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On Aug 23, 2016, Jumaran (1 reviews) from Two Harbors, MN

I live in Minnesota and have purchased fruit trees from this company. I found out about them from this site. Absolutely wonderful company: great trees (peach and cherry), very reasonable prices, affordable shipping, helpful, responsive staff, and stands by guarantee (replaced a Rainier cherry that didn't leaf out the summer it was purchased). I am experimenting with growing these zone 5 fruits in my zone 4 area- I am using my permanent greenhouse, containers and movable, individual greenhouses (with success- at least this first season). I can't even buy these trees here, so was very happy to purchase sizable ones through Van Wells. I don't expect them to cover losses from my experimentation- I only lost 1 containerized Bing cherry that I over-wintered with several other peach and cherry trees in an unheated garage. It survived winter, buds started to swell, then just stopped and slowly died. I couldn't figure out why...a Rainier and Kristen wintered with it had hundreds of cherries. Van Wells makes it affordable to experiment, and those (actual) tree-ripened MINNESOTA GROWN sweet cherries and peaches are doubley satisfying!

On Mar 21, 2016, Fishman1 (16 reviews) from Selden, NY

Contacted this company via E-mail to obtain information about sizes and shipping charges for apple trees. Was treated as if I was bothering someone who had more important things to do, extremely terse and unhelpful. No time for customers questions. Not a friendly company.....

On May 7, 2014, ndboy (3 reviews) from Bellwood, NE

I cant tell you how impressed I am with this company. I ordered trees from three different companies this year, the other two being Gurney's and Stark Brothers. The trees I received from Van Well were far superior than any of the other companies. Customer service was excellent. I ordered 1 Cherry and 3 Peach Trees. The caliper on the trees was great. They were well branched, tall and very alive. Anytime I called customer service they were very helpful even though my order was not large. The tree prices were $15.50 + shipping. I ended up paying $25/tree. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

On Oct 29, 2013, BiffLundgren (8 reviews) from Midland, MI

I ordered a large (for me) quantity of trees, 2 peaches, 3 pears, 6 cherry and 6 or so apple trees. All of the trees came in very good health. The trunks were very straight. The cherry trees were amazing as far as health. All the trees were very solid. I had a farmer who was helping me to prepare my land for me that didn't have time to get it done due to the very wet spring we had. So, I had to put them in the ground and then transplant them again to their desired spots when he was done working my land. Every single one of my trees made it from Van Well Nursery. This is a great company to order trees from and they have a very informative and fun website to look over...at least it is for me!

On Jan 27, 2013, ldsowels (1 reviews) from New Baltimore, MI

Posted on April 12, 2012, updated January 27, 2013 I ordered directly from Van Well Nursery March 2012. They were very helpful on the phone and gave me good information about ordering my apple trees. Their website is very informative also. My 4 apple tree's arrive as they told me (week of April 1st for Michigan). The tree's are bareroots packed in mulch. Healthy and moist. They are approx 4 feet tall and were approx $14.95 ea.+ shipping. Great instructions on planting and watering. So far they are doing good and I would definitely order from them again and looking for other apple tree's for next year. (They were sold out of the other types I wanted for this yr)

On January 27th, 2013, ldsowels added the following: Update 1/27/13 My 4 Apple tree's are doing very well and I am so satisfied I just ordered more... 2 peach, 1 prune, 1 Granny Smith. When ordering, they are so kind and helpful. Thx.

On Feb 2, 2011, hostamomma (12 reviews) from Dundee, IL

Couldn't be happier with ordering process! I found this company through the watchdog. They have a good selection on different types of rootstocks. While they are obviously geared to commercial growers they made me feel like a valued customer! One of their sales specialists, Joe, made recommendations on rootstock for my area and suggested a few varieties I didn't have in my order. What is even better, their prices for small orders are reasonable (15 dollars per tree) and their minimum order for a price drop is much lower than other growers - at 15 trees it drops to 10 dollars per tree!!! I get to pick when they will ship. I look forward to posting updates on this grower!

On Sep 22, 2010, the_librarian (1 reviews) from Newcastle, ME

These folks are the best- THE BEST!!!- provider of fruit trees I have found to date. Their trees are large, well-grown, healthy, and they come on a variety of dwarfing rootstocks as well as in standard sizes. The trees are well packed, ship promptly and the people at Van Well respond quickly to emails and phone calls. I wish I had more room to expand my orchard so I could buy more trees from this fine family-run business. KUDOS!

On May 20, 2009, nygardener2 (12 reviews) from New Hyde Park, NY

First class++++ The trees were huge and supreme service. Would not order from stark after here. Its also a family run nursery which is another plus in my book.

On Apr 5, 2009, vieja (8 reviews) from albuquerque, NM (Zone 7a)

I wanted a dwarf Cameo apple tree & found VanWell nursery was the only one I found to have it available on dwarf rootstock. The tree came last spring in very good condition & well packaged. The root system was fantastic! This spring that tree is loaded with blossoms; hopefully the fruit will be as good as I had hoped for. I would recommend this nursery again ... not cheap but I got the quality that I paid for! I

On May 7, 2008, troman1973 (8 reviews) from Bellwood, NE (Zone 5a)

I just received two peach trees from them. They were in excellent shape, well wrapped and very tall. Before that the customer service was excellent, they helped me out with my small order like I was a commercial grower. The best part was the price which included shipping and handling. I will be ordering from them again.

On May 22, 2007, amandaemily (12 reviews) from Gulf Coast,
United States (Zone 9a)

Purchased two trees directly from their offices in Wenatchee - flowering crab apple and a peach. Cheap, hardy and healthy trees. If I wasn't into growing heirloom apples instead of the commercial varieties, I'd be more than happy to buy more trees from them :-)

On Jul 16, 2006, Ponditis (12 reviews) from Lincoln City, OR (Zone 9a)

I have ordered several things from this company in a couple of orders and they have great products, fantastic customer service and even good prices. They can even guide you to what is needed to pollinate their trees for the largest harvests.

On Jun 19, 2006, BAGTIC (2 reviews) from Thayer, MO

I ordered several trees from Van Well this year. They arrived promptly, on schedule, and were of excellent quality. I will be ordering more this fall.

On Dec 20, 2004, JOF (2 reviews)

I have been buying fruit trees from Van Wells for over fifty years and have yet to be dissappointed. Their trees are strong, true to name and have an excellent survival rate.Their sales staff is very knowlegable and helpfull.

On Apr 19, 2004, garyjewell (2 reviews) from Raleigh, NC

I received 4 cherry trees from them about a month ago. They were helpful in answering my questions and I got exactly what I asked for in great shape. All are doing well and I plan to order from them again. They allow you to choose when they will ship and that's when they sent them.

On Jan 30, 2002, Ruth2 (6 reviews)

Have ordered several bare-root trees from this nursery over several years. The only problem is that there is little choice of rootstock, but you can order late if you forget in fall as is required by several suppliers. The trees were always good.

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