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On Apr 19, 2021, bbetv (17 reviews) from North Glengarry , ON (Zone 5a)

They handled Covid terribly too. They would not respond by email, telephone ...I ordered 6 packs of seeds at the beginning of February and got the seed at the beginning of April. I hate to be so negative about a local Ontario company, but I have ordered from all over the WORLD , everyone is dealing with Covid, and I got my seeds at worst within 4 weeks ( and that's an exaggeration because I honestly don't think that I waited more than 3 weeks with any other company outside of William Dam and OSC). In my group of market gardeners and farmers, many complaints were being heard and many cancelled their orders as they needed to know when they would get the seeds. No response makes a person nervous. When I threatened to cancel my order with credit card, the next day I got confirmation of shipment but it took another couple of weeks ( I am an hour's drive from the shop). Do yourself a favour and shop elsewhere, so many good seed companies that go above and beyond.

On Apr 30, 2013, egm (7 reviews) from Ottawa, ON (Zone 4a)

Posted on April 19, 2007, updated April 30, 2013 I ordered lily bulbs last year (oriental and asiatic), they were nice sized bulbs and bloomed beautifully the first year. Service was friendly and professional. I ordered seeds this year and germination was good.

On April 30th, 2013, egm added the following: I have ordered most of my vegetable and flower seeds from William Dam for the last couple of years and am very happy with the service, selection and germination - excellent company.

On Jan 29, 2010, gardenboy1985 (9 reviews) from Stratford,

I have ordered from William Dam Seeds for many years and I am always impressed with the quality of seed. Great Catalogue and excellent customer service! My only complaint is that there is usually a wait of 3-6 weeks to recieve your order but that is clearly stated when you place your order and they will try to accomadate if seed is need sooner. I will definately continue to order from this company for many years!!!

On Jun 1, 2008, axelqueen (6 reviews) from Winnipeg,

Ordered 4 varieties of seed, and my favorite so far has to be the Victoria Salvia. The Ladybird Poppies are just starting to poke through the soil now. Instructions were very informative and easy to follow, and shipping, while not the cheapest, they still came to my door very promptly.

On Feb 13, 2006, marcop (15 reviews) from Plover, WI

I concur with the comments from Gabrielle; it is very disappointing not to be able to purchase William Dam Seeds any longer. I always had excellent results from them!

On Feb 11, 2006, bev_w (1 reviews) from Vienna, ON (Zone 5b)

William Dam has one of the best catalogues I've seen. The little icons convey important information, the layout is easy to navigate, the text is interesting, never hyperbolic. I get excellent, but not speedy, shipping. The customer service people are polite, and they appear to have a computerized tracking system for orders. I've ordered from Wm. Dam for three years and they continue to be my "main season variety" in seed houses. Another plus-- they continue to expand their selection of organic and heirloom seeds. All seed is untreated.

On Jan 18, 2006, Gabrielle (28 reviews) from (Zone 5a)

I love this company and wish that they still shipped to the U.S. The packages contain a large quantity of quality seeds at a great price. Maybe if enough people from the U.S. contacted them willing to order, it would be worth their while to get the permits!

On Jan 13, 2006, crazy_gardener (42 reviews) from Wainwright, AB (Zone 2b)

I have been ordering from this seed company for years and have never had a problem. Colourful catalogue of new varieties and the tried and true seeds come out every year. Good quantity of seed at reasonable prices. Useful sowing instructions on every packet and superb germination. I highly recommend William Dam Seeds! Sharon

On Mar 10, 2003, broots (20 reviews) from Cochrane, ON (Zone 2b)

I always look forward to their catalogue. Of all the Cdn catalogues I receive they are one of the few that have Salvia 'Lady in Red', which is a must for me. Germination has always been excellent. Shipping of accessories is always fast but I find them a little slower shipping seeds. I easily solve that problem by placing my order as soon as the catalogue comes out.

On Dec 28, 2002, hillfarm (36 reviews) from Quesnel, BC (Zone 4a)

One of my favourite seed companies. Excellent pricing & selection both of vegetables & flowers. For the home gardener or small commercial gardener this is the place, especially for flowers for cutting/drying. Seed is untreated, another bonus. A reputable company, have dealt there for over 10 years and they've been around a lot longer.

On October 24th, 2005, hillfarm added the following: I won't change my rating - this is an excellent seed source, but I do have one smallish complaint. The selection of perennial flower seed is good but I can't seem to get my seeds before February or even March some years, even when I order before Christmas. (The catalogue comes in November/December as a rule.) They don't seem to package their seeds till January or so. For me (and I'm guessing for other perennial growers) I need to have my seeds on hand for many perennials in early January in order to get them started & of a good size for spring planting out/greenhouse sales. As William Dam definitely supplies commercial growers/market gardeners (their bulk seed quantities demonstrate their ability/willingness to supply such) I am surprised that they are so slow in making the perennial seed available. I mentioned this several times to the people I talked to in customer service when telephone ordering & they didn't seem to be too aware of the need for the early starting that I mentioned. This is my one & only complaint, but it is such that I have started getting most of my perennial seed from other suppliers who are more prompt in shipping it out in time for January planting.

On Feb 27, 2002, bones1 (2 reviews)

The catalogue is free BTW. First time I ordered from them what a surprise! Generous seed packs full of fresh, fresh seeds. I have had 100% germination, even with perennials, and everything springs up quickly. I look forward to planting more of their seeds, and highly recommend them. Oh did I mention that they are the most inexpensive place I have yet found??? Can't be beat.

On Jan 17, 2002, Marjorie (5 reviews)

Good service and good selection. Also have some excellent Dutch dried beans. Prices are reasonable.

On Jan 15, 2002, Colin (8 reviews)

Their mail order service is excellent and they always have some unusual vegetable seed selections.

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