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This company offers a variety of bulbs and plants.

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Closed January 2011,
As per a note from the owner, this business is closed.

  Company Comment, posted on February 6, 2003:  
Buried Treasures is no longer in business. Though the site is still active, it should be coming down in the near future. Thank you all for the last 10 years.Chris Moore

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Positive Toni05
Brookfield, IL
(61 reviews)
November 3, 2011
Posted on November 30, 2007, updated November 3, 2011
Received 3 nice-sized, well-rooted bare-root plants from Buried Treasures today.
Emails are answered promptly. Shipping fast.
Prices are fantastic considering plants like Adenium, and Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia) are variegated and didn't cost an arm and leg. Toni

On April 3rd, 2008, Toni05 added the following:

Got 2 Pepperment Candy, Thai, Euphorbia Crown of Thorns today..They're nice-sized and well-rooted..
Buried Treasures answers emails promptly..Plants are well-packaged and shipping super fast. I like they're plants so much, I've bid on four more; waiting for auction to end..Toni
On April 9th, 2008, Toni05 added the following:

Received four bare-root Euphorbia Crown of Thorns. Each cutting if 6-6 1/2" tall, one has leaves..Stems are nice and firm..
Buried Treasures answers emails promptly..
Each stem is wrapped individually, w/name tag attached, then placed in a box filled with shredded newspaper.
Shipping super fast, without delay..Toni
On May 15th, 2008, Toni05 added the following:

Received two, healthy, bare-root Adeniums: Three Kings and Tropic Snow.
Plants are 7-8" from base to tip of leaves, both Ademiums have several leaves.
Chris and Gretchen answer emails promptly.
Shipping is quick and plants well-packed...
I first ordered from Buried Treasure in 2006, wish I'd found them sooner.
On May 15th, 2008, Toni05 added the following:

Received two, healthy, bare-root Adeniums: Three Kings and Tropic Snow.
Plants are 7-8" from base to tip of leaves, both Ademiums have several leaves.
Chris and Gretchen answer emails promptly.
Shipping is quick and plants well-packed...
I first ordered from Buried Treasure in 2006, wish I'd found them sooner.
On June 4th, 2008, Toni05 added the following:

What can I say? I love Buried Treasures..Received 4 bare-root Euphoriba Crown of Thorns today: Sonia, Peach Delight, Yellow Shade and Cherrie Jubilee.
Sizes from base to top, 8-10". All four arrived with foliage.
BT's prices are incredible, plants healthy and pest-free, shipping is quick and plants well-packaged, and Chirs and Grethen are fantastic when it comes to answering questions, even though I'm sure they're busy this time of year.
I can't wait until their new shipment arrives in June or July. They're getting in numerous varieties...that means I have to hide my cc statement from hubby..LOL..Thanks Gretchen and Chris..Toni

On June 27th, 2008, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered and received 6 plants from Buried Treasure. As usual they're gorgeous. 3 Adeniums and 3 Hibiscus. Adenium White Jade, (super fabulous) Pink Diamond and Sunburst.
Also purchased 3 Cajun Hibisucs. City Slicker, Gabriel and Magnigique.
Shipping was super speedy. Chris and Gretchen are most helpful. Considering the time of year, they answer emails promptly and if you have a question, most often than not, they're near the phone to help.
Eventually, I'd like to have in my possession, each and every one of their plants..Especially Adeniums and Euphorbias..LOL..Toni

On November 3rd, 2011, Toni05 added the following:

Over the years I purchased several succulents from Buried Treasures.
I never heard of a E. Crown of Thorns, variegata. I emailed Chris after his last COT was sold; he went out of his way to find another, smaller, but healthy Crown, plus gave me a deal.

He and I had conversations on the phone regarding different plants. He was very patient, waiting for me to decide which plant to order.
He gave great advice on care, too.

I am so very sorry to hear this terrible news. My prayers are with his family. Toni
Positive amanzed
Los Angeles, CA (Zone 10a)
(3 reviews)
October 31, 2011
Posted on October 6, 2009, updated October 31, 2011
I had a good experience with Chris and Gretchen Moore of Buried Treasures. I ordered a large adenium and a small terrestrial orchid. (My needs did not include express shipping or expedited handling.)

Chris and Gretchen both worked with me to make sure my order was right and that I was happy with my plants.

I ended up with beautiful plants. They are getting acclimated as I write this. Once they are established, I have high hopes for them!

Based on this experience, I am happy to give Buried Treasures high marks.
On October 31st, 2011, amanzed added the following:

MOORE, Chris, 41 of Valrico died April 5, 2011. He was an area resident for 35 years. He was a U.S. Navy veteran and former coach of the Brandon Area Youth Soccer League. He ws a former salesman for Bill Moore & Company and owned Buried Treasures. He is survived by his wife, Gretchen; father, Bill; mother, Sue; three sons, Ryan, Tyler and William; daughter, Stephanie; sister, Kim Harbert; and granddaughter, Bella.
Negative maureen1952
Worcester, MA
(6 reviews)
August 24, 2010
Posted on October 26, 2008, updated August 24, 2010
Sometimes one's 1st impression of a company isn't the most important. I ordered and adenium and a euphorbia. Bothe came without instructions for care. The adenium graft was wrapped in plastic and when I took it off, the graft fell off. The euphorbia was in good shape. I e-mailed Chris and he was quite responsive - send another plant and care instructions. 2nd plant is well-grafted and appears to be doing well. I am waiting to hear about the euphorbia as it is now losing it's leaves. Hopefully Chris will continue to be as responsive. The combination of his quick response and the quality of the plants is what causes me to give a positive review.
On August 24th, 2010, maureen1952 changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that's frustrated. I ordered two Euphorbias last fall (and paid for them) for delivery this spring. I've never received them. I think someone was ill and things got really backed up. I am sorry for that but would like to receive what I paid for. I written to them on Facebook as well with no response. VERY disappointing as this was a company that I liked alot.
Negative dave12122
East Haddam, CT
(76 reviews)
August 16, 2010
This is a true conundrum. When I placed my order, in late March, there were about 20 positive comments in a row, and no recent negatives. I thought I could place my order for 4 Adeniums in confidence. My credit card was charged within a couple of days. However, my suggested ship week came and went, with nary a peep. Phone calls and emails were completely ignored, even when I gave an exact date when I would be disputing the charges with my bank. Fortunately, the bank credited my account in full (Buried Treasures never contacted them), so I ultimately didn't lose any $$$$. Still, one wonders what happened. If there was a death in the family or some such thing, wouldn't that be reflected on the website? This is a mystery that is begging to be solved. In the meantime, it is too risky at this point to send an order in to Buried Treasures, as enticing as the website can be!
Negative JoshY46013
Anderson, IN (Zone 6a)
(2 reviews)
July 29, 2010
I ordered weeks ago and my order is still "processing"! I tried to contact several times and NO response, I found this page and I realized I should file a complaint before it's too late with paypal!

BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Negative rosysunset
Kurten, TX (Zone 8b)
(4 reviews)
July 24, 2010
Woe is me! I will never mail order plants again without first checking out Dave's!!! I ordered a hibiscus that I had been looking for on June 1, they had it advertised just so beautifully. As soon as my paypal account was charged, they sent me a nice thank you and a tracking number. No worries..until a month passes, the tracking number keeps saying : processing . I start by emailing -no answer, calling leaving messages - no answer or return calls. Creepy - They scam with finesse. These folks are bandits!
Negative hawaiiroses
Honolulu, HI
(12 reviews)
July 14, 2010
Posted on January 5, 2010, updated July 14, 2010
Posted on January 27, 2007, updated January 5, 2010
Good bulbs, good price, well packed, fast shipping
On April 6th, 2007, hawaiiroses added the following:

Second order for bulbs - large healthy bulbs, very well packed, shipped very quickly. This company can't be beat for bulbs.
On August 22nd, 2008, hawaiiroses added the following:

Third order of bulbs - good healthy bulbs, well packed.
On February 11th, 2009, hawaiiroses added the following:

Another order of bulbs - arrived reasonably quickly, healthy, and well packed.
On January 5th, 2010, hawaiiroses added the following:

This time I ordered terrestrial orchids and euphorbia millii. The company offered a tremendous discount, so the plants were very economical. They arrived with nice root systems and I expect them to do well. I see that this company has gotten some negative feedback, but I have to say that I have never had a problem with them at all, even though it takes 5-7 days for their plants to reach Hawaii!
On July 14th, 2010, hawaiiroses changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Ordered and paid in March 2010. Still haven't received the order. Phone calls and emails not answered. Because I never had any problems with this company before, I wonder if something happened to them - an accident or something. Won't order again until this is resolved.
Negative randy24348
Cottondale, FL
(1 review)
July 14, 2010
Ordered from these people twice before with slow service, but good plants. This time I ordered in early Feb. of this year(2010) and after several e-mails & 3 unanswered phone calls, with the last e-mail stating my intentions to leave a nasty gram here and file for money back from Paypal. I have read in another complaint that bad weather was the problem, not true, I live 250 miles NW or their area and yes it was abnormally cold this year, but not that cold, especially for semi hardy plants. If they had at least notified me back about any problem. come on people, I can drive there in much less than 5 hours to pick the plants up, but not without confirmation that they will even be open be there. The lack of callbacks or at least an answer to the emails shows me these people do not have any regard for their clients, so from now on I have no respect for them. If these people do not straighten out they will be out of business by years end.
Negative oboecat
Rusk, TX (Zone 8a)
(2 reviews)
July 9, 2010
So sad, I too ordered from Chris and not only didn't receive my plants, but didn't receive a response to emails and phone messages. I ordered last year and was completely happy with my purchase. Chris was such a nice person to deal with. I don't know what happened but I hope he is able to recover from this problem.
Negative sno915
Palm Bay, FL
(1 review)
June 28, 2010
I placed an order with Buried Treasures and my credit card was charged but I never received the order. I have sent three email's and left a message on their voice mail, but I never receive any reply. I finally disputed the charge with my credit card company.

I would advise anyone thinking about ordering from this company to be very careful...they took my order and my money and then became extinct !!

Don't know if it's a scam or just poor business practices, but either way...they received their money and received nothing but a headache !
Negative simba77
rockford, IL (Zone 5a)
(1 review)
June 17, 2010
Posted on June 1, 2010, updated June 17, 2010
I placed on order of the amount of $36.65. The order was placed on March 18, 2010 and today is June 1, 2010. Still no plants nor refund. I have called Chris numerous times and I have e-mailed Gretchen,his supposed partner and neither have responded. I am going to report this company for deception and theft. No one else should have to go through this. Buried Treasure should change their names to Buried Trashers.
On June 17th, 2010, simba77 added the following:

I feel that this company picks at random the clients they want to scam. I once believed that Chris and Gretchen where honest. I had purchase from them in the past with postive results. I will tell all you buyers that have had a positive result with this company is to beware. What I can,t seen to understand is how with so many complaints of the same nature is this company still able to do business. Chris and Gretchen your time will come, karma never fails.
Negative juliep127
Louisville, KY
(6 reviews)
June 8, 2010
I placed my order on March 3, 2010 and still I have no plants. Do not order from these people. They apparently like to screw people over!!! Now, that I see everyone else's opinions
Negative Centerville
Centerville, TX
(1 review)
May 11, 2010
Tuesday, March2, 2010 I got email from Buried Treasures 40% off well rooted and fully flushed Euphorbias to first 50 customers. He said they are the nicest offered this early and some are beginning to flower. I ordered several at that time, then called Chris a few days later and wanted to know if I could add to my order since I was one of the "first 50 customers". He said fine. That was Friday, March 5. I ordered a total of 16 Euphorbias that were on sale. He said I should receive them next week since I am in Zone 8. I emailed and emailed priority and called and called and left many messages. I never could get a response after he approved the additional order Friday himself over the phone. The money came straight out of my bank account, not Paypal, like they used to do. I had ordered before so trusted them. That was $80.92.
The order was still "processing" as of today May 11 and still no response from them!!!!!!
Negative libertypugs
Levittown, NY
(1 review)
April 29, 2010
I placed an order with this company back in Dec 2009. It is May 2010 and after repeated attempts to reach this company, I have received no replies to my emails and no plants! I had ordered from them in the past but their reputation has gone downhill. It is now time to contact Consumer Afffairs and let them handle this.
Negative lisaaallen
Efland, NC
(1 review)
April 16, 2010
I placed an order with this company on March 15, 2010. They responded quickly with an email and charged my American express immediately. Since then I have not received my order of $234.45. They will not respond to my phone calls or my emails. I have filed a complaint with Amex and hopefully will get my money back. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!
Negative Desertdenial5
Tolleson, AZ (Zone 9a)
(26 reviews)
April 15, 2010
Posted on April 5, 2010, updated April 15, 2010
Posted on February 16, 2007, updated April 5, 2010
My bulbs were packed well and all very healthy. I was pleasantly pleased at how quickly they shipped .
On March 19th, 2008, marieortiz added the following:

I have ordered quite a few times from this company since my original posting and I am always pleased with the quality of product received.
On April 5th, 2010, marieortiz changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I am changing my rating to nuetral and will change it again if I do not get this resloved. I placed an order on 3/5/10. I have sent at least 4-5 e-mails and left 2 messages to find out what the ship date will be and have received no response at all.

On April 15th, 2010, marieortiz changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I have filed a claim through paypal. Neither Chris nor Gretchen have responded to e-mails or messages left.
Negative jessbellamy
Charleston, SC
(3 reviews)
April 14, 2010
Ordered as a gift in January, quick response and promise to deliver at a specific date.

That date has come and gone, no delivery. No decision to respond to emails or to phone messages. Absolutely nothing. This is not a poor nursery, this is theft.

These people represent the worst of why you should be very careful when ordering online, because even those that have many positive ratings will take the short, easy and unfortunately morally lacking alternative to doing good business if and when something goes wrong.

In the meantime I guess I'll be following up with the credit card company and other appropriate venues to make sure people don't have their money stolen by this company.
Negative PurePlants
Deltona, FL (Zone 9b)
(1 review)
April 9, 2010
Posted on October 26, 2009, updated April 9, 2010
I have placed several orders with Buried Treasures and had awesome experiences everytime. Their communication is good and quick and I always appreciate a seller who is speedy with shipping. The packaging of the plants were good and they were in nice and healthy shape. Thanks Buried Treasures!
On April 9th, 2010, PurePlants changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

*Thumbs down*

I have previously left Buried Treasures positive feedback and attempted a second transaction with them. I purchased an adenium on ebay from them and then also ordered directly from their web site.

The seller had mentioned that they had been hit hard by Florida's unusually cold weather this year but would be shipping soon. That was the last correspondence that I received. For three weeks there was absolutely ZERO response and my order totalled around $150. I ended up having to file a claim with both ebay and paypal.

The seller didn't respond to either claims and I ended up getting a refund because of this. I will not ever do business with this seller again which is unfortunate but all they had to do was tell me the truth and communicate with me and I would have worked with them.
Negative kandhi
Vienna, VA
(5 reviews)
April 9, 2010
I have ordered 2 plumerias back in Feb 23rd and received an email back from then on Feb 27th that they have charged my credit card. When I emailed them the same day on when I can expect the shipment, they responded that I will get my plants in10days. It is closer to 2 months since my order and I have not received my plants yet and they do not respond to my phone calls or emails. I never got either Chris or Gretchen to answer their phones in person, I had to leavel voicemails that have never been returned. It is ok if they cannot send the plants in time, but atleast if they respond and let me know on the reason for the delay would be good, I can wait. I am really dissappoined with this order. I checked gardenwatchdog before ordering but I think it was a costly mistake. I am planning to call my credit card comany on this charge by this company and report on them.
Negative Frank1965
Shreveport, LA
(23 reviews)
April 7, 2010
In Dec 2009 I placed and order for bulbs to be delivered in Jan. Due to the very cold weather they emailed to say that the order would be delayed. I waited and emailed them after the weather moderated I thought- they emailed back and said it was still too cold. I then emailed them in Feb again- still to cold to ship they said. Now none of my emails are being answered. They have my money and I don't have my order- I am very unhappy with this company and will recommend not to order from them.
Negative desertmikey
Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico (Zone 11)
(5 reviews)
April 5, 2010
I ordered from Buried Treasures for the first time in February, 2010. After not having received my order, nor any contact from the seller stating when it might be shipped, I contacted the seller one month later (in March, 2010) by email. After not getting a reply, I sent several more emails with no response from the seller. I finally had to open a "Non-receipt Claim" with PayPal to try to get my money refunded (which has not yet happened either). Regardless of what happens, I will never order from this seller again! Buyers beware!
Positive zubababy
West Jordan, UT
(13 reviews)
January 7, 2010
Posted on August 2, 2008, updated January 7, 2010
i ordered some plumeria and other items from them. the package arrived quickly and in great condition. i am very pleased with this order.
On March 3rd, 2009, zubababy added the following:

I have ordered from Buried Treasures a few times now. They are quick to ship the items to me. Everything is packed well.
I haven't had any problems growing on anything that I have received from them. The quality is ok. The prices are good for what they send. They are very prompt to respond to emails. Great customer service!
On January 7th, 2010, zubababy added the following:

Just received another order from Buried Treasures. I ordered a couple of rooted Plumeria's that arrived in great condition. They were packed very well, for the freezing days in travel. The Plumeria's were plump and look very healthy.
Positive mollymistsmith
Valdosta, GA (Zone 8b)
(10 reviews)
January 7, 2010
I purchased 4 Tropical Hibiscus from Gretchen and Chris and they arrived in great shape. They were larger than I expected so I am thrilled with the product and service I received. I also got them at a great price. Thanks Chris and Gretchen. :)
Positive bulltrout
Eugene, OR
(1 review)
January 6, 2010
I just ordered 2 "extra large" adeniums and the plants were bigger than I expected. The plants were shipped quickly and they looked GREAT!!! I received a few emails from Chris and Gretchen regarding shipping and they wondered if I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend them and will definitely buy from them again. Thanks again for the great plants.
Positive wmanl
San Jose, CA
(1 review)
January 3, 2010
I received excellent services. Will order from them again.
Positive GrubWorm1
Jacksonville, FL (Zone 9a)
(2 reviews)
January 1, 2010
My plumeria cutting arrived very quick and was larger than I had expected. Would have no problems ordering from again.
Positive NavyCove
Gulf Breeze, FL
(2 reviews)
December 30, 2009
I have ordered from Buried Treasures several times and have received prompt service and great merchandise. I have always been impressed with the quality of the plants and or bulbs I have received. I look forward to more orders in the future. Love your plants Buried Treasures!
Positive CHERRY60
Cape Coral, FL
(1 review)
December 29, 2009
I have bought from them for many years. The only problem I had was once ,the cots I ordered came as cuttings not plants. They assured me that the plants were callused and would root readily, but they all rotted. I didn't bother complaining but they emailed me to ask if everything was ok. When they learned what happened they reshipped.
My lastest order was as usual very satisfactory. I go into my backyard and can see the many unsual plants I have bought growing well. Thank you C&G !!!!
Positive Lewgay
Miami, FL
(1 review)
December 4, 2009
We received very healthy adeniums from Buried Treasure months ago and also this time we received great communications and fast service and the adeniums look great.Thank, Chris
Positive Mark6090
Beaverton, OR
(1 review)
November 23, 2009
I had ordered 50 ea rain lily bulbs (zephyranthes carinata). The bulbs were promptly delivered, in very good quality and included exceptionally detailed planting instructions. Thank you!
Positive Malestrom
Plumiedelphia, PA (Zone 7a)
(5 reviews)
November 5, 2009
Posted on September 17, 2007, updated November 04, 2009
I ordered an extra large Adenium 'Miss Japan'
The price and communication were excellent and so was the adenium.
I asked specifically for a very twisted caudex and Chris took my order to heart,
He picked the perfect one for me.
I love it!!
Im so happy I have ordered 7 Thai Crown of Thorn Euphorbias
Ill be ordering more adeniums in the spring.
Way to go Chris!
Keep up the good communication and product bro.
Highly recommended.
On September 20th, 2007, Malestrom added the following:

I ordered 7 Thai Hybrid Crown Of Thorns Euphorbia.
They arrived in excellent condition.
I wasnt expecting grafts, which are preffered on these.
The grafts are excellent, some of the best ive seen
Im still impressed
Thanks Chris and Gretchen!!

Ill be eating my adenium loving heart out next year on your site.
More CoT as well.
You guys are great.
Hopefully I can visit when I get to Florida someday.
On October 3rd, 2008, Malestrom added the following:

I was made aware of a special sale on Thai CoTs 4 for $25.-
I bought 8 more large sized plus 1 more adenium lol!!
Who can resist?
Communication is tops
Plants were in the best condition expected traveling to Philadelphia from Fla.
prices cant be touched.
Im extremely pleased with all of my dealings with Chris and his efforts to send top quality product and keep communications timely.
This is a top notch company and growing fast.
I wish you both well
Keep up the excellent standard!!!!
You are my only source for CoT and my #1 for Adeniums! ;)
On November 5th, 2009, Malestrom added the following:

Another awesome Adenium delivered!!
I cant wait till she wakes up and blooms for me next year.
Company representative comment on September 18, 2007:

On Sep 18, 2007 8:22 AM, Buried Treasures added:

Thank you for your kind notes. We do try to accomodate our clients' request for Adeniums {CAVEAT: where we can] :)

We appreciate your business, and can tell you (Here's a great secret) htat we expect to carry Adenium Specimines (8-10 year olds) PLUS 10-20 new

Eat your Adenium-Loving heart out :)

Positive Adventurer101
Auburn, WA
(2 reviews)
November 4, 2009
I received my order very quickly. The bulbs were in super condition and ready to plant. I can't wait to see these plants grow. Thank you!
Positive facarpen
Phoenix, AZ
(1 review)
October 29, 2009
I was looking to purchase some rain lily bulbs. I got the vendor Buried Treasures off this website. I contacted them about the rain lilys. They responded quickly to my questions and about their inventory. I placed my order, paid by PayPal on Oct 20, 2009 I recieved my order of over 200 rain lily bulbs on Oct 28, 2009. the packaging was great, planting instructions clear and easy to follow, and everthing arrived safely and in an amazing short period of time. It was a pleasure doing business with Gretchen and Chris at Buried Treasures in the future I would not hesitate to place another order.

Fred C
Positive wagwag
Labelle, FL
(2 reviews)
October 28, 2009
Posted on August 05, 2009, updated October 27, 2009
I placed an order July 5th, paid through paypal, was given a tracking number which does not work, today is August 5th and no shipment. Both, Chris and Gretchen have been emailed and asked why my order has not been shipped. I have all copies of emails, both direct and D-mail. On July 16th, they said the order was shipped and this was the last time that they have communicated, although I have repeatedly emailed for my order. I placed a dispute with paypal, and told them that I was going to give negative feedback. It seems that they do not care. I still do not have my order. I have no clue how they are in the top 30 on Dave's list. I can just imagine what the others are like.
On August 9th, 2009, wagwag added the following:

I just received an email, Aug. 9th, from Chris and Gretchen thanking me for a prompt payment for an order I placed back on July 5th. What happened is that they were notified from Paypal that I filed 2 claims for 2 orders paid for and not received. So, somehow they are treating this like a new order. Get this, they gave me a new order # and told me to make sure to use this # at all times to help them stay organized. Hmmmmmmmm....
On October 28th, 2009, wagwag changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

After being disappointed with the extended time to receive my last order and the lack of communication I decided to to honor Gretchen's request to give them a second chance. I am VERY pleased that I ordered again. The communcation was excellent, the 13 Cajun hibiscus were excellent and the shipping was extremely fast. Also, even though the last order was late in arriving, the plants were very healthy. So I have always been pleased with their plants and now I am a believer in their business practices. I will be back to order again. Keep up the good practices and communication.
Positive Jonniefish
North Fort Myers, FL
(1 review)
October 28, 2009
Posted on September 02, 2009, updated October 27, 2009
Recently ordered 3 Euphorbia"Thai Hybrid" and I'm thrilled with them.Price was right plants doing fantastic.Will be getting more soon.Only negative was my fault I didn't read the part about them being shipped bareroot.I think next time I do business with them I'm going to drive up and see what they offer in person:)
On October 28th, 2009, Jonniefish added the following:

I took advantage of the 2 for 1 Euphorbia and Gretchen was nice enough to send me 1 red and 1 orange(WOOT!).She was even nice enough to jot down on the receipt which plant was which.In addition i grabbed a nice grafted desert rose.All 3 look great.Another homerun.
Positive garden_naked
Nipomo, CA
(1 review)
October 26, 2009
i've ordered from buried treasures a few times now and am very happy with their service and health of the plants and bulbs i've received. this last order was of cajun hibiscus, and the plants sent were well over a foot tall with many leaves! the fact that they traveled all the way across the usa and arrived smiling and healthy and fresh is a testament to this company's quick shipping and dedication to their customer's [and plant's] happiness! i will most certainly order from buried treasures again!
ahly mueller
grow your own
central coast, ca
Positive moodock
Cedar Hill, TX
(1 review)
October 26, 2009
I ordered several bulbs and an orchid species from them. Everything was very profesional, and they included freebies! The bulbs looked big and healthy, and my orchid is already growing larger since it was potted. Nice people to deal with!
Positive carpincho70
Hot Springs National Park, AR
(8 reviews)
October 26, 2009
excellent service, perfect communication and excellent product. what else can I ask for?
Positive nymegen
Windham, ME (Zone 5a)
(20 reviews)
October 20, 2009
Just received 2 Cajun Hibiscus;great quality,condition and size!Will order again from them!
Neutral equinecpa
Gainesville, TX
(2 reviews)
September 7, 2009
I placed an order in February for some plants. I didn't receive a shipping notice and then they were shipped on a weekend I was away. I found them on Monday-pretty much frozen.

I had ordered a Euphorbia and other plants. The Euphorbia was quite dead. I requested a replacement by email and sent pictures of the dead plants. It took many emails and voice messages to even get a response. And then it took forever to get a replacement- I began to wonder if I ever would get the replacement. In the end (after a couple of months) I did.

This company needs to improve their communication! With most of the shipping methods out there today it is very easy to send shipping notification. It is also imperative to respond to email inquiries promptly.

I was also disappointed with the plants -perhaps it's the bareroot shipping but the plants do seem pretty distressed when they arrive.
I'll be buying my tropicals elsewhere in the future.

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