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On Jun 29, 2021, presdea (1 reviews) from Frisco, TX

I purchased several plants from here recently, and was very happy with the specimens. They all arrived impeccably packaged; barring some freak accident with the post office, these plants could not have suffered any damage during shipping. Plants were shipped quickly, arrived soon, and were still moist when I received them. I'm so pleased with them and will definitely be buying again in the future! For this interested, here is a photo album containing pictures of how things were packaged: https://imgur.com/a/Eks5tKy

On May 15, 2019, PachyMatt (3 reviews) from Burbank, CA

Posted on May 13, 2019, updated May 15, 2019 Posted on May 13, 2019, updated May 13, 2019 POOA used to be THE place to get great deals on pachypodiums, euphorbias and many others. Their prices were incredibly reasonable with many starter plants below $10. I got many, many fabulous plants from POOA. However, they have moved from Florida to South Carolina and with that move, their entire business has changed for the worse. Their selection has decreased dramatically, their prices are extremely high, there are no more starter plants, no more $10 specials, they do not answer the phone, email and they NOW have a minimum $75 order and $25 shipping/handling fee. I say, WTF. This nursery has turned from one of the best I have ever dealt with to a nursery you would NEVER want to order ANYTHING from. Forget about POOA.

On May 13th, 2019, PachyMatt added the following: Ooops! Correction, they do NOT have a $75 minimum order. If the order is UNDER $75 they charge a $25 shipping/handling fee - almost as bad.

On May 15th, 2019, PachyMatt added the following: It looks to me like they are clearing out all remaining stock in preparation for whatever.

On Sep 20, 2018, asclepchris0622 (2 reviews) from Glenwood, IA

In the past Out of Africa has been very good at customer service. However recently I purchased a plant that was field collected. The plant never woke up from hibernation. I'm out $100.00 dollars. The policy is that if the plant is over a week old to bad, they keep your money and offer no refunds. I've been buying from this vendor for over 20 yrs. I have to say that I'm done purchasing plants from here and I'm spreading the news. They could of at least replaced the plant or given a refund. Buying a plant from here is risky just remember.

On Aug 11, 2018, Crocker3 (1 reviews) from Quartz Hill, CA

Posted on August 11, 2018, updated August 11, 2018 hello I have purchased many plant's from out of Africa nursery. mike is great and friendly..

On August 11th, 2018, Crocker3 added the following: well I ordered a operculicarya pachypus..wow large, giant and healthy as hell. ive never owned such a splendid piece. nice mike....

On Jul 30, 2018, davidMS (9 reviews) from Summit, MS

Posted on March 15, 2018, updated July 30, 2018 Posted on October 20, 2017, updated March 15, 2018 I ordered several Euphorbia specimens from Out of Africa. In my order confirmation email they explained that due to recent hurricane damage the order might take longer to be processed. Nevertheless, I received my order promptly and the plants were well packed and quite nice. I did have a question about two of the plants I ordered and I called and left a message on their answering machine. Mike called me back the same day and answered my questions. I will definitely consider this company for future orders.

On March 15th, 2018, davidMS added the following: On March 14, 2018, I received my second order from Out of Africa Plants. To say that I am pleased with my order would be an understatement of massive proportions. First, I was astounded at the speed with which I receive my order. I placed my order on Saturday when the nursery is closed my order was shipped on Monday and I receive the plants on Wednesday. All of them are well packaged and beautiful and the prices were very very fair. I'm looking forward to ordering more plants from this nursery in the future. I have also found the owners to be exceedingly accessible and helpful to discuss growing their plants in my particular situation. I have communicated with them both by email and phone and was very pleased with my interactions on every occasion
On July 30th, 2018, davidMS added the following: My latest order from out of Africa is a fine example of why I love doing business with this company. I was up late last weekend and place my order at approximately 1 AM Saturday morning.today is Monday two days later and I just finished unpacking and potting the plants I ordered. I live about 900 miles away from this nursery and receive an order so quickly is just unbelievable to me. I haven't even mentioned the plants themselves yet. I always order small specimens so I can get more of them plus I like to grow them out myself. I received eight plants in wonderful shape expertly packaged and I am so happy to have a source for plants that I can rely on. Check this place out for yourself. I totally can recommend it.

On Feb 3, 2018, Crocker1 (1 reviews) from Quartz Hill, CA


On Oct 6, 2017, Greenpeter6 (16 reviews) from Astoria, NY

I bought plants from Out of Africa several times--both online and on eBay. The plants I received were of top-notch quality. They were well-packed and quickly sent. Any communication with them was gentle. They were responsive and polite in all dealings I had with them. I notice that the negative review was posted a short time after the Naples area received the full brunt of a major hurricane. I am pretty certain that the nursery received both damage to their business and their way of life. At that time, i wrote a short email to them expressing my concern and to reassure them that people not affected by the major storm were also thinking of them as they went through tough times. I wish all nurseries were as well-run as this one and that some narcissistic critics might understand that nature is not always kind to people and that natural disasters can happen to everyone. Think about the effects your screed may have on the lives of other people. Try to walk, with grace, in their shoes. Many of the plants that Out-of-Africa grows are native to the island of Madagascar--an island nation that is under severe environmental stress. Their native flora is being destroyed by decreasing natural habitat. Out-of-Africa is doing the plant growing community in this country a tremendous service by making many endangered plants available. They deserve commendations, rather than criticism, in my opinion.

On Oct 5, 2017, sally420 (1 reviews) from Smyrna, DE

Posted on September 19, 2017, updated October 5, 2017 I have ordered a lot of plants from them. I wanted information about the soil to use and was told to see their website. Fine. I had an additional question and they completely ignored me?! I tried a few times and nothing?! I gave them the benefit of the doubt at this ignorant behavior. I later wanted to ask a question about a plant I was interested in buying. I called and spoke to Maureen, the owner. She was cold, condescending and outright rude?! Seriously?! I wanted to buy another plant but thought they have to know how I feel. Their customer service couldn't be worse. Zero people skills. I ordered their plant and told Maureen how I felt and said if you have a problem with that, send my money back. They sent back my money with no response! I have spent a lot of money with these horrible people. I like their plants but don't ever look for any kind of customer service. Amazingly, pompous and disgusting people.

On October 5th, 2017, sally420 added the following: I just read Mike Massara's response to my negative comments. They have both spoken to me a number of times on the phone so saying they never spoke to me on the phone is a pure LIE. Perhaps they don't remember but they sure did speak to me. I stand by exactly what I said that when I spoke to Maureen on the phone, she was cold and rude. So I just sent your company an email saying how annoyed I was with Maureen's attitude while speaking to her on the Phone and you quickly canceled my order-at that point-and you are saying you had no idea what I was talking about and you weren't the least bit curious?! That is bizarre or you are lying and I think it is probably the latter. If a good customer was angry and you have no idea why instead of inquiring you just cancel the order and don't do business with them again?! That makes no sense unless you feel you are doing your customers a big favor buying from you. That certainly is the attitude I received all the time. I spent a lot of money with you and just couldn't do it anymore with being treated like I was very privileged buying from you? Just amazing. I also stand by what I wrote back and said in the second email that Maureen should be working with plants and not people. I think that goes for you, too, Mike. I can see why you have no employees.

On Sep 26, 2017, ooa (1 reviews) from Naples, FL

Three times I have contacted Dave's Garden to represent my company, Out Of Africa. The third time was one week ago, I have never received a response back from them. With the negative comment below, my only method to reply to that comment seems to be in this form. Out of Africa is a two-person operation: Mike and Maureen Massara. Although we know who "sally420" is, and she has placed orders with Out of Africa, neither Mike nor Maureen have ever spoken to her on the phone. Her review is false. sally420 has, however, e-mailed Out of Africa. In two of her more colorful unsolicited e-mails, sally420 directed sexist, personal attacks at Maureen. The attacks were unprovoked and troubling. After sally420's most recent vitriolic e-mail, we immediately canceled and refunded her order and have discontinued doing business with her. We stand by this decision. If any current or prospective Out of Africa customers are concerned by the content of sally420's review, please contact us. We are neither pompous nor disgusting and are happy to make sally420ís e-mails available for your consideration. Mike Massara

On Feb 20, 2016, seedmoney (2 reviews) from Moyock, NC

Wow! Am I impressed--I placed an order at 8pm on a Wednesday night and was immediately sent an acknowledgement. The next day I was told my order shipped and was given a tracking number. My plants arrived on Saturday. Plants were huge and bursting with health. It was as if a fellow succulentphile had selected them for me. Oh the joy...thank you, Mike and Maureen!

On Apr 6, 2015, FlowerPotTipper (4 reviews) from Richland, WA (Zone 7a)

Posted on March 3, 2015, updated April 6, 2015 All I can say about this nursery is Wow!! I made my first order with them this last Friday at 1am (so actually that makes it Saturday) and I checked my email around 6am Saturday morning and I had an email saying that they already mailed my plants out!! And Monday around noon my mailman was delivering my plants to me, I couldn't believe it!! I've never seen plants get delivered so quickly. And since it was my first time ordering from this website I decided to make it a small order of just two plants that costed around $11 together. The shipping was nine dollars and some cents, which is the about normal for plant orders, and the plants where packaged very well and snug, not a leaf broken, some soil fell out but that's to be expected. The plants are in beautiful shape and look very healthy. Didn't see anything creepy-crawly or weird about them or their roots and soil. Their website is easy to follow and I love seeing pictures of the exact plant your getting. This place is definitely my new favorite place to get succulents from, especially Euphorbia as they have quite a good selection of hard to find euphorbia and they're my favorite. I highly recommend this nursery for online shopping for succulents, I can't think of a thing wrong about them. I'm just happy to find such great place and they can be expecting more orders from me in the near futute!! Thank you Out of Africa!! I can't quit staring at the beautiful plants you sent me!!

On April 6th, 2015, FlowerPotTipper added the following: I just got my second order from this nursery and was very happy with my order!! The plant is beautiful and very healthy, I'm excited to watch it grow!! I love that they only bill you for exactly what is costs for shipping and not a penny more. I will be doing a whole lot more shopping in the future here!! It's just like browsing a nursery in person cause you get to pick exactly which plant you want and I love the super fast shipping, 2-3 days and it's at my door/mailbox. And browsing their website makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop, so many wonderful things to choose from!!

On Sep 29, 2014, Villosalicious (2 reviews) from West Allis, WI

Numerous great experiences with this company. The plants in the photos are the ones you buy. Pot size clearly listed so you can get a good idea of the size of the plant before purchasing. Plants usually shipped potted if they are smaller. Larger plants always well wrapped if sent bare rooted. Shipping is fast and packages are usually mailed priority. I get my box usually two business days after placing an order (your location may be different). Plants are always healthy. Never had any issues with disease or insects. Always good root systems. Reasonable pricing depending on size and rarity. This is a great source for unusual African species. Sign up with your emails to get notifications weekly when new plants are added for sale.

On Jul 12, 2014, Hillbilly_Gran (23 reviews) from Jasper, AR (Zone 7a)

In my opinion, one of the best sources for unusual succulents! Great plants, great prices shipping costs within reason. I just received my first order this year and I am overjoyed. I received multiple orders last year each one equally awesome. I cannot say enough good things about this nursery!

On Aug 1, 2013, Toni05 (61 reviews) from Brookfield, IL

Posted on October 16, 2012, updated August 1, 2013 Posted on May 24, 2012, updated October 16, 2012 Posted on September 28, 2010, updated May 24, 2012 Posted on September 11, 2010, updated September 28, 2010 Ordered 10 succulents from, Out of Africa, for the first time. All I can say is WOW..Excellent, healthy potted plants. Each succulent came individually wrapped, with a name 'non-smear ink,' tag taped to the wrapping. I ordered last Sunday night, 9/5/10, and received shipment, Fri, 9/10/10. A fantastic nursery to stock up on succulents. Toni

On September 28th, 2010, Toni05 added the following: Ordered another succulent from Out of Africa: E. 'guillauminiana...So cute and adorable. Plant was securely wrapped. Shipping Super-Fast. One of the best Succulent Nurseries around. Toni
On May 24th, 2012, Toni05 added the following: Sometimes I forget to leave feedback, which IMO, is wrong. I ordered from OOA in 2011, but didn't leave feedback. I can't recall the date, but OOA deserved a Positive. Sorry about that. My May 2012 Order: Euphorbia 'Millotii' E. 'Cremersii var rakatozafy' E. 'Colliculina' E. 'Alfredii' Adenium 'Multiflorum' Monadenium 'Laeve' Each succulent is healthy, and well-rooted. Excellent foliage. Size varies. I normally purchase the least expensive succulents, however, considering the price, plants are good-size. For instance, the Adenium is nearing one-foot. Even though a couple are small, '4-inches' with proper care they'll grow into large, beautiful specimens. I love OOA's succulents. All plants are healthy and pest-free. They have many very unusual varieties. Plants arrived securely wrapped..Very fast shipping. Maureen and Mike are wonderful people. When I have a question, 'ask by email,' they reply promptly. A 5* Nursery...Thanks, Toni
On October 16th, 2012, Toni05 added the following: Ordered and received Ceropegia dimorpha and Euphrbia obesa. Each succulent is healthy, and pest-free. Good size for price. Secure and Super-Fast -Shipping. Great succulent nursery
On August 1st, 2013, Toni05 added the following: Out of Africa is a 10-star Nursery... Their A-Z Succulents consist of rare, healthy specimens. Plants prices are very reasonable, as well as shipping costs. I enjoy browsing OOA's plant list. Maureen & Mike are very nice, pleasant, helpful people. Times I had questions, I sent emails which were answered promptly. Plants are securely wrapped. Well-taped. I use scissors to remove tape. Plants come with a good-size label, botanical name of plant in dark/bold print. Label has adequate space to write date of purchase, and/or other information. Shipping is super fast. I couldn't believe my order arrived so soon after ordering. When the mailman rang the bell I had no idea the package consisted of plants. What a nice surprise! My order: Euphorbia Labatii, Red Leaf...(leaves are truely red.) E. suzannae-marnierae...(loaded w/flowers) Tylecodon Cacalioides....(tall bark) Sansevieria cv Golden Hahnii...(very gold foliage) Thanks, Maureen and Mike, Toni

On Jan 13, 2012, dellis530 (4 reviews) from Lima, PA

I have ordered from this nursery forever, when they were still in Ohio. I always received great plants that thrived. The prices arent bad and they have alot of hard to find specimens. Highly reccomend!!

On Jun 22, 2011, Desertdenial5 (26 reviews) from Tolleson, AZ (Zone 9a)

I just received an order from this company and I am very please with the plants and the packing job they did. They were extremely patient with answering my multiple e-mails. I will be ordering from them in the future!

On Jun 22, 2011, NancySLAZ (3 reviews) from Sun Lakes, AZ (Zone 9b)

I ordered a number of Pachypodiums and they are very healthy and arrived in great condition. This company is now in Naples, FL and I received my plants in AZ in very good time. I would definitely order again.

On May 3, 2009, balberth (18 reviews) from (Zone 9a)

These guys are actually located in Naples, Florida now. I've ordered many plants from them ( all the smaller ones, not the expensive specimen plants ) over the years. Lately, they've been selling all their smaller plants on E-bay, and I've received a couple from them in the past month. The plants have always arrived healthy, and amazingly quickly. I trust these guys to ship well grown plants all the way across the country quickly and safely.

On Mar 20, 2009, davidmk (7 reviews) from Austin, TX (Zone 8b)

I have won multiple plants from Out of Africa on ebay. Everything is healthy and as described. I am very satisfied. You can find succulents here that you will not find anywhere else. You will not be disappointed. Check out their plants!

On Sep 26, 2008, congminglaoshi (31 reviews) from Tuckahoe, NY

Just got an order which I made from their website a week ago, glad to see that they have returned to selling young plants from their site rather than thru ebay, so one can figure out what one will recieve and at what price beforehand. Plants were in excellent shape, they come in gritty soil and are put in small pots (they seem too loose to have been growing in the same pots at the greenhouse) to protect the roots and are VERY well wrapped to protect them from shipping damage. I've ordered from them before and find the plants adjust well and grow quickly (I ordered mostly euphorbias, of which they have the best selection of Madagascaran species--which are particularly nice in foliage and form and often not as visciously spined as some of their mainland African cousins). Ordering is easy, packing is superb, shipping is fast, the plants are reasonably priced and the quality is excellent--what more could one ask for!

On Sep 12, 2007, Bec_No_Va (39 reviews) from Sequim, WA (Zone 8a)

Very, very happy with my order - plants exactly as described - well packed - will definitely order again

On Jan 1, 2007, Wfan (1 reviews) from Beijing,

Careful! I had totally positive experiences with them, ordering multiple times over several years. Until... Three years ago I received an order of their plants, (all of which were ordered according to pictures on their specimen page), one of them was not the actual plant I had ordered, another one had rot on the bottom, and the third had soft black areas throughout. Naturally, I found this unacceptable, and sent the plants back, emailing them at the same time and telling them the problem and tracking number of the package. To his/her credit, the owner acknowledged the problem and agreed to either give me a refund (which I REALLY should have took!) or credit. I figured since I would be ordering from them in the future, a credit for a future order would be fine. WRONG! Later on I tried ordering more plants from them, using the credit. Nothing happened. I tried many times, but I would get no reply from them. This went on for about one year. Until the summer of 2005, when the owner finally replied and said he would fill an order with my credit (more than $300), and even give me larger plants than I had ordered. I was relieved that it seemed this lengthy ordeal would be over. WRONG AGAIN! I placed an order and waited to receive my plants. Nothing happened. After repeated emails, and phone calls (only answering machine picked up). Nothing. Absolutely nothing for the last year. I have not been able to get the owner to honor his promise. So I would advise people to beware of the perils of ordering from Out of Africa!

On Sep 20, 2006, plantnutga (3 reviews) from Thomasville, GA (Zone 8b)

I have purchased from this company 4 times so far. They are a delight to deal with. The plants arrived quickly and were healthy, happy, and extremely well packed. I especially appreciate the plant tag with the botanical name and info printed on it- I missed the first one because they tape it to the outside of the newspaper they wrap with (I'm sure that's so you do NOT miss it, but I was being clueless) They have plants that I have never seen anywhere else and are extremely well informed on their favorite subject- exotic African plants.

On Aug 1, 2006, cactomaniac (1 reviews) from Phoenix, AZ (Zone 9b)

I have purchased many plants from these folks via eBay this summer (2006). Each is wrapped, in the pot, with TLC; a custom printed plastic popsicle type lable is provided for each; and they arrive via USPS Priority Mail within 2-3 days. Frankly, I don't know where else I could find most of the exotics they offer. Sure, no matter how much care is lavished on them, some plants travel better than others - or worse - as the case may be. BUT, without exception, I've had no failures, and all have revived nicely after 2-3 days out of the box.

On August 1st, 2006, cactomaniac added the following:

On Jun 30, 2006, wmrazek (2 reviews) from Yorba Linda, CA

I have received great plants from them. In one case, I didn't realize my greenhouse cooling wasn't working, and one of the plants I received collapsed soon after I got it. I told them, and they immediately offered to replace it. I appreciate this real guarantee, but when I found out why it happened, I told them, and let them off the hook! They really will stand behind what they send. This is even better than just sending nice plants! Wayne

On May 27, 2006, senlarrs (12 reviews) from Harrisburg, PA (Zone 6a)

I've ordered from Out of Africa once. I ordered an interesting plant that I've never seen anyone else offer. It was very healthy and labeled when I received it. So far, doing well. This nursery has an outstanding selection (especially of caudiciforms).

On June 29th, 2007, senlarrs added the following: I have ordered a few more times and I am still postive about their communcation, service and wonderful plants!
On July 26th, 2007, senlarrs added the following: July 26, 2007 Had just received two beautiful plants, just as described!!

On May 26, 2006, InnerLightPhoto (6 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

From the first time I received plants from this company, it instantly became one of four nurserys that I will buy from via mail order and sight unseen. Okay, before the moans, I did not know it at the time, but they had put plants up for auction on eBay and that is where I first discovered them and where I received the first ones. They were packed exceptionally well [best packers so far], received within 2 days of payment, and the plants are unremarkable - I can not believe the quality. Even in shipping, they remained in their pots and unscathed. Each plant is tagged so there is absolutely no confustion as to what is what. This is an A++ company! They offer plants that have been on my wish list for quite awhile and thus, this is how I found them. They had many plants that are rare and hard to come by. I was unprepared for the quality of the plants as I thought they would be, like all others, small in 4" pots, but they were bigger and better than most nurserys offer. While some prices on specimen plants are pricey, the plant prices overall are quite fair. Someone else said it, you only get what you pay for. Will order again from them without reservation - this company is a keeper.

On Jul 13, 2005, mmbrickner (3 reviews) from Salt Lake City, UT

I ordered several plants from this company recently and was very impressed both with the customer service, speed at which i received my plants, and quality of the plants. The quality and size of plants was greater than I expected and the packing and labeling of plants was excellent. They have a lot of hard to find items and I will definately order from them again.

On Apr 29, 2005, Uncarina (4 reviews) from Seattle, WA

I've ordered from Out of Africa once. I ordered some very interesting plants I've never seen anyone else offer. They were very healthy when I got them and labeled correctly. They're all doing really well. This nursery has an outstanding selection (especially of caudiciforms and Euphorbias) and fair pricing. Some of their very large specimen plants are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Highly recommended.

On Jan 18, 2004, gardengalca (7 reviews)

If you are looking for specimen plants, especially caudiciforms, this is the place. Selection is very nice, and service is very prompt. Prices can be very inflated at times, so know what you are buying. All in all I've always been very impressed with this company.

On Nov 7, 2003, raia (4 reviews)

I ordered from the company in late summer this year and was glad that i did. the plants were and still are in excellent health and their customer service is also excellent.

On Mar 15, 2003, Denise96 (2 reviews)

I just received several plants from this company. All were in excellent condition and a little bigger than expected. The owner delayed shipping because of below freezing temp., but mailed them immediately once the weather permitted. Worth the cost. I'll be ordering again I'm sure.

On Feb 13, 2002, Slightgrower (5 reviews) from Columbus, OH

Since I live within an hour's drive of this business, I cannot comment on the mailorder aspect; I have purchased from them at least a half dozen times, but always at the greenhouse. They feature a huge selection of non-cactus succulents - probably 150 species of Euphorbia, alone -as well as caudiciforms of all shapes and sizes. Their stock are healthy young plants, most propigated on the site by seed or sometimes cuttings. There are also many larger, specimen plants. The owners are knowledgeable and friendly and a pleasure to do business with. I'll be back!

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