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On Sep 28, 2021, twcgrl (1 reviews) from Burlingame, CA

I tried this out as it's one of the few places I could find pixie crunch apple available. The website gave me a specified window of delivery. The night before the delivery window, the ship date is pushed back 2 days. Same thing 2 days later. I call them twice & they firmly cannot ship, although "items are in stock", because "they follow the Dept of Agriculture recommendations". The difference is only 2 days that keeps getting tacked on to their original posted ship window. If you cancel the order, the confirmation email states that the refund will be processed in 30 days. If you change your mind and want to reinstate, they cannot and you must pay for a whole separate new order. I'm glad I only tried to order one tree and will see if they process the refund.

On Jun 23, 2021, Rise22 (13 reviews) from Roseburg, OR

The last plants I received were not healthy at all. I believe this place is affiliated with Michigan Bulb, which is also dubious.

On Apr 21, 2021, mwilliams54 (4 reviews) from Lancing, TN

This is for Springhill Nurseries in Ohio that Lowe's uses. I ordered 3 lilac bushes and they arrived within a week, in good condition and properly packed. Only had a 3 day delay on delivery as FedEx had wrong day but it updated quickly.

On Apr 13, 2021, lotuslover (1 reviews) from Chicago, IL

I can't tell you how perplexed and disappointed I have been with my order from this company. The first part of the order (dormant root balls) arrived when we still had two feet of snow on the ground- way before they should have reasonably been sent. I had no-where to put them, but did my best by potting them up in the garage, and will now have to transplant them again. A month later, neither have thus far shown any signs of life. The second part of my order, a clematis, arrived after a circuitous route through the midwest after leaving Ohio, traveling for ten days to reach me in Chicago (?) After its rigorous travels it arrived yellow and dry, quite spindly, and the stem was snapped. I would consider the plant a "seedling" at best. I planted it anyway hoping that it would come up from the roots. No signs of life yet, My third delivery arrived on Saturday, gloriosa lily bulbs, cavalierly thrown into a plastic bag with no protection whatever. They did not survive the rigors of the US postal systems so unprotected, and are smashed mush. The items I chose were interesting things I can not get at the local garden centers, and so I purchased from Springhill although their prices were at a premium from what I can get locally. But I'm going back to the local garden centers going forward. I contacted Springhill, and have received no response. I might have just as well flushed that $100 down the toilet. Don't just walk.....RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Apr 2, 2021, billc1023 (1 reviews) from Granite Shoals, TX

I bought 5 Mr. Lincoln rose plants at $25+. These are the smallest and scrawniest plants I have ever ordered. Your ad didn’t specify the grade or size (all of the rest of your roses were in 1 or 2 gallon pots). I expected a 1 or 11/2 quality plant. These are 3 or4 rating. In addition, the bare root plants were totally dry, without ANY moisture preserving wrapping. Surely, not sent by a credible nursery. Please be on notice that if every plant doesn’t leaf out properly, i will expect a total refund. BAH!!!

On Feb 1, 2021, Blackthumb9 (1 reviews) from Jamaica Plain, MA

I don't understand how this company can continue to be in business. I ordered 10 Princess Nadia Ajugas in mid-August 2020, and to my memory, they were at least $10 apiece. They gave me an expected shipping date of mid-September. I received no word in mid-September of why there had been no delivery, an expected delivery date, or order cancellation. I waited another three weeks, then contacted them again. I received my plants about three weeks later, again with no explanation of what the delay had been. I still can't believe what I received. The plants were packaged in what appeared to be an unprotected garbage bag, with no separation or protection between them. Each "plant," which was little more than a sprout, was packaged in very poorly wrapped plastic. Some had lost all of their minimal soil. Eight of the ten were so gnarled and shriveled that I planted them just to give them a chance to live. Two were undeniably dead. l took a picture of EACH INDIVIDUAL PLANT and emailed them to the company so they could see for themselves what the plants looked like. The company sent me a free coupon for two plants the next time I shopped with them and offered no compensation or explanation for the extremely poor condition of the other plants. I will never shop with them again under any circumstances. I am waiting until spring to see if any of those extremely sorry plants managed to live. RUN, RUN, AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

On Jun 9, 2020, OldWrangler (9 reviews) from Spring, TX

Posted on June 1, 2020, updated June 9, 2020 Posted on May 13, 2013, updated June 1, 2020 I ordered 4 plants from Spring Hills and when they didn't come in 6 weeks, I just gave up and forgot about it. I hadn't paid them anything so nothing ventured, nothing lost. Then this week in the mail I get a dun notice. It says the plants were shipped 2 weeks ago. Not only did the plants not come but they were invoicing me for double what the plants were worth. Now everybody knows there are no businesses that ship their product without it being paid for. I wrote back for them to "stuff it". I have not yet received any answer and don't expect to. These folks will sell your address to anyone and are tied in with other scam companies like Mich. Bulb. Avoid these people like the plague.

On June 1st, 2020, OldWrangler added the following: Take this as a warning, these people SUCK. I had forgotten my own experience from before and ordered 5 trees they said they had in stock. After 2 months of waiting, countless, unanswered emails and many unanswered phone calls I wrote to cancel my order. This they receive and cancelled. These folks care nothing about customers and many of the things they are offering are stunted, dead or dying. They are now going on my shit list. DON"T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.
On June 9th, 2020, OldWrangler changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I have to give them a neutral comment as they finally refunded the money they charged for the plants they didn't have. I really didn't expect to get the money back so it was a surprise but I would have rather had the plants. I still haven't heard anything from the company and don't expect to.

On Jun 4, 2020, LoveDemRoses (1 reviews) from Pacific Grove, CA

Oh! I wish I had read the feedback on Dave's Garden before I ordered from Spring Hill Nursery! I received a Spring Hill email with a special offer: BOGO, Buy One Get One for an additional 1 cent. I ordered a rose (which was a bit pricey but, I thought that's how they make their profit!) and when the email confirmation came it showed one rose coming and no additional 1 cent charge. Immediately I called their customer service department and after 30+ minutes of musik I decided to send them an email. They sent an email in return saying with Covid, etc. etc I would be hearing from a customer service agent soon. No call ever came although the wimpy little rose plant did arrive last night. I just got off the phone with a customer service agent who must have a degree in talking in circles; he explained I would have had to pay 1 cent to get the second rose, which I had stated in my email to the company! The best he could do was offer me a $10. coupon for my NEXT order but, guess what?? There will NEVER be a next order for Spring Hill Nursery from me!!

On May 5, 2020, LLoydKeith (1 reviews) from Morristown, TN

I ordered an over priced 4' arborvitae at $99.99 because the quarantine for the covid-19 virus prevented me form going to a local nursery and they would not deliver. I was surprise to receive a 3' tree that is priced $50.oo less than the one I ordered.

On Apr 9, 2020, raspberrypicket (5 reviews) from Circleville, OH

I received a very nice catalog from Spring Hill with plants I've not seen before. I was very hesitant to purchase the plants due to Spring Hill's terrible reputation and so many negative comments. I took the plunge and ordered a golden weeping redbud tree, a double blooming redbud, and a variegated Yuki Gessho Variegated Panicle Hydrangea. Several gardening friends on Facebook told me horror stories about the company. I was beginning to fear I had made a terrible mistake and wasted $137 dollars! The plants arrived in a couple of weeks and were of a nice size considering they were mail-order saplings. They were well packed and looked in great shape. I planted them and now they are all leafing out. I was so relieved the plants looked as nice as they did considering Spring Hill's bad reviews. I guess time will tell if they grow and flourish, but for now everything is looking great!

On Aug 2, 2019, Bkwyrme (4 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

Everything I ordered grew, so I can't really complain. On the other hand, their packaging seems rather hit or miss: The clematis was extremely well packaged. The Dahlia bulb was placed in a small, open plastic bag with minimal peat moss (or some other organic material) added. This was then placed in an unpadded envelope. The Salvia root was at least in a box, but again, the material around it left much to be desired, the root being left to rattle around in the box with little to hold it in place. Everything grew, but in 2 out of 3 cases I'd say that was in spite of the packing.

On May 30, 2019, emmsliu (2 reviews) from Portland, OR

For zone 8, I order over 25 plants in mid-April (shipping window as listed on the website was open for my zone). The plants were listed as in stock on the website but they did not ship until the end of May (5/30 to be exact) and will not arrive until mid-June. There was no communication during this time to tell me about the status of the order and the plants each time I checked the website were still listed as "in stock". I reached out to customer service twice during this time - the first time they said that one of the plants had "been processed" but the other two were back ordered. The second time when I attempted to cancel the order they generated a shipping label (although no actual shipment had been delivered to the carrier) and told me that I couldn't get a refund since the order had "been processed". Two months to receive plants and no updates during this time is unacceptable.

On May 25, 2019, leodavinci46 (1 reviews) from Saint Augustine, FL (Zone 9b)

I wish I had read the reviews of Springhillnursery.com before ordering. They ship to Fla in the summer when it is near 100 degrees and they use FedX/usps to ship which in this case took 8 days. One item was backordered though they had my order 2 months ago.

On Apr 18, 2019, MrsGehrig (1 reviews) from Kimball, NE

I ordered a twisted lavender redbud last year. It did nothing, so they refunded. 2/2/19 ordered. Because of the extreme weather, I canceled 2 other trees the 1st week in March. I requested that the Redbud be shipped in the middle of May- extreme weather. Wanted to ensure success. Checking the status of my orders; did not see the redbud or the shipping status. Contacted cust. serv; SOLD OUT. Surprise !!! No email notification, just we issued you a refund yesterday. It's a popular tree and we're out. We can notify you when it's in stock and give you $10 off. Isn't that why I ordered early- to get one? Happen before with Garden Alive companies. They will fill other orders before yours no matter how early you order/pay. Perhaps if you are running low you should ensure all orders are filled before selling more and/or contact delayed shipping requests to see if they want it shipped earlier because running low on stock. I live in a rural area and depend on mail order selections. I will have to pay 2-3x more and drive 100 miles or more to get one. Fulfill your orders before selling more stock than you have. At Springhill, the early bird doesn't get the worm. Service reps don't listen and they're responses are silly. No I don't wanted to be notified when you get more; that will be next year; there is no guarantee of getting on even if I place my order early.

On Jul 30, 2018, SanJoseFool (21 reviews) from Canton, GA (Zone 7b)

Only ordered one thing, a Romeo bush cherry late this spring. Packed well, shipped promptly, and was HUGE. Not sure if I'll order from them again based on these other reviews.

On Jun 22, 2018, mikeaff (3 reviews) from Highwood, IL

When the plants arrive in good condition, I've had excellent results. You can usually find some pretty good deals if you keep checking the site and sign up for their emaisl. My big problem with Spring Hill is that they ship via Smartpost. So if you are ordering live plants they will be at least a week and sometimes two in transit. I recently ordered hardy mum plants. (16 of them) It took 11 days for them to arrive and nearly all of the growth on them had rotted down to the stem. If you are shipping live plants this is ridiculous. It's fine for bulbs, bare roots etc., but not for live plants.

On Jun 14, 2018, FrostPrincess (8 reviews) from Shakopee, MN

I was aware of Springhill's somewhat 'iffy' reputation but they had a plant I wanted on sale so I thought I would give them a try. I ordered four purple Culver's Roots (Veronicastrum Fascination) on sale from Springhill and received my order a couple of days ago. The bare root plants were nicely packaged, healthy, and a very nice size for bare-root starter plants. I already planted them and they are all sending up shoots. I am actually pretty happy so far with Springhill, so much so that I placed another order for some Heuchera's (that I can't find locally) that were also on sale...I am hoping I won't be disappointed by this order. I've kind of shied away from 'mail order' plants as the various companies have all been bought up and are owned by the same big company(s) and the selection and quality have gone down. I am glad I took a chance on these Culver's Roots...I am very happy so far!

On Jun 2, 2018, jenniferelaine (1 reviews) from Chatham, IL

In January or February, I ordered a kit called "Color in the Shade". It included 18 shade plants like hostas, lily of the valley, etc. I also ordered 2 Siberian Iris bulbs and their fertilizer pellets. I studiously avoided ordering live plants---everything ordered was either a bare root or bulb. The first tip-off should have been the lackluster description on the website. I needed to know the sq. footage required for this kit, and it was not listed. I also enquired as to whether a planting diagram was included. The first question was answered, the second was ignored. Since I received this kit, the question has been answered on the "questions" portion of their website. I received everything in mid/late April (~20th). Inside the box there was zero planting information. No diagram, no cards to indicate planting depth, spacing, watering requirements, etc. Only plant names stamped on the plastic bags containing the bulbs/roots. I googled everything and did my best. About 4 weeks from planting, only 6 out of of the 18 plants in the kit had sprouted at all. It wasn't a situation where I had planted things wrong. I had 1:6 Lily of the Valley come up, 2:3 Hosta, etc. The only things that failed to sprout entirely were the bleeding hearts. I called and was told I had to wait 6 weeks to get a refund. I e-mailed, and was told that things have different blooming times. I replied and pointed out that I understand that things have different blooming times, but 2/3 of their kit had failed to sprout. I was refunded within 24 hours of this email. Took my refund and went straight to the local garden center, where I got some lovely plants.

On May 30, 2018, homesteadgirl (5 reviews) from middle TN, TN

Posted on March 5, 2011, updated May 30, 2018 Today is 3-5-11 and I received an e-mail from Spring Hill Nursery stating that my order had been shipped. I'm in zone 6, but more like zone 5. Every nursery, except this company, ships in April for my zone. I have lost several of their plants and I think it's because they ship too early. I have asked them not to ship plants early, but they continue to do so.

On May 30th, 2018, homesteadgirl added the following: Today is 5/30/2018 and I contacted Spring Hill Nursery letting them know that all the plants I had purchased from them had finally died and if their lifetime guarantee was still good. I can't get an answer from them either by e-mail or on facebook. I think Gardens Alive is in charge now and this company isn't standing by the guarantee and I don't think I will ever purchase from any of the 30 companies they are associated with.
Company representative comment on March 7, 2011:
On Mar 7, 2011 3:29 PM, Spring Hill Nursery (aka SpringHillNursery.com) responded with:

Thank you for contacting us concerning the shipment of your plants. A customer service representative will contact you for your account information and check into matter for your.

On Apr 19, 2018, GA_Skywatcher (3 reviews) from Evans, GA

Ordered 16 plants from Spring Hill Nursery April of 2017. Most of these were in 4” pots. All plants were received in good condition. They have an excellent selection.

On Apr 5, 2018, SCplantsZ8 (3 reviews) from Belton, SC

I recently ordered a razzmatazz grape and a hardy issai kiwi from Spring Hill Nursery. I was not expecting healthy plants to arrive based on the negative feedback here. Despite the horror stories of others my experience was positive. I placed my order in mid March. Spring Hill sent a email stating that the plants would ship sometime in April or May. Well my plants arrived promptly on April 5th. The plants were in pots and had live healthy roots. Each pot was secured tightly inside of a cardboard sleeve. These sleeves were then packaged securely inside the shipping box. The size of the plants was smaller than I would have liked given the price paid but the plants were very healthy and dark green. To me plant health is more important than size. Overall I am happy with my purchase.

On Apr 4, 2018, Coreopsis6 (1 reviews) from Santa Cruz, CA

The bulbs, tubers and corms I received from Spring Hill Nursery this year were among the worst I have ever gotten from an online supplier. The dahlias were ridiculously tiny, many were shriveled and one was damp and rotting. The begonias were desiccated and spongey. The freesias were undersized. The entire shipment seemed to be third-rate stock. The dahlias I purchased at Costco were three times the size of the rubbish SpringHill sent me, and the Costco tubers were plump and perfectly formed. I wasted my money buying from SpringHillNursery.com! (I placed my order months in advance, and they never confirmed it. When I contacted them to find out when the order would ship, they gave me a date that was about a month too late for my region. They refused to send the order earlier. Horrible service.)

On Nov 25, 2017, lovepat906 (2 reviews) from Havre De Grace, MD

I ordered a birthday gift on Oct 29. It finally arrived at its destination in Arizona on Nov.22nd. The delivery person said the address " does not exist" and returned the gift to Ohio. Both my phone number and the recipient's phone number were included on the original order- no effort was made to contact us for directions. I have visited and sent gifts to the address many times- it does exist. The delivery person could not bother to ask for directions. I finally got a response from the company telling me that the order can not be re-sent because they were no longer accepting orders for fall delivery. REALLY? It was ordered on Oct.29. I can only hope that I will get a refund . I do not recommend this business and will not be using them again. Wish I had checked here first. Almost 50% of the feedback is negative.

On Jun 9, 2017, Lucille44 (11 reviews) from Conroe, TX

Posted on June 6, 2017, updated June 9, 2017 I ordered some tiny rose bushes in three inch pots a week and a half ago. After several queries it became apparent that I was not going to receive my plants until at least the middle of June, too late to plant. If they did not have the plants in stock that they advertised, they should not have taken my money. I wanted roses, not some Wall Street sale of rose futures. If they did have the plants, they should have promptly shipped them. I ordered bare root roses from their sister company Gurney's and the roses were shipped out the day after I ordered them. Terrible communication and service. I've asked Paypal to help me resolve this.

On June 9th, 2017, Lucille44 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: I am changing my rating solely because of the efforts in my behalf given by Spring Hill Customer Service. It had appeared that my shipment was going to take a long time, and I feared the possibility that they might simply decide to ship in the spring, so I reached out to a customer service representative. She not only looked into it, but made sure the shipment arrived in a timely manner. My roses just arrived- Apricot Princess and they are beautiful. The ad said they would come in a three inch pot, and it may be three inches across but it appears more like a quart size. The roses are fresh and green and one even has a bud. Thank you Spring Hill for going the extra mile to make sure my beautiful roses arrived!!!

On Jun 8, 2017, Cville_Gardener (13 reviews) from Clarksville, TN (Zone 7a)

I was shocked at the small size and appearance of the three tiny half-dead perennials I received from this company today. Never again!

On May 29, 2017, joandud (4 reviews) from White Lake, MI

Not only did they ship the 1 agastache I ordered in early March, they shipped it and 8 others at the beginning of April. To Detroit at the beginning of April? 6 other people's orders too? And when I called them they said the other customers will no doubt call to say they didn't get their plants. This even though I gave the fellow the other order numbers. Is it just me or would most people expect the company would contact those customers? So the rep said he would send me a new plant and, at my request, have it shipped at the end of April. Oh, when I placed my original order in early March, it included a solar powered birdbath and a bee house. To make a long story longer, the new plant came in the middle of April, and at the end of April I was notified the birdbath and the bee house were out of stock. Really? They didn't either know it when I originally ordered or at least during the several emails and telephone calls we exchanged. I have in years past ordered from Spring Hill, but I will never do so again. BTW, I gave away the extra plants after babying them through the harsh weather we had here.

On May 5, 2017, kaldakur (4 reviews) from Rudyard, MI

I ordered a Carmine Jewel dwarf cherry as well as a Romeo dwarf cherry in January of this year. My plants were shipped to me in early May (I'm in a Northern zone 4b location). The bushes were huge and well branched, between two and three feet tall with excellent root systems. They were shipped bare root in an extremely sturdy box with shredded paper to keep them moist in transit. I'd order these bushes again, and recommend them to anyone.

On May 3, 2017, mal28 (3 reviews) from Chagrin Falls, OH

Posted on May 5, 2015, updated May 3, 2017 I ordered 6 Astilbe's, when they arrived I thought they were dried out, but planted them anyway and am very please to see how well they are doing

On May 3rd, 2017, mal28 added the following: Because my favorite Hosta store (made in the shade) was sold out of a Hosta I wanted, I ordered them from Spring Hill, they arrived on time but the transport material was dried out I soaked them in water and planted them and they have done great, leafed out quickly and are doing very well

On Mar 3, 2017, zoernerl (5 reviews) from Nampa, ID

Received my first plant order in a few years today, dazzler candy lilies (iris family) and 3 bare root daylilies. Am totally delighted with my order. The daylilies are much bigger root divisions than I expected. They do not appear to have any rot. I will soak them in water tonight then heel them into a garden container. The candy lilies are green plants. they were well packed in plastic with a long cardboard tube protecting both the root and the green stems. I will be planting them also tonight in a container. I'll plan to bring the planter for them in at night, as our evenings right now are in the 30s (F), and daytime upper 40s and 50s. ....I had ordered years ago from Spring Hill and had positive experiences. But it looks to me like they have improved from what I remember.

On May 10, 2016, skinney (1 reviews) from Augusta, GA (Zone 7a)

In early March, I ordered succulents and four Marley's Pink Japanese Snowbells (hard to get trees at 25% of what my local nursery wanted for them). I read the company reviews after the fact and was sure that I would have problems. Four healthy, five foot trees and three well-wrapped and healthy succulents arrived in three weeks. A month and a half later, my trees are growing quickly and are covered in blossoms. The succulents have doubled in size. I will definitely order from them again.

On Apr 10, 2016, Invidosa (2 reviews) from Ypsilanti, MI (Zone 6a)

After much consideration I've decided that my review must be positive, even though It's on the neutral edge. I ordered several plants this year, and I was pleased that they look to be in fine condition. Especially my two Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle vines, hence the positive review. However, I am really frustrated that Spring Hill decided to ship soooooo early! I received my plants in early March (which is within the scheduled shipping time listed on their website for my zone 6). Now, aside from the fact we are having an unusual spate of crappy winter weather right now, our last frost date is in the late April, early May time period. My bare rooted plants are content to hang in the fridge for the duration. But I had to pot up my poor Honeysuckle vines to keep them toasty for the several weeks they have had to spend inside. Of course, the more important thing is the quality of the plants, which as I said, appears to be top notch, but I really wish they had a better grasp on the shipping schedule.

On Mar 8, 2016, terrydowdy (1 reviews) from Rockville, MD (Zone 7b)

I ordered a mixture of spring bulbs and plants. I received numerous emails advising me of the status of my order. Unfortunately each email included a different delivery date. This was not a problem at first, since i know that conditions change. But when I received an email with a new delivery date for a period that I would be out of town, I panicked. I immediately called their customer service line and spoke with a representative who assured me that the dates were incorrect. BTW, they outsource their CS line overseas. I know that a lot of companies do that, but you need to keep that in mind. Why? Well, during that first call when the rep assured me that they would not be delivered while I was out of town. I get another email a week later (March 1) again giving me dates that they will be delivered when I would be out of town. This time I sent an email to Spring Hill advising them of my earlier call, and stating in no un certain terms that if they did arrive when I was out of town I would return them and claim a full refund including shipping. I'm sure you see where this is going. They were delivered while I was out of town. I spent 20 minutes on hold while the first customer service rep transferred me to someone in the US. However, they did refund the full amount of my order, so that's good. But they still get a negative rating because I contacted them multiple times (and their sister company Brecks) but didn't listen. If I had looked at Dave's Garden sooner I wouldn't have wasted my time and money. For now on, I won't deal with anyone who does not have a lot more positive reviews than negative. And if Spring Hill is reading this, my order # was 53360880300.

On Aug 2, 2015, QueenSweetPea (1 reviews) from Dallas, GA

In April of this year I ordered a collection of Hens & Chicks, which were sent in a brown padded envelope and placed in my mailbox. I had seen a picture of what I expected to receive so I was greatly disappointed to receive very small bare root plants, one no bigger than my smallest fingernail. I received an email from Spring Hill in May in response to my complaint saying that a representative would be contacting me. I have not received a call or email, nor have I received the replacement plants I asked for in lieu of a refund. They state onsite that they have an excellent guarantee but I have not found this to be true. By the way, one plant was dead upon arrival and the others died shortly after planting. One Hen with two Chicks are still living.

On Jun 27, 2015, regrets (1 reviews) from Bogart, GA

Beware: Springhill is slow to respond to customer inquiries and and does not provide itemized prices or shipping charges on any of their email or hardcopy receipts! So you are at their mercy when registering a complaint. I ordered 13 plants which came in 2 orders (not my choice). Despite being charged immediately and receiving an expected shipping date via email, I received a number of follow-up emails informing me that 12 of the plants would be delivered later - a total delay of over one month, which coincided with my being out of town. The plants arrived and sat outdoors for a week in 90+ temps. I contacted customer service via their website, and requested new plants or a refund. After 2 weeks of no response, I called the customer service line (ha!). The agent was befuddled and seemed unable to determine the charges himself, and he would only refund half my total shipment charge (meaning that it costs the same to ship 1 plant as it does to ship 12 plants, which I am certain is not the way they phrase it when you are making a purchase). A rip-off. Any perceived cost savings from this low budget operation aren't worth the aggravation to this experienced gardener!

On Jun 16, 2015, IamMrsG (1 reviews) from Sheffield Lake, OH

If you ever consider ordering from Spring Hill Nursery, I advise you to remember my experience with them. Pertinent background information is that the order and payment was accepted immediately, and I received a confirmation the same day of the order with a 1 week ETA. Nearly one month later, this is an abbreviation of today's chat session (June 16) with them (personal information removed): Me: Hello, Daniel. I placed my order in May, shipment has not happened yet. 6 Muhly grass plants -- your site said "In stock." Now it says, "Ships in Fall." What's going on?? Daniel: The reason the plant says ships in the fall on our website is because yesterday was our last day to order for spring. We are now rolling over for our Fall season. Me: What's the problem with shipping my order from May? Daniel: I put a rush on your order. Me: What result will that get us? Is my order on "back order"? Daniel: Yes, your order is on back order. Me: So, when can I truthfully expect delivery? Why wasn't I notified of this? Daniel: Honestly you will probably not get this order until the Fall. Me: I have been questioning this situation for 3 weeks. YOU are the first to give me a direct answer. Daniel: I suspect we will not get it in time to ship out to you and it will roll over. I can cancel if you would like or we can leave open to see what happens. Me: I live in Zone X. Winters can be harsh. Will Fall planting have a bearing? Daniel: Yes, we are close to you. A lot of our items ship out of (your state). Me: Yes, I could have driven to you to get quicker information than trying to contact you via Customer Service (me here: My CS query received no response) and phone calls (calling CS takes you to the Philippines). So, what about Fall planting of these grass plants? Daniel: Our discount store has tons of plants right now. You plant them the same in the fall as you do now.

On May 7, 2015, flowermaiden2 (19 reviews) from Saint Maries, ID

Posted on May 2, 2015, updated May 7, 2015 Posted on May 15, 2010, updated May 2, 2015 Posted on April 27, 2010, updated May 15, 2010 Thus far this year, I have had positive results with my order from Springhill Nursery. I ordered six Mediterranean Pinks, which they sent bareroot. Thus far, four of the six have sprouted new growth, and the remaining two might yet do so. Generally speaking, I have found bareroot planting to be iffy. Some or most will break dormancy and grow, but rare is it one-hundred percent. I prefer to receive my plants potted and well-started. They usually do best for me that way. But I've had enough good luck with bareroot that I really don't mind that much getting them that way. I have another order from them on the way, which they said should be shipped between May 22nd and May 29th. We'll see how that goes. I've had enough good luck with Springhill to continue ordering from them. There have been some disappointments, but not enough to quit doing business with them. And, these negative experiences may not necessarily have been their fault. I have enough confidence in them to have ordered six more Mediterranean Pinks, as they were offering these at clearance prices I couldn't pass up. I really like the flowers on these plants, and they make an excellent groundover for a bare slope.

On May 15th, 2010, flowermaiden2 added the following: My confidence in Springhill Nurseries continues to be well-founded. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that they have delivered my order much sooner than they had originally told me, and they did e-mail me to let me know when it was shipped. I got part of my order via UPS, and part of it via USPS. The plants are all in very good condition, and the order is complete. Only the Mediterranean Pinks which they shipped earlier were bare root. The rest of my order was in pots, which I like best, because well-started potted plants usually do best for me. I am impressed with the care that was taken in packing my plants. They arrived in stiff cardboard containers with break-away flaps that made opening easy. Because they fit the size of the plants, there was almost no breakage of leaves, and no broken stems at all. Furthermore, they wrapped the pots and the base of the plants in plastic to hold in moisture.. The plants stayed nice and green and upright. My trailing bellflowers have buds on them, already, as do my red corys. The free Japanese Maple is fairly large, and the carpet phlox looks great. I shall continue to order from Springhill. This is very good service.
On May 2nd, 2015, flowermaiden2 added the following: I am giving them a cautious positive this time around. The listing in their catalog for the four perennial hollyhocks I ordered clearly said they would be sent in 3" pots. When they arrived, they weren't in pots, at all. They arrived as starts in soil plugs wrapped in a fine mesh inside of clear plastic -- NOT pots! I don't like it when companies misrepresent things. When they say 3" pots, I expect real pots. If they intended to send soil plugs wrapped in fine mesh, they should say so in their catalog. Truth in advertising, please! Apparently, once the clear plastic is removed, one is supposed to be able to set the entire soil plug with the fine mesh directly into the plant hole. The mesh is supposed to be biodegradable. Fearing my new plants might end up rootbound that way, I removed the fine mesh and spread out their roots when I planted them. I don't trust those so-called "biodegradable" containers to actually break down so the roots can spread out on their own. Aside from this, the plants appeared healthy and the labels with them indicated the correct colors I ordered. I shall see if they actually bloom those colors. These are supposed to be perennial hollyhocks as opposed to biennials, and the catalog listing claims they bloom the first year. I realize this will take time, so I shall be patient and see what happens. Springhill Nurseries has been very good about keeping me updated on the status of my order, via e-mails. By the way, folks, beware -- there is another company in this watchdog section going by the name of Springhill. I posted with them by mistake. Their listing under the first letter "S" is simply "Springhill". "Springhill Nurseries" is separate. Overall, my latest experience with Springhill Nurseries has been positive. They did deliver what I ordered, and while small, the plants were still nice and green and should do well. I am awaiting another order I placed with them, which should be arriving any day. I shall post an update when I receive it.
On May 7th, 2015, flowermaiden2 added the following: My rating remains positive. My second order, for two stand-alone floating solar fountains, has arrived, and both work. These are really cool, folks. All one needs to do is place them in a pool, pond or birdbath in direct sunlight, and they spout water in various patterns, depending on which attachments one uses. The height of the waterspout can be manually adjusted, and the sun's positioning also governs it. If one just wants a slight dribble to keep water agitated, don't add any of the attachments and let it spew directly from the built-in opening in the center of the disc. The grid underneath does occasionally need to be cleaned out when debris build up and clog the water's access to the pump. This grid can be easily removed, rinsed off and reattached. Maintenance is as simple as that. I think they're a little expensive, but worth it. It's always nice to have moving water for birds and to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. It's nice that they're completely self-contained and one doesn't need a separate solar panel to stake into the ground. Spring Hill has delivered, again. Good company.
Company representative comment on April 28, 2010:
On Apr 28, 2010 1:21 PM, Spring Hill Nursery (aka SpringHillNursery.com) responded with:

We appreciate you taking the time to post this.Thank you for your feedback and Happy Gardening!

On May 3, 2015, lainy_gardens (1 reviews) from Mobile, AL (Zone 8b)

Family members ordered plants for me as a memorial for my daughter who died. The three hardy hibiscus are in the ground and all three are showing new growth. The Redbud tree is also planted, but it is too soon to tell if it will make it. The plants all arrived appropriately packaged, and in good condition. I would use this mail order nursery again.

On Apr 26, 2015, pastapicker (4 reviews) from Columbus, OH

Posted on January 13, 2008, updated April 26, 2015 I bought a large order of items a few years ago, many of which did not grow (for example, bare-root roses were sent well before time to plant here & I could not keep them going until it was; bulbs never grew, etc.) . When I called customer service, she cheerfully issued me credit certificates. I did not use them for 2 years, as I always found the plants that I was interested in at better prices for larger plants elsewhere. But last spring I succumbed to an online sale; after calling customer service to be sure I could use my certificates for an online order, I followed her instructions, filled out the order, printed the order page and sent it in with my certificates. When I received the acknowledgement of the order, I noticed that they had not honored the sale prices. After several phone calls and emails, they never addressed the issue of the discrepancy in prices (only focusing on items that were out of stock, or did my order equal the total of the certificates sent in) even though I was specifically asking them about the prices. As it turns out, because of several out of stock items that will not be sent, I still have a credit to my account of about $6 but I will not bother . I am waiting for some items to ship spring 2008 & hoping that the items received last fall actually grow. Very sorry to say this about a fairly local company..

On February 1st, 2008, pastapicker changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I have been contacted by Donna in Spring Hill customer service. After I supplied all the details (prices, items, and the total amount of the replacement certificates sent- which was also part of the problem: they did not give me credit for all of them) she says that she has located my original order & will send me the missing items, at the sale prices. However, she has not yet responded to my follow-up question about confirming the total of the certificates that I sent in. I am changing the rating to neutral & will see if I am fully credited for my certificates & receive all the items in question at the appropriate planting time for this area.
On May 7th, 2008, pastapicker changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I have received all the plants now from my original order including the ones that were originally not going to be sent; they all looked healthy & of reasonable size for the price and being mailorder--a few were very pot-bound but they will be okay. I think that the packaging was adequate, I received them at an appropriate time for planting here, and I was fully credited for my replacement certificates (I had kept copies, so I could confirm what I was claiming). I am pleased at the way Donna resolved this; the original customer service contacts were also positive & only wish that the people that I spoke with later, when there was a problem with the order fulfillment, had been of the same mind-set. Even though it took posting to this forum to resolve the issue, I will change the rating to positive, while wishing that there was an option like, "positive with caution".
On October 28th, 2008, pastapicker added the following: All the plants that I received last May have survived except the verbascum (my 2nd failure with this even though it is a native for the area); however, the "golden Marguerite" were not golden, but white. I consider the loss of one plant an acceptable risk that might occur no matter where the plant is purchased, since it appeared healthy and well-rooted on arrival. (I have received plants from other nurseries clearly dead or rotten--that I would not accept)
On April 26th, 2015, pastapicker added the following: I just want to add that I have notice that the Spring Hill affiliated companies have all changed their guarantee to only 30 days from your receipt of the shipment. Since they do tend to send things too early to plant (if you have ordered early in the season) I would be very aware of this when deciding to order, and if a plant looks to be struggling, ask for the replacement well before the 30 days are up. My last order from two of their companies had very healthy looking plants but 2 have not survived due to the early shipment.

On Apr 12, 2015, upstairsnun (3 reviews) from Otego, NY

Seeing some of the negative ratings, I was dubious about this company. However, their sale this spring was too good to overlook; even if half the plants were dead, it would be a bargain. To my surprise, all the plants I ordered arrived, well marked, beautifully packaged and in great shape! I've seen complaints that they are "too small." The catalog had said that they would be small and I prefer these smaller plants to the huge forced ones that can never quite keep up and eventually collapse. I prefer to start my own; this year that isn't possible. These plants are exactly what I would have started myself.

On Apr 11, 2015, MaiaMaiden (1 reviews) from Westminster, MA

I have orders from this company for 2 years or more and have never had any shipping problems. Ever plant has survived and so far I have noticed some plants already growing this season even tho there is still snow on the ground & after having such a harsh winter. I placed my yearly order and have received every item already, a bit early but I was prepared w mini greenhouses set up in my dinning room, all the plants are thriving and I am looking forward to the ground thawing so I may finally plant them outside. I do the buy now with payment plan and have never had ANY issues with customer service, the woman was completely helpful and did not rush me and was full of extra information that helped me with my recent order. Will definitely order in the future, I actually have to control myself from ordering more because I have been enthusiastically and completely satisfied with this company.

On Apr 5, 2015, HeatherCarter (2 reviews) from Miamisburg, OH

My mother has been ordering from SpringHill since I was a child and I'm in my mid-thirties now and I'm a customer, too. I got all my plants this spring, and just put them in the ground. Their customer service is wonderful and I really enjoy the coupon specials they send. Having a young family, I can't always afford all the things I'd like all at once, and their ongoing specials allow me to purchase plants off my wishlist as the season progresses. I had a lilac missing from my order and emailed them and they are sending it with another plant I ordered in the upcoming week or so. Friendly, nice company to work with. It's no wonder my mother ordered from them every year.

On Apr 1, 2015, shepherdgarden (1 reviews) from Buffalo, NY

I have ordered in the past from Wayside Gardens, but something has seriously happened to this good company. I ordered 9 Victorian Primrose plants - they were to be "assorted colors". In the catalog they were showing red, crimson, purple and black. I received the order and listed on each individual cellophane pack it said, "Black". I called the next day to complain, and I believe there may have been a communication problem. The gentleman finally agreed to send a replacement order. Well, I eagerly opened the 2nd package - expecting my beautiful red, maroon, purple.....Unfortunately, once again out of 9 plants - 7 are listed as black, 2 purple. Out of my total of 18 Primrose - 17 are black??? Now, I am not planning on opening a funeral parlor and black was never my favorite color. I did try to once again email my frustration (but, once again I think there was a communication problem). The answer I received was that the offer was a "mixture" - you could not pick individual colors and that is the reason the offer was so cheap? Sorry, but I don't really think 9 plants for $29.99 is cheap!!! As far as being "black-balled" from Spring hill and never being allowed to order again? I don't think they have to worry - I won't be ordering......

Company representative comment on April 1, 2015:
On Apr 1, 2015 5:05 PM, Wayside Gardens responded with:

We have reviewed your posting on Dave's Garden Watchdog website. I am a little concerned, I can not find a listing that Wayside Gardens offers the Victorian Primrose plants. I read at the end of your posting the comment about Spring Hill. Is it possible you purchased them from Spring Hill and not Wayside Gardens? If so as a courtesy please update and change your rating for Wayside Gardens, if not please email me with your order information and I will be more than happy to assist you in the matter.

Angela D
Wayside Gardens Sale Associate
[email protected]

On Dec 17, 2014, GardeningisLife (3 reviews) from Tipp City, OH

Everyone be careful with this company! If you order from them I hope you don't expect to receive what you ordered, if you even receive your items at all. Springhill among other Gardens Alive companies are going out of business this spring. I wonder why?!?! Their product quality is terrible, most of the plants are almost dead before shipping, the bulbs have been frozen from the previous season and rarely bloom. You are asking for trouble dealing with these guys, they are going under and it would be risky ordering from them at this time....

On Nov 27, 2014, HerMorningDove (3 reviews) from Vienna, VA

Posted on November 4, 2014, updated November 27, 2014 On August 19th I placed an order for 3 Plum Pudding poppies from Spring Hill's website. I understood that they would be shipped for fall planting. In the meantime, I received three order status emails, the first on September 9th, the second on September 25th, and the final on September 29th stating that Spring Hill had shipped the 3 Plum Pudding poppies I ordered in August. When the box arrived it contained 3 substitute poppies because the Plum Pudding poppies I ordered were unavailable due to "exceptional sales." I notified customer service that I did not want these plants and was told I would receive a certificate for future use at Spring Hill Nurseries for the cost of the plants but not/not the additional shipping and handling fees. I responded that, based on my experience, I did not want to do business with Spring Hill again and wanted to be reimbursed in full. The customer service representative did not have the professional courtesy to respond. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on Ohio, which the company ignored. My bottom line is that the company has no/no posted substitution policy, so the consumer has no opportunity to opt out. Moreover, on the day I received my plants and for several weeks afterwards, Spring Hill continued to offer Plum Pudding poppies for sale on its website--plants which it clearly knew it did not have in stock. I'll shop elsewhere next time.

On November 27th, 2014, HerMorningDove changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I'm updating my review to neutral because about 10 days ago Spring Hill Nursery did refund my entire purchase price, including shipping and handling. I could not change my review to positive because they only refunded my money in response to my claim through the BBB. Also, I learned that Breck's is a "sister" company and had placed an order for the same poppy plants through them after Spring Hill sent me the substitute plants. Breck's cancelled my order after I filed the complaint with the BBB, and I appreciate that. However, they also took an order for plant they did not have in stock, which doesn't seem like good customer service to me.

On Sep 16, 2014, gardenergal17 (1 reviews) from Canton--Football HOF, OH (Zone 6a)

I buy from Spring HIll on a regular basis. Their plants are always healthy! Very friendly Customer Service too! Thanks.....

On Sep 14, 2014, BJacobson (2 reviews) from Atlanta, GA (Zone 7b)

This spring I ordered several dozen different items and they were all very healthy on arrival. One small thing though, I wish I knew prior to purchase how long it would take to receive some of the items (can take several weeks even if you order it during the right season/time to ship to your zone). However, they were all good quality and exactly as expected. Many did exceptionally well actually. Overall very positive experience (and really great value when you use one of the sales with a coupon, can't beat it). Thanks!

On Jul 23, 2014, jasarthur (7 reviews) from Brentwood, TN (Zone 6a)

I've had both good and bad experiences with Spring Hill. We ordered a lot (hundreds $$) this past spring. When some items did not survive, we were given either replacements or certificates with a minimum of hassle. That's the positive. The negative is that they don't update their online listings to accurately reflect actual inventory. My wife spent much time planning out her purchases based on color, size, etc. (she's a true landscape artist) and in a couple cases we were informed by email and postcard that the items sold were OUT OF STOCK! I told them this made all her planning a waste of time, and after a few emails, someone was nice enough to offer an apology and small credit. This is why I've chosen the "Neutral" rating. So the problem is not the nursery so much as the website. They really just need to upgrade their inventory system. I'm sure we'll buy from them again.

On Jun 21, 2014, kathryn2014 (1 reviews) from Sparks, NV

I went online to search for a "Water wiggler" for my birdbath. In my search, I found various sundry prices... including the lowest price $17.49 ..from none other than Spring Hill nursery. So naturally, I clicked on their ad due to the low price. ( which I am sure was what was intended) . Well, there it was the $17.49 price and I filled in all the blanks and submitted the order... only to have the page freeze and I never got a confirmation. Then, low and behold... I got a message from them in my email inbox stating that I had left something in my "shopping cart" and when I went back with the link provided in the body of the email... the price suddenly jumped sky high !! Nothing I was able to do changed it. However, a few hours later, and on a different computer, I found the price of $17.49 again and I successfully ordered the product. I got a confirmation of the order and a delivery date. Well, the delivery date came and went a long time ago. I emailed them and continually got a "mailer Daemon" stating the email address was bad. I called them and Finally after several attempts, reached someone ---who with his lackadaisical and nonchalant attitude told me the item was on "back order" as it wasn't in stock. I told him I was unhappy.. and that the delivery date was not honored and I told him about the email snafu and that their email address for customer service doesn't seem to be working.... and in his nonchalant ...no care voice... he said: " Is that so?" Well, I will just have to tell them " ....Then Spring Hill nursery sent me another order message.... putting off my order for another month at least....Also, they had on their website that I was to get some free plant food with my order which I haven't received either.... with no offers of any good will or recompense at all. You can be sure ..........this is the last order they ever get from me .......and I am thinking seriously of complaining to the Better Business bureau in Harrison Ohio.... their company headquarters.

On Jun 7, 2014, CarolMcKenzie (7 reviews) from Irvine, KY

Spring Hill was my first experience ordering plants online and I was a little hesitant. But I'm on my fourth or fifth order with them now and most likely will continue ordering from them. All the plants I've received have been alive and healthy, save one lily of the valley pip that didn't grow. The rest of the dozens of plants I've ordered are doing remarkably well, even the one or two I stuck in the wrong places in the garden. I'm also impressed with their packaging methods. The plants are in individual cardboard containers sized for each plant, with a label, then placed in a box (minus any packing peanuts...big plus there). The plants can be jostled, dropped, shuffled...and they don't get damaged. Regarding the dead lily of the valley...one email to the company resulted in a replacement, no questions asked. A conversation over a payment issue was resolved promptly by a CSR who was knowledgeable and helpful. I have, as other comments mentioned, encountered the ever-changing shipping dates. I can't yet count that as a negative as it's not that important to me when I get the plants. I'm more interested in getting healthy plants. I do have a large order of iris for the fall with a delivery date of September, which is appropriate for my region, and I'm curious now how those dates may change.

On May 4, 2014, LisaLoo99 (1 reviews) from Davenport, IA

As a previous poster describes, I have also been driven insane by a constantly moving ship/delivery date this spring. I have had to reschedule my landscape project and professional help twice now because of this and I have other materials rotting in the yard thanks to their delays. They started by offering an estimated delivery date, and have continually pushed it back another week every time the current date gets near. I finally called last week and was told the plants should be available to ship "any day now" and that they were upgrading me to "rush" shipping at no charge -- they said my plants would arrive between 5/4 - 5/9. At 4:30 this morning, I got another email update with dates of 5/10 - 5/13. Very frustrating. I used to order with them regularly, but their service has gone south in a big way. They've also been sitting on my money for several weeks now, too. Not a good experience at all.

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