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30 - 9th Street
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 6E1 (Canada)



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On Sep 16, 2009, cambrack (2 reviews) from antigonish,

My family has worked for McConnell's since the fifties. The original company has changed hands several times. The operations were located in Pt. Burwell from the early 1900's to the late 80's when it was sold to MacKenzie Seed in Manitoba although stock was being ship from Pt. Burwell for a few years after. That may be why people are seeing a difference in quality and customer service. In the mid 90's Michigan Bulb bought the Pt. Burwell location shipping under many names. Spring Gardens, Rockwood, and Breck's, are just a few. Today Breck's is still be shipped out of Pt. Burwell. FYI

On Sep 16, 2007, a5footsea (1 reviews) from Russell, ON (Zone 5a)

In 2006, we ordered several of the following plants from McConnell's Nursery: Coreopsis Sweet Dreams, Rudbeckia Indian Summer, Oriental Poppy Pinnacle, Rudbeckia Moreno, Dahlia Collarette Fantastico, Gaillardia Fanfare, Hosta El Nino, Tree Peony Kamkamata Nishiki. The only plant that survived was the Hosta El Nino, which was not actually an El Nino - I sent them a photo. We contacted them to report this and have received no response to date.

On Mar 2, 2006, livilou (1 reviews) from Halifax, NS (Zone 6b)

I have had the best experiences with McConnells over the years. In our first home I ordered 60 hedging plants, forsythias and a couple of roses. The hedge is magnificant. In our new home I ordered 25 of Spirea 'Bridalwreath' . It is just beautiful after 4 years. All the hedging plants that I have received from them have been very well rooted 2-3yr stock and I have never lost one. I would highly recommend them!! Oh, the first hedge was called a lazyman's hedge which was a type of spirea, I believe.

On Apr 1, 2002, hanknuis (1 reviews)

I have been a faithful customer for over 25 years and have had any complaints quickly rectified

On Apr 1, 2001, Erato (5 reviews)

I am a faithful McConnell catalog client; always satisfied. Reliable. Reimburse if something does not take. Helpful knowledgeable staff on the phone.

On Sep 1, 1999, gab0383 (2 reviews)

I've ordered roses from them, and they have been beautiful, delivery is prompt. Call for the catalogue, or they have a "Published" fax . They are located in Strathroy, Ontario. They are more expensive than Rockwood, but hey, looks like they have the service to go with it.... They also offer a No RIsk guarantee.. Their motto is "Your loyalty and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us!"

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