New Lenox Statuary (The "Bird Girl" Statue)

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281 E. Haven
New Lenox, Illinois 60451 (United States)


Anyone that is has a problem with delivery should send a letter to 281 E. Haven Ave. New Lenox, Il 60451, I am the owner and will correct any problem you have. Sorry for the problems with my suppliers I have stopped doing business with them. I have sold over 5,000 items without problems.

Everyone that has had a problem, and are listed on Dave's site as of today 4/13/07 please call the store and you will receive an immediate response and a gift certificate of $100.00

posted on April 13, 2007



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On Jul 22, 2009, apc1511 (1 reviews) from Hialeah, FL

Well, I'm glad that I read these comments because I was about to purchase the "Bird Girl" Statue from this seller but I won't. Shame on them.

On Apr 18, 2008, set4life2 (1 reviews) from Glenwood, IL

Since I live in Illinois, my sister and I drove to New Lenox, Statuary to buy the Bird Girl Statue, he had the statue but it didn't have a base, so the owner donated a stone base and actually drilled a screw into the bottom of my bird girl statue so that it would fit on the base. I thought that was nice and he could have charged me for a base and his labor, but he didn't. Well one of my children has knocked the head off of my statue for the second time, so I think I'll be going back for another one.

On Jul 1, 2007, devilanse (1 reviews) from White Cloud, MI

Hi there, I lost one of my daughters in a auto accident, I want ed to buy her the ( Birdgirl ) for her headstone. I found the "NEW LENOX STATUARY" and found there what I needed. We spoke on the phone and I gave him my credit card # to pay for my purchase which came to $370.00. A couple of weeks went by I never heard from him concerning my purchase. Well he calls me up and tells me " I am so sorry but my card machine is broken and I cannot fix it,.....can you send me a check for the statue?" I did so right away and I sent it out..... I saw he cashed my check so I thought great he will send it out soon.....WRONG! 2 months went by I called him up very upset complaining....'Where is my purchase? when you asked me for the $370.00 I sent it out, now I expect the same courtesy Well he say's "It is not like going to wallmart and picking one up,....they actually have to make it, it an old italian ccco they take pride in there work, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! All LIES He said to e" Sit tight you will get it soon." I said who will be shipping it? He sasy "Who ever has the cheapest shipping rates, it maybe DHL or FEDX. So I wait longer. And now I have had enough! I called him up agian on the 27th of this month JUNE of 2007. We spoke he says " Oh I'm so sorry I thought you got your purchase I have never heard from you agian so I asumed you got it." I SAW RED if steam could have come out of my ears it would have. I said I want a refund and he told me he would send it out right away, he is in Chicago I live in Michigan i should have got it by now. I will continue to call him daily until this matter is resolved. I have also turned him to the BBB (Better Business bureau) if that doen't help my next step is the Illinois Attorney General. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS PERSON HE IS A CROOK and he will STEAL FROM YOU>

On Apr 11, 2007, ItalianGarden (1 reviews) from Bourbonnais, IL

THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE!!!!!!! Last week, I purchased a $2000 fountain from New Lenox Statuary. The owner was supposed to get back to me with color samples before he placed the final order. No phone call, and no answer when I call his business. I left several messages with no return call. Interestingly, there is no professional greeting on the answering machine. Since it has been a week, and we hadn't heard from him, my husband looked up the business online and found this site. I called the manufacturer of the fountain, and they told me they did not have him listed as a retail distributor! He also told us that he couldn't take credit cards as his machine was not working (Hmmmmmm wonder why!) We immediately cancelled our check. Thank you to those who have given us warning. I am almost certain that we would have been "TAKEN" by this business as well.

On Mar 25, 2007, mpeabody (1 reviews) from Ramsey, IN

In January of 2006 I ordered the Bird Girl Statue and base, from New Lennox Statuary. I received the statue without the base. I have called repeatedly regarding the base, with no response. It has been over a year and still no base. Mr. Pallock charged our credit card twice for the amount due. I have paid $329.00 for the statue and base.After several months, and our bank getting involved. I finally got one of the charges refunded. I have contacted the BBB of Illinois, an attorney from Indiana (were I am from) he sent a letter to Mr. Pallock with no response. Also, I contacted the Attorney General's office of Illinois and he will not respond to him. I feel he has my money and I do not have the merchandise he promised. I hope everyone who has dealt with him and has not received their merchandise will contact the Attorney General's office of Illinois and perhaps something will be done regarding his ways of doing business. I was told by the Attorney General's office if they receive more complaints about New Lenox Statuary they will pursue the matter further.

On Feb 3, 2007, bungalowbill (1 reviews) from Chicago, IL

hellohome, I see your message is recent. I am also in chicago. I ordered from him last time this year 2 planter boxes and 2 urns. I got everything (8 months later) minus one planter box. I have been calling on and off forever, now as of today his phone is temporarily out of order.

On Jan 25, 2007, hellohouse (2 reviews) from Chicago, IL

This "company" is terrible. He stole my money. I ordered stone planters back in August '06 and after initially being promised delivery in 2 weeks, i called every week following that two weeks with no one answering or being told it would arrive next week. I disputed it with the credit card company but i still am out $617 as of Jan 24, '07. Avoid at all costs.

On Sep 26, 2006, wkmatt (1 reviews) from Columbus, IN

I ordered by phone a 41 inch Bird Girl. The amount was credited to my charge card. Information was that there was a two week backorder. The owner has not responded to my messages as to status. When I call, he doesn't pick up. He did pick up one day by accident and I heard him curse under his breath. He could give me no information on when I would receive my statue. (A month had already gone by). I found and contacted the authorized exclusive contracted producer of the statue and was informed T. Pawlak had not ordered any statues. I have left three messages asking for cancellation of the order and credit of the $350 dollars back to my credit card. This has not occurred. So, from August 16 to today, Sept. 26, he has been using my money. Basically, he has stolen money from me. (I live in Indiana)

On Aug 22, 2006, chergrano (1 reviews) from Lockport, IL

i ordered a fountain and have been disapointed in dealing with this company

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