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On Jun 14, 2021, mlucid (1 reviews) from Elberta, AL

Spray-n-grow the product is good- overpriced but good and I've recommended to friends in the past BUT.. The other products they sell and S-n-G's LACK of customer service I have had BAD experiences with and they are extremely overpriced. Deer netting advertised- price $26.95. FALSE- this was bird netting, worth maybe $10 not deer netting. A most inferior product, far overpriced and falsely advertised, shipped from some second party Chinese company. Spray-n-grow wanted me to pay shipping to return for a refund. The shipping cost to me would have been half the S-n-G product cost and far more than the product is worth! SECOND PRODUCT- Monterrey spinosad garden spray- comes with hose end nozzle. S-n-G sent me the wrong nozzle and it did not fit the bottle (the Monterey spray has an illustration on the instructions showing what the proper nozzle should have looked like and the one S-n-G sent was WRONG)- thought they'd at least send one that worked but it blew almost the entire container on the ground all at once as soon as I turned on the water. Cost $24.95. Environmental hazard- goodbye area bees! Tried to contact customer service- nope, nobody there. So, I'll not use spray-n-grow or any product they sell again. I will substitute with a cheaper micronutrient spray and fish emulsion.

On Jun 8, 2017, NYBokey (2 reviews) from East Meadow, NY

Great company. I have been using Spray n Grow products for over 20 years and they work. Something they don't advertise is one of the best things I find about the products. I use the combo of Spray n Grow, Bill's Perfect Fertilizer and Coco-Wet to spray my plants, but also my trees. I have found that soaking branches with the solution can spur growth where it wasn't growing before. It has worked well to fill in my lilac, crabapple, cherry and peach. And you will love what it does with annuals - petunias, impatiens, marigolds, coleus and more. You really will be surprised

On Aug 22, 2016, elfeik (32 reviews) from Near Kansas City, MO (Zone 6a)

Way over priced on non S&G products- I broke my always check Amazon before you buy anything on line rule and paid for it, close to $20 too much. Nutri-Cal 16 oz NUTRICAL 1 $19.95 Serenade Disease Control 32 oz 1 $12.95 Subtotal $32.90 Shipping & Handling $9.95 Grand Total $42.85 I do have Amazon prime so it would have been about $25.00 total for the same things

On Jul 21, 2015, 4RealFood (7 reviews) from Mount Orab, OH (Zone 6a)

Been using their product for 3 years now... this stuff actually works! I did an experiment a few years back and sprayed half my plants and left the others... big difference! Love this stuff!

On Mar 1, 2014, jmc1987 (2 reviews) from Cascade, VA (Zone 7a)

I really love the products that spray-n-grow offer, wouldnt be without it! They have helped me to grow things with great success that i previously would fail miserably at! Definitely worth a try if anyone is pondering about using them.

On Mar 19, 2013, GardenManDonald (8 reviews) from GLENSHAW, PA (Zone 5a)

I have bought from this company for 8 years, since I moved to my current home. Earth friendly products and good customer service. Called them with questions a couple of times and got helpful answers. And BTW, their Spray-N-Grow micronutrient spray works just as well as they claim it does. Have grown some huge tomato plants with this stuff!

On Jan 9, 2013, 8209 (12 reviews) from Louisville, KY (Zone 6b)

Posted on October 31, 2012, updated January 9, 2013 I was sent several emails from this company that I would get a free Hummingbird feeder with any purchase. I ordered 1 bottle of spray-n-grow and never got the birdfeeder. I contacted the company several times and as of this date I have not gotten a reply. Very poor customer service and advertisement. They should do better than this. Order #2499342. David Tucker.

On January 9th, 2013, 8209 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: I would like to change my reply to positive. This company has sent me a birdfeeder other than the Hummingbird feeder, which they are out of. Good customer service good company. I recommend them.

On Jan 4, 2013, Resset567 (4 reviews) from Englewood, CO

Spray-N-Grow claims to be a family-owned company and guess what? They really are. First and second generation, hard-working and aware that their customers really do matter. They are fair and reasonable, and stand behind their products with the best guarantee out there. I’ve ordered from them repeatedly and continue to be impressed. Good products, good information and good service. And Spray-N-Grow vitamins for plants? This stuff really does work. Did my own test with some plants that were sprayed and others not. Big difference. This is just the kind of small company one thinks of when we talk about “small American businesses.” They earn some of my gardening dollars season after season.

On May 1, 2012, Old_Gardener (38 reviews) from Calabasas, CA

Placed an order for a variety of products on 4/22 (Tuesday). My order was shipped on the 24th and I received it on the 30th. Easy ordering - great communications - quick delivery - packed well. I would definitely recommend.

On Apr 22, 2012, grannysuegarden (1 reviews) from Baltimore, MD

I don't know what is in this product, but it WORKS! I live in Baltimore city where the soil is clay based. Over ten years, I've composted but the soil is still far from the sandy loam I had in Michigan. As we had an early spring this year, I began spraying perennials as they started to grow in early April...and what a difference! The peony leaves are a beautiful dark green and the stems seem to be sturdier than in years past. The cat nip plants are twice the size they were last year. I'm now a customer for life!

On Oct 10, 2011, RonaldGHanks (2 reviews) from Nederland, TX

Have used product for years, always with great results. Service is EXCELLENT! I placed an online order Thursday afternoon and it was at my door this morning! Granted, I am only a few hundred miles from Rockport, but still this is excellent service!

On Aug 9, 2011, notnatsor (1 reviews) from Plainview, NY

I have been a Spray-n-Grow customer for years, perhaps as many as twenty. Their perfect blend kit has been as essential part of my gardening routine, and I am very pleased with the results. Aside the effective products they sell, I am extremely impressed with the integrity of this company. In the early days of battery operated sprayers, they sold a sprayer produced by another vendor. It worked fine for a couple of months, and then quit. Their response to my complaint was a complete refund; I didn't even have to return the defective product. But what impressed me the most was that the next time I received their sales catalog, this product was not listed. They were more concerned with the satisfaction of their customers than the profit they could make. Incidentally, I bought a different battery operated sprayer from Spray-n-Grow a couple of years later. This model has been working very well for several years now and I am very pleased.

On Jul 1, 2011, Willyrain (1 reviews) from White Lake, MI

I have been using Spray-n-Grow and Dave's Perfect Fertilizer for many years and would have a hard time gardening without them. Our temps here is Michigan went from cool to 90 degrees in a few days. Yesterday I came home and my pumpkin plants were drooping, so yesterday evening I gave them a shot of Dave's Perfect Fertilizer followed an hour later with a sprayer full of Spray-n-Grow. It was a whole different story when I came home from work today. None of my plants were drooping, in fact, they were all standing at attention. Thank you Dave, I needed the help. Bill Garvey Michigan

On Jun 9, 2011, evelyn206 (2 reviews) from Escondido, CA

I've been using Spray -n- Grow for more than 20 years, wouldn't be without it. My plants are strong and healthy. The company is great to work with - fabulous customer support and delightful staff. They make you feel like family!

On Jun 8, 2011, naturemaiden (12 reviews) from Cutchogue, NY

Just received my first order. The shipping was good. Will check back to give you the results on the sprayngrow & bills perfect fertilizer review as well- just applied them today. I'm anxious to see the results.

On Jun 7, 2011, ginalove294 (5 reviews) from Youngstown, OH

Like everyone on this site I'm sure, I receive a ton of random gardening catalogs in the mail. One was a Spray-N-Grow catalog. After reading the feedback here and checking out their website, I bought John and Bob's Soil Optimizer for my new veggie garden--a patch of very poor dirt, probably subsoil, that had been covered with pricker weeds, crabgrass and other nasty weeds for at least 90 years; and the Perfect Blend Kit for all of my gardens and flowerbeds. First, the optimizer works. I used it along with Epsoma organic bone meal and dried blood when I planted. I've used the Epsoma products for years, but there was a definite difference in how well everything rooted with the optimizer this year as compared to years past with just the Epsoma products and better soil. Next, the Spray-N-Grow perfect blend kit also works. I've only been using it for about 3 weeks, one application per week. I've been very impressed with the results thus far. I plant a ton of impatiens, and they look better and fuller this early than I've ever seen them look; all of my perennial beds look like something out of a magazine; my miniature rose bushes are growing and flowering like crazy; the herbs are going nuts; the veggies are perky and healthy. If I'm seeing these kinds of results after only 3 applications, I am really anticipating a fabulous gardening season. Great products.

On May 20, 2011, flowerbulb (27 reviews) from Oceanside, CA (Zone 9a)

These people get gardening! This family run business understands that to keep customers they must offer products that work and provide knowledgeable, friendly service. Spray-N-Grow does all this and their products are eco-friendly so you don't have to feel bad about making your garden look good. If you haven't tried their Spray-N-Grow foliar feeding product, well, test it for one season. It will quickly move to your future "must-have" list because it works on darn near everything. Don't try it on that new puppy - but for everything else growing around your yard and garden, use it. Pretty amazing stuff.

On Jun 27, 2010, LiliMerci (6 reviews) from North of Atlanta, GA (Zone 8a)

Fabulous products. I've been using them for years! I just tried the Perfect Blend a few years ago and love it too. Excellent customer service, which you hardly see anymore. Keep up the good work!

On Jun 2, 2010, CanuckFrog (1 reviews) from Brookfield, WI

I ordered Bill's perfect lawn fertilizer well in advance of the fertilizing season to be sure to have it on hand. It was delivered within the week! A very pleasant surprise! I ran home after work one night to fertilize the lawn before the gentle soaking rain that was scheduled for the night. I diligently covered the front lawn with one bag. Continued on to the back yard with the second and final bag purchased, when I realized it wasn't going to be enough to cover everything. I had not taken my measurements accurately. I made the decision to feed the newly sodded area, and the places from where carpenter ant infested trees had been removed, stumps ground and grass seed planted. I raced around the yard covering these areas with my spreader and ran the rest out into the more shaded area of the lawn that seemed more prone to weeds. It has been a week now, and when I looked outside this morning, I rubbed my eyes to try to get them to focus and realized that there was not any problem with my eyes, but that there actually were erratic stripes of lush green lawn throughout a majority of my lawn, and a nice rectangular path where I had finished out the fertilizer. I have never seen anything work so beautifully on a lawn, in such a short order! I have ordered additional bags so that I can treat the ENTIRE back yard this time.

On Feb 2, 2010, ricebeagle (8 reviews) from Sunbury, OH

I don't use any supplemental fertilizer other than compost in my garden. Until now. For some reason, the spray-n-grow catalog really compelled me to purchase their namesake product and give it a whirl. WOW! What great crops I had last season. I don't think I will grow without it now. Highly recommend.

On Sep 8, 2009, Spriggin (19 reviews) from Selma, OR

OK, now tell me what I'm supposd to do with all the squash, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes etc. that are a direct result from using your products. I've been eating, canning and hauling the excess off to a food bank. Even the chickens are getting full. I'm up to my armpits in veggies. I've never seen anything like it.

On Jul 23, 2009, rvnsbrk (6 reviews) from FLOYD, VA (Zone 6a)

I decided to try the Spray N Grow fertilizer a few months ago. I found all the mixing and waiting a bit tedious, so I didn't really keep up with it. On the other hand, I decided to try some Gro Brics and I love them! Their customer service department worked a great deal for a large quantity for my landscaping business. It was painless and easy and so nice to talk to reasonable people.

On May 20, 2009, Mrs_Gardener (1 reviews) from Dallas, TX

I love their products especially the perfect blend kit. I've been using it for about two years now and it has really made a difference in my veggie garden. I really like how all their stuff is organic. It's nice to know I'm using natural products on produce me and my family are going to be eating. I recently joined the community social network on their site. What a cool idea. It's a great place to share tips, ask questions and see what is working for other gardeners.

On May 11, 2009, Leopard1A4 (1 reviews) from Salt Lake City, UT

I used spray n grow years ago when I lived in Florida,I used it on jalapeno pepper plants,and a Jade plants. The Jalapenos were really large,and had black streaks in them where the seed membranes were,and they also were extremely hot. The Jade plants grew into huge beasts,I grew them in 20 gallon red clay pots,at the base the stalks were more like a tree trunk,they measured up to 9 inches across,and plants stood over 5 feet tall,and were 8 feet across. This is the best product I have found for plants,wether if you grow them in the ground,or like I did in pots,container gardening. I recently purchased a couple topsy turvy hanging planters,to grow tomatoes in,and I want to use spray n grow on them,I will post some photos of them as they grow and mature.

On Jan 25, 2009, zanann (10 reviews) from Onarga, IL (Zone 5b)

I really like the ease of use of their perfect blend kits. Ordered the med size kit to try after previously ordering just the spray-n-grow product. Liked the packaging and the quick service. Looking forward to a summer of amazing flowers and veggies!

On Jun 18, 2008, jlp222 (4 reviews) from Hammond, LA (Zone 8b)

This company is in my top 10 favorite places to order from. I have placed 2 orders with them so far and have been 100% pleased each time. My first order was for the small Perfect Blend Kit and a bag of Soil Mender Minerals Plus. The order arrived in about 5 days. I have noticed a great difference in my houseplants, especially my epiphyllums after using the perfect blend. Some epis that I have had for months sprouted new growth in 2-3 days! The soil mender helps my less that stellar soil get all the minerals it is lacking. I have noticed that some of my plants are less yellow and more green. I would recommend both products. My second order which I received today included more SprayNGrow to mix with the Coco Wet and Bill's Perfect Fertilizer to make the "Magic Blend". I ran out of the SprayNGorw much sooner than the other two. I also ordered a bag of Texas Greensand for my bedding plants. Their shipping rates are very reasonable, and their customer service is excellent. I will definitely be a customer as long as I garden.

On March 24th, 2009, jlp222 added the following: I ordered from this company again, and have again received VERY fast shipping, great packaging, and wonderful products. I ordered 3 Grow Bricks, and John and Bob's Soil Optimizer (6 lb. bag). The grow bricks are really neat to use. The soil optiomizer promises results within weeks/months, so I will have to wait to review that particular product. I will definitely order from this company again.

On May 15, 2008, knexsen (10 reviews) from Virginia Beach, VA

My grandmother, who is (by all accounts) an expert gardener, recommended Spray N' Grow to me, as I have recently found a new love in gardening. This product won me over! I recently sprayed my garden with this product, combined with Super-Thrive (a wonderful supplement found at Wal-mart, Amazon.com, etc.) and Miracle Grow, and am astonished with the results. My 1-year old weeping cherry, hydrangeas, 1-year climbing roses, etc. each have amassed at least a few feet each of new growth since. In fact, EVERYTHING I've sprayed has taken off like gangbusters. The hydrangeas are blooming a month or more earlier than usual. The quality of their new growth is so obvious, as it is much larger and taller than the previous (pre-treatment) new growth. My climbing roses (blue moon, queen elizabeth, and blue lady) alone have rewarded me with DOZENS of new blooms--I would venture to say at least 50 each blooming at a time! My german irises, which looked quite sickly when I received them, are now three to four feet tall and overwhelmed with large, gorgeous blooms. All this in poor, clay-heavy soil! It's phenomenal. One thing I might offer to assist people in their use of this (or any foliar treatment) is the use of a scant amount of baby shampoo or lemon-scented dish-soap (NOT detergent--ensure it is the cheap stuff, without anti-bacterial or bleaching agents) in your sprays. I discovered this amazing secret via Jerry Baker's books (about the best advice I found in these books). It not only acts as a superb wetting agent (thereby assisting your sprays in remaining on the leaves rather than rolling off), but helps to cleanse the foliage of pollutants and debris. I use this in place of the Coco-wet that Spray N Grow offers, as it is MUCH less expensive. The lemon-scented dish soap also offers an extra "bonus" effect of helping to prevent many bug infestations, as most of the typical pests seem to detest the lemon (or any citrus, really) scent. I also like to use it in my Round-up and other foliar treatments. Just a couple of drops is all you need (about a teaspoon per gallon), and add it in after you've added all your other ingredients and the water, so as to not end up with oversudsing. Happy gardening, and definitely try Spray N Grow, if you haven't yet!

On Apr 9, 2008, gardentroll (1 reviews) from Greenfield, OH

I have been buying Spray N Grow since the 1980's. I used it when I lived in Idaho, Washington State, and Ohio and it works great where ever one happens to live. As long as I garden, I'll use Spray N Grow.

On Mar 28, 2008, iameston (3 reviews) from Charleston, SC

I have ordered from spray-n-grow for their spray-n-grow complete kit for three times in a row b/c of the GREAT results that I have seen. Last summer my plumeria grew 2 ft. in both tips while using the spray-n-grow magic combination; not to mention the blooms!! I recommend them to everyone I talk to about gardening. Plus, it feels good to know that I am using a mix on my plants that will not kill fish in the pond or be a danger to the human water supply (i.e. Rx drugs), and still increasing my plant yield by so much!

On Mar 19, 2008, vatterpa (1 reviews) from Indiana, PA

I love this stuff. I normally buy it from QVC because we have an account there. It really does make the plants grow bigger. My tomato plants set and harvested 2-3 pound tomatos (burpee supersteak). This is a big variety of tomato but is only expected to grow 1 pounders. I use it on every plant we have. Last year I ran out and didn't order more. I could really tell the difference. The plants were way smaller. I don't use fertilizer, mostly because I'm cheap and it is a hassle. These results were solely Spray N Grow.

On Jun 16, 2007, JerusalemCherry (2 reviews) from Dunellen, NJ (Zone 6b)

I have been using Spray-N-Grow since approx 1989. I feel this product works based on the results I get from my houseplants, bonsai, etc. I spray this on my Mugo bonsai (they are pines), Jerusalem Cherry, PonyTail Palm, Juniper bonsai, cactus called "Gymnocalycium schickendantzii var. pungens", Variegated Virginia Creeper, Blue Princess Holly etc. I notice all these plants produce better/grow better with Spray-N-Grow.

On Jun 10, 2006, boominggarden (9 reviews) from Bloomingdale, MI

I have ordered from this company several times. They have great products and wonderful service. The stuff really works! They sent one incorrect product, and when notified, they quickly sent out the right item with a smile.

On Apr 16, 2006, rusty2004 (20 reviews) from Lodi, CA

I was so glad to receive their catalog, because they sell gro-brick, I grow all my plants and cuttings in this, it is really great. I have not used the spray-n-grow yet, just received order. Received my order fast.

On Feb 12, 2006, ardesia (13 reviews) from (Zone 9a)

I have always been pleased with products I received from this organization but last summer I ordered a battery powered sprayer and was very disappointed. I returned it with a note saying that it was not worthy of being in their catalog and they promptly refunded my money. Just yesterday I received a package and a note from the owner himself saying he agreed with me (about the sprayer) and he sent me, at no cost, a new, improved sprayer that he thought I might like better. What a company! You can't go wrong dealing with people like that.

On Apr 4, 2005, Liila (16 reviews) from Lantana, FL (Zone 10a)

I first ordered Spray & Grow from QVC about a year ago, and have used it ever since. It's one of the few products I've ever used which actually delivers as promised. My blooming plants literally exploded with blooms. My herb plants were absolutely *huge*. I now combine it with Messenger and am almost afraid of the monsters I'm sure to be growing! I credit Spray & Grow for the christmas cactus that bloomed in 3 waves for me this year, and the 4 foot tall rosemary that started out in a 4 inch pot not even 2 years ago. I have since branched out into using Bill's Perfect fertilizer and it has become my fertilizer of choice. I don't like using chemical fertilizers, I prefer natural, and again, Bill's Perfect fertilizer delivers as promised. The website also offers other interesting items for the garden like greensand and bat guano and worm casting teabags. One could end up spending a bundle! I recommend this company highly. The product is wonderful, everything arrives within a week of order, and they're extremely helpful, too.

On Mar 26, 2005, BuffaloBill70 (1 reviews) from Mason City, IA

Great products! I received more compliments on my flowers last season than I ever had in my 10+ years of growing. The only thing I changed was using Spray-n-Grow. The company is very helpful and friendly. Their products are environmentally friendly. A positive experience in every way.

On Feb 16, 2005, Indigoez (7 reviews) from Floresville, TX (Zone 9a)

I have ordered from this company many times and have always been pleased with the products they offer.

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