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Coldwater, Ontario L0K 1E0 (Canada)
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On Oct 11, 2005, Erynne (10 reviews) from Orangeville, ON (Zone 4b)

Gratrix is a great place to purchase lilies. I visited their site the other day and was astounded by how many lilies there were to choose from. The staff I found to be extremely helpful and their customer service was top notch. I also know a few people who have Tom Gratrix's lilies in their gardens and their displays are quite enviable; nice healthy plants.

On Jun 27, 2005, chillout (17 reviews) from Mid Vancouver Island,

As a first time customer of Tom's I will be ordering from him again his daylilies arrived in wonderful shap they were large and healthy. Tom was great about answering my emails he even went as far as tracking a package and emailed me to tell me it was at my post office. Thanks for the great service.

On Nov 11, 2003, lizruork (3 reviews) from toronto,

what a great experience to deal with this company! even after their normal close of delivery, they helped me to select lilies for my new garden and shipped them in just a few days. everything arrived in excellent condition and well marked. the service was super and very friendly. i look forward to placing another order for spring 2004

On Mar 2, 2003, WesternWilson (2 reviews) from Tsawwassen, BC (Zone 8b)

It was a treat to visit their huge demonstration field; I had never seen so many varieties of lilies in one place, and I found that actually seeing a specimen was infinitely more valuable and informative than browsing a glossy catalogue. The lily scented breezes were nice, too! I highly recommend visits early, mid and late season, and be sure to give yourself plenty of browsing time. Take a notepad and won't be able to remember it all. Great service and expertise as well. My order to BC came just as promised, and the bulbs were plump and healthy. All established easily. A great company to deal with.

On August 16th, 2008, WesternWilson added the following: 2008 Gratrix now offers some lovely perennial grasses as well, I was particularly impressed with their 12' clumps of Giant Chinese Silver Grass. I see the badly dated web page has only very limited listings, which is a pity as they could otherwise run a considerable online business. Happily, on a recent visit to Gratrix I was able to choose and record favourites for myself. Unhappily, the fields are a mess, with many varieties unmarked or marked with unreadable, faded signs. Yes, you can go into the store and ask questions, but in reality, few customers are going to do that. They will just pass by the unmarked varieties. I would like to see this place spiffed up, with nicely organized fields, all varieties meticulously labeled, and suggestions for groupings.

On Oct 9, 2002, kniceone (2 reviews) from Midland, ON (Zone 4a)

Wonderful stock. Guaranteed 2 years. Very helpful staff. Their show area are the growing fields. You walk the 5 acres site and fill in your own order form (provided when you arrive). When finished you pay and arrangements are made for delivery/pick up. The varieties are astounding. Asian Lilies; day lilies and the newest addition - IRIS.

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