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On May 16, 2018, orchidlady88 (1 reviews) from Salem, OR

We have purchased twice from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. The first time was two years ago. The weather here in Oregon was cool and rainy for nine days after the bees' arrival. On the 10th day, they all flew off. We did not complain, thinking that sometimes these things happen. When we bought from them this time, there was a storm coming, it had been in the news for days. Pick up day was the day of the storm, with high winds, cold and rain. We picked them up anyway, since the company said "pick up that day or lose your money." It was COLD, and rained for two weeks straight after the bees arrived. They all died. I e-mailed to complain, and reminded Brushy Mountain that accurate weather predictions are available for more than a month in advance. They should have rescheduled the date, and did not. When they finally called me, they claimed the storm just "rolled in" and that they had only 12 hours notice. Apparently they never listen to the news, or check weather predictions. We have spent hundreds of dollars with them, bee jackets, veils, tools, pollen patties and two packages of bees. Yet all they offered was to sell us a nuc for $90! Since we have a top bar hive, there is no guarantee a nuc would even work. Not wanting to throw good money after bad, we declined. Then he said maybe they could come up with some bees for us, at "the end of the season." Right, when they don't have enough time to build comb and gather food before winter comes in. We were appalled at the lousy customer service, after spending so much money. They should survey everyone who picked up bees that stormy day in April. I would be surprised if even 50% of them survived. And if yours didn't, don't expect any help from this company!

On Sep 9, 2015, boysselle (1 reviews) from El Paso, TX

I already e-mail this to this company I had been a loyal customer of yours for years. I bought all my bee equipment from you. DVD Magic of Mead DVD 1 $18.95 SHIPPING: $11.15 UNITED PARCEL SERVICE ORDER TOTAL: $30.10 My last purchase order #11632229, 8/7/2015 was defective, this is what I wrote about your DVD:MAGIC OF MEAD:"video is VHS transferred to DVD. Degraded video/audio quality causes important details to be omitted. Video should be "re-shot" or remastered." So I returned it & I paid $4 for shipping. Your S & H is very expensive. I only received $18.95 refunded! WHY?! Was not my fault that the DVD was defective. All the companies that I do business with, always refunded me S&H when the item is defective;I HAVE A BUSINESS TOO & I do the same

On May 21, 2014, ess (1 reviews) from Naperville, IL

I have found Brushy Mountain to be very helpful and answered my questions fully. I am a new beekeeper and some of the info they gave me was a big help. Also twice I made an error in my order(I'm not usually so clumsy) and both times I was given a heads up and the opportunity to correct it BEFORE it was shipped, saving me all sorts of headaches. They have earned my repeat business!!

On Apr 9, 2014, sjulier (1 reviews) from Hamden, CT

Phone service is not friendly. I have received one order delivered to a Fall meeting that was incorrect. I did not open it on the spot and check contents. My mistake. No email confirmation was sent on this order either. I picked up over $800 worth of equipment and was running a little late. The PA would not wait past 5 pm and seemed put out that I would hold them up. I wish the service matched the quality of the product which is high.

On Sep 28, 2012, yardener (20 reviews) from Greenfield, OH (Zone 6a)

Good quality products; slightly pricey but not bad; phone service is a little unfriendly, especially to the newbees. Sorry Brushy if new beekeepers have problems with proper nomenclature.

On May 26, 2011, freeindeed (1 reviews) from San Jose, CA

I placed my first order with them 2 weeks ago. Before paying there was an option to have the items that are backordered later or wait for the whole order to be completed for shipping. To me backordered means a week or more so i clicked on it. According to my order i payed $77 for shipping. Our first hive and was exciting. There was never any communication about my order or backordered items. I only received by e-mail in 2 days confirmation of two boxes being shipped. Then a day later another box being shipped. I found out later that the last box was the backordered item which was only backordered 1 day. I was fine with it until they billed my visa additional $35 for shipping that box. I called and asked as to why that was and the receptionist told me because i had agree to ship backordered items later. My argument was, simple use common sense if the item was only a day backordered then why not wait an additional day to ship the complete order since I already payed for the whole shipping cost. And if you were to send my backorder item why did you take all my shipping cost of $77 for half the order. Then charge me another $35 for the second box. If my shipping cost was based on the pounds that were in my original order. To me this is called theft and not dealing with a just epha. Businesses always take part of the shipping cost that was paid and use the rest for the backordered items. Otherwise, they should have given me a refund of the partial shipping and charge later for the other shipping cost. The receptionist simply showed no interest of what i thought and careless if i purchase from them again. I went ahead and send them and message through their website, it has been a week and no-one has responded yet. I will not do business with them again nor will recommend to any one. Never have dealt with a business of this type before.

On May 7, 2006, tomfrisch (1 reviews) from Matthews, NC (Zone 7a)

Very good products, I have purchased 4 hives and woodenware from them. Shipping is good. Their catalog is very good and informative.

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