4826 Libby Road NE
Olympia, Washington 98506 (United States)
(360) 357-5270
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9/2004 Update

Per a note from Pamela Maxfield, the owner:

"I was in a car accident in December, 1999 and was injured and went through a couple of years of surgeries and recovery. During that time, I hired people to do my job, which did not work out very well at all. Eventually, I sold the farm with all the plants but not the nursery name and moved on with my life. I married and have moved to Olympia, where we purchased a nice 5 acre piece and are now in the process of building display beds and putting up greenhouses. I hope to be up and running by spring with a modest selection to offer at plant sales and by next fall to be able to put out a fall list."

posted on November 1, 2002



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On Apr 1, 2000, jenniferwall (1 reviews)

I have ordered twice from this nursery. The first order, in fall 1999, contained several marginally alive plants. I planted them, assuming that they would leaf out come spring. Several did not. Recently I requested that they be replaced, and the nursery owner refused to honor this request. Since they were immediately planted, and we had a mild winter during which all the garden plants flourished, I felt that the problem was with the plants, not the gardening conditions.I also recently placed a large order in January 2000. My credit card was charged for the full amount two months before the shipping date, even though a number of the plants were not available. I picked up the plants at the nursery and encountered a number of problems: many plants were not available, the invoice was incorrect, plants were missing from the order (they were still listed on the invoice), there were plants in my batch that I didn't order, and the invoice failed to reflect that I had already paid, or the amount paid. Many of the plants were sick small and sickly, for top dollar prices. Most looked like they were left over from last year, rather than freshly propagated for this season. The nursery was in poor condition, the plants were infested with weeds, slugs, and snails. A gardening friend had an identical experience to mine, and another friend received the wrong order in the mail (somebody else's plants!)I have purchased some lovely plants from Woodside at local plant sales. But I feel that for mail order, I received small, unhealthy plants for top prices. The record keeping is a mess, too.

Company representative comment on September 9, 2004:
This was a misunderstanding on the part of an employee. Had I been involved Jennifer would have received a refund, as my policy has always been to do what it takes to make a customer happy - it's the repeat business that is so important.

On Nov 1, 1998, scoast (1 reviews)

They are a mailorder/retail nursery specializing in perennials and herbs. Very nice people with a wonderful selection and good prices.

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