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The scoop on 'Golden Harvest Organics'

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Golden Harvest Organics

Mailing Address:
404 North Impala Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 (United States)

Fax: (413) 383-2836

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This company offers a variety of gardening supplies.

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Positive Allwild
North, TX
(5 reviews)
January 12, 2010
I have used this company several times and always receive excellent service and superior products. The first time I ordered from them was for the Supreme Neem (a great product) & couldn't resist.. so ordered some of the organic seeds also. All of the seeds sprouted and produced excellent crops. I have since ordered seeds (aswellas other products) two more times.

Besides my orders being prompt & accurate, I have had 100% germination of the seeds that I have planted so far. I look forward to trying GHOrganics' fertilizer this spring with the heirloom tomatoes that I ordered. Especially after reading the great results of other DGers in the past, I expect that I will be pleased. Will get back here to report.

I will be ordering from this company again, and again! And every time I order, I receive a free pack of seeds!! The arugula is very good!!!

Positive sylviez5il
Houston, TX
(1 review)
January 7, 2008
Recommended to me by several gardening friends. The products I have purchased are fantastic. I was pleased to find they have hard to locate products like BT for fungus gnats and Coco Coir bricks. Their organic Golden Harvest fertilizer works better than anything I have ever used. My orchids love it .They are helpful when I have questions, have good service and ship right away too!
Positive PetitPois
Charlottesville, VA
(7 reviews)
March 15, 2007
I love the coco peat, and the package arrived speedily.
Positive cderos
Aurora, CO
(1 review)
August 31, 2006
I have been purchasing their fantastic (but smelly!) fertilizer for a few years now. It's the best I've EVER encountered. People at the office marvel at how well the plants do and have asked my secret. I gladly tell them. Another wonderful product (if you have ever been plagued by gnats flying around your face emanating from your plants) is their Gnatrol - for fungus gnats that arrive in almost all potting soil that you buy. After a few applications, they are gone for good. I've purchased quite a few tomato seeds as well which turned into great producing plants. I've tried many of their products and heartily endorse every one. I love that I can email with plant problems and they actually take the time to answer.
Positive Trekincat
Novato, CA
(1 review)
November 30, 2005
FINALLY! a company whose products WORK, best of all they are organic . I have 10 brown thumbs can't grow a plant to save my life. After the passing of my mother I inherited her plants, After losing 2, I was devistated and getting desperate. I contacted many online Gardening websites, and searching desperately for help and getting no responses or a list of items I could buy that "may" help. I found Golden Harvest Organics, I e-mailed them explaining my dilema,desperation and stress, I received a very kind and concerned e-mail from the owner Judi,she asked me a few questions, and gave me some suggestions and within 3 days I received a package in the mail from them, I was very bewildered. Upon opening the package was a 16 oz bag of her special natural fertalizer. I immediately tried it and WOW!! ALL of my plants are thriving, the plants I inherited from my mother are very old and to lose them would have been like losing my mother all over again. She didn't charge me, Judi even called a few weeks later to see how the plants were doing, Now THAT is great customer service. I asked to send payment for her wonderful fertalizer and all the time she had spent e-mailing me and doctoring my plants back to health, but she wouldn't accept 1 penny.
Golden Harvest Organics has a customer for life and a very very grateful one at that. I will be spreading the word about the owners personal assistance and great products.
In my book and in my opinion, Golden Harvest is THE place to go for all your needs, she saved my mothers plants.
I haven't dealt with an online company who IMO went far far above the call of duty, Her concern was real, her knowledge and help superb. I don't know diddly squat about plants, but she really took her time to help me, explaining things in terms I could understand ,never talking down to me or making me feel like an idiot. I've learned alot from her. And I know if I ever have a question, no matter how trivial or stupid it may be, I'll get a honest and sincere, caring response.
Judi, if you read this Thank YOU!!!!!! from the bottom of my heart for keeping my mothers plants alive, and in doing so, keeping a part of my mother alive and with me.
Golden Harvest is #1 in my book, items I've since ordered have always arrived within 2-3 days,
All my thanks and much much more ,
Negative purplepapillon
Sparks, NV
(3 reviews)
August 30, 2005
In early 2005, I ordered seeds and other products from these folks. After a reasonable waiting period, I contacted them and explained that my order had not arrived. They claimed it had been shipped and delivered; I was equally adament that I had not received it. Numerous messages were sent back and forth, creating stress and headaches. They finally resent the order but implied that I was trying to cheat them. With all the internet companies competing for my business, I see no reason to do business with one with poor customer service.
Positive marcop
Plover, WI
(15 reviews)
June 18, 2005
I purchased a one-pound bag of Golden Harvest Organics natural fertilizer and was very impressed with the results.
It dramatically inreased the size of my plants within a short period of time. The results were truly amazing! I have twelve hibiscus plants which were begining to develop holes in the leaves so I applied GHO's fertilizer to the foliage and very quickly the problem went away and as an added bonus these plants made a sudden spurt in their growth. I could not be more pleased when the same thing occurred with my
Tomato Plants which were also sagging behind in their development. GHO's fertilizer snapped them out of their doldrums with dramatic growth. I heartily recommend this company and its fertilizer because I have seen a positve effect on other vegtables and flowers as well.
Neutral robsteroo
San Marcos, CA
(1 review)
February 15, 2005
I have been getting my organic gardening products from them for 3 plus years now. My plants and soil get healthier all the time. I do not in live an area that is conducive to most any gardening. Rough climate, short season, bad soil etc. Between my labor and the products there has been a substantial improvement. I can really grow now! I love it!

I first heard of Golden Harvest Organics here and in Kitchen Gardener Magazine.

Rob Zone 4 ND
Editor's Note: This comment originated from the same computer as "ger1351" and "sally20." It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot create multiple identities in order to inflate a company's rating, nor can a company pose as its own customer in order to leave feedback. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Neutral sally20
(2 reviews)
February 11, 2005
What a wonderful company this is! Their shipping is so fast and the goods are extremely high quality. I get my fertilizer products and tomato seeds from them. Nothing but good things to say about them.

They were recommended to me by several neighbors who use their products and I saw the results they got. That convinced me to give them a try. The claims on their fertilizer products are right on. I couldn't be more pleased. The tomato seeds are always robust. I am a regular customer now and shall continue to be.
Editor's Note: This comment originated from the same computer as "ger1351" and "robsteroo." It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot create multiple identities in order to inflate a company's rating, nor can a company pose as its own customer in order to leave feedback. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Positive ianandsara
La Grange, IL
(12 reviews)
January 28, 2005
Have ordered several times from this lovely little company. Sent the wrong product once, apologized profusely, fixed it fast and told me to keep the mistake. Perfect!
Neutral ger1351
Hillside, NJ
(2 reviews)
January 9, 2005
Excellent service and goods. I love their GH brand fertilizer! I was turned on to this company by friends who are already their customers. They are a solid company devoted to organic growing as am I. The company has a great reputation too. Their articles have been published in numerous organic agricultural publications.
Editor's Note: This comment originated from the same computer as "sally20" and "robsteroo." It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot create multiple identities in order to inflate a company's rating, nor can a company pose as its own customer in order to leave feedback. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Neutral Herbs4u
Pierson, FL
(1 review)
December 26, 2004
WOW! I am impressed with this business. I found some unusual organic growing products I was looking for. The price was right and the shipping prompt. Received 2 free packs of seeds too- nice bonus. Nice selection of heirloom tomato seeds.

The website is interesting with some sound advice for gardeners. Ordering is simplistic but easy to use. An enthusiastic recommendation for this company from me!

The pesticide update is a great source of information as is the companion planting page. Also a few recipe pages that I want to try. They sound yummy.

Do I recommend this company? A resounding "you bet I do!"
Editor's Note: This comment originated from the same computer as "ernesto." It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot create multiple identities in order to inflate a company's rating, nor can a company pose as its own customer in order to leave feedback. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Neutral ernesto
(1 review)
December 25, 2004
I am fairly new to dealing with this company. They were reommended to me by friends. The service and products are simply the best. I haven't had such a good experince with a gardening type mail order company before. I can recommend Golden Harvest to others with total confidence.

Ernie S
Editor's Note: This comment originated from the same computer as "herbs4u." It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot create multiple identities in order to inflate a company's rating, nor can a company pose as its own customer in order to leave feedback. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Positive envirogal
(1 review)
December 1, 2004
I live in an area with a short growing season. Their fertilizer products have helped get me get maximum production from my vegetable and flowers like I have NEVER experienced before. In fact that is an understatement. Shipping is always very prompt. I have zero complaints and nothing but kudos for GH Organics! Keep up the good work folks.
Positive scotaring
(2 reviews)
November 17, 2004
I have had the best of luck with their heirloom tomato seeds plus many of their other products that I have tried. The service is excellent and the shipping is fast. In my opinion they really go that extra mile for the customer!

Scott A.
Positive oldmcdonald
(1 review)
October 18, 2004
Superb products and company. There just is nothing like their GH fertilizer. The results I get with it are amazing. I found them here at Garden Watch Dog too! An enthusiastic thank you to them and GDW!
Positive koifarm
(Zone 6b)
(3 reviews)
August 25, 2004
I also found them in Organic Gardening and I love them love them love them! Great products, great service and alot of good advice - the "current issues" articles are a must-read.
Positive eztrails
(2 reviews)
August 6, 2004
I like their website- it's very straight forward and interesting! It's products and service that count. They meet those requirements and then some. I too think their GH Fertilizer is the best ever. The shipping is very speedy and fairly priced. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased. I've had the best luck with their heirloom tomato seeds also. Excellent germination rates.

Their pivacy policy is strict. They totally respect your personal info and I truly appreciate that. I have been a customer since 1998.
Positive memphisgarden
(2 reviews)
July 15, 2004
As others have said here, the web site is nothing fancy but full of information. The service and products are great. Also, the prices are very reasonable Ive paid much more for products that have not performed as well. Never before have I received garden products via the mail so fast. The fertilizer is wonderful. I have purchased twice from Golden Harvest and look forward to doing so again. Thank you Garden Watchdog would never have found this company on my own!
Positive phishy
(2 reviews)
June 7, 2004
I saw this company listed in a seaweed article in Rodales Organic Gardening Magazine. Thought I'd give them a look. I found severral items I wanted, placed my order and had it within 3 days. WOW! Too my delight each product has preformed beyond the claims they make and my expectations. A great company in my humble opinion. On-line ordering isn't fancy but easy to use.
Positive lowdown
(1 review)
April 24, 2004
I raise African violets and tuberous begonias on a large scale. I find that their Golden Harvest Fertilizer is superb for the plants! My orders are filled promptly and courteously. I am pleased with their other products as well. I do, indeed, recommend them to others.
Positive sadie_mae
Central, KY (Zone 6b)
(42 reviews)
April 21, 2004
This was my first order from them. Online ordering was easy, delivery very prompt, packaging was excellent. Will be back to try more products.
Positive steffe
(2 reviews)
March 24, 2004
I've ordered twice from them now and am impressed with the products so far. They ship fast and everything is well packed. I am a stickler about that! I love their fertilizer and C-Spray seaweed powder. Their tomato seeds have done great for me and I use the Coco Peat to germinate them in. All in all I highly recommend them! Their website is a gem for just the information alone.

Thanks Garden Watch Dog- without you I wouldn't have found them!
Positive Angus56er
(1 review)
February 25, 2004
I made an order with this company and I had some trouble with their on-line ordering. They called me right away and got everything straightened out. I got my order in 2 days. I've already used their GH fertilizer and my plants look better after one treatment which seems impossible but they do! I can certainly recommend this fine company to other garden watchdog folks! I hope their tomato seeds are as good as the fertilizer. I have just planted the seeds. They certainly have some interesting heirloom seeds. Just tomatoes though but an excellent variety. I like the free seeds with any order. Freebies are always cool!

Positive seawards
(2 reviews)
February 12, 2004
I love this company- no kidding! Excellent products and fast shipping. Use their GH fertilizer all the time. I originally went to their site for information on pest control, and they have a bunch! Well I ended up a customer!
Positive HappyBoy
(1 review)
January 29, 2004
Super horticulture products. I have a small organic farm in Canada and my orders from them have helped my farm thrive! They have some unusual fertilizers that are wonderful. Keep on truckin' Golden Harvest Organics! Darn good, viable tomato seeds too. Love the free seeds with order! I'm a happy boy and happy customer.

Roger in Ontario
Positive roadster
(2 reviews)
January 22, 2004
I have ordered several times from this company. Their products are superior in everyway. They really do test everything to see if it meets their standards. I know this as I spoke to them about it. I feel this is very important that a company can stand behind what it sells.

Their Golden Harvest Natural fertilizer is the best I have ever used and being an all purpose fertilizer is fantastic. They have a great choice of heirloom tomato seeds that come from their own plants!!! I do give them a rock solid recommendation.
Positive vegman
(3 reviews)
January 4, 2004
GHorganics is superior company with all kinds of organic growing products. If they don't have it they will help you find it. They ship fast too.

Their website is a wealth of organic and general gardening methods by itself. I often find home made solutions to my growing troubles there.

I hope they will be around a long time, just like Garden Watch Dog!!!!!!!!!!!
Positive youiswhatyouis
(1 review)
December 26, 2003
Excellent products, service, shipping and email support. My experience with the products I have orderd so far have been great, S&H is a fair price. I highly recommend this company.
I have been become a repeat customer and I am most particular. I want quality products only. I can personally endorse their GH Fertilizer and HumAcid. I am going to try the tomato seeds and Neem Oil this year. Personal contacts have had excellent results with them.

Positive contraryd
(2 reviews)
December 12, 2003
Thanks to Garden Watch Dog and all the members for their comments which convinced me to order from this business. their products do the job. I had a terrible whitefly infestation and their suggestions were just what I ordered and they worked! I'm now using some of their fertilizer products. Dynamite in small packages. Really I would not use anything else now and I've been gardening for 36 years. The results are that impressive!

Give 'em a try folks. Can't say much more.
Positive annag39
(1 review)
November 30, 2003
A very reliable outfit with (imho) excellent gardening products. I've been buying heirloom tomato seeds from them for 3 years running. High quality seeds, true to name. Use their fertilizer too. Excellent. I've had some prize winning tomatoes.

I try to use no pesticides, organic or not. When I have a bad situation I do use their insect soap and supreme neem oil.

My kudos to! They know how to treat a customer!
Positive brett45
(2 reviews)
November 22, 2003
First I will say that I just love their own brand fertilizer. It's one of a kind and I use it on everything.

They have a nice array of gardening supplies, most of which I believe are organic. Tomato seeds selection is very interesting and seeds I have ordered were superior plus some most unusual varities.

The website itself is chock full of great information. They do more than sell products they are there to help you. I would suggest looking at the website for the info and I highly suggest you give their products a try.

Positive desertdog
(2 reviews)
November 2, 2003
A mega source of organic/alternative gardening info. Orders arrive quickly and I have yet to be disappointed in any of their ptoducts. Good selection of heiloom tomato seeds too! Product quality is consistent.
Positive silverstar
(3 reviews)
October 19, 2003
Number one in my book for gardening needs and tomato seeds. They put the customer first and treat you right. Their fertilizer is like "green lightening" for plants. Service is reliable and quick.
Positive paulhunter
(2 reviews)
October 12, 2003
I could not be more pleased with this outfit. They have excellent information on their products and gardening in general. Their Golden Harvest Organic Fertilizer is the best and their heirloom tomato seeds is an interesting selection. The seeds I have purchased from them had excellent germination rates and were true to name. At least the ones I have knowledge of. I've hardly tried them all but I found Moskvich, Red Peach and Scotland Yellow to be delicious and productive. I also recommend their HumAcid product. My experience with it has been nothing but positive!

Thank you to Garden Watch Dog for supplying this great service. I doubt I would have found this company otherwise.

Paul Hunter
Positive grizzly
(2 reviews)
October 3, 2003
Wonderful organic products of all kinds. I love their neem oil, fertilizers and coco peat (seed starting or soil amendment.) I've been ordering for 2 years and am always pleassed with service. My hearty (now green;-) thumbs up to this company!

Positive Greta195
(1 review)
September 28, 2003
A company with an informative website, outstanding products and they really know their stuff. Helped me save an ailing cherry tree. I love their GH fertilizer, it's fantastic. They ACTUALLY list all the ingerdients too! No filler junk. I would say they are simply an honest business.
Positive peskyjo
(1 review)
September 20, 2003
I am completely satisfied with Golden Harvest Organics. All the products I have ordered and used so far are top notch in their performance and true to their claims made on the website. I am one ecstatic customer and happy with the company's service. I plan to try some of their tomato seeds next season. I am sold on their fertilizer products. I've never seen results like I am getting from the products on my plants. The site is full of great infomation too.

I cannot recommend them enough to other fellow gardeners.
Positive ogmaniac
(1 review)
August 30, 2003
I have used their Supreme Neem oil for a garden spray in my veggie garden with very good results. It makes a great mosquito repellent though a bit smelly but who cares. I use many of their products and am more than happy with the preformance. NO false claims on the products either.

They answer email quickly and the shipping is super fast. Their prices are quite reasonable too.

The site is a wealth of information for any kind of grower and hey, that's free;-). Bonus free seeds with each purchase too. I love a freebie!!!

The site is well laid out and ordering is easy.

Henry- Small organic farm in NY
Positive sunflowers
(2 reviews)
August 16, 2003
I am impressed with this company! I ordered a few weeks ago. My order arrived within 3 days- wow! We are in a drought where I live and their HumAcid and Golden Harvest fertilizer have helped my plants beyond what I expected.......... way beyond given the conditions here. I and my plants heartily recommend them and their products.

My garden appears to have a really good chance now!!!

Thank you!


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