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On Aug 3, 2009, papaver8 (1 reviews) from Glasgow,
United Kingdom

Have bought from them for more than 15 years. Plants always supplied in good condition and correctly labelled and very well packed/

On Oct 18, 2003, Iann (11 reviews) from Manchester,
United Kingdom

I ordered three species of autumn crocus this year, my first order with Broadleigh. They don't have an online merchant service yet so you will be paying by cheque or over the phone, but that was all handled simply. The order arrived in August and all the bulbs were in good condition, packed in paper bags with a few wood shavings. When the bulbs flowered, the Crocus pulchellus turned out to be C. speciosus the common or garden autumn crocus available everywhere. The C. nudiflorus have flowered as expected. The C. laevigatus are still beneath the ground waiting to flower in December, but the distinctive bulbs mean these are also the correct species. I wrote explaining what had happened and received an apology and credit note by return of post. So the customer service is good, but I am always wary of ordering if I might not get what I order. The jury is still out on Broadleigh, I might just have been unlucky.

On December 15th, 2006, Iann added the following: The Crocus laevigatus from my original order came through as expected and have thrived. I ordered some more plants with my credit note. These arrived all present and correct but the labels were switched on two of the Hostas so my colour scheme is a bit wonky. I'm keeping the neutral rating and most likely won't order again.

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