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Indianapolis, Indiana 46278 (United States)
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On Apr 30, 2007, tropbavard (3 reviews) from Chicago, IL

I bought a Phragmipedium from Hoosier Orchid at the Mid-America Orchid Congress this past weekend. Leon told me everything I wanted to know about my purchase. Even waited as I wrote down everything he was telling me. The only thing I regret is not buying a healthy Miltonia regnelii var. alba that was right in front of me. My specimen is beautiful (in spite of the abuse it took from the wind and sun on the way home) and about to bloom. All of the plants they had for sale were beautiful, and the prices were very reasonable. I don't know what their mailorder service is like, but I know that they grow beautiful plants and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

On Jan 21, 2007, petit_potager (29 reviews)

I ordered about 600 Kord pots for my Spring propagation schedule. They shipped the following day and arrived within four days of my order. There were two broken pots. I would order pots (only) from them again. On plant purchases, however, their guarantee states that plants “leave our nursery in good condition.” – “Their safe arrival cannot be guaranteed” - They plainly state that they do not guarantee safe arrival and instruct the customer to retain all packaging materials for inspection by the carrier’s agent and notify Hoosier Orchid of the actions taken. I purchase items on the internet for my convenience. If I receive a damaged purchase, (which is rare as hen’s teeth) the last thing I want to do is tie up my time on the phone. Subsequently shifting through a gazillion menus while on hold and attempting to locate the correct department for assistance. Then scheduling appointments with carrier’s agents whom I must wait around for their arrival at my home, and standing there while they rifle through the shipment damage that I had to circumvent stepping over for the previous week in my entryway, waiting for the agent to write their findings in a report. Subsequently waiting additional days for their “supervisor” to sign off on their findings. Then, fiddle with my credit card company’s adjustments, while getting involved with an avalanche of emails explaining who did what, and with which, and to whom to Hoosier Orchids, whom I take the unequivocal position is responsible for handling any problem that arises prior to my possession of my purchase. I obviously take exception to such shipping and business policies and avoid them at all costs.

On Aug 28, 2006, xineann (11 reviews) from Beaverton, OR

I ordered a Vandofinetia Blaupunkt from Hoosier Orchids. It arrived quickly, well packed, is very healthy, and a great value for the size. I am real pleased. The only reservations I have are the disclaimers in the package. If there had been a problem, Hoosier Orchids directs you to deal with the carrier, not them. My feeling is the person I bought it from is responsible for getting it to me in an acceptable form and it isn't my problem until after that. But I didn't have a problem and I'd be willing to take the chance again when the weather is nice and not too much money is involved.

On May 11, 2005, tervherd (10 reviews) from Lima, OH

I have been to their facility and have been very impressed with the quality of their orchid plants and how helpful they were. I have also ordered online and never had a problem. Will definately visit them again.

On Jun 5, 2004, horsepj (1 reviews)

I went there last summer with a friend. They gave us a wonderful tour of the facility. When we chose what plants we wanted, we received excellent advice on care.

On Dec 26, 2003, Homer_Zn5 (7 reviews) from Jamestown, IN

I just visited Hoosier Orchid Company for the first time this week. All I have to say is "WOW!" The selection was great, the prices were reasonable, and the service was OUTSTANDING. Leon took me through the greenhouse and pointed out several orchid varieties that would meet my requirements in a terrarium setup. He spent at least 30-45 minutes showing me around and explaining things to me . . . and he even seemed to enjoy himself doing so (I know I certainly enjoyed it). I have NEVER received such GREAT service at a nursery, and I have been to several. If you are even slightly interested in orchids, this is the place to frequent.

On February 28th, 2004, Homer_Zn5 added the following: I returned to Hoosier Orchids again today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My wife gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, and I took the afternoon to spend it properly. The staff was once again very helpful and informative, and more than willing to answer any questions I had. I cannot overemphasize the great customer service and wonderful stock Hoosier Orchid Company displays. This place is a gem of a site, and I'm just glad that I work long hours . . . otherwise I'd be there all the time and make a pest of myself. Thanks again, Leon, and the rest of the friendly Hoosier Staff. If you're looking for Masde's, there is no finer place. If you're looking for service, no one else compares!

On May 19, 2003, SusanMichelle (5 reviews) from Brownsburg, IN

Oh yes...Leon is the best! Full of tons of information. I am an Orchid Newbie, but he never makes you feel like one, even when you ask the most basic question. Great variety of orchids. I drool everytime I visit!

On Feb 24, 2003, R7Healer (1 reviews)

Absolutely NO service after the sale.

On Apr 11, 2002, Orchid_Jungle (3 reviews) from Thorntown, IN (Zone 5a)

This place is great. If you ever have a chance, go there and visit. Everyone there is really nice. They will answer any question, orchid related or not. They have one of the largest collections of species orchids anywhere. I live about 20 min. from there so they are my closest source for plants, they are great! Everything from quality seedlings to huge blooming specimen plants. I highly reccomend them. Ask for Leon, he is the best.

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