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On Dec 24, 2019, orchieref (1 reviews) from Ladysmith, WI

I have gotten apple trees from WW each of the last three years, and the only problems I have had have been keeping the deer from using them as rubbing posts. The trees have done very well, and are thriving (other than the damage from deer). I also purchased about a dozen blueberry bushes from them, and have been very satisfied with those as well. Had about a dozen berries the first year, then about 2 cups in year two. Will see how they produce next spring, now that they are all well-mulched with pine needles. :)

On Apr 10, 2019, ace_m82 (1 reviews) from Lena, WI

Never use this company ever for any reason. They are generally incompetent at delivering trees (I'm sure they are incompetent in other ways too). I live in WI, and had them ship me trees in 2018. I called them before the biggest snowstorm in 130 years to let them know they should put off shipping the trees for a few weeks after the storm. 3 days after the storm, the trees showed up (when there was more than a foot of snow on the ground). They only have 1 day shipping, and they got hit by the storm too, so they should have known a lot better. I kept the trees cool, put them in the ground like normal when the ground was ready, and 70% of them died (no kidding). My usual mortality rate is 20%. After 3 calls and an email, I finally got someone who didn't lie when they said they'd help. He set up a replacement order for 2019, and I ordered a few more trees for good measure. This time, they sent the trees 9 days EARLIER than last year, and they got here the next day, a few hours before a big snowstorm will hit WI. They claimed they didn't know it was going to snow, but I knew about the storm a week ago (once again, 1 day shipping). There's a reason why they are cheaper than other places, they are too incompetent to make a good product. Given how much labor is necessary to plant and care for the trees, this is far and away the most EXPENSIVE place to order from.

On Jun 7, 2017, BackyardWis (1 reviews) from Franklin, WI

Beware of the appalling lack of ethics associated with this operation. Mr. Wallace's representative affirmed to me that the apple tree I wanted was going to be available on the rootstock I specified, so I placed a phone order through her, on that basis. I received something entirely different (semi-dwarf rather than standard). What followed was not service, but rather a series of excuses, condescension, and delays seemingly designed to get me out of his hair, while avoiding any sense of responsibility to the customer -- whose small order was denigrated by Mr. Wallace both verbally and in writing, as "a trivial matter." In an extended phone conversation, he tried telling me I couldn't have ordered the tree/rootstock combination I wanted because it hadn't existed, but when I recounted the original call, he checked and confirmed he'd been wrong -- they apparently had received such trees in the past, which would perhaps explain the confusion. He then told me not to bother returning the unwanted product, because it was not worth the effort for him to arrange, while he worked on seeing if he could get what I'd actually ordered. However, after a subsequent call in which he assured me he was still working on it, Mr. Wallace later disavowed his verbal statements on return and investigating the availability of replacement, claiming, "I certainly don't recall exactly of what our conversation consisted." He tried the dodge of asserting his representative "had no knowledge of any root stocks," even though she left the phone to seek confirmation from someone else (presumably him) at the time of sale. He denied being obligated by the representation she made, because she made no special note on the internal paperwork -- which is meaningless, since having told me the rootstock I wanted was the particular one associated with the tree in question, she may not have thought of it as special (and if she was misled herself in this regard, or misunderstood what she was told, that shouldn't be pushed off on to the customer as a tough-luck experience). I submitted my paperwork with subsequent payment, but the nursery apparently disregarded and did not retain it. In an astounding display of chutzpah, Mr. Wallace exploited this omission in their record-keeping to misleadingly insult me as not "intelligent enough to respond" to his vaguely-worded invoice, yet that document pre-dated receipt of my correspondence by 10 days, as shown by his representative's annotation regarding the check. In the same letter, Mr. Wallace also denigrated me -- a paying customer -- as having "way to [sic] much time on his hands" for having attempted to lay out the facts in detail. (Incidentally, he topped off these gratuitous insults with a sanctimonious invocation of "the good Lord" and concluded, "Amen!") Bottom line: this is the first time in my life I have ever encountered a business where the operator made it blatantly obvious that he did not care at all whether he was providing what the customer actually wanted, had no sense of decency in his treatment of the customer, and had no apparent concern for honoring what the customer was told.

On Jun 3, 2017, k9buddy (1 reviews) from Athens, WI

Buyers Beware on this place. We ordered some pear trees in Feb. of 2016 Was told they would contact us when it was time to pick them up. Had a beautiful spring so was waiting for the call, for almost a month. We finally called them. They had no record of the order. Would call us back. 4 days later they "found them" We went to pick them up the first person who greeted us was trying to sell me dirt she got from her worm bed, and she would not let up. We bought 12 raspberries and 12 black raspberries. Had to argue with the lady to get the price listed on the bags.Commented on the fact that we were digging out blackberries, was told if we had extra, they would buy them. How can they sell blackberry stock from someone they never met without knowing what kind they were, etc Looked around while they were looking for our trees. It looked like trees were just shoved in corners of the yard with no real care. When we got home and opened the trees, we were not happy. The trees had smaller trunks then we expected and they had NO healthy roots. Almost no roots at all. Called them and was told pear trees are not like other fruit trees and don't develop those fine roots until the next year. Also, that we called them early so they would work with us. Called them two weeks later saying no sign of growth on one, little on the other. Was told we should wait. Waited another two weeks before we made several more phone calls. He would not answer or return our calls. Emailed him pictures of the one tree with one small leaf (the one that was there when we bought it) and a few on the other. Told him we thought for sure the one was dead. Still no comment. Called several more times. No response. Only 5 black raspberries grew and 10 regular raspberries.The poorest looking pear tree showed no growth or additional sign of life after planting and the other is hanging in there. We still have not received a response from him. We wonder if they lost our order then scrounged something up to have us pick up. Maybe even from some chain store. This year we went to Morning Glory Gardens north of Athens. Bought a much bigger tree, Over a foot taller with a thicker trunk, almost fully leafed out, potted, for $10 less. And surprisingly...his pear trees have a healthy looking root stock just like his apple trees. It is gorgeous. We really regret ever dealing with Woodstock Nursery. It was a long drive and over $100 spent and little to show for it.

On Oct 30, 2013, hunterdoug (1 reviews) from Auburn, KY

I purchased two wolf river apple trees in the spring and I am happy with my purchase, they are both growing good now. I am thinking about ordering some more trees from them

On Nov 29, 2011, briannowak (1 reviews) from Mount Vernon, IA

Do not use this company for mail-order! There is very little follow through in either shipping or in customer service. They tried to make good for an order not shipped in 2010, but the 2011 replacement shipment was much too late for bare root stock (1st week of June), so I have had very poor establishment of the trees. Furthermore, I requested a refund for part of the order that could not be fulfilled, yet they have failed to send out the check. It is amazing they have been in business for 25 years.

On Mar 22, 2011, Rickmidge (1 reviews) from Burtrum, MN

I purchased Woodstock's deer plot bare root apple tree collection. When they arrived, I was pleased with the stock and all did well. They felt that they were well branched trees 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall. I was so happy that I placed an order for 3 more collections of 6 apple trees for this Spring.

On Jun 10, 2009, camp10 (2 reviews) from Stoughton, WI

Ordered some apple trees, a peach and asparagus this winter. The peach arrived and it surely looked dead. I planted it anyway. It never showed any sign of life. After a couple weeks, I started calling Woodstock. Left several messages with my daytime phone number. Never got a call back. Finally got someone to pick up the phone. Asked for my money back for the peach and they refused. Said they would set me up for replacement next year. Based on some of the reviews here, I don't hold out much hope.

On Jul 8, 2008, spruceman (1 reviews) from Emington, IL

Back in 2004,my wife and I "purchased" (or pHe wanted the money before delivery , aid for)240 white spruce trees from Tom Wallace. We took a trip up to Wisc.from Ill. to see exactly what we were buying. That spring, we were to recieve our shipment of 240 5-7 ft. trees at $ 30.00 a tree, guaranteed for 1 yr. Well that spring we got 99 trees, and only lost 20 trees.After many phone calls later and 1-1/2yrs later we recieved 100 more trees that he said were purchased from another grower whose soil was very sandy as they were B and B'd or potted.My soil is has a high clay content and so did Wallace Woodstock's.We lost 60 of that bunch as thay were in very poor condition upon delivery and grown in sand instead of clay soil as promissed. It is now summer 2008 and he has promissed us last fall, this spring and now this fall again to fulfill the rest of the original order( 40 more trees) plus the replacements ( 80 ) more for a total of 120 more. A semi can hold 100 to120 trees but we have told him we will accept 100 trees and call it even. We have also sent him pictures of the dead trees to prove they died . He has our money and we still don't have all of our original order let alone the replacements.STAY AWAY FROM THIS NURSERY.TOM WILL LIE TO YOU AND HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

On Jul 5, 2008, shadowacres1302 (1 reviews) from Decorah, IA

I found this company strictly through their web site while looking for fruit trees that would grow in our Upper Iowa region. Everyone was extremely helpful on the phone and assisted in both my original order and an additional order. We did end up picking up our mail order trees when we discovered they were just several hours away. They were as nice in person as they were on the phone, and assisted me in filling out another row of trees. When we got home we realized that we missed 7 trees ( there were 57+ in three orders...easy to happen). I called the next morning (Thurday) and the trees came UPS and were in their holes by Friday evening. Out of 50 apple trees, 4 peach trees, 2 apricot, &1 self fertile cherry every tree is growing amazingly well after only 3 months. 9 of the 10 raspberry plants and all three Stenulson Blackberrys are alive and well. We had an excellent crop of strawberries off of the 75 very large strawberry plants (Red Chief & Honeyeye). All the plants and trees were much healthier and are thriving much better than the plants and trees I've bought from several local nurseries in the past. I've even had to pull apples off 7 of the trees (really want that good first year root system more than apples). We just can't say enough good things and already have started next year's planting list for the orchard and bramble extension! Thanks!!

On Jul 11, 2007, garyatk (1 reviews) from Oakland, ME

On 3-30-07 I ordered trees from Wallace-Woodstock and sent a check for $163.73. Within a couple weeks it became apparent that we were going to have to move due to economic conditions in Michigan. So on 4-17-07, I called and asked to have my order cancelled and was informed that I would receive a full refund. A few weeks later I realized that I hadn't yet received my refund. It took several calls and several weeks, but finally on 5-31-07, I spoke with the owner Mr. Tom Wallace who told me that "it would be the middle of next week". After waiting another week, I began calling again. This time nobody answered the phone. I thought that they were out of business. Finally two weeks later, Tom Wallace answered the phone, and promised that I would be getting my refund. After another week and a half, I still didn't get my refund so I called again. This time I was told that the reason why nobody answered the phone for two weeks was because the IRS locked them out during that time. Now Mr. Wallace refuses to answer my calls or talk to me when I call. I can only recommend you find a more reputable company and person to do business with.

On Apr 16, 2005, gemini_sage (25 reviews) from Winchester, KY (Zone 6a)

I recieved my order of 12 raspberry plants yesterday from Wallace Woodstock Nursery and am very pleased. The plants are larger than I expected for the price, which was excellent. If they perform well and prove to be correctly labeled, I will certainly order again.

On Feb 21, 2005, brokenarrow (1 reviews) from Pleasant Prairie, WI

I bought 12 honeycrisp apple trees from them. Was totally impressed with the workers there and all the info and help they gave me. Delivery was perfect and trees were in good shape. Its been 2 years now and have only lost 4 trees and I do not water them ever! (Location problems). I would recomend them to all. In fact I found this sight becayse I was searching for the nursery to place anouther order

On Jul 17, 2004, alaska_rick (2 reviews) from Juneau, AK (Zone 5a)

I ordered some plum trees (Mount Royal, Pipestone) and some cherry trees (Van). All arrived in good shape and seem to be growing just fine. The cherries were actually a bit larger than I expected.

On May 4, 2004, robertson49 (1 reviews)

I placed my order, over $400 in trees, in December, 03 for an April 1, 04 shipping date. I received the order on May 3, 04. Not good for me since I now have had my scheduled knee surgery the last week of April. I get to watch the trees die slowly in their plastic bags. Woodstock Nursery covers itself with the phrase “We will make every effort to deliver your order by a specific date. Weather is the main factor affecting all deliveries.“ Perhaps, if they had wanted my repeat business, they would be wiser to have said, “We will contact you if we can’t ship by your due date, what is a better date?” We’re not talking about a couple plants here. An additional phrase,” If a specific date for delivery is NOT set, your stock will be shipped at random when available” is also included. It looks as if my order was treated at random. Their product is good but their customer service is medieval. There are plenty of other nurseries. I suggest you try them first.

On Jul 9, 2003, Tribeola (11 reviews) from Mogadore, OH

Bought 4 blueberry plants and 3 hosta plants from them. They arrived when I desired - via FEDEX at a minimal charge ($5). They were nice sized plants, still moist in their peat moss bedding. All of them survived and are prospering. Will buy from them again.

On Jan 1, 2002, GeneHalpern (3 reviews)

Here's a supplier of deciduous and evergreen seedlings, ornamental, flowering trees and shrubs, fruit, nut bearing plants--available in singles or quantities of 10-1000. Prices appear good. I have not yet ordered from this company.

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