 dead tress and I will never order from this company again.

On May 31, 2014, goldenone19 (3 reviews) from Reno, NV

I ordered a Chardonnay grape vine from them in December and expected to get it the first week of January. After the second week almost third week into January, I contacted them about my order, they told me they received the grapes, but for 'some reason' my order didn't print. They had no problem taking my money for the order. They shipped out the grapevine over night at no additional cost to me. It was a bare root vine with a large root system, however I have no luck with bare root plants and at the time had no knowledge of how to prune a grape vine or even if I should. I'm not sure if the plant's trunk arrived cracked or if it happened over the winter, but in any case, it was cracked below the graft union and any hope of it surviving was slim to none. When I contacted them about this order, not even asking for a replacement, because there were no more in stock, all I wanted was help locating a new grape vine. They gave no help or suggestions, and their nursery is only about an hour away from where I live in Northern Nevada. They probably do know a few places I could've looked. Instead I had to scour the internet for three months until I found a replacement online from Florida, it is not a bare root and will arrive in a pot. It is a shame the people at Peaceful valley farms don't stand behind their products and didn't offer so much as a 'I'm sorry for your loss, let me offer a replacement or a refund' I paid a lot for shipping $9.99 more than the plant itself which was $5.99 and shipping would've been more if they weren't having a sale. This company is too expensive and gives no breaks on shipping for them not to stand behind the product for more than 30 days. Maybe because they know they are scamming people and selling dead plants. I will not order from these people again.

On May 29, 2014, littlebunnyfufu (5 reviews) from South Sumter, SC

Every spring for the last four years, I have purchased items from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. My usual annual purchase have been multiple blueberry plants along with garden plants like garlic. Every year without fail the blueberry plants show up somewhat squashed and tattered since the company sends the plants as plugs bundled together and shoved in a box too small for them. Every year at least a couple of the blueberry plants fail to establish due to damage sustained in transit. The blueberry plants are generally small and inexpensive so I've never bothered with trying to get replacement plants since the conditions of getting their one growing season plant guarantee seemed too much effort for $16 worth of plants. This year I decided to try ordering fruit trees from them since they were marketing some rare/hard to obtain fruit trees and offered a deal where 10 bare root trees would cost $199 which included shipping. I have a very large acreage property on which I have five different fruit orchards, and the selection and price from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply seemed like an economical way to add new trees to my collection of over a hundred trees. The first order of 10 fruit trees shipped to me in winter was missing one tree-a Sierra Beauty apple tree and the Seckel pear was dead on arrival to the point of being shriveled into a mummified appearance. Having received a lot a bare root fruit trees over the years, I expect a missing item or dead plant in shipments periodically as just part of the process and very common. The other eight trees in the shipment took off right away and did magnificently. I didn't bother making a claim for the $20 dead Seckel pear, and customer service from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply assured me that I would get a $20 credit on my credit card for the missing Sierra Beauty apple tree. So I deemed the transaction an overall success, and I was satisfied enough to place a second order for 10 trees in late February. The trees in the second order were of vastly inferior quality. All the trees looked as if they had already broken dormancy in storage and all the new growth had died back/dried up/broken off prior to shipment. Only two trees out of the box of ten went on to break dormancy, establish, and flourish. All eight of the dead trees failed scratch test on arrival. Four of the fruit trees were thoroughly dried out and completely dead-not even the root stock was alive. Four of the trees had surviving root stock, but the grafts had all died prior to shipment. I kept the eight dead trees planted for two months to give them the benefit of the doubt before I contacted Peaceful Valley Farm Supply to invoke their one growing season guarantee because an 80% dead shipment meant a loss of $160. Anyway customer service has given me the run around and stated that asking for credit for 8 replacement trees was excessive and unjustified. The representative doubted my assessment of the situation and condescended me. She was certain that I failed to comprehend how bare root trees behaved, and she was adamant that I perform scratch tests on all eight dead trees that I had already scratch tested three times for each plant-first time on arrival and twice more at 30 day intervals. The representative was certain that most of the eight trees were alive but just still dormant due to an unusually cold spring even though I live in South Carolina where the last frost was in mid-March and the weather has been summery since early May. I was firm that I wanted credit for the $160 toward the purchase of new trees this winter. I assured them that I was knowledgeable about fruit trees and that I did not make claims frivolously. I had all eight dead trees in my possession and would be able to return all eight dead plants to them per their warranty requirements. Customer service is now no longer responding to my e-mails requesting store credit. After having done business with this company regularly for four years, I have arrived at the definitive conclusion that the quality/condition of their live plants frequently mediocre, and their customer service is poor-even hostile. By the way, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply never did give me the $20 refund on the Sierra Beauty apple that they never sent me and have no intentions of ever sending me.

On May 2, 2014, szut (1 reviews) from Wilmington, MA

Posted on October 28, 2013, updated May 2, 2014 Posted on October 24, 2013, updated October 28, 2013 I ordered from them on 10/7/13 via website parts that I needed for a hoop house and was told that their product ships within 1 business day and would arrive in an additional 5-7 business days (ie 6-8 business days total). It is now looking to arrive 10/29 (that is 16 business days - or a little over 3 weeks) which is too late for me to use this product for my cold frame (we will get solid freezes by then) so I called the company to cancel it (10/24). They said they couldn't since they shipped it and that I can return it and loose the shipping money both ways. I strongly recommend AGAINST this company for any time-sensitive purchase. They do not support their own statements on their web page for ship times claiming that it is "FedEx's" fault.

On October 28th, 2013, szut changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: The company contacted me to work something out where I would be satisfied with the delay in getting the parts I ordered. They offered to refund me for the shipping fee and gave me a discount on the parts. I took them up on the offer so that I can use them next season. If you want something by a certain time make sure not to select the Fedex Smartpost shipment.
On May 2nd, 2014, szut changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: I ordered from Peaceful valley again this spring. I ordered 25 strawberry plants. I received them in-time and planted ~ half outside in a heated hoop-house in earth boxes. I planted the rest indoors in small pots. Unfortunately none have shown any signs of life even a month later. Doing a scratch test in the past week it shows that they are all dead. I've been gardening for decades and have other strawberry plants so I know what I'm doing and how to properly plant strawberries (neither too deep or shallow). I contacted peaceful valley and they said if I ship the strawberries back and they don't see any issue with them they will refund me the $3.99 I paid for the strawberries directly vs the $15.98 I paid for the strawberries shipped (I only ordered strawberries in my order). I expect to ship the strawberries back to them will cost me more than the refund so I'm writing off the $15.98 for worthless product and I'm really not buying from them again. I expect companies to stand behind their product and ship REPLACEMENT or refund the full amount paid when their product is dead.

On Mar 30, 2014, lovelola (4 reviews) from Williamson, AZ

I had a great experience with this company. I ordered several pounds of sudangrass and red cowpeas for green manure, four grapevines, and several seed packets. Everything shipped quickly and the vines arrived well packaged and in a healthy dormant state. The grapevines were a very friendly, low price, and compared to other vines I have purchase from other suppliers, much, much larger. Everything was reasonable, including their flat-rate shipping. I'm looking forward to doing more business with Peaceful Valley in the future!

On Feb 18, 2014, Veltorio (3 reviews) from Bartow, FL

Posted on February 18, 2014, updated February 18, 2014 I can't say enough good things about Peaceful Valley. I have ordered so many things from them I don't have time to get into detail about how each item has worked for me. I have ordered bluberry plants, kiwi, black and raspberry, apple trees, irrigation equipment. I have yet to be unhappy with my intereactions with them. They are always very helpful in answering any questions I have about any items I ask about. I recently had my first issue with something I ordered from them and believe this was not even their fault. I ordered some sunchokes and they went bad before I could plant them. PV responded to my email on this and said it sounds like the chokes froze during delivery (which makes sense, considering the weather conditions around the country during transit) and they would send replacements right out. They always have competitive price. When I'm looking to purchase anything for my garden if PV has it I will typically more than likely order from them, even if someone else has it a little cheaper. They are a great company with great concern for the current state of our planet and food preservation. I just recently got into gardening and moving to permaculture gardening and there are a few good companies out there but it is sometimes hard to find reliable sources for many needed items and I'm glad to know there is a company like PV out there.

On February 18th, 2014, Veltorio added the following: After posting my comment I read some of the other posts and just had to make an update after reading some of the negatives as some of the comments don't even make any sense. When looking at the number of negatives take their complaints into account. 1st, one post states it takes 5 days to leave PV and you might as well just go to your local hardware. In my experience it takes most companies at least several days to ship and that has nothing to do with going to local hardware. That same post states they charge your card right away. When I order something online and give my card I expect it to be charged right away. Some companies take a few days, but to me that is a problem because then I have to keep checking back. These are not valid complaints. Another post states it takes forever to ship anything and lists all sorts of issues on shipping costs etc. This may have been there experience by some cosmic mishap but I have ordered many more items from PV than I listed and always new up front what the (reasonable) shipping costs are and have received great communication on shipping status. On items like the blueberry I ordered they were not shipped for months but I was made aware of this up front and this is typical practice to ship at proper time etc.

On Feb 13, 2014, meb2014 (1 reviews) from Sand City, CA

Great service and plants! My red current was broken - took me over a week to contact them. They immediately sent me a new one! All my plants are doing great. Love the plants and service.

On Feb 11, 2014, RobThomas (20 reviews) from Readyville, TN

I ordered 50 strawberry plants (25 Ozark Beauty and 25 Seascape). The plants arrived last week. They arrived a little later than originally estimated, but that wasn't a problem, and the company previously sent an email advising of the delay. The price was exceptional. Only $4.99 for a bundle of 25. Far cheaper than any other online retailer that I researched. The plants appeared healthy and alive. There were a few very small runts, but otherwise they appeared ok. The only real issue was that they were two short on the Seascapes and one short on the Ozarks. I can't complain too much as the price was excellent and the plants appeared otherwise healthy.

On Jan 23, 2014, devinevegan (12 reviews) from Igo, CA (Zone 9a)

Posted on January 22, 2014, updated January 23, 2014 I ordered potatoes back in October 2013 and was informed (after my order) that they would not be shipped until late November. I had an order that was under 40lbs to get in on their $9.99 shipping special. When I got to the checkout however they were going to charge me $9.99 twice ($19.98 total for 17lbs) because the potatoes were to be shipped seperately. I went thru with it anyway because the potatoes were such a good price. I ended up cancelling the potatoes because of the delay. The second half of the order that did arrive took 3 weeks thru FedEx Smartpost which is WAY longer than I have ever waited for a seed shipment - and these were in-stock items mind you. I reordered potatoes December 1st 2013, and again kept getting emails that the potatoes were delayed. Eventually they stopped sending delay emails but I still have not received them! My order status shows as complete but I haven't received my order. They recently raised the shipping to $11.99 for a 40lb box and state they may charge a 30% markup for shipping!

On January 23rd, 2014, devinevegan added the following: After posting this I got an email regarding my review. Here is a bit of the email discussing the reason for the delay, "Due to the seasonality of potatoes, it's not uncommon for the farm's ETA to change. These delays are completely out of our hands. As we are notified of changes, we notified all pending potato orders of the new dates. Our records indicate that your current potato order is due on 1/31 and an email was sent 12/17 with the updated ETA." "As a rule of thumb, shipping charges we assess simply amount to whatever FedEx or USPS published rates are plus a modest 15% markup to account for shipping & packaging materials. This percentage is even smaller on expedited shipments (10% on 3 day and 2 Day, and 5% on Overnight)." They are refunding my $19.98 shipping which I am happy with. Although they never apologized for the delay or lack of communication whatsoever. I recieved a seperate email saying only: "Your order is in our warehouse, getting ready to ship today. You will receive tracking info via email at the end of today. Thanks." So I guess the potatoes were in stock afterall? What was the real reson they didn't ship them? I will re-edit my review after my order is complete and let everyone know how it turns out in the end.

On Oct 18, 2013, itserich (2 reviews) from Des Moines, IA

I am a novice gardener, and have learned a lot from the website. I have placed 5 orders. I have planted only a "good bug" seed blend and a cover crop (hairy vetch & cereal rye), and they germinated quickly. The first order shipped out the same day, the next several orders have taken about 5 days to ship. The delay surprised me the first time but I have gotten accurate responses from customer service. With the good pricing and the wide variety, I am satisfied, assuming the seeds germinate and the plants survive transplant. My only suggestion would be that the company improve shipping information relayed to the customer. I was afraid the order had been lost the first time it was delayed. Now I simply plan it may be up to 5 days, though I am sure it varies based on time of year.

On Oct 2, 2013, Express128 (21 reviews) from Mansfield, TX

Takes them forever to ship.. Waiting time before shipment is roughly 5 days. Might as well go to the local hardware store to buy plants, seeds, etc. They also charge your credit card immediately after placing the order.

On Jun 14, 2013, jakestark (1 reviews) from Clay Center, KS

A couple months ago (first part of April) my wife and I decided we wanted to buy a couple of blackberry plants. After finding out that the ones they sell on TV are a scam, I happened upon Peaceful Valley. After reading reviews on, I decided to take a risk and I bought two Blackberry Black Satin plants. Not only were the plants very affordable, they also shipped for a good rate and arrived a few days after I ordered them. My wife and I planted them immediately after receiving them and now (almost two months to the day after planting) the plants have not only grown a significant amount but they have also started to produce blackberries. They are still small and green at this point but I have confidence they will grow into the berries that I wanted. If they only grow until someone gives them a positive review I will make sure to make a note of it. In summary, great and quick service and excellent plants from an excellent company. Will definitely buy from them again.

On May 12, 2013, caliweathercast (2 reviews) from Adelanto, CA

They have excellent costumer service. I love this company. I bought two peacotums and one pluerry this year: the peacotums leafed out and grew about 10 inches but then they went into a transplant shock and stopped growing for three weeks. Two weeks ago they started leafing out again. The pluerry was the last one to leaf out but then it got sun burned, it should be leafing out again in two to three weeks. Yes, they will survive---I am expecting some fruit next year. I will be ordering again next year.

On Apr 9, 2013, hhong3138 (3 reviews) from Elgin, TX (Zone 8b)

I ordered some potatoes and flower bulbs on their website on April 1st (Monday). I received an email saying my order will ship in 3 business days and I will receive an email containing the tracking information once it is shipped. I waited until 5th and called them to find out the status of my order. The person answered the phone said they would ship my order on Monday (April 8th), but I didn't receive any shipping information from them on 8th, so I called them again to find out what's going on. The person I talked to this time wasn't very helpful. After I find out my order is still not shipped yet, I asked her to cancel my order. She said something not quite clear and then hangup on me. I called back as I want to get the refund. This time, another person answered the call and she is more helpful. She told me that one of the item I ordered was out stock (would be back in stock after 17th) and this is the reason of holding my order. I would say this is not the way to do business. They should have told me that after I placed the order immediately and give me the choice of whether to cancel that item or replacement of other option. Instead being honest, they lied to me when I first called and hangup on me the second time . Even though the last person I talked to was nice, but I still decided to cancel the order because the overall experience with them.

On Feb 23, 2013, lyrajayne (1 reviews) from Long Island, NY (Zone 7a)

I just got an email from them telling me that the strawberry plants I ordered last week are out of stock for the season. I wish I had read the reviews here before placing my order because it sounds like this is a typical experience. Don't waste your time dealing with this company. My advice is spend a little more at a reputable store so you get what you ordered.

On Jan 21, 2013, RabbitRidge (5 reviews) from Onalaska, WA (Zone 7b)

Posted on January 19, 2013, updated January 21, 2013 I ordered two packets of seed from them because they had advertised free shipping. I was charged anyway. Instead of sending the Sunspot sunflowers I really wanted they sent me a packet of beans. I have ordered seeds for twenty years and I have never got the wrong packet. Then when I order just two packets one of them is wrong. Everyone makes mistakes but I have never even heard back from them when I made an inquiry.

On January 21st, 2013, RabbitRidge changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: They finally got back to me and said they had no record of my contacting them. Now they are sending the correct seed.

On Dec 28, 2012, MssGreene (1 reviews) from Tempe, AZ

This is a fabulous company, the negative comments astound me. I've ordered from them for years and wouldn't dream of going elsewhere. So far this season I've ordered garlic and seed starting equipment. The garlic variety they have available is one of the best available and their prices are hands down the best I've seen. I ordered several varieties of hardneck, a couple softneck, shallots and elephant garlic. The cloves were beautiful (we ate what we didn't plant, yum) and they're already throwing up strong green shoots, even through the mulch. The seed starting equipment is for this coming new year, it arrived on time and as described. I've ordered lots of direct sow seeds and veggie starts from them in the past (this is my first time doing indoor seedlings) and their germination rates have been outstanding and the end product delicious, I even have a few generations of Peaceful Valley veggie seeds I've saved. Love their customer service, have had a few challenging orders in the past (there was a crop failure with one of their garlic varieties this year) and they've been nothing but accommodating and willing to work with me. Call Katie in the call center if you're having trouble, she'll set you right up. Excellent product, service and prices, especially if you sign up for their newsletter and get their weekly promotion prices. A+++

On Nov 26, 2012, nikkidoodle (1 reviews) from Plymouth, NC

I ordered twice form Peaceful Valley. My Yukon Gold potatoes only arrived one day later than anticipated delivery. I have followed instructions but they are hardly sprouting. On 11/10/12 I ordered seeds and blue potatoes with the understanding that they would be shipped within 2 days. They shipped on 11/14/12 and finally arrived today 11/26/12. PV did not send me a tracking # and after 3 requests they did give me the number but that did not help because they were kept in one place for almost a week before finally being delivered. This might be a fine place to go shopping in person but ordering online when you can't see the product and can't predict when you will get it is iffy at best. I will not order again because I have no idea if my potatoes and seeds have been frozen so I have to throw the whole thing out.

Company representative comment on November 30, 2012:
On Nov 30, 2012 2:36 PM, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply responded with:

We are always sorry to hear of disappointment from our customers and do our best to provide excellent customer service.

This order was placed on our website Saturday, 11/10 and shipped Wednesday 11/14. We only ship Monday-Friday. This order did leave our warehouse one day later than indicated but within a time-frame we consider acceptable. The selected shipping service was FedEx SmartPost (a combination of FedEx and USPS) which is a less expensive and therefore slower method. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the length of time USPS takes to deliver the package to the recipient.

SmartPost tracking numbers do not yet have the capability of importing and then being emailed to customers. This is something we're currently working on with FedEx's tech support team. We received one email request for a tracking number, it was sent 11-24 while we were closed and replied to 11-26, the following business day.

We are completely confident in the quality of our certified organic seed potatoes and stand behind them 100%. We are certain of your satisfaction with the sprouting of your Yukon Gold potatoes and trust you will notify us if the potatoes do not sprout over time.

On Jul 13, 2012, janet214 (2 reviews) from Grass Valley, CA (Zone 9a)

Wow I am surprised by all of the negitive comments for this company. But I am local and don't have to ship stuff to myself. All I can say in their defense is that are flocked by thousands of locals everyday....and we are not just taking about the kind that put in a few plants every year. We are talking about large farms and medium farms plus the usually gardener. So they may need to hire more people just for the Internet side. So for my review Love Love LOVE this place. They have everything you could ever need to garden, homestead, make your own wine beer cheese, mill you own grains, solve your garden problems, ect. Plus the friendly knowledge staff. They are always very busy, it is not unreasonable cause usually when going there you plan on looking around and getting more then you planned on anyways lol. Thanks peaceful valley, love you guys!! Ps sounds like you might want to consider that Internet sales team lol.

On Mar 21, 2012, tombaak (25 reviews) from High Desert, NV (Zone 5a)

I just received two orders from Peaceful Valley, one was simply a dozen packets of seeds and some legume inoculant, everything was there and shipped in a timely matter. The second was the one I was fretting over and couldn't wait to get. 15 Fall Gold raspberry plants and 4 blackberry plants. I was concerned that the price seemed a little too good to be true, so I was thrilled when I opened the box which was packed well and arrived safe. Not only are they much larger diameter than I expected with nice sized root balls, but have big fat buds peeking green leaves all over them! Nothing is more disappointing than being exited about spring coming and opening a box of what looks like dry dead sticks. I am so happy to report this company won't leave you feeling like you bought kindling instead of plants :) I am very, very pleased with the berry plants purchased!

On Mar 21, 2012, jellokitty (1 reviews) from Rushmere, VA

First of all, let me start out by saying that I am generally not one to complain, however, this situation I have found myself in quite honestly is completely unacceptable. On 2/28/2012 I ordered a redwood greenhouse, two benches, and an anchor kit from Peaceful Valley's Grow Organic website. I also ordered a bunch of seeds and fruit vines. I received my seeds and vines fairly quickly, but never heard anything about the greenhouse kit. This is a $2000.00 kit, and I grew concerned, as my credit card was charged. I waited a bit before I called the company, as the website stated they shipped from the vendor and could take up to three weeks. Once I called, I was referred to the voicemail of their customer service rep. She responded via email to tell me the vendor had an issue with materials and I would be contacted as soon as they knew more. I traded emails for a while, trying to figure out what was going on with the order. I was referred to yet another rep via email, who told me the vendor expected the greenhouse to ship on 3/20/2012, and that they would contact me on the 21st to confirm a tracking number as well as arrival date. Keep in mind that this is a huge item, and that it is shipped via freight truck, for residential delivery. A person must be there upon arrival to unload said truck, so I would need to know in advance when it would be here, so arrangements could be made. I still at this time have no clue what is up with the delivery, when it will be here, or anything else. It should be noted that while all of this was going on, I received a postcard from Peaceful Valley, saying that they hoped I was enjoying my greenhouse. Oh, and there was postage due on the postcard when it arrived in my mailbox. Nice, huh? One would expect that more would have been done to remedy the situation, appease the customer, and keep integrity intact. One would expect that the website would have been updated to show that the manufacture and delivery of these greenhouses was delayed at this time, sparing some potential customers problems like mine. It should also be noted that I live in Coastal Virginia, the growing season is upon us, and at this point, another two weeks of delays will render this greenhouse utterly useless to me until the winter.This posting will be updated as the situation progresses, and the negative feedback will be changed if or when the problem is fixed.

On Feb 29, 2012, gentlemystik (1 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

Posted on February 21, 2012, updated February 29, 2012 I decided to order a sizable amount of plants, trees and potatoes from this company. I've used them in the past and my stuff did well. This is my first time getting trees and let me say I am highly disappointed. First off, after three weeks, knowing I had back-ordered stock, I decided to call to find out how much longer before they shipped. Imagine my surprise to find out that the delay was my order was never picked up from the website. Why doesn't run a daily check to make sure orders are accounted for? I found their apology sorely lacking as well as their not giving a proper reason WHY it happened. Also their excuses will not replace the five trees I really wanted which are now sold out. If I didn't need to get started on my plants, I would have cancelled the whole order. Next time I will save myself the wait and get my trees from the local nursery. I've had good success there and I don't have to wait or deal with shoddy excuses or poor web service. I like to give Organic companies business because they do make the effort other companies do not but they have to HAVE TO have good costumer service and efficient online purchasing to compete.

On February 29th, 2012, gentlemystik changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: The same week I made this review, I received my shipment. Other than a few broken branches (would need to be pruned anyway) all was well. WELL, this week I received a hand written apology note explaining they reason why the mess up happen and how they were very sorry it did. I also got a little gift too which I must say was very unexpected. Although I will probably not order big like that again, I do intend of getting seeds from Peaceful Valley as I do like to give Organic businesses my business & they have some awesome deals on some good heirlooms. So thank you, Eric & Katie (for the note).

On Feb 23, 2012, YaraRoswellGA (5 reviews) from Roswell, GA

Posted on February 23, 2012, updated February 23, 2012 Website and the email with order confirmation stated it would take 3 business days to ship the order. It has now been 7 business days since I ordered and the seeds have not yet shipped. Called to inquiry about the order and got a cold "yes we are late" response, nothing they can do and no guarantee of when they will ship. Not reliable if you are planning in using the seeds soon.

On February 23rd, 2012, YaraRoswellGA changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Company contacted me immediately after I posted my comment on DW , apologized for poor customer service and shipped my order. Hopefully it was an oversight as it seems they are making an effort to fix issues.

On Dec 13, 2011, itex (1 reviews) from Cortez, CO

These folks just do not get customer service , every time i order from them ,i pay premium for shipping and wait forever ,so if you are a serious grower and you need supplies , i would advise finding a more reliable source , especially if you need to get supplies to meet a planting deadline. I order from them only as a last resort and do not expect any communication as to when things ship , hey if you have good reliable suppliers I wish you could share them here on this site.

On Oct 14, 2011, MaryE (2 reviews) from Baker City, OR (Zone 5b)

I recently ordered from Peaceful Valley via email, and my order was shipped out the same day I ordered. The packaging and the product both impressed me. I'll order from them again.

On Sep 21, 2011, hatchingbunnies (7 reviews) from Gilbert, AZ

Just received my 2nd order from PV-40 lbs of seed garlic and assorted other items. Biggest heads of garlic I have ever seen! Quality and price were excellent. I also love their prices on bulk vegetable seeds. I am a small market grower selling produce, seeds, and plants and am very happy with everything I've received from this company so far.

On Jun 27, 2011, joeyjo (4 reviews) from Tridell, UT (Zone 4b)

Ordered 8 apple trees and 2 crab apple trees. Due to the wet, cold spring had to delay getting them in the ground. But all ten are doing great! Trees came well packaged and in good condition. I hope that they have their 10 for $199 special again next year. Great deal for good quality trees.

On Apr 27, 2011, firinn (3 reviews) from Eugene, OR (Zone 8b)

Posted on April 26, 2011, updated April 27, 2011 This is my second disappointment with Peaceful Valley. The first was years ago, but on advice of a friend I tried them again this year. I ordered a variety of blueberries over a month ago and as these came to ship, PV sent me an email saying that one of the varieties was out of stock, and said unless they heard from me they would ship out the remaining berries. The Chandler (out of stock variety) constituted half the order. I contacted them via email to get clarification on why berries that were ordered a month in advance were out of stock. I received no response. and PV shipped the half order without giving me an opportunity to substitute any variety. This is frustrating because of the cost of shipping (it is the same cost to ship 4 plants as 8, making the cost per plant significantly higher). I was contacted this morning by a representative after having sent an additional email about the lack of response, and was informed that if I would like another variety, I can place a new order.... and pay the original cost of shipping again. While PV's products have generally been very good, particularly as a producer of organic and sustainable plants and seeds, their customer service has shown itself to be lacking.

On April 27th, 2011, firinn changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: I was contacted by Katie from Peaceful Valley and offered replacement blueberries without shipping included, and at their current sale price. In the email, it appears that the explanation email concerning why the blueberries were out of stock seems to have been lost in transit. I do appreciate their quick attention to detail and more-than-fairness in resolving this frustration.

On Apr 2, 2011, gopals (7 reviews) from Sidney, TX

Peaceful Valley is a mixed bag. They are a good (if expensive) source for organic supplements and supplies. Their fruit trees however, although organic, are very mediocre in quality. Most are mass produced and by the time they get to you will be banged around pretty good and oversized for good growth. I definitely won't be buying many fruit trees from them again. I would personally go to Rolling River for much better quality certified organic trees.

On Jan 31, 2011, paracelsus (18 reviews) from Elmira, NY (Zone 6a)

I have ordered from this company a number of times over the years. It's a good place to get organic ferts of all kinds and stuff like rooting hormone. I've also bought row covers and rhizocoated white clover seed, and now that they have added Weck's canning jars to their food preservation selection, I ordered a bunch of them. Last time I ordered a bunch of the rubber rings for the jars and noted on the comment form that the shipping seemed pretty high for a bunch of rubber rings. They called me to tell me they reduced the shipping. I thought that was pretty nice. I like their catalog. Very informative.

On Jan 30, 2011, afbrown (1 reviews) from Ceres, CA

Peaceful Valley is a growing company with a great mission, but it honestly hasn't met my needs as a small farmer. It takes a lot to really annoy me, so that I am writing this in the first place really says something! First, there is almost always a problem with shipping and customer service. My first order was lost somewhere in their system and I had to reorder a month later. The next time, I picked up my order at the store, but one fairly large thing was left out (but still on my receipt as being paid for). The next time I went there to pick up an order, despite talking on the phone to a representative and setting a date and time that I would come pick up my order, when I arrived at the store the order had not even been downloaded for processing. Added to those issues, I do not find their catalogs very useful in seed selection because the descriptions give very little information beside taste and color. Also, in past years their seed catalog has arrived a month after most of the others, and too late to have a central place in my seed ordering. Simply put, I would love to buy organic seeds from a place relatively nearby, but I will not be buying from Peaceful Valley this year. Other companies, even if not solely organic, have much better service, descriptions, and variety.

On Apr 29, 2010, LaurelsFarm (20 reviews) from Lomita, CA (Zone 10b)

We love you guys at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. You need to hear this every now and again -- how great you folks really are and the appreciation we have for your efforts in the organic/natural movement that's growing stronger every day. Just want you to know I have been REALLY happy with your service over the years. Great customer service, always patient, smart, going above and beyond the call of duty. Products, marvelous. Selection, vast. Shipping, really fast! Free seeds, yay! Communication, outstanding. A+ with honors. I recommend you often to my customers and fellow growers and gardeners. Keep it up! :) Laurel Garza Owner Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants

On Apr 29, 2010, mbernholz (1 reviews) from Harkers Island, NC

katie in customer service went way beyound the call of duty contacting a manufacturer about getting parts for a tank. i was impressed.

On Apr 12, 2010, clareb (9 reviews) from Missoula, MT (Zone 5a)

I ordered several items for seed starting via their website. All items arrived within a week - faster than originally indicated. I've ordered from this company before and will continue to do so. PVF offers great products at reasonable prices and for reasonable shipping cost (esp. for folks out west, who suffer high shipping costs from companies in the eastern US).

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