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The following information was received via email on 8/29/2002, from an attorney with Kavinoky & Cook, LLP, attorneys for Gardens Alive, Inc.]

"Please be advised that the assets of Spring Hill Nurseries, Henry Field Seed & Nursery, Gurney Seed & Nursery, Michigan Bulb, the Garden Store, Flower of the Month and Breck's Bulb were purchased by affiliated entities of Gardens Alive, Inc. through a bankruptcy auction and sale on October 26, 2001. These assets were formally (sic) owned by Foster & Gallagher, Inc. (a/k/a mySeasons.com).

All orders processed/taken before October 26, 2001 were orders placed with Foster & Gallagher, Inc. All orders made after October 26, 2001 should have been placed with the new affiliated entity of Gardens Alive, Inc.

If a customer has problems with an order placed before October 26, 2001, i.e., all orders taken during 2001, the customer must contact the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware and file a proof of claim.

All collections for orders place before October 26, 2001 are being made on behalf of Foster & Gallagher, Inc., not Gardens Alive, Inc. Therefore, if a customer has a probelme with these orders, it is not with the new entities, but the old Foster & Gallagher business."

posted on November 29, 2001