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Negative scambuster
(1 review)
August 27, 2020
They mailed me an empty packet with an invoice. There were no seeds in the packet. I don't believe this was a mistake. I have tried to contact them, and there is only an email address for the company. Lesson learned.
FACT: I noticed they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Negative genconbaltime
Clarksburg, MD
(1 review)
May 18, 2020
bought japanese black pine seeds and planted on end mar, none comes out till today on 5/19/2020. Aksing them why with at least 4 emails, no reply . Fail to understand why this compnay has no customer service. I used to buy black pine seeds from Dallas Bonsai, pity that seems Dallas Bonsai not carrying same any more. Do not waste your time and mony with this company.
Negative Sandra75
(1 review)
July 17, 2019
I placed "1" order for Lithops seeds. And they took it as 2 orders. My credit card got charged twice for the same exact order.
Like that isn't enough, I got charged $13 shipping 2 times, so $26 total for shipping just for Lithops seeds I can barely see. And it cost them $1.36 to ship me the seeds.
What a bunch of thieves. I sent a email that was never replied back.
Positive holywarz
Niagara Falls Canada side,
(1 review)
April 12, 2018
Hi, and a good Day Eh! ❤️
I was reading through some of the post here about Seedrack, after placing a order with them.
Placed the order on 2018-03-29, reading some of the bad reports about NOT getting back on emails, so I tested my luck with email them, but as people claim, they do not get back to you at all!
So I started to worry, after reading all the BS, any my order arrive on 2018-04-06, very happy with my order from Seedrack, Thank You SeedRack and I will return for more.
Step 2 now will keep you all updated on terming these baby’s!
One Love
holywarz from Canada
Neutral Colleen7777
Newbury Park, CA
(1 review)
April 8, 2017
Posted on April 1, 2017, updated April 8, 2017
Is this company still in business? I ordered seeds but did not get an email confirmation. I called the phone number to the company but it is disconnected and I am unable to click on the contact link on their website. Does anyone know what the status of this company is?
On April 8th, 2017, Colleen7777 added the following:

Update: While they did not answer my email, I did receive all my seeds within a week. So, apparently they still are in business.
Positive GrowingDreams42
Smith's Parish,
(1 review)
September 23, 2015
Good documentation and safe packing for international locations. Governments places more restrictions of seeds via mail daily. Thanks to Whatcom Seed Co. I was able to get my seeds to another country with no issues. Loved it. They sent what they said they would and did it well.
Neutral BuddyBellwether
Flint, MI
(1 review)
April 15, 2015
CAROLINA REAPERS: The only licensed distributors of the Carolina Reaper are Puckerbutts (who created the pepper) and PepperJoes (the only licensed distributor of them). They both charge more than So, be very wary whether these are real Carolina Reapers, or just someones cross of a ghost chile and a habanero that resembles a reaper. If you don't buy them from Puckerbutt, or PepperJoe you probably aren't getting the real thing.
Neutral LulaLane
Beverly Hills, CA
(1 review)
April 6, 2015
Posted on April 6, 2015, updated April 6, 2015
Posted on March 20, 2015, updated April 6, 2015
I ordered $50 worth of seeds, and was very excited to get my order!

I received their confirmation email, that my order had been received, just after I placed it. However, after four days of no transactions showing up on my credit card from their company (meaning they still had yet to even process my order, let alone ship it...) I became suspicious. Fortunately, the lag gave me some time to discover all their negative reviews, which made me even MORE suspicious, and regretful. Since they had yet to even charge a transaction though, I was able to cancel the card and thus, my order. I did send them an email prior, explaining simply that I was no longer interested.

Thank you, Daves Garden, for saving me from potentially moldy, unviable seeds, that seemingly would not have arrived until after the planting season anyway.

Since I never actually received their product (only just a taste of how they actually run their business; which in my opinion is poorly), I will stick with a neutral experience rating. Still, I am led to believe that this poor service is an indication of the way Seedrack is run in general, and so, the negative reviews here must be pretty accurate.

I recommend staying away.
On April 6th, 2015, LulaLane added the following:

More food for thought:

Several days after I had sent this company an email explaining that I would like to cancel my order, I received an email from them for a "request for payment", for the original amount of my order. They had attempted to charge the card number and it had declined.
Had they not received my email? Or simply not read it? Was it just ignored? Clearly, there is a communication problem within the company. No matter. I did not respond the their email, since it seemed they would not receive it anyway. Surely, they would get the message. A few say after that, I was sent another electronic "request for payment" via email, this time and attempt to charge for a completely (much lower) amount of money. I guess they gave up after that, since they couldn't even get a less than $10 off the card.
Anyway, good germination rates or not, I would rather deal with any company that will communicate with its customers effectively, over one who will not (or can't?)... any day.
On April 6th, 2015, LulaLane added the following:

More food for thought:

Several days after I had sent this company an email explaining that I would like to cancel my order, I received an email from them for a "request for payment", for the original amount of my order. They had attempted to charge the card number and it had declined.
Had they not received my email? Or simply not read it? Was it just ignored? Clearly, there is a communication problem within the company. No matter. I did not respond the their email, since it seemed they would not receive it anyway. Surely, they would get the message. A few say after that, I was sent another electronic "request for payment" via email, this time and attempt to charge for a completely (much lower) amount of money. I guess they gave up after that, since they couldn't even get a less than $10 off the card.
Anyway, good germination rates or not, I would rather deal with any company that will communicate with its customers effectively, over one who will not (or can't?)... any day.
Positive IlhadoPico
Sao Roque do Pico,
Portugal (Zone 11)
(4 reviews)
April 2, 2015
Posted on April 2, 2015, updated April 2, 2015
I was tempted to leave a neutral comment, because they never emailed me that my seeds were shipped nor responded to my email when I asked them whether my seeds were shipped. Complete silence, but... when I heard from the local Customs office, I knew my seeds have arrived. One more problem was that I clearly asked Seedrack to not declare the 10-seed package as "seeds", yet they clearly declared them as "Garden Seeds". Perhaps they must declare and so I am glad the seeds were not confiscated on my side, because this is Azores, and they are very nice and flexible here. Still not enough "trouble" to leave a neutral review/rating.

Now regarding the seed germination: I will find that out a few weeks later. Regarding packaging and presentation, it's perfect: seeds are carefully packed into bubble wrap and placed into sealed thick plastic bags with colourful labels and coloured page on seed germination. I remember buying from them in the past as well, and had no problems.
On April 2nd, 2015, IlhadoPico added the following:

I forgot to mention that 9 out of the received 10 seeds have sunk to the bottom immediately or within minutes when I placed them in water and one is floating. It is possible that the floating one may sink within hours or days as per my past experiences with seed germination.
Neutral jamestaylor
Ingleside, IL
(1 review)
March 6, 2015
-I placed my order for 10 Trinidad Scorpion Moruga and 10 Carolina Reapers on 2/18, seeds shipped the next day.
-Received seeds on 2/25 in adequate packaging with instructions for germination. overall the seeds looked like they were in good condition from images i Googled of various other pepper seeds and they did give me an extra Trinidad scorpion but one of em was kinda janky.
-The seeds were placed in wet paper towels on 2/25, sprayed with pH corrected (6.5) well water that de-chlorinated a few days then put in sandwich bags that i blew air into and sealed. The bags were placed next to a heating vent with a digital thermometer that has it around +-72 degrees. *they are in a small office in our house and i keep the door closed to keep temps up and consistent.
-As of 3/6 all 10 Reaper seeds sprouted tails and 5 of the Scorpions have germinated.

I am giving this a neutral review as of right now until i see what they actually grow into and if they are true to what they say they are. *a couple of the scorpion seeds still in the paper towel do look like they will sprout but that is only opinion

Negative migmartc
Ciudad guzman,
(1 review)
December 5, 2014
I ordered seed from Whatcom Seed Co. The seeds never arrived. I have sent multiple e-mails requesting a tracking number so that I may track the package. The company has not and will not respond. Seems like a scam to me.

Miguel Martinez
Negative baileyhermit
Pine, CO
(2 reviews)
April 23, 2014
Don't order from this company. Sent several emails asking for refund for overpriced seeds that did not germinate.

I have a VERY green thumb, and never have issues with seeds not germinating. I started over 600 plants this year ( I sell started plants as a side business), and these were the only seeds that did not come up.

Overpriced Broccoflower seeds, $13.00 for 3 teeny tiny packs of seeds, about 10 per package.

Asked for a refund or replacement several times by email. No response. Will try calling today.

What a rip off. Wish I would had seen this topic before I purchased.
Negative KidZoom
(1 review)
October 28, 2013
Do not buy from I wish I had seen this in Dave's Garden before ordering.

I purchased 4 packs of 5 seeds of hot peppers. Seedrack charged more than $9 for the moruga and over $5 for the others. They charged $6 shipping. Total $38 for 20 seeds. Because they had a nice Web Site, I paid this high premium over the other offerings on ebay. First order never arrived after 20 days. They did replace my order, took another 20 days. Seeds arrived in a unprotected envelope with 95 cents postmark. In the envelope were little zip lock packages containing 5 or 6 seeds, no date. NONE of the seeds have germinated.

In my frustration on waiting for seedrack, I ordered from a couple of people on ebay. The seeds were $3-$5 dollars for 10 seeds and free shipping. The seeds from the other sellers arrived in padded envelopes in 5 days. The packs contained 20 seeds. Total of $13 for 100 seeds. ALL are doing great.

AVOID the hassle. DO NOT buy from seedrack.
Negative farmer78
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(1 review)
August 7, 2013
*** Buyer Beware: Do NOT order from this company ***

I ordered several types of seeds from

None of the seeds have germinated, even if they were planted and cared for by a very experienced individual who has been running his own farms for decades.

I contacted via email multiple times, no answer at all. Further, I was unable to dispute the charge with the credit card because the site offers no guarantees.

Word to the wise: DO NOT order from this company. Choose a more reputable provider that stands by its products.
Neutral Landito
Puerto Rico
(1 review)
June 26, 2013
I bought in may a pack of trident maple, crape myrtle, and bloodgood maple seeds. Shipping was fast and got everything I was expecting. I sowed the crape myrtle seeds (after following the included scarification and stratification instructions) it's been 3 weeks now and still no sign of germination (germination succes rate 0%). Right now the maples are in stratification. I'll provide an update in the following month.
Positive Lazyazzdaddy
Hagaman, NY
(1 review)
June 8, 2013
I placed an order with whatcom seeds/ just over a week ago. After I placed my order I found this site while waiting for my order and honestly, I got nervous after reading some of the reviews here. I figured I would leave some honest feedback myself in hopes of helping others, as I believe some of these reviews MAY not be entirely truthful.. (JMO).

Anyhow, I received my seeds this past Thursday, which was less than one week after placing my order. Obviously, I am happy with their shipping. I had ordered 6 different types of seeds. 2 varieties of coffee beans, 1 order of blood banana seeds, desert rose, silver dollar, and venus fly trap.

I soaked 4 seeds of both coffee varieties over night as per their included instructions. I also did the same with the banana seeds. I have not yet moved onto the other seeds as I wanted to let them sit in the fridge for a while first, again as per their instructions.

After soaking the seeds overnight I found 2 seeds of each variety of the coffee beans had already started to sprout little tap roots. I was very pleased to see this! The Banana seeds didn't shoot tap roots, but I did go ahead and plant them, as I do realize the Bananas can take quite some time to germinate.

All in all, so far I am very pleased with my order. Obviously I have only started a small fraction of my order, but I do plan to continue to update this review as I go along. If I find something that I do not like, I will be sure to post it here. But , SO FAR, gets a thumbs up from me!
Positive MsNure2U
(1 review)
April 25, 2013
I ordered seeds on Feb. 4. 2013 received confirmation they had been sent on February 7th. I really was anxious after seeing all the negative reports here. The order arrived quickly and I recently began sprouting seeds. Each seed type comes in great packaging and each has a page of instructions. I followed that up with a bit of googling as I am a novice gardener. Seed success has been 98% for into-the-soil types. Some of my seeds are in cold-stratifiction and some required sanding or nicking. So far I'm at 50/50 with the Lotus seeds and I am just so happy to see the little guys bursting out of their pods. I just want to let people know that Whatcom Seeds/ seems to be an EXCELLENT company to do business with.
Negative ajromer
(1 review)
April 4, 2013
I ordered 5 different seed packs from Whatcom in December 2012. I started all 5 varieties indoors under plant lights with a heat pad on January 13, 2013.

Out of everything planted, only 2 plants (cabbage walking stick) have come up to date (4Apr13)--that's a germination rate of 2/35 or 0.06%. Obvious unsatisfactory.

Like others at this site with negative feedback, I e-mailed Whatcom for an explanation & replacement seeds. Like these others, I received neither an answer nor new seeds.

Everything Whatcom sells is available elsewhere on line, so I no longer waste time & money with these people.
Positive Bpwilly
Covington, WA
(4 reviews)
March 10, 2013
I ordered 5 varieties of hot peppers from Whatcom Seed company this year. They have all germinated at over 80% so far which is pretty good for some of these pepper seeds. Great selection.

Positive mbowoade
(7 reviews)
December 30, 2012
Posted on December 24, 2012, updated December 30, 2012
Shipping and packaging was great, but I've had a 0% germination success rate with these seeds, despite following instructions. I know I ordered a bunch of tropical seeds, which might be my problem, as well as being an amateur....but still, 0%? And I planted a LOT of seeds of different types. None of my tea plants have come up, none of my different varieties of coffee seeds, none of my Acai berries, none of my dwarf pomegranates. I am a little upset.
On December 30th, 2012, mbowoade changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

After months and months of cold stratifying and heat and sunlight in my south window I checked this morning and lo and behold, I have one acai berry palm and some dwarf pomegranate seedlings! Not a huge success but still a success. The other species I bought are still in stratification; will report in the spring with germination rates. Still no success with my tea or coffee seeds, and I finally threw most of them out as they had bugs and were rotten. However, I've heard that germinating coffee seeds is extremely difficult and I assume it's the same with the tea seeds, as they prefer exacting conditions.
Negative Diner852
(1 review)
September 24, 2012
Posted on September 17, 2012, updated September 24, 2012
I ordered various seeds from this corporation. They come in nice little plastic ziplocks but with no date stamps.
Only two out of 8 different seeds have germinated and I suspect the rest are out of date.
I have sent 8 emails to their Contact which is their sales email address. They have not bothered to even respond to me.
I think this is one of the worst corporations I have dealt with as they sell old seeds and don't date their packages.
Obviously I will never order from them again but I would like them to replace the old seeds they sent me.
Not professional at all.
On September 24th, 2012, Diner852 added the following:

I think this company is a scam and have now filed a report with the Oregon FBI!
They need to be put out of business.
Positive loofs
Sacramento, CA
(3 reviews)
July 20, 2012
Ordered from here some time ago, everything went smoothly. Received Joshua tree, Draco tree and Bristlecone tree seeds, shipping was quick (got package within 4 or 5 days). So far have germinated everything expect Draco (but that is to be expected, germination of those can take awhile)
Good experience
Negative merlinswrench
star city,
(1 review)
May 28, 2012
this company sells bad seeds or mislabels seeds The 3 types of hot pepper seeds were not viable , and since the company do not return calls then I called pay pal in Canada and labeled them fraud , do not use this company I also have doubts they are organic at all and if this guy or persons lied about the seeds they most likely are GMO , Do not buy from here they are frauds the only seeds that lived or sprouted was striped marigolds . The owner blames it on the grower every time and will not return e mails or answer phone .
Negative shawn0728
Bloomington, IL
(1 review)
April 15, 2012
I ordered 3 different types of peppers from this company, and None of them germinated, I have attempted to REGROW with the extra seeds I had from them, and STILL no germination, this company sucks, and I Will NEVER order from them again
Neutral letalou
Colorado Springs, CO
(1 review)
January 25, 2012
Posted on January 25, 2012, updated January 25, 2012
I ordered Deep Purple carrots (a unique variety that is dark purple to the core) and was sent Purple Dragon instead (orange core) False advertising, won't answer the phone, and ridiculous shipping costs. I thought it would be $4.25 as advertised, but was $7.00 for tiny seed packets. The wrong seed packets.
On January 25th, 2012, letalou changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I did get hru on the phone. THey apologized and they believe it was mislabeling. They are sending some extra correctly labeled seeds NC. I will change this to positive if that is the case. Stay tuned.
Positive Caroleanne1
(1 review)
November 8, 2011
Bought a large amount of seeds which arrived very quickly to Australia with low cost shipping. Wonderful presentation, with top quality printing of detailed notes. Did I get better service than in the US? I will see how they germinate.
Neutral JerryInAtlanta
Marietta, GA
(1 review)
August 26, 2011
Ordered Ghost Peppers and got a Red Habanero. Don't get me wrong. The germination was great, about 95%. BUT it wasn't what I ordered.

Just talked to them today. They were very apologetic. They are sending out new guaranteed Ghost Pepper seeds today, NC. I think I'll give them another chance. Apparently, the issue was with their supplier.
Positive shortleaf
suburban K.C., MO (Zone 6a)
(3 reviews)
March 21, 2011
I've ordered 3 times over the years and never had a problem with germination or the ordering/shipping. I always know the total online with shipping BEFORE I place the order, there was never a surprise. So many (over half) of these reviews in Garden Watchdog on seedrack are from "members" whose sign-up date is the same (mostly, or very close) as the date of the review, look for yourself. One negative that comes to mind says, "DO NOT PURCCHASE AT SEEDRACK.COM!!!", its like they specifically came to DG to say that that day ("Aug. 10th"). Its no wonder Seedrack doesn't monitor the reviews here, the reviews are suspect in the majority. That goes for many of the reviews of other companies too I've noticed.
Positive Dee052
Revere, MA
(1 review)
February 26, 2011
I will say I am absolutely shocked and disappointed to see the amazing amounts of negative comments for this company. I have ordered rare seeds more than 8 times over the past ten years and I have always been thrilled with my product, shipping was great, and I never experienced germination issues. I must add that I have not ordered recently, perhaps there has been a change within....
Negative bobbieo1447
Bay Shore, NY
(1 review)
February 16, 2011
Order banana plant seeds followed the directions that came with the seeds out of $40.00 worth of seeds got one very sad looking plant...
Have e-mailed and snail-mailed them no response to either....for the $40.00 could have purchase 5 one gallon much for customer service.
Negative UrbanPharmer
Schenectady, NY
(1 review)
February 5, 2011
Ordered in 2/10

Bhut Jolokia 7.92
Jalapeno 2.96
White Habs Free

Bhut turned out to be Caribbean Reds, no answer from my email back in August after learning I was not growing the coveted Ghost. Price was fair but only if you were to actually get what you ordered. Jalapenos had NO heat whatsoever. White Habs were actually good but very, very small in size.

My suggestion, order from the New Mexico University, they will only send you one order in a lifetime of Ghost, but at least you know what you are getting.

Negative volitone
Gadsden, AL (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
December 16, 2010
Impressive variety of seeds, and well packaged, prompt delivery.

What I *REALLY* wanted was 1) Viable seeds that were 2) the seeds I ordered.

March 2010

I ordered bhut jolokia seeds, received the seeds, planted the seeds, and harvested...umm...NOT bhut jolokia peppers.

On the same order I paid for Camellia sinensis, and received what MAY have once been seeds. I planted the "brown crumbly hard things" anyway just to be certain...nothing.

Also on the same order this plant which is supposedly difficult, Tacca chantrieri. I don't mind difficult, but *all* seeds are difficult if they aren't viable.

"Caveat emptor"...if ordering from this company.
Positive bon_sy
Spokane, WA
(1 review)
September 13, 2010
I just received my order! it was on time and packaged very well. I looked up pictures of what seeds I was supposed to be getting and they all matched. I ordered seeds for seven of their exotic trees. all of them came and included great information and germination instructions. All the seeds were in excellent condition. For this price I can't ask for more. I was worried, having seen some previous ratings, but the order actually turned out very well!
thanks seed rack
Negative smithjonesghost
Oviedo, FL
(1 review)
August 20, 2010
I purchased Bhut Jolokia Peppers but received some other type of pepper. The problem is, if the seeds (and they were not) are not the correct type you do not know for several months later, and there is no refund. The worst part is they do not have/provide a telephone number, That should have rung a Bell, plus they did not reply to my emails.
Negative travisbickle
Melbourne, FL
(1 review)
August 19, 2010
AWFUL EXPERIENCE> Fraudulent in every instance. 2 types of chile seeds were too old and would not germinate. I also bought "ghost Bhut Jolokia" seeds that turned out to be very weak red habanero plants. You find this stuff out after months of work and $$$$$ for proper soil and fertilizer and fighting pests of all kinds. The habaneros I buy at Winn Dixie blow this junk away. Several emails provoked no response, and it is the perfect example of a good Website 'storefront', propped up by 2X4's in the back. Just a good looking movie set for sure, and we will see the same site pop up under a different name in the future, and of that I am also sure. MY FAULT FOR NOT READING THE REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Negative hughster
Agoura Hills, CA
(1 review)
June 20, 2010
after NOT receiving my chili seeds I e-mailed whatcom seeds and was sent a "duplicate" ( dont think the 1st was ever sent ) and as directed planted my seeds. NOT 1 SEED GERMINATED !!!
I then sent an e-mail asking for help with the remaining seeds and got no response in 5 days !!!
Now I read many reviews that are the same as mine.
Positive dusty_digger
Mountain Home, AR
(1 review)
March 30, 2010
I ordered about $60 worth of seeds this year, my first order. Delivery was prompt, and the packaging and information quite good. Sure, some of the amounts were small, but these are seeds (at least the ones I ordered were). Some required stratification, and when I removed the Redvein Enkianthus from cold storage, found there were only 12 seeds instead of 50. Emailed, rec'd answer next day, and replacement shipped the day after. Can't ask for better than that! Germination has been fair to good, satisfactory for some fairly tricky seeds. I will order again next year!
Negative growingranny
Dutton, VA (Zone 7b)
(14 reviews)
February 21, 2010
I have ordered from them in the past and have been pleased with the results. This year I ordered Red Torch Ginger and Lady's Mantle Seed. Planted them according to their directions, put them on the heat and nothing, nada, not one seed has germinated from either one. In the meantime all of the rest of my seeds have germinated and been transplanted. I grow hundreds of plants every year and have never had a problem with growing anything. Was in the business for years and these are the first duds I have encountered. Apparently from reading the comments on here they don't monitor this board so appatently they don't care.
Positive withad
Warren Center, PA (Zone 5b)
(7 reviews)
December 9, 2009
I have ordered from Whatcom Seed several times before and have never had a problem. Can't really comment on germination rate because I really don't keep track of it but everything has had enough germination to satisfy me. Not having a phone number to call is something I would have liked to have seen on their site but I have never had to contact them and it has not been a problem. I am especially pleased that unlike a lot of other mail order companies they don't charge your credit card until the orders are filled and/or shipped. Would definetly order from them again.
Positive grumpy4517
Tampa, FL
(1 review)
October 13, 2009
in april 09, i ordered tobacco seeds from whatcom seed co. when seeds failed to germinate , blamed whatcom for sending bad seeds. after finding out the CORRECT way to plant the seeds they germinated 90% plus., and are thriving, my apologies to whatcom .seed co.

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