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On Aug 12, 2019, llcmarketing (1 reviews) from San Diego, CA

I've purchased from this company in the past and have generally had no issues. However in the past 2 years, it's been nothing but issues. Being quoted for plants on one day and when the plants go to ship the prices increase, not honoring the quoted price given. Now being told they won't ship fedex 3day because they don't feel it's safe for the plants and that freight is needed which is more. I refused and signed a "shipping waiver" in case the plants arrived damaged. ANY reputable wholesale nursery knows how to pack and ship plants so they are minimally damaged. They apparently do not know know, even though past orders have arrived with no issues. At least major ones. I had to send them photos of the shipping boxes from another reputable company to show them and ask them is this how you ship? and I got no answer. I've been trying to get answers and finalize this one order, for OVER A MONTH now. Seriously? yes. When calling you can only get (if you get anyone on the phone) the person who answers the "[email protected]" email address. This person is usually unknowledgable of the company, shipping or accounting, and acts as gatekeeper. So you will never get past this person to speak to anyone in accounting or the owner. I paid for my order this morning, which was $653.11 and got the receipt and realized they charged me 3x the amount I should have been for shipping of 4 trays. Typically 4 trays would have been $133, but instead I was charges $364 for the 4 trays. Calling back to get the difference refunded and there's no one there to speak to except the "shipping" person or phone answerer. She has no idea what to do, can't give me someone in charge to talk to, can't tell me if anyone is there to talk to, won't tell me if they've all gone home. Basically it feels like this company is in big trouble with how they operate lately(past 2 years now) and may be going down hill even more. It should not take me over 1 month to get an order finalized and shipped, only to be overcharged for the shipping.

On Mar 27, 2012, Lagunacell (1 reviews) from Hilton Head Island, SC

Worked for this company for two and a half years, excellent plants and service. Would very much recommend to anyone who wishes to get more in the tropical plants. Great selection of Lantana and Mandevilla. Was my inspiration to try my hand in the nursery business.

On Mar 4, 2003, Calalily (40 reviews) from Deep South Coastal, TX (Zone 10a)

I ordered tropical liners from this company. The plants were beautiful. Their packaging was excellent, they arrived in great shape. Their customer service is excellent. They knew exactly what was available so I could order for immediate shipment.

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