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On Aug 1, 1995, Fehrtj (7 reviews)

Another garden I've had the pleasure of visiting. Typed catalog, good quality - no bonus plants but generous on size and quantity ordered. Fine selection of James Marsh's Chicago and Prairie series (there is something incredible about seeing 30 feet of Prairie Blue Eyes in bloom) as well as their own family's introductions. Very nice people to deal with.

On Aug 1, 1995, donnasullivan (2 reviews) from Brookfield, MA

I ordered from their catalog last fall and the daylily varieties were outstanding! They arrived in good shape (I'm in Massachusetts) and arecoming up strong this summer. Looking forward to the blooms. If anyone is looking for variety in daylilies, their catalog is wonderful andinexpensive. I ordered with a friend and if you ordered more than a certain amount, everything was 50% off!

On Aug 1, 1995, timfehr (1 reviews)

We just returned from Kansas City and had the pleasure of visiting Lenington gardens - over 1,000 varieties of daylilies. Robert Lenington and his wife opened the garden 2 hours early to accommodate our travel schedule. We were treated to tour of the gardens and it was really impressive. They introduced many of the Marsh cultivars including the Prairie and Chicago series. Seeing 30 feet of Prairie Blue Eyes or Chicago Knobby in bloom makes quite an impression. The Leningtons host garden clubs during the summer they said and run a mail order business.I was especially delighted to see some of the Lenington family's own introductions. Two were really eye catching: FUZZ BUNNIES is a lemonyellow double with really consistent double form and WINE DELIGHT is a small wine-red flower with a real red eye zone - this had up to 40buds on many of the scapes and there were lots of scapes so it shouldbloom for quite a long time. A landscaper or gardeners delight indeed!Send for a catalog - prices were very reasonable.

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