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  Company Comment, posted on June 24, 2010:  
We are a small company located in sw Pennsylvania who grow a large variety of virus symptom free specialty cannas and some of the finest brugmansias anywhere.
We also grow habitat, rain gardens, roof gardens, native plants, and a large variety of herbs and edibles.
Our offerings are plants and seeds.

Our website: //

Our phone is 724-466-0979.
Our email: [email protected]
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Positive johnsonmarilyn6
Huntsville, TX
(1 review)
September 22, 2020
I am a most satisfied customer of Karchesky Cannas, Succulents and Brugmansia. I spent months just
ogling the beautiful cannas on their website and finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a few types. But first
let me say, I had tried purchasing bulbs from other companies and had no success getting them to sprout in the sweltering heat of East Texas. The poor quality bulbs from these other companies would simply rot and the only one that actually sprouted was diseased. I felt that Karchesky Canna would send me live healthy plants and after wasting nearly a hundred dollars on rotting bulbs I decided to buy their freshly dug cannas with leaves. That's the only way to go in mid to late summer. I reveived all 3 canna cuttings in excellent condition in a long box (roots, bulbs, stalks & leaves). Shipped in just one day! WOW! After potting them up they did not wilt. Very healthy plants! Not only was the price reasonable and the shipping fast, the packaging was superior and so was the customer service. Alice even opened up an "Orange Punch" canna and put it on her web page for one day, just for me. She is a sweet, kind person and the best way to reach her is on her facebook page. Alice is a creative genius and runs things all by herself. She is an amazing woman and her canna creations are beautiful. I am proud to display them in my little yard. Remember, she is a busy woman and creative geniuses are sometimes forgetful. The Karchesky Canna webpage of beautiful cannas is as expansive as it is dynamic -- depending on season and availability. She also offers
succulents, seeds, gorgeous brugmansias and other beautiful things for your garden. Can't wait till my cannas bloom this winter in the greenhouse. Strawberry sherbert, princess pink-speckled whites, and orange punch lollipops dancing through my head around Christmas. Smile.
Company representative comment on September 23, 2020:
On Sep 23, 2020 12:56 PM, Karchesky Canna responded with:

Thank you, Marilyn ..
We are humbled by your praise.
I do hope your cannas bloom for Christmas.
Blooming plants are always spectacular to see in winter.
Thanks again and take care,

Positive SanJoseFool
Canton, GA (Zone 7b)
(20 reviews)
May 15, 2020
Ordered four cannas. Good communication, quick shipping, healthy rhizomes and most important virus free. Karchesky will be my go to business for future canna orders.
Company representative comment on September 24, 2020:
On Sep 24, 2020 2:13 PM, Karchesky Canna responded with:

Thank you, Kevin :)

Positive frodog
Fountain Hills, AZ
(1 review)
September 22, 2018
First contacted the company via email to confirm availability of plants I wanted: Joker and Robert Kemp--got a response almost immediately. Called in order and they said they would get it shipped as soon as possible.

Received both plants a few days later. Very good shipping/packaging. Plants were plant divisions with at least one good stalk. Look very healthy/great condition.

I have each in temporary pot getting a bit acclimated to my location before I put them in the ground. Look very good! Excited to see how they grow. Very happy with service, product and quality of Cannas.
Positive RedPandamonium
Washington, DC
(2 reviews)
May 25, 2016
I have been ordering cannas from Karchesky for many years and I unreservedly recommend them and their plants. Karchesky has a gorgeous selection of robust, very reasonably priced plants that come lovingly packaged at the right time for planting. Anyone would be well-advised to order these vigorous selections rather than wasting their money on expensive, all-too-typical plants found in local nurseries.
Positive richK
New York, NY
(11 reviews)
May 23, 2016
wow just got my shipment
healthy clumps/roots, well packaged
2 were bare root and enormous and one was smaller and wrapped in soil/bag, ALL VERY HEALTHY looking.
This is my first time buying roots, ive bought seeds from them and grew some beautiful white cannas..
i couldn't get my head around the $12 per canna [it seemed like a big price]
but after receiving this shipment, i really see the quality & value
[ not like a BIG BOX store dried out single rhizome in a plastic bag]
each rhizome from Karchesky's had multiple eyes/ multiple sections
really worth it,
shipping was fast, nicely packed and enviro friendly
[i missed the paypal invoice in my email,so the only delay was on me]
will shop again
Positive realityfaery
Delano, CA (Zone 9b)
(5 reviews)
June 16, 2015
Posted on April 14, 2014, updated June 16, 2015
Posted on March 17, 2014, updated April 14, 2014
Posted on November 26, 2013, updated March 17, 2014
I just ordered 6 cannas from Karchesky Canna and they are beautiful, big and healthy. Couldn't have asked for better plants. Delivery was quick and packaging done with care. And Alice...I love Alice, she was friendly, helpful and responded quickly to all of my emails. Will definitely be ordering from them again.
On March 17th, 2014, realityfaery added the following:

Now that I have had my cannas potted for a few months now, the warm weather has done wonders. All of my cannas have sprouted large, gorgeous leaves. Still highly satisfied! Love, love my plants, can't wait to get them in ground to let them take off.
On April 14th, 2014, realityfaery added the following:

I contacted Alice around the end of March for suggestions of a new canna to purchase from them, again, she was amazingly helpful. Not only did she give me a list of suggestions, but now I must buy the remainders from them in the future. Another quick delivery with lovely, healthy plants. Already having them for the almost two weeks has had some fantastic growth. Great plants, wonderful service. Thanks again Alice!
On June 16th, 2015, realityfaery added the following:

Thought I would try my hand at growing some canna from seed! As usual, Alice was wonderful, received the seeds nicely packaged and identified. Can't wait to get these babies started!
Company representative comment on April 21, 2014:
On Apr 21, 2014 10:13 AM, Karchesky Canna responded with:

Thanks, Alicia. It was a pleasure for me as well.
We are happy you are pleased with the cannas. 'Strawberry Delight' is spectacular. My fave canna :) I hope you will enjoy growing, too. You will have to let us know how she does.

Positive Coconutgrove
Miami, FL
(1 review)
September 20, 2014
By far my best cannas by mail. I ordered 2 "Intrigue" and 2 " bird of paradise" from another online retailer in April. 1 died, 1 has never grown and the other 2 are "ok". I ordered 2 "Intrigue" from Karchesky in August and WOW!!! The Karchesky cannas are triple the size of the others in just 5 weeks and BLOOMING!!! I wish I could post a picture of the cannas next to each other. She also took the time to help me choose between 2 types and I ended up ordering some that weren't even on her website. I am a HAPPY customer.
Company representative comment on September 26, 2014:
On Sep 26, 2014 11:27 PM, Karchesky Canna responded with:

Thank you!! So happy you are pleased!! Enjoy the cannas :)

Positive eolivas103
Las Cruces, NM (Zone 8a)
(17 reviews)
May 17, 2014
I stumbled across this companies website last year while looking for a specific Canna and I was absolutely in awe. Canna's are grown widely in our area and very popular but I have never seen a white Canna or white/pink spotted Canna, etc; and many others she has out on her website. The owner offers a special deal if you order 5 ( you get extra) and I had a very hard time limiting myself to 6. The owner was very nice and I thouroughly enjoyed our conversation. I could tell she absolutely loves these flowers that she grows. I ordered early this Spring and received my Cannas exactly when I asked for them. They were and are very healthy and took off right away. Two of them are already starting to put out flower buds. I can't remember the owners name now but I just wanted to say Thank you for the beautiful selection of these flowers you offer. We all are blessed by it.
Positive esanita
Tyaskin, MD (Zone 7a)
(17 reviews)
May 16, 2014
This was my first time order. Exceptional plants, exceptional customer service. Go, Alice!
Positive riosamba
Marlboro, NJ
(21 reviews)
July 13, 2013
Posted on June 4, 2010, updated July 13, 2013
Posted on June 18, 2009, updated June 4, 2010
Wow! If you are interested in purchasing unusually beautiful and different cannas this is the place. The shipping might be a tiny bit slow but the quality of the cannas is amazing. I received eight plants some of which were over one foot tall. None of them were damaged from shipping. These were wraped and packaged very professionally by Alice who is delightful to speak to and an extraordinary source of information. I would rather wait an extra week or so to receive an order that is packed as well as these cannas were. I wish that everything I purchase on line looked as good as these plants upon opening the box and will be a customer of Karchesky Cannas for as long as I am able to garden. The cannas have been planted for three weeks and are growing very nicely. Overall a terriffic experience.
On June 4th, 2010, riosamba added the following:

Wow again. I just received my order for this year of sixteen cannas. Everything is perfect and these cannas are virus free. I am tring to order more from Alice as some of the cannas that i received from other venues already had to be destroyed.There are people saying that there is no such thing as a virus free canna. Karchesky canna ships excellent, healthy, virus free plants. What a wonderful place to buy from.
On July 13th, 2013, riosamba added the following:

I have been buying from Karchesky canna for five summers now. This year I received over 30 plants from them. All of the cannas I have received from them over the years are disease free and grow very nicely. Their selection of over 150 varieties is incredible. They are the best place to buy cannas in the USA.
Positive drdug
San Diego, CA (Zone 10b)
(5 reviews)
February 1, 2013
Posted on June 29, 2003, updated February 1, 2013
I ordered two plants-they were delivered quickly and were HUGE! Great people too! I will use them again..
On February 1st, 2013, drdug added the following:

As of February first, 2013, their website is password protected and therefore unusable.
Company representative comment on February 1, 2013:
On Feb 1, 2013 9:04 PM, Karchesky Canna responded with:

A new website is on its way up asap. In the interim, please use the Blog:

Thanks :)

Positive crazy4brugs
Kansasville, WI (Zone 5a)
(18 reviews)
August 10, 2011
My purchase from them arrived in EXCELLENT shape.
The root ball was intact and still moist and the leaves were
all green. I would order from them any time. She even refunded some shipping expense as stated on her listing. Great seller and fast shipping. Thanks you, from a happy customer. Love your brugmansia. I will be buying from you again.
Positive IlovemyTiger
Irving, TX
(2 reviews)
June 17, 2011
I'm very excited with my new Brugmansias, I find that even though at times I felt as though communication with me had been pushed to the back burner ever so slightly, I am completely understanding of this because I pretty much did the same thing to Alice at one point in our correspondence, sometimes life gets in the way, humans cant run a company like a computer. The negative commenters disappoint me to be negatively commenting over such trivial issues. There's not just the selling of the plants you understand, but the raising and propagating of them as well. The customers are not the ones growing the plants so impatience is on their shoulders, not her's. She answered all of my very indecisive questions and gave me any info I asked for willingly. The shipping was FAST! I've seen much much much worse in a mail order plant company. The plants were very healthy, and I saw no signs of malnutrition or otherwise. I'm deffinitely going to go back, I've got my eyes on your heirloom tomatoes ;)
Positive jedoody
Las Vegas, NV
(23 reviews)
September 4, 2010
I found Karchesky Cannas site on Dave's Garden as I was looking for more variety than we have in our local nurseries. I was not disappointed, their cannas are beautiful. I placed an order by e-mail and Alice responded the next day. I called her, placed the order over the phone, and she e-mailed me when the order was shipped. The plants arrived in great condition, lots of leaves and roots. I will order from her again. Green Thumbs Up to Karchesky Cannas.
Positive winsorw
Auburn, WA
(1 review)
June 11, 2010
I just ordered 3 cannas from them. The plants arrived in 3 days and all are healthy looking. All the emails I sent were responded in a timely manner so I think I'll buy from them again.
Neutral paflash
Reading, PA
(2 reviews)
May 3, 2010
E-mailed 3 times with interest in Brugmansia and no reply?Richie
Company representative comment on May 3, 2010:
On May 3, 2010 10:34 PM, Karchesky Canna responded with:

Have not received your emails .. ???
Our current email is: [email protected]
Is this the one you used?

Positive cics
Fort Worth, TX (Zone 8a)
(7 reviews)
April 25, 2010
Ordered two sets of seeds from Alice on the phone and received them quickly along with a nice card wishing me good luck with my cannas. Great customer service, would definitely order from them again. Thanks Alice.
Positive gracesmith
Longmeadow, MA
(4 reviews)
September 6, 2008
Love this company; i had a great experience! Beautiful plants were sent to me, I'm surprised shipping is so low considering the size of the plants/tubers! :) Looking forward to ordering more next spring. Order without question!
Negative Dauphin
Loganville, GA
(3 reviews)
April 24, 2008
Let me begin by saying the quality of plants and the selection this company offers is outstanding. The communication however is aweful. Do not be surprised if this seller is unwilling to commit to a total charge including shipping after you submit your credit card number and request a total three times via email. She is clearly overwhelmed.

I have not been cheated by this company, nor do I expect any malevolent intent. I have placed a second order, but so far (14 days) I have yet to receive acknowledgement thereof.

I would like to see quick responses, BILLING CONFIRMATONS, and shipping info with tracking numbers in the future. In an age of rampant identity theft, it is alarming to do business with a company that does not seem to find this important. I just hope they shred their notes before throwing them into the trash.
Company representative comment on September 7, 2008:

On Apr 24, 2008 1:01 PM, Karchesky Canna added:

Hello William,
I am very surprised and saddened to see this here from you today. Especially that you are publicly accusing me of credit card fraud which I am not taking lightly. I have never cheated you or anyone.
You didn't use you name, but I know who you are

I told you some of your order was not ready. In zone 5-6 the cannas just started up around the time of your first order which was quoted before shipping. As we do have tracking on all packages, I know that you received.Your second order I could not quote until I know what we have. You would have gotten the final quote as this order shipped. It was supposed to ship this weekend.

I am busy and finish orders as they come ready. I am sorry I am not efficient enough to your standards. When so busy this time of year, I can't be on the computer all the time. I do not consider that overwhelmed.

So the world knows that you have never been cheated here are your orders for all to see:

Mystique $14
Scarlets Rib $12
Intrigue $12
Howzat $18
Purpurea $10
Aries $25
Gemini .. $25 .. FREE
Total: $91
Shipping: 12
Total: $103
SHIPPED: 03-31-08
PAID: 04-01-08

Order #2:
Madame Paul Casaneuve .. $16
Panache..... 14
Tropical Sunrise.. 15
Ambassadour 18
Total: $63
Shipping: 12
Total: $75

On Sep 7, 2008 2:54 AM, Karchesky Canna added:

You did receive your second order about the same time you left this.
No thanks, no acknowledgment, nothing.
You get a negative from me.

Positive dwr857
Winston Salem, NC (Zone 7b)
(8 reviews)
February 9, 2008
Alice was great to work with! I asked for these to be shipped in late Jan. Now here in Phoenix its nice, but not very nice in Penn. They did not hesitate in going out in very cold temps and digging 6 beautiful plants and shipping once they got a slight break in the weather. Very satisfied and I planted them this morning in beautiful 70 degree weather. They provided more info than I could absorb about these beautiful plants and they are 3-4 inches deep with some of the best amended soil a plant could ask for. In addition, based on their recommendation, I planted about 2 cups of household scraps under the plants mainly consiting of coffee grounds, finely broken up egg shells, leaf lettuce and green beans. I think they will like there new home. Thank you Alice!
Positive RedClay007
Richmond, VA (Zone 7a)
(15 reviews)
July 28, 2007
I have ordered seeds twice from Karchesky Canna and I am very pleased. They have a great selection of species cannas, and the owner is extremely knowledgeable. I sowed my canna seed directly in the ground and the plants bloomed only 2 months later, and continue to thrive. Great selection and service. Highly recommended.
Positive MagShiPri
Oceanside, CA
(1 review)
June 14, 2007
I could not be more pleased with my experiences with this company thus far! I began my search for the perfect brugmansia, and found this wonderful website! Alice has been most helpful, knowlegeable and patient with my many questions via phone and e-mail.

While waiting for the brugmansia I have fallen in love with to be ready to ship, I discovered some cannas I couldn't resist. They arrived today -- fast shipping and so well protected against harm in transit. They are GORGEOUS!!! Mystique is fully 18 inches tall, with 3 more sprouts coming!!! And Pink Sunburst is already 9 inches tall -- and it is a dwarf! -- and it has 8 full leaves, and a new one unfulring even now! The varigation on both is just lovely, and they are happy, healthy plants.

I have another order pending, and if anything the quality I have just received has me even more excited! For quality like this -- I don't mind waiting until the brugmansia is "ready to be shipped"!

I will be happy to do business with this company again and again, and cannot reccomend it highly enough!

On August 13th, 2007, MagShiPri added the following:

I have made a second, larger order, and remain very impressed with the quality of the information I receive when I call the company, and the gorgeous cannas they deliver. My 7 new cannas were beautifully packaged to ensure the roots were still moist and the rhizomes very happy, even after an extended stay in the post office -- due to logistical problems on my end.
The quality is marvelous -- as is the service! I have been pleased to reccomend this company to several friends and acquaintances! Give them a try -- you'll be glad you did!
Positive phicks
Lakeland, FL (Zone 9b)
(1 review)
May 14, 2007
Ive Been Dealing With Alice for Years Now I get nothing but the Best Both Plants { Cannas } Brugs} and seeds I Highly Recomed This Company PHicks48
Positive burgele
Dunedin, FL
(1 review)
April 23, 2007
Thank you Alice very much , have received this superb rooted Dream Angel today in excellent condition no stress what so ever, packing A1.

I recommend Alice very highly, very conciencious vendor ,always given the buyer only Quality plants standing behind her product 100%, she has my trust!
Positive mpabbott1
(Mary) Poway, CA (Zone 10a)
(4 reviews)
April 10, 2007
Have bought Brugmansia in the past, and a book more recently. Everything has always been great. Highly recommend!
Positive tbuff
Nellysford, VA (Zone 6a)
(38 reviews)
March 31, 2007
Alice spent significant time on the phone with me on several different occasions helping me make selections to build a smalll collection. She is very personable and an easy person with whom to do business. My plants arrived in good condition and I would not hesitate to do business with her again. With regard to some of the negative comments of late, I really have to wonder. I haven't met many nursery people who would spend significant amounts of time on someone who has never spent a penny with their company. But Alice made this commitment to me and I rewarded her with a nice order. I deal with mail order companies all over the country and would rank her amongst the better ones if you are a collector looking some personal attention.
Negative heirloomgarden
Trenton, MI
(2 reviews)
March 29, 2007
Maybe ordering cannas from this company is a better experience than what I had trying to purchase brugmansia. I had originally put in an order for several brugmansia and as time went by I had changed the order somewhat but there was very little communication from Alice Harris regarding my order. So, when we finally did communicate she said there were only two plants out of my original order available. I went ahead and ordered them and paid for them. She said that regular shipping would start April 1st. She had also said that one of the other brugmansia I wanted she had set aside for me. But, now she is saying that she is not satisfied with it. Which now means I would have to wait even longer. I tried ordering another brugmansia from her and she asked me what I thought I should pay for it. When I emailed her an amount, I was promply told that amount was half of what she could sell it for on ebay. And that maybe I should wait longer before trying to order that particular plant again. Now, she has said that she will refund the money from the two plants I had already paid for. She doesn't have the courtesy to fulfill the order that I had already bought and paid for? This whole experience has soured me on ever doing business with this company in the future. I had also asked her about all the brugmansia she had listed on Dave's Garden. She told me that it was outdated and she would have to make some changes. I'm not so sure I believe that only because I visit Dave's Garden frequently looking for brugmansia and when I seen Karchesky Canna and all the brugmanisa they had listed I thought this was a chance to put in a nice size order. From there forward it was nothing but one problem after another and disappointment.
Company representative comment on June 30, 2007:

On May 11, 2007 9:27 PM, Karchesky Canna added:

And in my personal mail from Russel:

"Alice, I don't know what the hell you are talking about I think you are a loon. You have some serious mental issues. You lady are paranoid. When I said that I was done with you I meant it. You don't seem to understand that when I don't want to do business with someone I DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! What part of that do you not understand? You know what lady, you blew it. I could have given you alot of business but because you treated me the way you did even after I thought we had made amends I could no longer associate myself with you. I hope this person that bought that brug from you enjoys it. I don't know them, even though in your deranged mind you think we do . I am sick of your shit and I don't want to hear from you any longer. OH! and one more thing I reported you to Ebay because you had not only posted my bidding history on Dave's Garden regarding the time you did have Edna listed but it showed other ebay members bidding history on the same item. I heard back from ebay regarding this and they said that was a big NO NO. SHAME ON YOU! Who the hell do you think you are? You say you are so respected how can that be? I think you pick and choose who you will do business with. You lady are pathetic. I do not want to hear from you again. Leave me alone! Like I said before, nothing you have interests me any longer.

How dare you! Accusing me of this! Who do you think you are? How important do you think your brugs really are? Just to let you know I have received 2 of Dream Angel, and that was the one I wanted to purchase from you from the very beginning. But, the way you conduct business, I cannot deal with. I will probably end up with the brugs that I wanted from you only I will get them through people you had sold them to. They usually all end up on ebay at one time or another anyway."

I tried to make amends with him.

Yes, we are done. I have never met such a negative person in my life.

I am glad he does not live near me :-)

Positive azreno
Mesa, AZ (Zone 9b)
(10 reviews)
March 10, 2007
Was very pleased to deal with Alice, customer service was excellent and my canna tubers look beautiful!
Positive SierraTigerLily
Boca Raton, FL (Zone 10b)
(7 reviews)
February 24, 2007
I can recommend Karchesky Canna with no reservations. I have been entranced by the beautiful variety of brugmansia on her website for about a year.

I didn’t think I would need to order plants as I have several excellent local nurseries to use in Southern Florida. I had asked each of them to contact me when they had more exotic versions available (gradated colors, double flower, etc.) and when more than a year had passed with no options, I decided to order from Karchesky Canna.

The vendor was immediately available by phone and answered all of my questions. She gave me several options and a few recommendations after which I selected from among her “sweetheart” hybrids.

As to the topic of purchasing diseased plants, I had this issue with Top Tropicals, and while they are quite close by, I no longer purchase from them.

The plant from Karchesky arrived quite mature and healthy and within less than a week. I will update this post as needed.
Negative plantlovergard
Bronx, NY
(1 review)
February 13, 2007
I'm sorry I must be the only person who cares that all the cannas she sent me were badly virsused. Personally I think she should not be selling cannas she knows are virsused and should destoy them. Be very careful buying from her if you have a large virus-free collection! It's not worth the risk, no matter how nice a person is!
Company representative comment on May 28, 2007:

On May 28, 2007 7:44 AM, Karchesky Canna added:

As just about all cannas in the world carry some virus, I would say your cannas are not virus free.You might think so, but if you had them tested, you would most likely find they are not.
If you would destroy all virused cannas, there would not be any left in the world to enjoy.

No one works harder than us at growing cannas well.
No one offers better cannas than us.

Positive rose318
in Houston, TX (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
November 19, 2006
Awesome cannas, with fast shipping. Great communications and a pleasure to deal with.
Positive austintxplanter
Austin, TX
(2 reviews)
October 15, 2006
My experience in buying from Karchesky Canna was wonderful. I was looking for a white canna lilly to be sent to my mother in San Antonio, TX. Dave Karchesky said that although it was late in the season he would try to send a blooming plant. When my mother received the package, the first blooms were just opening on a very health robust plant with several canes and good rhisomes. Needless to say, she was delighted and potted it up right away (she's going to give it a little protection over the winter and then plant it out in the ground in spring). Dave was very helpful, shipping was very fast and I will definetly be purchasing more varieties in spring.
Neutral fyshhl
Cedar Creek, TX
(1 review)
August 9, 2006
For one month now, I have been trying to obtain the second part of my Karchesky Canna order. The company is not responding to my request. Alice Harris keeps saying my order is coming and she will call me and this does not happen. I am very discouraged. My first two orders went well, but not my third order. I would like this problem resolved. I have been an excellent customer and I do not appreciate the poor customer service.
On August 14th, 2006, fyshhl changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

This is in response to Alice Harris' comments on 8/10/06. The quality of your plants are excellent. This is not the issue at hand. The shipment was not mailed in a timely fashion. This is the issue at hand. I am sorry you have been sick for ever however, part of having a company is mailing goods on time. This is all I ask and it is not much. I am not trying to ruin your company. Your selection is excellent and great for collectors. Heidi Fysh
Positive vossner
East Texas,
United States (Zone 8a)
(114 reviews)
June 19, 2006
Not a mere "coincidence" that this company has a perfect score. Plants are superior, shipping prompt and customer service caring and friendly. Excellent rating is totally deserved.
Positive gardener2005
Baton Rouge area, LA (Zone 8b)
(7 reviews)
June 17, 2006
I got a beautiful order of large healthy plants this past week. I couldn`t ask for better! Order with confidence.
On March 11th, 2007, gardener2005 added the following:

Everything I ordered last year was in great shape,grew and multiplied. This year it is all coming back looking really good!
On March 11th, 2007, gardener2005 added the following:

I see the negative. To honest I have seen no signs of virus on my cannas. I notice that person signed up that day just to write something negative here...not good.
Positive doss
Stanford, CA (Zone 9b)
(39 reviews)
April 21, 2006
I don't think that Karchesky Cannas can't be beat in terms of choice. They are great communicators and were very willing to help me choose the best cannas for my situation. The plants are beautiful, big and well packed. I'm not buying cannas from anywhere else. Highly recommended.
On July 21st, 2007, doss added the following:

Another good experience with Karchesky. Great communication and fast shipping, large beautiful plants purchased in the middle of July.
Positive tobee43
groveland, FL (Zone 9b)
(37 reviews)
April 20, 2006
so i come home last evening and waiting on my doorstep is a box marked "karchesky canna". i'm so excited that i feel like it's xmas all over again! (this was my first order and i really didn't know what to expect). since it's already night time i can't pot them up yet, but i just want to take a peak. everything was packed wonderfully . wow! if these are just not the healthiest most beautiful canna i ever did see! one can see the care that went into growing these beautiful plants!

i have purchased canna elsewhere only to be disappointed time again. well, no more! the selection is incredible! seems to me that if karchesky canna doesn't have, well it's just not worth getting.

you can purchase with absolute confidence, i guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. i just can't wait until next year to order more! thank you! and what a pleasure to deal with such an excellent company! finally!
On April 20th, 2006, tobee43 added the following:

please excuse all typo's...i was just so excited!! but i'm certain you'll all get the point.
On June 9th, 2008, tobee43 added the following:


Thank you so much for the PERFECT order AGAIN this year!
You are always such a wonderful, honest and sincere person to work with! The prices are excellent and the quality is wonderful.

I have used your canna in many of my designs for my business and I will be ordering from you year after year after year!!

I will ALWAYS buy with Absolute Confidence from this company!

Thanks again and see you next year!
Positive zzazzq
Jackson, MS (Zone 8b)
(3 reviews)
February 4, 2006
Site has amazing selection of cannas I've never seen elsewhere.. Only way to order seems to be by email inquiry, which I've tried twice with no response. Guess that white canna that I've wanted will have to come from elsewhere if I can find it.
On February 5th, 2006, zzazzq added the following:

Scratch my above comment....seems the fault was mine and my email client filter config, and not Karcheskycanna's. They did reply quickly enough. Based on the comments here, I plan to order several rhizomes and maybe some seeds.
On March 16th, 2006, zzazzq changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Ordered some rhizomes from this site and all arrived recently....they are of good size and healthy-looking and each has shoots ready. Quailty looks excellent. This is not a "cheap" site, but from what I can see, you get what you pay for,
Positive ilovecannas
Houston, TX
(6 reviews)
November 23, 2005
I got to Alice & Dave's attention that one of the cannas somehow didn't make it. I told them it's alright, that I wasn't asking for a refund/replacement of any kind, but they still sent me another plant at their expense! Talk about customer satisfaction! You can count on me for more orders next year.

Karchesky Canna boasts one of the largest online collection of exquisite cannas for sale. If you love cannas as much as I do, this place is definitely for you.
Positive sweet_whitney
Tucson, AZ (Zone 8b)
(12 reviews)
July 19, 2005
Karchesky has the best selection you will find anywhere! They communicate clearly about what is in stock and when it will ship. My order arrived quickly and when I opened the box, some of the canna flowers had opened in transit! Others already had buds on them. The plants were healthy and beautiful when I got them-they were packed very well. I also got a bonus canna-that made me very happy! The cannas are a little expensive, but that's because you're getting a whole plant-not just a rhizome. The cannas are worth every penny-especially when you get a bonus! You can't beat the selection and customer service here. I will definately order from them again. :)

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