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On Mar 18, 2011, garden24 (1 reviews) from Bothell, WA

I ordered triple threat spider mite control with 2 day shipping on Wednesday. Didn't receive it until a week later, I was out of town and night time temperature dropped below 55 degrees which kills them. I called and complained, and after a long bout finally got them to send me a replacement. Made sure I got it right when it was delivered, put in on the 2 plants infested. 2 months later both plants are dead, ravished by spider mites. Product was dead on arrival for a second time.

On Apr 24, 2009, margaran (5 reviews) from (Maggie) Jacksonville, FL (Zone 9a)

I just completed a co-op w/ Natures control. Nathan was wonderful to work with. He was a pleasure to deal with. He communicated promptly and answered all our questions clearly and fully. He worked w/ us on a group buy price although after perusing other sites, I didn't find his product overpriced as mentioned above. This is especially considering folks wanted both Myco and B.Bugs. To get those from different suppliers would have killed us on shipping. This was a great opportunity to get folks to learn about a product they were unfamiliar with. It was my first attempt at a co-op and Nathan helped everything go smoothly. Shipping was prompt and well packed. I look forward to repeating this co-op late summer if not sooner. Maggie

On Nov 17, 2008, PuddlePirate (3 reviews) from Indianapolis, IN (Zone 4b)

I've bought beneficial insects and fungus gnat traps from Nature's Control about a half dozen times. I like letting hungry "hired bugs" kill my garden pests, instead of having to spray nasty pesticides that kill even the beneficial insects. Every winter the many plants in my sun room experience a couple of waves of aphids, spider mites, and fungus gnats, so these folks' products really come in handy. I don't have to spend valuable time picking pests from my prized tropicals because the "hired bugs" do the work for me. Best of all, I needn't worry about my cats gnawing on a leaf covered in poisonous bug spray. The company's customer service is excellent, they ship my orders very promptly, and their bugs always arrive in great shape. You'll be happy with your purchase, I'm sure of it. Just don't be surprised to find a few complimentary Tootsie Rolls inside the shipping box when you open it up.

On Jan 11, 2005, everevolver (3 reviews) from Tacoma,
United States

I've dealt with Nature's Control on three separate occasions now and have had a good experience each time. I find their website easy to use and very informative. Shipping is always prompt and packaged well. I recently emailed for some advice and Nathan replied with answers to all my questions and concerns. Customer service is top notch and prices are very reasonable considering they're one of the very few companies that offer this type of product. I would not hesitate using their services you will not be disappointed.

On Oct 5, 2003, isuhort (15 reviews)

Overpriced, but good selection and excellent customer service.

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