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On May 11, 2015, Muffin17 (2 reviews) from North Chelmsford, MA

The 6 Wedgewood Blue lilacs I purchased about ten years ago from Fox Hill Lilac Nursery are in full bloom at my home in Massachusetts and gorgeous. I was new to gardening when I ordered them but felt I was ordering from a lilac "specialist" in Maine. I was right. The lilacs were small when I received them, which I preferred for planting. They were and still are very healthy. We have enjoyed them every year and every year they are more beautiful. I have other lilacs, but prefer the shorter size and beautiful color of Wedgewood Blue. These are not as "leggy" as the other taller lilacs. I recommend Fox Hill Nursery for lilacs.

On May 11, 2015, landreyev (16 reviews) from Sandyville, WV (Zone 6b)

Just purchased 2 lilacs from this company. The transaction was straighforward, easy, and the plants received were very healthy with excellent root systems. Seller communicated via email in a very prompt manner and the plants were also very well packed. They've been planted and are leafing out wonderfully.

On May 17, 2009, keelybird57 (11 reviews) from Aurora, IL

The plant is nice. Arrived on time and grew well. But it bloomed this spring and is not what I expected. I do not remember the name, but it was supposed to be pink. This is definitely lilac-lavender. I am disappointed.

On Oct 30, 2008, amjdmck (2 reviews) from Great Barrington, MA

I just ordered 7 lilac plants and they arrived the day after I placed the order! All the plants had nice root systems and looked very healthy. Although Eric mentioned that they were on the small side (he discounted the price), they were actually bigger than I had expected. The packaging was great - they were still very moist when I took them out of the box. I will look forward to placing more orders in the future.

On May 26, 2008, Ahab26 (4 reviews) from Beverly, MA

I have ordered lilacs from Fox Hill twice now and have nothing but positive things to say about the owner. He is a very honest individual and manages to successfully run a business that provides hard-to-find lilacs to the public while also having a full-time job unrelated to this work. His business style is unique and quite refreshing in my opinion. I will continue to do business with him every year, as he treats you with respect when you do the same.

On Apr 28, 2008, lavenderblush (1 reviews) from Reston, VA

I first attempted to fax an order to this nursery (22 Apr). Fax number didn't work. I then called, leaving a phone number and hours I can be contacted. A week later, still no return phone call. Although the website indicates they are still in operation, I'm not sure this nursery still exists.

On Oct 3, 2005, jisherman (1 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

I carefully followed Fox Hill's instructions and ordered my lilacs by fax well before their fall deadline. I left phone messages and emailed them several times in the following month to make sure they got my order and to confirm a delivery date. I even emailed them a copy of my order form, just in case there was some mix-up. Finally, after weeks with no response whatsovever, I got an email back from the owner saying he never got my order and wouldn't be sending me my lilacs. He also wrote about how long and hard he's been working and that he might quit the business because of all the negative emails he's been receiving. Well, I'm sorry for his troubles, but come on. Who runs a business this way? By now, it's probably too late to order from anyone else this year.

On Jul 27, 2004, KYGardenGirl (12 reviews) from Georgetown, KY

I ordered lilac fertilizer from them earlier this year, and it arrived quickly. Eric was very helpful providing lilac information via email.

On Jul 8, 2004, Legoli (3 reviews) from Saint Louis, MO

The sheer number of lilacs offered here is breathtaking. However, I was unable to complete my transaction with this company. Please be aware that if you order past their unposted ship-date, you will not receive your plants and they will not let you know you will not be receiving your order.

On Aug 11, 2003, spaniel (2 reviews) from North Yarmouth, ME (Zone 5a)

I am glad to see that everyone else experiences good mail order service from Fox Hill Nursery. I have the luxury of visiting Eric in person and I can tell you that the company he runs is just dynamite. And for those of you whole haven't tried it, try his lilac food. I don't think you can beat it!

On Feb 11, 2002, greagan (5 reviews)

WONDERFUL! Knowledgeable and UNBELIEVABLE variety. Best place I've found for lilacs. Plants shipped in super condition and planting/care instructions very helpful. Thank goodness there are still people who are committed to preserving and expanding REAL lilacs!

On Apr 1, 1999, ADuverre (4 reviews)

If you love lilacs you GOTTA try this nursery.We had ordered quite a while ago, then moved several times; the catalogs lost track of us, we lost the address/ ph # & so on. We'd begun to despair that the nursery no longer existed, then suddenly just this year we re-discovered it online.The plants are beautiful, healthy, and tough -- you won't find a lot of the varieties 'just anywhere' -- and no place is more ready & willing to share info on selection-siting-care or whatever else you need to know. When last we ordered we were stuck with several difficult sites: dreadful soil texture, harsh exposures, limited space. I wrote Fox Hill (you can email now of course!) with site details, asking doubtfully if lilacs could possibly survive there. They responded promptly with a wonderful choice of named varieties to suit, suggested a few simple easy things to do to help the plants survive, & very kindly advised me not to worry myself to death about their lilacs if I ordered them, lol. We did order and the Fox Hill folks were right; those great plants not only survived, but flourished. Personally I think Fox Hill should be the first place for all lilac-lovers to check but most especially for those living east of the Mississippi.

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