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On Apr 23, 2021, vossner (117 reviews) from East Texas,
United States (Zone 8a)

The biz has new owners as if last fall but they have retained the name for the time being. It is a very nice tree nursery, though I thought prices were a bit steep (but what isnít in 2021). The selection was marvelous.

On Aug 29, 2018, dc4e (1 reviews) from Twin Falls, ID

Had a worrisome tree delivered, I emailed Bob and they sent a replacement right away! TRUE customer service!!!!

On Jun 18, 2018, helaurin (1 reviews) from West Chester,
United States

In 2016, I ordered a 4-variety dwarf Pear tree. It arrived, and as typically happens, looked DOA. I've had other trees from other suppliers, and they usually rebound after being planted. Not this one. One of the grafts never had any sign of life, and one of the grafts barely showed life. I initially called and was told to give it more time, some of the varieties grafted on take more time to show signs of life, but that if it didn't, they'd replace it for free. Okay, so I gave it more time. Nothing. I contacted the company again, and was told they don't replace trees, but since someone had told me that they do, they would be willing to send a replacement for half-price (meaning I'd have to spend another $48.50), or they could issue a partial refund, but if I wanted a replacement, I would have to order a second tree. I'd already spent $97 on the first tree that never developed as it should - and now they want me to spend more? No. There was minimal growth on the tree in 2017 on the two grafts that had shown any life at all, and this year, it appears completely dead. Not a single leaf on it. Meanwhile, my peach, plum and apple trees - from other sources - are doing fine, so I don't think it's anything that I did wrong. A complete waste of $97 plus my time in attempting to grow the tree for the past two years. And the company apparently doesn't have any meaningful satisfaction guarantee, based on my interaction with them.

Company representative comment on June 18, 2018:
On Jun 18, 2018 11:55 AM, Bob Wells Nursery responded with:

I'm not sure who you talked to, but if you would have spoken with me, I would have been glad to replace your trees at no charge. I am happy to send you replacements now. We have some nice 5 gallon containers that we can UPS to you. Just let me know what varieties they were and your name, address and phone number. So sorry for your bad experience. We want to always stand behind our trees if they never leaf out. Feel free to call me if you would like.

Bob Wells
[email protected]

On Apr 6, 2018, vaultdweller22 (3 reviews) from Kerrville, TX

Ordered a Dapple Dandy Pluot through the phone and arranged an in person pick-up. I had no issues with this, their customer service was perfectly good and very patient. I do have issues with the tree I received. The trunk is covered with dead spots. I'd call them cankers, but they aren't oozing, so hopefully it's just cold damage. Considering the amount of it, I don't expect the tree to live long. I also found peach borer damage at the base of the tree. I may purchase trees from them in the future, but I will make certain that I can carefully inspect them before purchase. The person I had picking up the tree didn't know what to look for, though I would hope that one would be able to trust the company enough so that they wouldn't have to carefully examine every tree they purchase from them.

Company representative comment on April 7, 2018:
On Apr 7, 2018 8:16 AM, Bob Wells Nursery responded with:

I'm so sorry that happened. We try to pick out the best trees for our customers, but we failed to do so this time. We would be glad to either give you another tree or give you a full refund. Let us know how we can work this out. Feel free to call me at 903-882-3550. Thanks, Bob Wells.

On Feb 24, 2018, Sjmiller238 (1 reviews) from Hoboken, GA

I have ordered from Bob Wells Nursery many times over the past couple of years. We have recently started trying to make a backyard orchard and have bought a variety of trees including apples, peaches, cherries, pomegranates, nectarines, avocados, almonds, pluots, pluerrys, apricots, plums, and pears, as well as many blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and grapes. All of these arrived in good condition with excellent packaging and fast shipping. We had a few cherry trees and berry bushes that did not survive after planting, but Bob Wells was quick to send out replacements. I have been contacted personally by them multiple times to check on order correctness and make sure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. They were quick to respond to emails and the experience was made a lot better due to this. I am not an easy customer to please. After dealing with them I am now a loyal customer and will continue purchasing from this company. The only wish that I have is that they could ship citrus trees outside of the state of Texas, as I must purchase these elsewhere.

On Aug 9, 2017, Appy501 (1 reviews) from Allen, TX

Fantastic customer service, excellent plants (Very healthy and true to description Ė when they say 2 year old plant it is a 2 year old plant or older). The best part is their prices. They offer 2 year old healthy plants for lesser than what you will get from fastgrwoingtree.com or the Logees who seem to sell at around the same price but for much much smaller size and maturity. All of Bobs trees have survived and done so well. If you are like me and like to support an ethical, good quality nursery look no further than Bobwells of Texas. My rave reviews are not without actual experience with their services. I got delivery of 3 2 year old trees. One of them was an incorrect plant. When I notified them of the mistake, the acknowledged, apologized and sent another replacement tree. All within reasonable time and with no follow up required. What else can I say. So If I need another tree I will check with BobWells first and then look elsewhere.

On Apr 14, 2017, rickoshay (3 reviews) from Pearcy, AR

Last fall I ordered 50 plants of two varieties but only two plants survived the winter. I notified the office and immediately received a reply saying they would be happy to replace all the plants. In less than a week I received replacements which I have planted and all are growing. I am very impressed with the immediate and supportive response I received and I highly recommend this company for any purchases. Outstanding!

On Sep 7, 2016, Paradiso_Bella (3 reviews) from Newnan, GA

August 2016 I was looking for an Asian all in one pear tree. I ran up on Bob Wells website while googling. I ordered the pear tree and when it came, I was so happy! It wasnt a stick or whip, but a healthy thick trunked tree. I planted it right away and 4 days later...growth! It has now leafed out and on its way...=) The packing was awesome and the shipping fast. A couple weeks later I decided I needed another pear tree. I was looking for an all in one with at least Bartlett and Moonglow so I went back to Bob Wells website. Being as I had such a great experience the first time, and the prices are right, it was a no brainer so I saw the tree I wanted...a 3 in 1 pear with Orient, Bartlett and Moonglow. So I ordered it and it arrived pretty quick and well packed as was the other pear tree. This second tree was just as thick and branched. Had an amazing root system too! I received the tree today around 4:00pm and planted it immediately. I have no doubt this tree will, too, grow as quickly as the 3 in 1 asian pear I bought before. So I have found a great source of great trees with some meat to them, a source that apparently cares about the plants they have...how else could they look and grow so good? Thanks BWN! You have pleased me yet again =)

On Apr 18, 2016, zhanghao1004 (1 reviews) from Columbia, MO

I ordered three 2 year old FUYU JAPANESE PERSIMMON TREE and three 2-3 Feet Tall DUNSTAN CHESTNUT Bare-Root Tree last October. Bob shipped them on time. I emailed to Bob Wells to ask questions several times. He replied and explained what I concerned about each time. This spring one persimmon tree died. Bob Wells shipped me a new healthy tree without any extra fee. All the other trees grow very well. I will buy more fruit trees from Bob Wells in the future.

On Nov 28, 2015, ehearn58 (6 reviews) from Houston, TX

Amazing company; great experience. Ordered trees on a Sunday, company called Monday morning for clarification on shipping, and they were delivered on Tuesday evening...well packaged and in excellent shape (bigger than expected).

On Nov 19, 2015, mecm (1 reviews) from Sanderson, TX

Ordered my fruit trees (5) in October but did not want them shipped right away because the holes weren't dug yet. they listened and shipped when I was ready. When I received the trees I was pleasantly surprised with how the trees looked: Sturdy trunks, healthy looking roots, enough dirt and moisture to keep them happy during shipping and give them a good start in my hot and dry south-west Texas backyard. Shipments from other companies never looked this good!

On Sep 22, 2015, mhidzo01 (1 reviews) from Rockwall, TX

Bob Wells Nursery blew me away. I have been looking for fruit plants across the US and have had very disappointing results from a lot of providers. I came across a farm in Rockwall who referred me to Bob Wells Nursery. I ordered my plants on Thursday sept 17th. 5 blue berries and 4 Grape plants. Bob Wells offers the best prices out there. I wish I had known them before I ordered any plants from anyone else. They shipped them the next day and I received all plants in phenomenal condition on Monday. I paid for a flat shipping rate and they even beat the other providers who I paid additional shipping fees to expedite. There customer service is phenomenal. As am new to this they took the time to answer all my questions. Thank you Bob Wells for exceeding my expectations. I will be coming back for an Apricot tree. Looking forward to picking my own berries and grapes next year. (Happiness)

On Jun 2, 2015, Jaesmyth (3 reviews) from Watkinsville, GA

Fantastic service; fantastic results. This year we ordered 100 Ozark beauty strawberry plugs from Bob's. They arrived super quickly; almost too quickly(seriously, so fast we weren't quite ready yet). They sent extras(I think it was 129 total, woohoo!), so we got more than we paid for, which is always nice. Packaging was adequate; instructions were included. Having never grown strawberries before, I was a little worried when I saw the condition of the plugs(if you've done this, you know they can look a little rough). I was uncertain as to whether or not I should be worried. I emailed the company after a google search didn't turn up any answers. They responded *same day*, and were very courteous. They told me how to store and how to plant them to ensure success. I followed their instructions and we had nearly complete success with every plug. It's the beginning of June and the plants we allowed to fruit are already ripening. :) The rest of the plants are doing really well, too. We won't hesitate to do business with Bob Well's again. 5 stars all the way!

On May 11, 2015, angiestar (1 reviews) from Copperas Cove, TX (Zone 8a)

Ordered two type of table grapes which are not readily available at local nurseries.Received the shipment the very next day in perfect condition.

On Feb 8, 2015, henridewet (1 reviews) from Whitewright, TX

I want to say how impressed I was with your actions when I ordered 2 grape vines this week. The package arrived in perfect condition less than 24 hours after I placed the order. FANTASTIC SERVICE - THANK YOU

On Feb 3, 2015, spukish (1 reviews) from Keller, TX

In short, Bob Wells Nursery exceeded my expectations in every way. I have bought many plants from various sources. I purchased three apple trees from Bob Wells Nursery. Bob answered my questions via email within one day. The trees were shipped within 48 hours and most of all the quality was fantastic. The root stock was very healthy and the trees were already shaped with three branches at the top. I consulted my brother-in-law who is a nationally recognized Arborist of with 30 years experience and has bought thousands of trees. He told me the prices were very reasonable at this quantity. I like it when I do business with a company for the first time and I get this kind of quality and service.

On Jan 31, 2014, 13PointRanch (3 reviews) from (Zone 8a)

Bob Wells has amazing fruit trees! We ordered two pear & two fig trees last fall, and what arrived, were the biggest, healthiest trees we've ever received by mail. These trees were 4-5 feet tall, with large trunks, yet cost less than what most nursery's charge for stick sized seedlings, and their flat rate shipping (27.50 for those four big trees) was very reasonable! FINALLY, a mail order source that actually sends you the large size trees they advertise!! :)

On Dec 11, 2013, ruow2000 (1 reviews) from Fredericksburg, TX

Me and my wife are currently setting up a farm around fredericksburg, TX and we purchased the bulk of our trees from Bob Wells nursery (Around 250 quite mature trees). At first we were hesitant to drive that far to go see what they had but we're surely glad we did. We got an amazing selection of trees and really awesome customer service. What made a big difference for us is that many respected online nurseries have a price list based on height and caliper size and their smaller size trees are really nicely priced, but when you need to buy larger trees that are already bearing, they charge you for every extra foot you get. We ended up with a large selection of much larger and more massive trees than we would have been able to get anywhere else for much cheaper. We can tell that they really care about having happy customer and we'd order from them in an heartbeat anytime. We're really pleased to have found this nursery.

On Nov 19, 2013, Bawduniak (1 reviews) from Bellmead, TX

I purchased a large number of trees from them, paid to ship them to my town, but gopher cages for them and rented a backhoe and paid labor to plant them and all but one of them never leafed out. Although the nursery replaced the value of the trees, they would not replace shipping costs and required me to make a six-hour drive to pick up the replacement trees and were entirely unsympathetic to the massive costs that I incurred due to the dead trees they sold me. I felt that due to the trouble I had because of their bad product they sold me shipping cost should've been covered in the should've shipped the trees to me I was not happy with the service I received or the response I got

On Sep 23, 2013, Bueno (2 reviews)

Beautiful, big, well pruned trees and a very reasonable price. Everyone who saw the trees were very impressed. I will gladly recommend them to my friends and family.

On Jun 11, 2011, rockytopfarm (1 reviews) from Hallsville, TX

We have purchased our blueberry stock here for the last 17 years with great success. Bobby Wells is easy to work with and accommodating. His stock is always fresh and viable - we purchase here each year. We have recommended this source to many friends. We have recently bought peach trees with great satisfaction.

On May 2, 2011, SilverMoon1980 (3 reviews) from Locust Grove, OK

This was our third year ordering from Bob Wells Nursery. We have to date planted the following from Bob Wells: 50 Austin Dewberries, 50 Cherokee blackberries, 10 various apple trees, 8 peach trees, 2 plum trees, 2 fig trees, 2 black seedless grapes, and 3 pear trees. We are totally impressed with the quality of the plants, and the knowledge of the staff. We are located in a different area, and I grilled Mr. Wells pretty hard to be sure the rootstocks of our orchard trees were indeed what we requested, they are of course! All plants are thriving, they have earned a liflelong customer!!

On Apr 8, 2011, MARKTHA (1 reviews) from Tyler, TX

We have purchased over 300 grape plants and 50 fruit trees over the last several years from Bob Wells. The service has been excellent, response to questions quick, and quality of plants has been great. We have measured the quality of plants after a years worth of growth, (how many are alive after one growing season). Purchased from Wells nursery is about 3% loss, plants purchased from larger home improvement stores is about 25% loss, from supercenter type retailers 60% loss. We now purchase all plants and trees from Bob Wells Nursery and highly recommend them.

On Mar 23, 2011, soleille (1 reviews) from Little Elm, TX

We had a great experience with Bob Wells Nursery after we traveled to their location. We really appreciated and really loved the trees they set aside for us to pick up. We browsed for more products than we initially wanted because their nursery had healthy trees and plants. They also had great service and provided good information on all products they carried. They also carry shrubs and plants we cannot find near our location. It was well worth the trip to their location. Thank you Bob and the helpful staff....

On Feb 18, 2011, gopals (7 reviews) from Sidney, TX

This is my experience with this nursery: I ordered 235$ worth of trees and most of them look pretty good. There was some bark damage on a few of the pears that I am not happy with. They seemed a little unsure about the quality of their walnut trees, simply calling them "carpathian". A pecan I recieved looks decent, but not nearly as good as one I got from another nursery. They also accidentally overcharged me 200$ on my credit card, but when I called they were very friendly and apologetic. They are courteous and helpful. So far, my experience has been OK with them, I'm not feeling very confident I will buy much from them again. We'll see how the trees do.

On Feb 8, 2011, skaggs88 (11 reviews) from Spicewood, TX

Answered all my questions via e-mail and phone with a pleasant and helpful attitude- provided information regarding root stock for my area. Super, super fast shipping. Peach, apple, plum and persimmon trees all appear in great shape. Company offers a great variety of fruit trees and berries.

On Jan 25, 2011, dreaves (7 reviews) from Hutto, TX (Zone 8b)

I've ordered peach trees and pecans from Bob Wells Nursery. Both have done quite well. The peaches were planted in 2004. They have produced peaches in 2008, 2009, and 2010. I used the recommendations from the nursery to for a rootstock and varieties that were appropriate for my central Texas area. The pecans are a little slower, but have grown well and look like they should start making pecans in the next year or two. I will buy from them again.

On Dec 22, 2010, Twinserk (1 reviews) from Franklin, TN

I ordered a Fuji, Ein Sheimer, Anna, Winesap and Honeycrisp apple trees from him. They have been in the ground for a little under a year and are doing just fine with no known problems. I also ordered a GA Bell Peach, Bounty Peach, Ayers Pear and Pineapple Pear trees and they have also been in the ground a little under a year with no known problems. I also bought a Celeste Fig from him; it is still in a pot but is doing just fine. I would definitely recommend him to others as I plan on buying from him again.

On Apr 4, 2009, RMSsilva (3 reviews) from Bush, LA (Zone 8b)

Just before Thanksgiving 2008 a friend and I went together and ordered- 12 1 gallon Southern Magnolias 3 Mollies Delicious Apples 1 Gala Apple 1 Ein Shemer Apple 1 Granny Smith Apple 1 Housi Pear 1 Chojuro Pear 1 Moonglow Pear 1 Orient Pear 1 Santa Rosa Plum 1 Burbank Plum 1 Methley Plum 1 Sam Houston Peach 1 LaFeliciana Peach 1 Junegold Peach and 1 Sunred Nectarine The fruit trees were an equal mix of 2 year and 5 gallon sized trees, so needless to say, this order arrived in a semi. It was shipped quickly and the charges for the shipment were fair. Bob was very helpful with variety selection and hints for planting in our particular situation...the area where we wanted to put the trees can get very wet. He recommended planting on raised mounds, which has worked great. The only problem we have had with any of the trees is a mild case of Fireblight that developed on the Moonglow pear, which I was able to prune out. I will definitely buy from him again and recommend him to others.

On Aug 28, 2008, mrcircumspect (1 reviews) from Waco, TX

I have ordered bare root tree stock and plants from all the major nurseries in North Texas. My experience with Bob Wells Nursery (2-3 sales interactions) ranks at the TOP of my experiences with nurseries. Their staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and stock has been "as good and is generally better" than other comparable nurseries. Plants are wrapped well and shipped to survive truck or UPS transit in the ugly Texas weather. I rate them 5 stars. T. Irvine, Waco,Texas

On May 10, 2008, coral_923 (1 reviews) from Terrell, TX

I have purchased a number of fruit trees, berry plants, and pines from Bob and have been VERY happy with the service, price, and knowledge of the entire staff! I'll return year after year for my garden needs.

On Mar 14, 2008, debbietex (5 reviews) from Magnolia, TX

I ordered 3 mimosa trees. The trees arrived so fast. The trees are beautiful. I did not expect such beautiful trees. The shipping for 3 trees was only $19.50. They were packaged in a large box. I will for sure do more business with this company. This is the best company I have purchased plants/trees from.

On Jan 31, 2008, dave (40 reviews)

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They helped me select the right varieties for my area, took my order, collected all the plants and even loaded them into my truck for me. :) I bought from them locally.

On Dec 20, 2006, idogcow (1 reviews) from Franklinton, LA

I ordered several fruit trees last month. No problems with shipment. There was a little mix up about my order but it was easily straightened out. Good people to work with.

On Apr 22, 2003, wizard1234 (3 reviews)

Ordered bare-root pecan trees that arrived on time & in good condition.

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