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Garden Cottage, Mulgrave Castle
Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3RJ
(United Kingdom)
+44 (0) 1947 893315
+44 (0) 1947 893158



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On Nov 10, 2005, LaurelsFarm (20 reviews) from Lomita, CA (Zone 10b)

Keith Foster, owner of Exhibition Seeds, is such a fine gentleman. His personal customer service is wonderful to find these days. Last week my seeds arrived here in my mailbox from England within 4 days. An expert greenhouse grower, his company offers superb service, some very interesting seed varieties and an incredible selection of bulk seed. Great website, too. www.exhibition-seeds.co.uk I have already placed a second order. Laurel

On Aug 24, 2003, Yorkshireman (5 reviews) from South Yarmouth, MA

The owner of this Company is the Head Gardener of the private and extensive gardens of one of England's great Castles.. The Lord of the Manor demands nothing but the best......it is with this attitude that the seed company has met with great success in selling "nothing but the best". Virtually every type of seed he sells has been personally tested on the Lord's Estate. The owner is the one that developed the worlds record onion weighing in at very close to 16 pounds.......his seeds also holds the worlds record in a cabbage variety.....could I say more...a very dependable supplier of seed and other items.

On August 24th, 2003, Yorkshireman added the following: p.s. I have personally visited the estate gardens and met Keith, the head gardener, I live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Harold Walker Master Gardener

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