2809 N. 15th Ave
Phoenix, 85007 (United States)



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On Feb 14, 2004, janetadams (1 reviews)

This is one of my favorite places to shop for gifts. The shop has wonderful items for the garden and a staff that really understands how to garden in Phoenix. I've also found great goodies for my nongardening friends. Of course, I always seem to find something that I just have to have for my garden too. During the Holidays I couldn't make it to the store so I placed an online order. If was very convenient and my friend in Florida loved her Cactus Luminaria.

On Jan 23, 2004, trueepicure (4 reviews) from Alexandria, VA

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have some of the nicest gift ideas for my gardening-fiend friends. ;) I've gone in several times having the vaguest idea of what I need or want, and they are always willing to help me figure out what exactly I need.

On Nov 1, 1997, amycarlile (1 reviews)

Southwest Gardener is a rather new catalog that specializes in offering garden tools and accessories for people who garden in the Southwest. For example, there are gloves that work well against the thorns of cactus and desert trees. There are also hand-painted pots and a CD-ROM on desert landscaping. It's a catalog that's definitely worth a look. I've included the address and phone number for Southwest Gardener. I don't think they have a Web site - at least I haven't found one.

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