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On Apr 16, 2014, kins02 (9 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

I recently ordered the Unity Chic style window boxes in the Estate Collection of this company. I had been looking a long time for window boxes for my iron deck railing that would correctly fit my brackets. This was the first company to have the exact 8" depth/8" width that I needed. I ordered four 4 ft. lengths and a 3 ft. length. Shipping was quick and the packaging was the best I have ever seen. Every edge and corner was protected with a molded type of cardboard. Every unit was wrapped and sealed in plastic wrap and then placed in heavy cardboard cartons. The packaging was truly incredible and effective. I love that the material these boxes are made of -- a composite of cellular PVC -- will not rot or twist or crack. The window box units are beautiful and exactly what I wanted. These boxes were an investment but absolutely worth it. Very pleased.

On Jul 22, 2009, ABS02 (1 reviews) from Wichita, KS

I am a manufacturer that sold products to WindowBox.com. We have attempted to collect for our products that were purchased in Dec of 08 on multiple occassions. Today the owner agreed to pay 50% of the invoice on his credit card explaining that his company was in financial trouble and the products had not sold, and was refusing to pay for what he purchased. As a manufacturer we are in business too, when a retailer will do nothing to help themselves...there is obviously no recourse other than to take what you can get in the form of payment. Be wary not of the products they sell, but of any warranty claims or promises made regarding returns if they are really in financial trouble. For other manufacturers...beware of their payment history experience from our behalf.

On Jan 25, 2007, hellohouse (2 reviews) from Chicago, IL

The people at Windowbox.com are wonderful. I ordered a strawberry container garden (at a great price i might add) just before christmas and it arrived smashed via FedEx despite being wrapped liberally in bubblewrap. I emailed them that day and they overnighted me a replacement the same day in time for the holidays. They were responsive and very kind. I couldn't believe they read my email so quickly. They recently redesigned their site and it looks great.

On Apr 6, 2006, ekhealy (1 reviews) from Tacoma, WA

I orderred three heirloom tomato plants from Windowbox.com early this Spring - right before the Seattle Garden Show. It's amazing - the plants arrived quickly via FedEx, and in such great condition. Not limp at all. There were growing instructions and fertilizer in the package, and on the website there are even trouble-shooting guides, live help and tons of growing support. Windowbox.com is truly a service-oriented company with high quality products. I meet people in stores or at work and tell them I'm growing tomatoes in my tiny apartment; they goggle at me and say "This Early?" or "In Seattle?" and I just smile and boast "Yeah." Windowbox.com made that possible.

On Apr 26, 2005, Beattys_Dad (1 reviews)

I made a purchase of a custom-sized window box, after seeing an ad in a magazine. I wasn't able to find one locally, and they made one to my exact length. The people there were so nice that I did not forget them. I almost forgot my mother-in-law's birthday this year, and I called them because I had to get something sent out that day. I found out that it is a small company (I think they only have a few employees - the person I talked to said "I am the customer service department"), and the people there were really nice. Plus, they made an extra effort that resulted in a happy mother-in-law. I saw the bad review they got here and it didn't seem like the same company I dealt with, so I wanted to let fellow gardener's know that these folks did a good job by me.

On Sep 10, 2004, GardenDar (1 reviews) from New York, NY

I was indecisive as to which gift to send while I was cruising through the website. There were many fine choices so I tried calling to ask for advise. The woman who helped me was patient and well informed and helped me to choose the perfect gift for my mother - an orchid. My mother was shocked that something as delicate as an orchid could be shipped across the country. Said the plant was beautiful.

On Dec 12, 2002, nigellagal (3 reviews) from Madison, WI (Zone 5a)

I had ordered their Lavendar collection and their Mint collection. Upon arrival, I found that my mint collection was merely 6 Spearmint plants (definitely not a collection of varieties as was advertized). All of which had whiteflies. The Lavenders came the same day, and there were 4 of one kind, 1 of another, and 1 of a third kind of lavender. Since none of them were labelled, I still have no idea what types of lavender they are. When I emailed the company to inquire about the lack of Mint varieties, the whiteflies, and asking what the different types of lavender were, I got no response. I will not purchase from this company again.

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