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Mailing Address:
4020 Trail Ridge Drive
Franklin, Tennessee 37067 (United States)

Phone: 1-888-600-9665
Fax: (615) 790-4981

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This company offers a variety of gardening supplies and plants.

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Positive saradus
Maple Park, IL
(20 reviews)
May 6, 2014
This is a great company to purchase bareroot roses. Excellent selection, I pre-ordered last fall and they arrived promptly as scheduled this spring. The roses are in the ground and doing well so far, even with our delayed/erratic spring. I called twice, once at the beginning with questions and again before shipment, and they could not be more friendly or helpful.
Positive mfast10
Jacksonville, FL
(8 reviews)
October 3, 2013
I bought a Dark Night bare root rose back in February of 2013. I was worried as I have never bought a rose in that manner but I have been very happy. Rose arrived as described and is flourishing here in Northeast Florida. It has tripled or quadrupled its size since planting.
Positive organic_kitten
West Blocton, AL
(15 reviews)
May 26, 2013
I buy my products (fertilizer and sprays) for roses from them, Excellent selection, very reasonable delivery time, and free shipping.

My roses have never done as well as they are now using their products.

I haven't bought roses from them yet, but probably will in the future.
Negative E2000
(1 review)
May 17, 2012
I ordered 9 bare root roses from this company and they arrived brown with no signs of life. I planted them as on the instruction sheet and as I have been doing for 30 years. After 1 month in the ground still no life on all 9. Emailed and spoke with Robbie on phone. Said I did something wrong and would not refund my $168 or send replacement plants. He then hung up on me. Do not order from this company.
Company representative comment on May 18, 2012:
On May 18, 2012 9:12 AM, Rosemania responded with:

I am one of the owners of Rosemania and feel compelled to post our own position on what really happened.

This customer was shipped 9 beautiful #1 grade roses on 4/2. I know they were all beautiful because I packed every single one of them myself. We take great care with our roses to make sure they are in fantastic shape when they leave our facility. Our bare root roses are stored in climate controlled coolers from the time they arrive at our facility until they ship. From February through April, we only ship every two to three weeks to ensure top condition. There was no exception to this buyer’s order.

The order was received by the buyer on 4/4, exactly as it should have - a two day shipment by UPS. Our guarantee is simple; the roses will arrive in good condition. If they do not, you have 14 days to notify us. When we received a complaint from this customer by email (almost six weeks later), I immediately wrote him back to ask him to call so we could discuss what might have gone wrong. Nine great roses don’t just die. There is always a reason. He did call and I tried to determine why none of his roses were growing. Based on that conversation and his posting here, there are some important corrections, clarifications and explanations that need to be made.

1.The customer states in this forum, "I ordered 9 bare root roses from this company and they arrived brown with no signs of life”. Per our clearly stated policy on the instructions that he said he read, he should have contacted us if he felt the roses did not arrive in good condition. No such contact was ever made.

2. The customer admitted to me on the phone that he didn't plant them till 4/11 but would not discuss where the roses were during the week they were not planted. He just kept repeating that waiting a week to plant them is no big deal.

3. The customer also stated here that, " I planted them as on the instruction sheet and as I have been doing for 30 years". I wish this was true but upon examination he admits he did not cover the canes with mulch or any other moisture holding material so they wouldn't dry out. I suggested this might have been his problem and that with the hot weather around the country they may have dried out. I reminded him that there was a whole week that passed between the time he received them and planted them and that after planting, the canes were exposed to the air. The customers answer was, "No, we didn't have hot weather, we actually had temperatures down to 24 degrees!" This explains his situation - tender plants were left sitting around for a week and exposed to hard freezing outside temps and then exposed to the wind and elements without any sort of recommended protection.

The odds of getting nine bad roses is pretty much zero. If he had called and said one of the plants wasn't doing well, we would have agreed to replace it next year, even if he hadn't called us in 14 days. That is just what we do. We have customers who received some of the same varieties on shipments two to three weeks after this customer. They followed the instructions provided and their roses are flourishing.

We are formally requesting Dave’s Garden to take this negative posting down as it is obviously unrepresentative of the truth and the character of our good company.

Positive LG7
Union City, TN
(3 reviews)
September 27, 2011
I have been dealing with this company for several years and have nothing but praise for them. I have purchased miniature roses, fungicides and tools from them. All have been delivered promptly. They are also a great source of information and advice on roses.
Positive cattjovi
Richmond Hill, GA
(15 reviews)
March 18, 2010
Received my 2 bare root White Licorice roses today. They were huge! Very healthy and beautifully packed for shipping. I order products from them yearly but this was my first rose order and it won't be my last.
Positive jojomood
Saint Joseph, MO
(14 reviews)
August 4, 2009
I have ordered chemicals and roses both from Rosemania and have always been exceptionally pleased with the quality of the products and roses and feel the prices are very reasonable compared to other vendors offering the same stock. The roses I have received from them have always been top-notch quality and grow vigorously from the moment I get them. I don't think I have ever lost a rose that I purchased from Rosemania.
They are also very quick to answer questions with knowledgeable and concise answers.
All in all this is a very good on-line vendor for supplies and roses alike and I will continue to recommend them for both to other gardners.
Positive purplepower
Pleasant View, TN
(2 reviews)
May 30, 2009
Great website and customer service. Prompt shipping, great prices, good advice.
Positive MarkP
Missoula, MT (Zone 4a)
(12 reviews)
May 5, 2009
Roses arrived in great condition! Order arrived timely. If they grow as well as service they should be outstanding!
Positive splash763
West Columbia, SC
(3 reviews)
April 10, 2009
I'll break down my review into 2 sections (Rose Products and Rose Plants).


- Great selection of Fungicides, pesticides, safety gear and basically anything else you need to grow/exhibit roses.
- Excellent customer service. Everyone I talked to there was extremely knowledgible and can help you with selections.
- Website is easy to use. With lots of information on spray programs and solutions to any rose problem.
- Free shipping on orders over $25

- Some chemicals are kinda pricey. They do go out of their way to provide smaller amounts for smaller gardens though.

Rose Plants
Weeks roses sold bare root and grafted
Miniature roses are own root

- Sells Tucker and Clemons roses. These are exibition quality miniatures.
- Shipping is free IF you order 4 or more roses that ship on same date.

- Miniatures are sold in small 2 inch by 2 inch pots. Mine arrived a little dry so you MIGHT have problems if shipping is delayed. I must stress that mine arrived in good condition with excellent growth on them.
- The Weeks bare root roses are just like any other Week's rose you will find.


For the Rose product side of the house you can expect a well shipped quality product that you will be hard pressed to find just about anywhere else. I go to them for all my chemical and fertilizer needs.

Even though I would prefer a larger pot size their miniatures looked great. Some even had buds on them. Its also the only place you can get Robbie and David's miniatures unless you want them budded on Fortuniana rootstock. I will buy more next year.

As far as the Weeks roses they are like any other Weeks Rose out there. There was nothing bad about them but nothing special either. I would buy the Larger roses again If I wanted a Weeks mail order budded or wanted to take advantage of the free shipping. Otherwise Id just get it from somewhere else since they are really nothing special about them.
Positive divvajacko
Hinckley, OH (Zone 6a)
(40 reviews)
April 9, 2009
I purchased 4 minifloras and a Hybrid Tea. All are excellent. I'm looking forward to planting them and watching them bloom.

Well done Robbie Tucker.
Positive BlissfulGarden
Baton Rouge, LA
(51 reviews)
October 17, 2008
Always a great experience with this company. They provide outstanding advice to rosarians on their website, they provide outstanding and hard-to-find products via mail order, and they are prompt and friendly to boot! Almost all of my orders with Rosemania have gone worry free. The one time that a package arrived damaged, Rosemania replaced the item immediately and handled the UPS claims themselves rather than making me go through that aggravation. Now THAT is true customer service! A++++ Ev =)
Positive bryanwolf
Ardmore, PA
(7 reviews)
June 9, 2007
I just discovered this company and I am very much impressed. They have a great source of products to care for roses, including fungicides. The shipping is incredibly prompt and in many cases is free. Customer service is great. I had a problem on one item which was handled very promptly and efficiently. I highly recommend and just wished that I had discovered them a few years earlier.
Positive Bec_No_Va
Sequim, WA (Zone 8a)
(39 reviews)
April 28, 2007
Most excellent, huge plants - very happy!
Positive larlienda
Strasburg, VA (Zone 6b)
(35 reviews)
April 26, 2007
I received my roses today from my first rosemania order...they are all of good size and look only disappointment is that ebb tide was not of a quality to send, however that ultimately is a good thing because it means this company has high standards for the plants they send out. I look forward to future orders!

Thanks, Lynda
Positive threeducks
Southfield, MI
(7 reviews)
April 20, 2006
Everytime I order roses from Rosemania, they arrive on time, and are in excellent condition. The prices are very reasonable, and they are always my first choice vendor if they have a rose I want.
Positive alicewho
North Augusta, SC (Zone 8a)
(50 reviews)
October 6, 2005
I haven't purchased any roses from them, yet, so I can't comment on them. But, I did order some chemicals for my roses, and they arrived in just a couple of days. I would definately order from them again!
Positive mominem
Ashton, IL (Zone 5a)
(4 reviews)
July 28, 2005
Bought some Avid and it arrived very quickly. I did some price comparisons and they had the best deal.
Positive moyesii
Long Island, NY (Zone 6b)
(14 reviews)
May 27, 2005
Rosemania is like the kid's candy store for rose gardeners. They always have the specialty supplies that I need. My family laughs at me when they see I'm ordering something from Rosemania, because they think the name applies to me! :)

I've ordered garden tools, fertilizers and supplements from Rosemania. Haven't bought any bareroots from them. They have a good selection of organic supplies as well. The order processing and shipping has always been very fast and usually the shipping is free as well, and the service overall is top-notch.
Positive grannyrose
Walhalla, SC (Zone 7b)
(4 reviews)
May 22, 2005
I have ordered many products from Rosemania and have always been pleased . I had not ordered roses from them until now . They had a sale on many of the roses I had on my wish list. I ordered about a dozen different ones. The roses arrived and they were huge and healthy! They are all doing great ! I am very happy with this company.
Positive lilaclily
Lombard, IL (Zone 5a)
(34 reviews)
April 21, 2005
Big bare root roses at very good prices. Have no complaints, well, a tiny one actually - they were not rinsed very well and had alot of dirt still caked on them... but other than that, I hope they do well in my garden.
Positive Brugie
Chariton, IA (Zone 5b)
(13 reviews)
March 20, 2005
I have ordered from Rosemania more than once and have been completely satisfied with each order. It is always nice to know you can order with no postage added on the final bill. They have a nice selection and a lot of information and downloads so you can print off the information on the chemicals you are using. They ship quickly. Everything works for me with Rosemania. I have only ordered chemicals from them.
Positive Tanghao
Marietta, GA
(3 reviews)
March 14, 2005
This was my first experience with this company. I placed my order on a Sunday afternoon and was notified that it was ready for shipment on Monday morning! They sent emails with tracking numbers and the package arrived extremely quickly. I would not hesitate to buy from them again! Oh yes, I used the FREE shipping they offer on orders over $25.
Positive TomH3787
Raleigh, NC (Zone 7b)
(6 reviews)
May 15, 2004
A good source for hard-to-find products. Fast service and they send you an e-mail with a UPS tracking number when your order ships.
Positive abrowe
(17 reviews)
April 15, 2004
This is a great company. I order chemicals, fertilizers and other rose supplies from them. I've also ordered miniature roses. Their prices are some of the lowest around and there's no extra charge for postage. You get an immediate emal verifying the order and another email confirming a delivery date. I usually get the order in two to three days via UPS. Customer service is great too. They sell bareroot roses in the spring as well.
Positive blackrose36
Bellflower, CA (Zone 10a)
(3 reviews)
March 31, 2004
I love this company, one of the BEST ones I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

I placed an order for some water crystals and I was specifically looking for a brand that rosemania carried. I placed my order online and didn't think much of it. until 2 weeks later, I realized that I haven't gotten my order yet. So I sent an email asking the status of the order and I received a call from one of the owners explaining to me that I was the second customer who didn't receive my order since this was a product sent directly from the manufacturer. He told me that they were going to stop dealing with that company since orders weren't being sent. He then offered a refund or a replacement of a similar product. But he had to call me back with the pricing since he had just started to get the info on this new product that day. He called me back within 2 hours to say he figured out the pricing, but unforunately, this new product didn't come in the size I had originally ordered. But he would offer this new product in a smaller size in the same unit pricing. I decided that I wanted the new product and I received it within a week.

I liked that he kept on top of my conversation with him and everything was resolved the same day when I contacted him.

I was so happy with him that I ordered a second product from him. This one arrived at the time expected, but this product was a little harder to use than I thought it would be. It is a fertilizer to be dissolved in water. But what I got was essentially a hardened brick, and I had to scrape to get a teaspoon to use. I emailed him asking if I was doing something wrong or is the product suppose to be this way.

He quickly (within 24 hours) responded that he had contacted the manufacturer and expressed my concern about the product and was able to get me a free liquid version. I wasn't expecting that at all, I thought he was just going to tell me how I was doing it wrong, I never expected a free replacement.

He's definitely done more than I EVER expected from a retailer.
Positive KarenKuhfeldt
(1 review)
July 22, 2003
Absolutely a top notch company. The prices are very good and they mail your order promptly - usually within one day. Another bonus - they do NOT charge for shipping and handling. Communication is excellent - they email you with your receipt and you are notified when your product will ship. This company is at the top of my list!
Positive Colorado_Roseman
Loveland, CO (Zone 5a)
(2 reviews)
April 19, 2003
This is a top notch place to buy products. Their customer service is wonderful. I placed my first order for mini roses with them this year after having several friends tell me of how good their stock is. If the roses are anything like the rest of how they do things, this will be yet another pleasureable experience.

Positive JeanTNrose
(3 reviews)
February 9, 2003
A really good place to buy general supplies and equipment for rose growers. Prices are reasonable and they are very good about shipping ASAP.

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