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On Oct 14, 2015, NJIrisGuy (7 reviews) from Toms River, NJ (Zone 7a)

I ordered (3) Iris rhizomes from Ginny this year, and was very pleased with what I received, she was kind enough to send me extra's as well, so I had doubles. I am very pleased with Winterberry and will always do business with them in the future. Thank You Ginny & Don !

On Aug 30, 2015, jashby (1 reviews) from Port Republic, MD (Zone 7b)

This is my second year ordering from Winterberry. Both times I had wonderfully helpful and informative chats with Ginny Spoon. When I called this year I started with quite a list of my own. As I had requested, in some cases Ginny suggested similar iris that had performed better in their garden. For a few colors, I also asked for suggestions or that she simply pick the best choice. The order came promptly when expected, all the iris look beautiful and healthy, the total price was quite low, and I'm overwhelmed by the extras they sent. For example, I'd asked for 'a good black' and I got 4 different ones, including a rebloomer, all for free as extras and all with great reviews when I looked them up. By the way, they have lots of iris that don't show up on their already very extensive website. If you want something, just ask. They don't sell beardless iris, but Ginny suggested a good local source for them. What a pleasure doing business with Winterberry!

On Aug 1, 2015, eolivas103 (17 reviews) from Las Cruces, NM (Zone 8a)

Posted on September 14, 2014, updated August 1, 2015 Posted on May 17, 2014, updated September 14, 2014 This is my first year ordering from WInterberry. I found them while searching the web for a Teal Iris that I had heard existed. I called and had a very enjoyable conversation with Mr. Spoon. He asked me what type of Irises I was interested in and I told him I was very interested in anything Green. He not only gave me some suggestions to order, which I now just can't wait to receive this Fall, but also provided some info on how to hybridize a Green Iris. What a great guy. His wife was not home at the time but called me as soon as she got home and took my order. She sent me a catalog and I have really enjoyed combing through the information and their lists of Irises. They have some very well known Irises that I was aware existed but I was suprised at how many beautiful Irises they show on their website that I had never seen. Looking forward to receiving my plants this Fall.

On September 14th, 2014, eolivas103 added the following: 09/14/14 Update: I received my order from Winterberry a week or so ago, at the agreed upon time. Because I ordered lots of the smaller types and we have high heat in this area, I asked that they be sent this late. I was very happy with all their extras. They had asked me for some ideas of bonuses and I have them a primary for the wishlist and a secondary. They sent them both. Also, on many of the SDB's they sent me multiples. This allowed me to put them in multiple places like part shade, morning sun, full sun to see what does best. I'll report back in the Spring once I see how the Irises do.
On August 1st, 2015, eolivas103 added the following: I had great results this Spring with the Irises I purchased from Winterberry last Summer. Teagan was my first Iris to bloom this Spring and quickly became one of my top 5 favorites in the garden. I have already received my 2015 order from them and I have to say for the size of the order, I was elated with the bonuses they provided especiallly the choices of bonuses.

On Jul 24, 2015, crowrita1 (20 reviews) from Lyndon, IL (Zone 5a)

Posted on August 1, 2013, updated July 24, 2015 This was my second year ordering from the Spoons, and I was even more impressed this year, than I was last time ! Nice, healthy rhizomes, and very generous pieces, also. They have a great selection, and their catalog/web site is a goldmine of information. If you grow iris, you owe it to yourself to check out their catalog! I cannot recommend this grower highly enough ! The size of the rhizome is not nearly as important as the quality, and these are "Tops"...

On July 24th, 2015, crowrita1 added the following: Winterberry is definitely a "go to" place for rebloomers! Good selection, good plants, good prices, and information !Definitely worth your time to visit their website, and get their catalog !!

On Apr 25, 2015, woodxmn (2 reviews) from Slanesville, WV

After reading the reviews, I placed my order by phone and subsequently stopped by to pick up the rhizomes. Both Mr and Mrs Spoon were most gracious. My order had been prepared with all healthy, strong looking plants. Three additional rhizomes of a different variety were included in the order along with their catalogue. Mrs Spoon took time to show me about their well tended beds containing virtually an unlimited selection of iris to suit any gardener. I would certainly recommend them.

On Sep 2, 2012, flowerlady73 (2 reviews) from Dodge City, KS

I saw one of their introductions on the iris forum. It looked pretty so I decided to order some for me and my girls. I gave Ginny my order over the phone, she was very nice. When my order came I was appalled. I ordered 6 iris, all the same kind. The rhizomes were very small, about the size of my thumbnail. They did send one extra. This is the size I throw away when I dig iris.This happens to be one of their own introductions. They also charged me $12 freight for this little box. It was only a little over $5 on the box. I've been growing them in pots since I got them, I wouldn't give these little scrubs to anyone, until I grow them up first. I e-mailed them to let them know what I thought and never heard a word.

On Aug 22, 2011, clematisdave (15 reviews) from Pylesville, MD

Posted on July 18, 2010, updated August 22, 2011 To meet the Spoons and visit their place is an iris lovers treat. To receive an order is the same result. Thanks for everything Don and Ginny, especially the little jar of Bonomyl. Hope to see you next spring. dave and darla

On August 22nd, 2011, clematisdave added the following: Thanks Don and Ginny for a great order. Never thought I would get WRONG SONG in my garden. See you in 2012. Can't thank you enough for the GREAT extras. Never a doubt that they will grow like crazy. Best wishes.

On Apr 16, 2010, momycat (1 reviews) from Reston, VA

Bought iris from them last fall and all are coming up gangbusters! VERY friendly and helpful growers.

On Mar 4, 2009, daylily970 (42 reviews) from Coshocton, OH (Zone 6a)

i was looking for miniature dwarf irises, they have a large selection. this was my first order and won't be the last. nice rhizomes and great prices.

On Aug 27, 2008, Marilynbeth (33 reviews) from Hebron, KY

First time ordering and it won't be my last! Super plants and lots of extras! Great selection of Irises and great prices! Already looking forward to next year's catalog and selections! Thanks Don and Ginny!

On Mar 22, 2008, joannacay (1 reviews) from McLean, VA (Zone 6b)

I put in a very late order last fall, and Ginny was kind enough to fill it for me anyway. And in spite of being planted barely before winter, every single one of the plants she sent has survived. It is a joy to listen to Don's enthusiasm and expertise on hybridizing, as well as looking at the exciting new irises the Spoon family are developing, in particular the rebloomers they specialize in. I highly recommend ordering from Winterberry Gardens.

On Sep 6, 2007, pollyk (83 reviews) from Hannibal, NY (Zone 6a)

My experience with Winterberry was absolutely wonderful. I placed an order, then wanted to add to it. I tried to FAX it in, but they no longer have a FAX, but Ginny Spoon picked up on my phone number, and called me. She had all the info from the first order in front of her. She graciously added the ones I wanted. Speaking with her was a treat. (She sounds like a southern lady, very sweet). I received the iris when expected. They are very large, with lots of increases. She sent me numerous extras of the medians I ordered, plus some other great extras, including some of their new ones. The iris were packed well, in newspaper, which I really appreciate instead of new packing material. The rhizomes arrived very fresh, absolutely no mold. Winterberry has a very large catalogue, with tons of rebloomers, lots of historics, and a huge listing of iris of every size. I would think everyone would love the catalogue just for the info in it. I recommend Winterberry Gardens highly. Please give them a try.

On Aug 30, 2007, Tntigger (28 reviews) from Greeneville, TN (Zone 6b)

Very good company to buy iris from,had alot of historics that I was looking for of Lloyd Austin's. Looking forward to next years catalog.

On Aug 9, 2007, Cheesy (12 reviews) from West Bend, WI

Received order today and was very pleased. They were very generous, in many cases sending multiple rhizomes of my selections, especially in the median classes. The size of the TB rhizomes is very good, I'm familiar with that size being from Wisconsin. We don't grow them California or Oregon sized here generally but they do great! So don't expect the extra huge rhizomes you may get elsewhere but this doesn't make them any less quality. Their catalog has a vast selection too and they have hybridized some mouthwatering selections as evidenced in their full color center section. I've grown a few of their irises for a few years and I really enjoy them...Little John, Robin of Loxley, etc. but got them from other sources. I also like the fact they ship with a "green" attitude...meaning reused box, newspaper instead of new excelsior. Environmentally friendly and they will be making MY environment beautiful! I am happy I finally tried them...I will order again.

On August 11th, 2008, Cheesy added the following: Just received another order from Winterberry Gardens. A+++ As an update from last year...every iris I received from them thrived and about 98 percent bloomed. That is a rarity for me. I appreciate the generosity of this garden and the good customer service approach. They actually looked at what I had ordered and figured out some gifts I may like based on what I had ordered AND ALSO sent me the majority of what was on my wish list! I was very pleased. I got a lot of fantastic stuff and am looking forward next year, both in bloom and reordering! The catalog is always nearby as a reference for me and there is a lot of good cultural information contained in it also. I am definately going to try Don Spoon's suggestions for germinating iris seeds and growing seedlings. (I've not had good luck with germination in the past couple of years) Great selection of historics and harder to find irises, especially in the median classes which is shrinking in most other grower's catalogs.

On Jul 27, 2007, ridingthewind (1 reviews) from Mount Holly, NJ

What a wonderful iris source! The order was perfect, the folks are super, and the rhizomes are just awesome. And I think they must be mind readers to boot: they also sent extras that were just perfect selections! Just delightful!

On Mar 30, 2006, Margiempv (30 reviews) from Oro Valley, AZ (Zone 9a)

I've only ordered from them once..................... but will gladly order from them agian in a heartbeat! Very friendly people, quick to answer e-mails, they send nice, large, healthy rhizomes and extras. It was a wonderful experience! Recommended!

On Sep 20, 2005, Mainecoon (14 reviews) from Shepherd, MT

This is my second yr ordering from Winterberry. I was happy with my iris last yr, not a single one lost over winter, rhizomes were heathly & roots were not chopped off which helps them to establish growth before winter in my area. Thank you for keeping those roots long. All iris I got last yr bloomed, I love Pretender (bonus). I am looking forward to the blooms next yr of the iris I ordered from you this yr as all have new growth,especially First Contact.

On Jun 18, 2005, Elizabethtown (8 reviews) from Hagerstown, MD (Zone 6a)

4 Green Thumbs Way Up! Both DH & I visited in person on our first experience during a drive through the Virginia countryside. Both Don and Ginny were very welcoming, in fact spent a long while teaching us how to hybridize irises. Left with several potted irises, a catalog, and about $30 less. We've ordered every year since and have never been disappointed. Very generous with bonus iris too. Gardens are neat, well labelled, and each order is dug by a member of the Spoon family.

On July 27th, 2007, Elizabethtown added the following: Received order this year, from time sent order form and check until I received the plants was less than a week (and it was a late order too boot!) Still waiting on other growers orders placed earlier in the season! Thanks Don & Ginny!

On Aug 24, 2004, patnjbob (23 reviews) from Blossom, TX

This is my first order with the Spoons..Ginny has been super good answering email and I look forward to the iris coming in the next week. I have heard wonderful comments about the iris they send..I will order some next year as their new releases pictured in their catalog are wonderful.

On Jul 13, 2004, grusonia (4 reviews) from Belen, NM

I contacted Winterberry last year looking for a particular cultivar of Iris. They had it, were very cooperative and friendly, and I ended up ordering a large order from them. The plants received were all very healthy, and have established well. I will order from them again in the future, and highly recommend them.

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