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On Dec 30, 2012, marktrot1 (3 reviews) from Flagstaff, AZ

Posted on March 2, 2012, updated December 31, 2012 Frank is excellent in his shipping and prices. Excellent company. I plan on buying more from him in the future

On December 30th, 2012, marktrot1 added the following: After losing quite a few cuttings to a very late hard freeze (18 degrees on Memorial Day). Frank agreed to replace my cuttings. The few cuttings I waited to plant grew just fine. Good weather...

On Apr 10, 2012, gwankney (2 reviews) from Harrisonville, PA

Super prices and top notch material in less than 2 days from my order! Frank must have my had order in the mail just hours after I sent it in. He even added in a little bonus ofr quinoa seeds, without charge.

On Sep 12, 2010, Kennethd (7 reviews) from Killeen, TX

Posted on June 4, 2010, updated September 12, 2010 This is an excellent company to order from. Frank answers the phone, emails, he answers any question you have. Shipping is fast, and arrives when he stated. I will do more business with him and pass on his name to anyone who wants some trees. The trees arrived healthy and ready for planting. Well I have to go now and plant some trees thanks to Frank. Keep up the great work Frank!!!

On September 12th, 2010, Kennethd added the following: I would just like to give you an update on the trees I purchased from Frank around the end of May this year. I bought 3 hybrid poplars and 4 gazi's. The gazi's have grown about 3 times there size from when I got them. as for the poplar's? Oh my, they are out of control. Fast growing is an understatement. One tree is now about 25-30 feet tall. These things have grown about 1/2-1 inch a day. Is that possible? Must be cuz I have proof. Thank you again for the trees.

On May 18, 2009, RH72 (1 reviews) from Minot, ND

I've ordered from Frank twice and am very happy with the customer service and products. I've ordered 6' rooted poplars and about 60 poplar cuttings. All trees grew. His website says he answers all calls and responds to all emails which is very true! The website is a wealth of information. If you are remotely interested in hybrid poplar this is the place to go! Very informative and friendly service!

On May 13, 2007, gardenkeeper1 (6 reviews) from Palatine Bridge, NY

I emailed Frank (owner) several times last fall and this spring. He was extremely prompt and helpful in answering all my questions. My order of 36 privets arrived within 2 days of placing my order, all healthy plants. He also included fertilizer with my order and clear instructions on planting. I'm extremely pleased and would order again.

On Jul 27, 2005, Brantintexas (1 reviews) from Princeton, TX

I found Mr Gomez on the internet and called him directly to ask him a few questions about his trees. He was very polite, patient, and careful to give me the best advise he could. I ordered my trees and 2 days later I had them here in Texas. I ordered 12 6ft trees and planted 6 myself and my neighbors planted the other 6. ALL the trees have done extremely well in the poor black clay that we have here in the Dallas area.The service has been great and the shipping was prompt.......I highly recommend ordering your trees from Mr. Gomez. Brant in texas

On Apr 28, 2005, mchips (1 reviews)

Frank has the best company I have ever ordered from. I ordered 100 of his "Forest in a Box" Hybrid Poplars, he sent me 106. They came in three days! Every single one sprouted, even the one I accidently planted upside-down. 30 days later they are 9 inches tall! A most excellent product from a most excellent company! Highly recommended!

On Apr 20, 2005, aricmm (1 reviews) from Cheney, KS

Very concise information, given quickly and completely. I don't know how he gets outside work done and keep up with emails - maybe that will be a book for Frank to write? I am very pleased with everything from his company and that is good to see these days when many companies are content to give average service at best and think we consumers should simply 'be ok' with it. I love trees and plants and hope that Frank continues in this field as I have only praise for what he does.

On Apr 13, 2005, cchiovitti (10 reviews) from Lochbuie, CO (Zone 5b)

Great trees! I was very pleased, they were very fresh and shipped when promised in a double box to accomodate their length. I could tell that Frank really took the care to make sure he sent out nice, healthy stock.

On Mar 11, 2005, Frostette (12 reviews) from Wichita, KS

My first time ordering from Frank. I ordered 5 six foot tall Hybrid Poplars. They came last week, well packaged and healthy looking. I like his website's information also. And it is true, he answers e-mail very quickly.

On May 18, 2004, Chris18 (1 reviews) from Carmel, NY

I have been bombarding poor Frank for about 6 months now, asking him countless questions about poplars & privets. Every question was answered completely, quickly, and with an incredible amount of patience for my lack of gardening ability/knowledge. I finally ordered 5 poplars, which started growing less than 3 days after being planted. The 100 privet cuttings look to be coming to life too. When I need more trees or shrubs, I'll be ordering from www.hybridpoplars.com I've also recommended the site to many friends already.

On Apr 30, 2004, melted (1 reviews)

Awsome! Mr. Gomez was EXTREMELY responsive - I asked 3-4 questions via e-mail and received a response in <24 hours EVERY time! The trees were shipped in a timely fashion and arrived in excellent condition. I had only one tree out of 32 die (8 months later - didn't come back after the winter) and he replaced it no questions asked! Thank you Mr. Gomez. It is refreshing to deal with a business that obviously still thinks customer service should be a prime focus.

On Oct 14, 2003, Darin (1 reviews)

This is a great place to get your trees. I ordered 10 trees, they came in great condition and all ten are growing. I e-mailed a question to Mr. Gomez and received an answer within 24 hours. I would recommed them to anyone. Darin Rigby, Idaho

On Sep 4, 2003, kansas67037 (1 reviews)

my order was placed 4/29/03 and was shippped the same day! My 6 inch poplar cuttings are now 4 mo old and many are over 5ft. this is my 2nd order. great service and product. the only trees that were lost were due to my neglect.

On Jul 9, 2003, northernmoose (1 reviews)

I ordered 10 6 ft Hybrid Poplar trees and they are GREAT! They are all growing well and fast. Ordering them was a breeze and they were here when promised. Thanks again Frank for the quality and good service.

On Jul 8, 2003, Keneday (1 reviews)

Frank allowed me to pick a time to do business that allowed us to purchase plants after normal working hours. Very cordial and shared hints for success with our privets. He also showed us some special varigated privet plants which I have never seen before. This man has a good attitude and worth the trip to do business with him. Ken

On Jun 23, 2003, lisahome (1 reviews)

Excellent choices and quality - I ordered on Monday, my order shipped on Tuesday and I had it by Thursday in excellent condition and of excellent quality!! I am so impressed! after having had some negative experiences with a few other online nurseries. I will definitely go to Frank Gomez first and can't congratulate him enough. Thank you!!

On May 31, 2003, sfinner1 (1 reviews)

FANTASTIC ! Frank Gomez, the owner was right there for my questions, and fast to ship great specimins. I ordered 200 6" Privet cuttings and two of his very helpful planting tools and some other merchandise and they came right away in outstanding condition. This is one man you can count on. Thank you Mr. Gomez, your excellent ethic is much appreciated. Scott Finnerty Pittsford, NY

On May 30, 2003, Gingergal (1 reviews)

Wonderful to work with! Trees arrived fast and in great condition. I called with a question and was warmly greeted and my questions answered. I will order from Frank again! Thanks for the great service!

On May 24, 2003, DanMcDonald (1 reviews) from Lebanon, OH

Outstanding product arrives with amazing speed and in a healthy, well packaged condition. I will return to this company for any and all of my tree needs. Frank, the owner, was very responsive on e-mail questions and made very helpful suggestions. A quality company with a quality product.

On May 12, 2003, dennyboy34 (14 reviews) from Yonkers, NY

Quick shipping and responses to e-mails. Processed a return promptly and without problems. Plants ordered last year were shipped in excellent condition and are growing well after 1 year.

On Nov 21, 2002, dadrules (1 reviews)

trees arrived on time exactly as promised, very high quality. Mr. Gomez responded to several e-mails from me, provided good information and accurately interpreted my less than clear order. I will do business with him again.

On Nov 15, 2002, troyharp (1 reviews)

The everything I ordered came exactly as promised. Frank answered all my questions with detail every time I emailed or called. I plan on ordering again and again. -Troy Harp

On May 30th, 2003, troyharp added the following: Over the last 2 years I have bought over 530 trees and more than 50 privets. On every occassion I have been more than satisfied with not only great service and delivery but the best quality tree/cutting/privet that one can expect. I have Frank on speed dial against my (wifes wishes) and whenever I need to ask a question I can send an email and literally within an hour or two I get a detailed response. I can honestly say that the trees that I have planted the first year are doing excellent and are growing so incredibly fast it is truly amazing. Thanks Frank for promising and over delivering. Frank I told my mom about the trees that I planted last year and are now well over 12ft tall. She paid $300 for one (1) tree and it was 7ft when she bought it and now is only 8ft 2 years later. Who has time to wait for a tree to grow. Buy hybrid poplars now and live to see them grow huge.

On Nov 1, 2002, PSBRENT2 (1 reviews)

Excellent product, trees delivered just as promised. Quick to answer questions, provided beneficial information

On Oct 13, 2002, dnd4ever (1 reviews)

Fast, complete answers to email questions. Very helpful with choosing the right plant to serve my needs.

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