Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery

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P.O. Box 413
Chilliwack, V2P 6J7 (Canada)
(604) 792 9279



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On Aug 8, 2006, flytrap_canada (4 reviews) from tofino,

Yup ... some hard to find trees were found here. Nice selection, reasonable prices.

On Nov 3, 2005, UUallace (4 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH

Excellent plants, some very hard to find, very good roots, very well packed.

On December 2nd, 2005, UUallace added the following: Ouch! We share the '001' country code, yet MCI charges nearly $2 per minute.

On May 31, 2005, chinookgarden (6 reviews) from HIGH RIVER,

I ordered some Itoh Hybrid peonies thru Paige at PacificRim this February. She was offering to "broker" them from Simmons in New Zealand at a very good price. The divisions arrived in beatiful condition and Simmons does send out fabulous product. Had I ordered them straight on, the phyto fees and postage etc would have been ridiculous for such a small number of divisions so I doubt i would have bothered. As well this provided an opportunity to donate to the tsunami victims in Malaysia as Paige was doing it as a fund raiser also. On top of the quality product and brokering being so reasonable, when she sent out the product and the local bus station didnt have a number for me she worried that i might be away so she called my home to let me know that they were in and also gave the bus depot explicit instructions on how to store the parcel if i wasnt immediately available. this is service above and beyond!!!!!! I dont live in the same province and so likely wont get to the nursery in person any time soon but if i were closer i would make a point of going. Paige seems to be a very knowlegeable dealer with a lot of interesting products. I am very impressed with her commitment to service.

On Feb 12, 2005, castlegar_rock (1 reviews) from Castlegar,

This is an interesting family owned business on Chilliwack Mountain, in its own climate zone. Owners are very knowledgeable about native plants, and chinese plants, in particular paeonies. They can be disorganized and forget orders, but they are worth the trouble.

On Feb 11, 2005, jcroutch (4 reviews) from Abbotsford,

I've received plants from Pacific Rim twice. Once by mail order, and once in person (they had a plant sale at their garden on Mother's Day). Both times they were excellent. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Pacific Northwest native plants. Huge selection of both natives and other species plants from around the world. They even took my wife and I on a tour of their own native gardens. Very friendly. Highly recommended.

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