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Bountiful Gardens

Mailing Address:
18001 Shafer Ranch Road
Willits, California 95490-9626 (United States)

Phone: (707) 459-6410
Fax: (707) 459-1925
Paper Catalog Cost: Free in US; $2 to Canada & Mex

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This company offers a variety of gardening supplies and seeds.

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Positive NarrowWayFarm
Brookville, OH
(7 reviews)
March 7, 2016
Took about a week to get our (complete) order during the "spring rush", so they seem to process orders quickly. Each packet came with planting instructions and they included an addition seed germination procedure chart for trees and shrubs since we ordered those types of seeds. I can't say much about the germ rate for the seeds, however if I find them unacceptable, I'll update, otherwise anyone reading this review (after spring/summer 2017) can assume that the germ rate was acceptable.
Positive Scribbles646
Troup, TX (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
February 8, 2016
I purchased several packs of seeds and my tree collard cuttings from Bountiful Gardens in the last year, I had almost 100% germination on the Chinese Quince seeds, and everything came in good condition and the live cuttings have grown well too. They've also got a good catalog.
Positive 4RealFood
Mount Orab, OH (Zone 6a)
(7 reviews)
June 11, 2015
Bountiful Gardens is one of only two places I will order my garden seed from. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with them and I will continue to spread the word about this great company and their wonderful non-GMO seed!
Positive paulobessa
Portugal (Zone 9a)
(6 reviews)
December 5, 2014
Posted on December 5, 2014, updated December 5, 2014
Overall, their experience is positive they certainly have very quality seeds and variety, but you are billed twice.

I ordered a few times from them, almost all the seeds germinate and show excellent quality, but the fact that you are billed first for the order, and second for shipping costs, makes me give a neutral review. And slightly expensive shipping costs.

But if you want to get something from them, don\'t hesitate and expect just a second bill.

In terms of communication, I have nothing to complain from them. They seem friendly and supportive.
On December 5th, 2014, paulobessa changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I just changed my review to positive. I think my review of them is mostly positive, with excellent seeds, despite a few small criticisms.
Positive devinevegan
Igo, CA (Zone 9a)
(12 reviews)
March 8, 2014
Posted on January 22, 2014, updated March 8, 2014
Posted on May 10, 2011, updated January 22, 2014
Posted on May 9, 2011, updated May 10, 2011
I ordered on 5/03 and received my order 2 days later which was great. However I did not receive my "edible flowers" packet which was $15.00. I emailed the company twice but have not received a response. They state that you will not be charged for your order until it is shipped. I was already charged for the flowers and they are shown as "shipped" even though I did not receive them.
On May 10th, 2011, devinevegan changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I ordered on 5/03 and received my order 2 days later which was great. However I did not receive my "edible flowers" packet which was $15.00. I emailed the company twice but have not received a response. They state that you will not be charged for your order until it is shipped. I was already charged for the flowers and they are shown as "shipped" even though I did not receive them.

...I was contacted by email with an apology and they are sending out my flowers! Great :)
On January 22nd, 2014, devinevegan added the following:

I have ordered from this company several times with great success. I highly recommend this seed company to other gardeners.
On March 8th, 2014, devinevegan added the following:

I made another order and they had a small mix-up, I emailed them and they sent out the correct packet right away and let me keep the other packet free of charge. This company does make mistakes sometimes but they always correct it right away and you come out ahead in the end. Super fast shipping with lots of unique choices in Open pollinated seeds. They do not sell any hybrids or PVPs - highly recommended!
Positive hemagloben
Estes Park, CO (Zone 4a)
(6 reviews)
January 31, 2014
I just received another order from Bountiful Gardens and it arrived two days after I ordered it online. This is how fast all my other orders have been in the past. I'm pretty sure this is the fastest shipping I've ever seen.

I really appreciate their selection of compost crops. I've been restoring a formerly abused area of land and I've been very happy with the germination rates, and the vigor of the compost crops. I've had great luck with their Buckwheat, Clovers, Ag Mustard, Fodder Radish, Hairy Vetch, Wheat and Rye.

This year I ordered some Birdsfoot Trefoil, more bulk Ag Mustard, and I'm excited to try some Seakale.

If anyone from BG is listening, it would be great to see bulk Birdsfoot Trefoil available in the future. :)

I'll definitely be ordering more from BG in the future.

Positive weedsfree
Magna, UT (Zone 7a)
(7 reviews)
January 10, 2013
So far my experience with this company has been wonderful. After doing lots of research on their tomatoes offered and comparing prices and shipping costs, I decided to buy from Bountiful Gardens. I inspected the seed and they are great looking. If I have any problems with the seeds and or plants in the future, I will be working with them as best I can as I hope they will with me. I am glad I ordered from Bountiful Gardens and I just may order from them again.
Positive vifferx
Burlingame, CA
(2 reviews)
October 25, 2012
Good quality seeds and selection is good, including a lot of heirloom varieties. A few packets actually came doubled-up as they noted germination rates were low (they were right about that). Packets have planting & germination info on them which is helpful and are also resealable. Have been able to germinate seeds up to 3 years past their packing season!
Positive mehitabel45
Whidbey Island, WA (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
March 11, 2012
I was very surprised at how fast my seeds came, and how many seeds were in the packages. Ordered on Thursday, delivered on Saturday. Pea envelope full to the brim. Nice.

I like the philosophy, and will be back to buy more seeds, and save some from this year, too.
Positive zanna
D, Central Florida, FL (Zone 9a)
(5 reviews)
February 25, 2012
Posted on March 22, 2010, updated February 25, 2012
I actually ordered twice from this company. I am very satisfied. I ordered in February and March, and eventhough they were busier in March, my orders came fast. I was actually pleasantly surprised about how fast it was because the shipping is from California to Florida. I am very happy and I will order from Bountiful Gardens again.
On February 25th, 2012, zanna added the following:

This is now February 2012, I ordered a Oil Press and seeds on the 22nd, and I was expecting to recieve my order at the end of the next week at least. But I was pleasently surprised to see my order at my house on the 24th. I can't believe it! Wow, this is still from California to Florida! 2 days!
Bountiful Gardens you treat each and everyone of your customers like VIP customers. Keep up the good work, and may God Bless you.
Positive Cowgirl2mk
(1 review)
November 10, 2011
Bountiful Gardens was recommended to me by a vendor at a local farmer's market. I ordered several kinds of seeds, and so far have been very surprised at how much has come up - far more than I've ever had come up before.

There was a mix up between my order and somebody else's order. I called, got a real, live, caring human being who knew what was happening. She took care of me right away, and I had the right order within days.

So far I'm very happy with this company, and plan to order from them again.
Neutral NewMichele
Lebanon, KS
(2 reviews)
August 1, 2011
Posted on July 26, 2011, updated August 1, 2011
I had ordered, among other things, strawberry spinach seeds from this company. Also ordered ground cherry seeds, bush cherry seeds and garbanzo bean seeds. Ground cherries started in flats only got an inch or so tall and died when transplanted. Garbanzos grew but hardly anything to harvest. No life from the bush cherries whatever.
But, my real story regards the strawberry spinach. What came up did not look like the pictures I had seen online, so I Emailed the company a picture. They said, yes it was strawberry spinach, just immature. However, someone else told me what I had growing from their seeds was a variety of nightshade! Bountiful Gardens insisted it was strawberry spinach. Finally, they sent me a replacement packet of seeds, which never did come up.
What it turned out to be was Wonderberry, or garden huckleberry. They finally admitted the packets "might" have been mislabelled, but insisted it wasn't their fault.
I will be ordering from somewhere else next year!
On August 1st, 2011, NewMichele changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

What a surprise! I went to our mailbox and saw that they had, without asking, refunded not only the mistake, but the entire order!
And I did follow the instructions on the bush cherries - to the letter. Soaked the seeds, refrigerated for four months and then planted.
Company representative comment on July 28, 2011:
On Jul 28, 2011 4:33 PM, Bountiful Gardens responded with:

Michelle, I am sorry the seeds didn't work out for you. When seedlings die after transplanting, or when a variety doesn't produce, it is usually due to the conditions in the garden...warmth, moisture, climate, and so on. So I can't explain what happened to your ground cherries or your garbanzos. Tree/shrub seeds like the bush cherries take some time to germinate, and since the cherries require 4 months of chilling before planting (as stated on the seed packet), and you got them in February, it hasn't really been long enough since you planted them to give up on them! I'd leave them outdoors in their pots/flats and keep them from drying out and they may yet pop up and surprise you. (Protect them from rodents, who will dig them up and eat them.)
With respect to the strawberry spinach, again I cannot explain how you got wonderberry plants. I did answer too hastily when you sent your photo...but it had been a long while since I had actually seen strawberry spinach in my own garden, as I explained to you at the time. We have never carried wonderberry seeds and have never had them on our premises at all. The lot of seeds that we sent you was from a reputable company and it is from the same lot they have been sending us since May of 2009. We have never had a similar complaint about that lot of seed. As I explained to you in a private email, the seeds of strawberry spinach do not look like the seeds of any nightshade family plants. All our seed fillers are familiar with strawberry spinach seeds. That lot of seeds that you received is definitely strawberry spinach and not a nightshade family plant. What you describe above as our "admitting that the packets might have been mislabelled" was actually this statement by me: "The only other possibility is that we mis-labeled one packet of tomatillo or ground cherry with a strawberry spinach label..." I was simply trying to suggest the only way I could imagine that you would have received a nightshade family plant instead of the strawberry spinach. But...we have done a random check of the strawberry spinach packets here and not one of them was a mis-labeled ground cherry or tomatillo. And...we still are left with the fact that there are no wonderberry seeds here and never have been!
Anyway, I am refunding your order. Mysteries abound in the garden world. But, no wonderberry seeds here. Next year perhaps you should order directly from the company that supplies us; I told you in a private email who that is. We all wish you much joy in your garden! love, Betsy/Bountiful Gardens

Positive redjeep
hillsboro, OR
(9 reviews)
February 12, 2011
This is a good little company. The customer service is good, and prompt. The seeds are good, the varieties are well considered, and of all the supposed do gooder seed companies, Bountiful actually does good things that are useful long term for people that really need a break in this world. If you are interested in growing your own grains, this is THE place. They also have a nice selection of vegetables that are prolific growers in Western Oregon despite our lack of sun or warmth. The folks at Bountiful can even tweek an internet order if you call them directly after making a mistake, and can be talked into adding stuff they have in the store, but do not advertise on the internet. I am a picky, high maintenance gardener, and Bountiful beats my expectations annually.
Positive Tabacum
Mantua, OH (Zone 5a)
(16 reviews)
January 28, 2011
1/28/11.......I have ordered from this company for years....
Mainly for the following reasons: they sell no genetically
altered seeds and they are part of the Safe Seed Initiative
group that works hard to keep our heirloom seed sources
pure and unaltered.....My seed order for this Spring arrived well packaged.....Seed packets have adquate seeds and sowing directions....... germination rate in the
past years for their seeds has been good.....
Positive Indigoeyes
Kokomo, IN
(2 reviews)
March 19, 2010
My first time purchase of seeds from online retailer was a pleasant experience. I ordered $73.00 worth of seed of varying plants and received all the seed with the exception of 2 within a week time. The 2 back ordered was received a week later. All was nicely packaged and the seed envelopes provided planting instructions for this first time gardener. I have since had all my seeds germinate and thriving into healthy plants.I must say I did have a problem understanding their system of billing online when I received multiple emails of my receipts, but I was only charged for my order. After calling customer service, it was explained to me. Customer service was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I would definitely order from them again.
Positive 38671Gardener
Southaven, MS
(1 review)
January 20, 2010
I have placed orders with Bountiful Gardens on several occasions and have always received good customer service.

Earlier last year I had ordered some reading material from Bountiful Gardens; when it arrived I just tossed the booklets into the "to-be-read" pile. Several months later I made my way down the stack of booklets and found out one was misprinted. I called Bountiful Gardens and offered to return the book for an exchange, but they declined and sent me a replacement book no charge.

I encourage gardeners to use this company and to read their pamphlets. Very educational.
Positive kefir_mama
Ashland, OR
(1 review)
November 11, 2009
I am mostly satisfied with Bountiful Gardens.

Their cover crop pamphlet (out of print) inspired me to grow these amazing crops for miles of nutrients pulled up, soil fiberizing, and biomass added to the soil.

I've bought from them over the years - this year I bought some inoculant and cover crops. So far, so good.

When I call with questions, they are helpful and look things up in their resource books. Earlier this year, I posed my questions via email and didn't hear back for THREE MONTHS. I was really put off - when I pointed it out, they explained the snafu and apologized profusely.

By and large, I'm glad to support them and think they do good things.
Positive Kimbrah
Bakersfield, CA (Zone 9a)
(2 reviews)
May 29, 2009
I just love Bountiful Gardens! I did not order from them this year, because all the seeds I had left over from last year were still in great shape! The germination rate has been awesome for all the seeds I purchased from them.

I love that their catalog is packed with so much information about their products that you do not have to second guess yourself about whether their seeds are going to grow in your climate or not. I ordered some of their supplies as well as seeds and was very impressed and satisfied.

I will definitely be ordering from this company again!
Negative greengarden_bev
SW Ontario,
(4 reviews)
March 3, 2009
I can't comment on the seed quality, but this company's communication and online ordering system needs improvement.

On February 10, 2009 I made an online order for 18.95. I received by email an order confirmation message, as well as a receipt message. The order confirmation message said I would be contacted re: the shipping charges for international shipping (USA to Canada). So far, pretty standard.

The confirmation message said that orders are normally shipped within a week. But all seed houses are incredibly swamped this season, so I'm willing to cut quite a bit of slack when it comes to shipping times.

Exactly two weeks later, on February 14, I received two more emails-- another confirmation message and receipt, for a different order number, but the original order items and amount. I was confused and didn't want to be billed twice. So I replied to the receipt/purchase confirmation asking for clarification. No reply.

On March 2nd I received another receipt/purchase confirmation for the order number given on February 14, indicating a total charge of $5.00, and $5.00 for shipping. I assume this third invoice constitutes the "will be contacted" part of the transaction.

So far my credit card has been billed for the original purchase and I'm waiting for the $5.00 charge to appear.

Bountiful Gardens is doing good in the world, to be sure, but be aware that there may be trouble for International orders, and it looks like there are kinks to be worked out in their online order processing system. And don't expect good communication.

Positive Mmill87
Annapolis, MD
(1 review)
February 10, 2009
I haven't started the seeds yet, but so far my experience with this company has been positive. There are two reasons I decided to purchase my seeds from this company. I looked around at a lot of internet seed stores, and many sell seeds at a higher price than Bountiful Gardens; the few that are cheaper seem to have consistently middling-to-negative reviews. BG has a lot of good customer response, both here and on several garden discussion sites. The other reason is that I like the philosophy of BG, and the work the company does in educating gardeners/farmers around the world, and its emphasis on sustainable agriculture.
I purchased a number of seeds; the packets all have the number of seeds advertised; some have more.
The customer service is very good -- I sent an email a few days after placing my order (before I was notified that it shipped!), asking to switch one item for another, and they simply sent the item I requested in addition to the order, at no extra charge.
The prices are reasonable (especially considering what is being funded!) and the customer service is exceptional. As I said, I haven't yet started the seeds, but from the comments and reviews I've read, the germination rate should be great.
So far, so good!
Positive littlewhootsie
Santa Cruz, CA (Zone 9b)
(1 review)
January 1, 2009
Bountiful Gardens is a great place, not only to order from, but their basic philosophy is amazing, and the work they do in the World is also amazing. They are a biointensive foundation
which means they teach ppl how to garden in other countries where otherwise they wouldn't be able to garden (biointensive is more food for the least amt of space, in one respect). Every time you order from Bountiful Gardens, you in essence "give" to the cause as well as getting seeds that are mostly "organic" or are not sprayed. They also have great books and tools you can order. The "WIDGER" is one of the most indispensible tools i have ever used. Most gardeners run around their yards w/a pruner; i run around my yard w/a Widger.
Positive kslefty
Potwin, KS
(1 review)
April 28, 2008
Wow. I received my seeds by USPS two days after placing my order online. It doesn't get any faster than that.
Positive Sam_usa
Garden Grove, CA
(1 review)
January 6, 2008
this is for every body needs to order good seeds for inside &outside USA
I've ordered five times some mixed seeds from this company and others and the result was wonderful with this Co's seeds i refer them to all people i know i was looking to write my experience with them and finally i found a way to say thank you .
i loved the mix large and cheery tomato that they have and the mix sweet paper
"if you love vegetables try those "
Positive thope
Caddo Mills, TX
(4 reviews)
March 20, 2007
I placed a somewhat large order with this company and received it within a week. It was packaged nicely and though the packets do not have pictures of the plant on them, they do provide a little info about them. The customer service was very nice. And I already have a few seeds opening though I didn't expect it yet. I will come back and post of how their tree and rose seeds do. I'm following the directions on them since I've never tried growing these items from seed before so it is going to be awhile before I can comment. I really look forward to seeing what happens with them though. I like the unusual types they provide and that I know I will get the same plant from seeds next year is a huge added bonus.
Positive cannaqueen
Mantua, OH (Zone 5a)
(19 reviews)
January 31, 2007
I chose this company because they have untreated, open-
pollinated seeds. Germination rate with these types of seeds
is awesome! Plus you have a seed source to keep next year.
I have a grow light unit where I start my seeds inside. I started my seeds January, 2007....the quinoa, elecampane,
and unique spinach varieties have already sprouted....This
company gives specific information on how to plant each type
of seed on every packet....order their catalog...its worth it...
Positive cherrisa
Antioch, TN
(3 reviews)
April 5, 2006
I have ordered twice from this company. Received my order quickly and have been very successful in germination. The only thing is if you are looking for a certain amount of seeds you'd better get two packages. I was supposed to get 200 pea seeds and ended up with 140. But not a big deal for me as I couldn't fit them all in anyway.
Positive TinyTomato
Chardon, OH
(6 reviews)
February 24, 2006
Good selection of hard to find varieties, quick delivery, easy on-line ordering, and useful planting information make this an organization I will definitely order from again.
Positive bekados
Pensacola, FL
(1 review)
February 19, 2006
Love doing business with Bountiful Gardens. Seed packets are usually stuffed with seeds and germination is far and above other seed companies. Even seeds from the "Seeds for Kids" packets usually germinate. Customer service is great. Recommended to any and all!
Positive johngaltnh
(5 reviews)
January 25, 2006
These folks give great service. For example, I recently ordered some legume innoculant from them as part of a larger order. The new season's innoculant wasn't in yet - so they sent me the prior season's with an explanation. Less than two weeks later, they sent me innoculant for the new season at no charge. Naturally, I'll be giving them more business in the future!
Positive jonie
Hartsville, SC
(1 review)
August 13, 2005
I ordered diatomaceous earth from bountiful gardens and it arrived in a timely manner. I was worried about using it because the package stated that it is "hazardous to humans and animals". I sent an e-mail message to the company describing my concerns I got a very detailed reply within 24 hours. I am very impressed with this company and I will definitely do business with them in the future!
Positive EskieLeia
Leesville, SC (Zone 8a)
(6 reviews)
January 10, 2005
Good selection of vegetable seed - for what I needed and quick shipment. Received order within a week with no backorders. So far, I'm pleased with this company.
Positive RoseyQ
Pueblo West, CO (Zone 5b)
(8 reviews)
December 22, 2004
Ordered seeds from Bountiful Gardens for several years and always been pleased with the results. Iíve found the number of seeds in each packet more than enough for my garden and germination very good. I like the varieties, descriptions, and growing recommendations given in their catalog. This is a company I would recommend!.
Neutral becky3086
Thomson, GA
(9 reviews)
February 20, 2004
I am giving them a neutral at this time though this may change later on. I ordered twice this spring
The seeds did arrive quickly 10 days and everything was there. However I have found the germination on some seeds to be quite poor. I have started several in my greenhouse. Five did great: salad burnet, french sorrel, cardoon, elcampagne and sea kale.
These did poorly: Lovage(1 seedling out of about 10 seeds planted), purslane(2 seedling out of 10), self-heal(1 out of 10). Good King Henry, strawberry spinach and lamb's quarters have not germinated at all. All these seeds have been planted for quite some time, following the directions on the packets.
I do have lots and lots of seedling coming up and doing great in my greenhouse just not these. However if things change and these seeds do sprout I will of course change my rating.
I was also surprised at the small amount of seeds in each packet but went back to the catalog and saw they did send the number stated. I will pay more attention to this next time.
Positive gardenerette
Hermosa Beach, CA (Zone 10b)
(1 review)
August 18, 2003
Bountiful Gardens provide excellent quality seed with a small but very diverse catalog. Lots of high-nutrient content veggies here. I live on the coast and the only tomatoes I can get to grow with success I have found at Bountiful Gardens. This spring I was cleaning out the seed box and came across a BG seed packet that was packed for the 1998 season. I thought what the heck and tossed them outside my front door thinking that they might sprout and if they didn't well the birds, worms and microbes could have them. It was beautiful! I estimate over 75% sprouted and lived to bloom (flowering annuals). They not only do good work with seeds, they do good work on a global level; I am delighted to be able to support them with my seed purchases.
Positive TracyL
(1 review)
August 15, 2003
Excellent service, and amazing return time! I think I got my seeds in about 6 days -- and I'm in Canada!

I will be ordering again next year from this company. The germination rate was phenomenal -- 100% germination with all 6 tomato varieties I ordered.
Positive jcgardengirlmn
(3 reviews)
July 24, 2003
Sent in timely fashion and seeds produced a decent amount of viability. Didn't have any problem with seed quantity--knew what to expect from catalog.
Positive ninat
Joyce, WA (Zone 7b)
(13 reviews)
March 11, 2002
This has got to be one on the speediest companies I have ever dealt with, everything ordered was there (no shipping delays) amazingly quick. As well it was very nicely packaged with lots of helpful and interesting information. I finally got Seakale seeds after a four year long search and they have lots of other unusual veggies I am dying to try.
Positive Paco
(1 review)
January 10, 2002
The quality of service is personable and professional.
The seeds I've gotten from them last longer than any other seed company.
I like that they sell a variety of cover crop seeds, and uncommon vegetables.
The Grow Biointensive method they promote ( is the one method I could truly say is sustainable.
Neutral gone2seed
Milton, FL (Zone 8a)
(24 reviews)
December 30, 2001
I have ordered from this company several times.I am usually pleased with the service but give them only a neutral rating due to the tiny amount of seed in each packet.They do give seed amounts in the description though.
Positive suniayang
(1 review)
April 1, 1997
Bountiful Gardens is run by Ecology Action which was created by John Jeavons to teach sustainable organic gardening techniques around the world. They also have a store in Palo Alto California, which is my favorite gardening store. For a couple of dollars, one can buy all the seeds needed for a vegetable garden. I've been very happy with their seeds.

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