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Fieldstone Gardens is a retail garden center and mail-order perennial nursery located in central Maine. We offer over 1500 varieties of hardy perennials, featuring many unique, collector, and classic plants. In the spring and fall our plants are shipped throughout the U.S.

We encourage you to explore our extensive online catalog with pictures and descriptions. Take a virtual tour of our nursery at FieldstoneGardens.com. Follow us on Facebook @FieldstoneGardens for up to date info on events and what's in bloom.

We welcome visitors to the gardens Spring, Summer, and Fall from 9am-5pm, 7 days a week. Less than an hour drive from LL Bean or the coast, 15 minutes from Augusta, and you will find "One of the most beautiful spots in central Maine." In addition to the extensive variety of perennials, we also carry Trees/Shrubs, annuals and vegetable seedlings.

The Farm:

Steve Jones started Fieldstone Gardens in the spring of 1985 as the fourth generation at his family's farm in Vassalboro, Maine. Originally settled by the Jones family in the 1880's, Fieldstone Gardens includes 10 acres of gardens, a 250-acre sustainable tree farm, apple orchard, lilac collection, retail store, fields, ponds, and our famous stone walls. Our nursery includes extensive display gardens featuring perennial borders and shade gardens as well as specimen trees and shrubs.

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On Jun 4, 2020, colorecho (7 reviews) from Stamford, CT

I was nonplussed when I received a small box from Fieldstone in April after making a perennial order of 9 plants. However, I potted up the bare-root perennials, which were just breaking dormancy. All of the plants had substantial root systems. They are now (early June) healthy and robust plants in the perennial border. This nursery has a very large selection of very hardy perennials (they are in Maine), including many unusual, hard-to-find, and/or new selections. The divisions are a good size and their prices are reasonable. I do wish their website had pictures along with their descriptions (though you can obviously copy links or google the plant, I have been spoiled by so many nurseries having pictures on the same page as the name/description, which allows for easy scanning). Website aside, I will definitely look to this nursery first when I place my orders next year. I have ordered from countless online nurseries for decades and I highly recommend this nursery.

On Jun 9, 2019, bselarse (7 reviews) from South Wayne, WI

I agree with Fluffy Squirrel- Bob, you Rock! I ordered 3 Pulmonaria that came bare root. They were all 3 (three) hard to find anywhere else. They were bare root and did not survive the shipping. I contacted the company I was somewhat on the defensive- I was dealing with another company at the time with no results. Bob contacted me right away. He was apologetic, and wanted to make sure I knew about the plant and the signs it would exhibit if too much sun... He then offered to refill the order and get it out 2 day delivery. The new plants arrived and they were wonderful. The fact that he got right back to me and reshipped without question makes the disappointment a thing of the past. It is especially appreciated this year, since I have very bad customer service to compare it too. I would highly recommend this company based on the quality of the 2nd shipment and the customer Service. Thank you Bob!

On Sep 4, 2015, obliqua (17 reviews) from Pittsburgh, PA

I ordered three sarasto campanula plants, which are not easy to find, I received my plants in three days. The plants looked very healthy and had lots of roots. The price was cheaper than many of the other nurseries that carried them, but mostly were sold out. I will order again from this Fieldstone, they have a wide variety of perennials, many unusual cultivars with very reasonable prices.

On Jul 15, 2014, jap68 (1 reviews) from Waterville, ME

Fieldstone Gardens was contracted April 29,2014 to fill areas on my property with soil and seed and to create a brick walkway to the front door. June 7th 2014 they were paid the balance owed and removed from the job. The Job was realistically a five day job that dragged into weeks. The contractor threatened to break the contract by returning my check before the job even started leaving me high and dry. I was very specific that I wanted the job supervised by the owner and that all hands would be on deck to complete the job timely. The job was unsupervised when it came to the specialized work of laying the brick path that went on for two weeks with one person working on the path. The assistant came out to educate the new hire on how to lay a path. This was not the specialized skilled labor that I paid for. I was told by the assistant when discussing the path lay out that I was hindering him and that I had 40 minutes of his time and if I wanted to talk to him that would cut into the training time. They misjudged the amount of soil needed by approximately 30 square yards, two additional dump trucks were required to deliver the soil. My front door frame suffered property damage when installing the step that I am left to repaint. I am not sure if it was damaged when putting in the first step that had to be removed due to it being the wrong order or the second step. They quoted the job minus essential parts that are code to complete a path , then tried to bill me for the parts. The brick company said the black plastic outer retaining barrier on the brick edges was essential. Then bricks that were returned for credit with a promise of a check are now being held by the contractor until he gets a copy of my paper work. Both my wife and I were insulted and we were told that we were his worst clients. I was criticized for supervising the work or being in my own back yard while the work was under way. I was called an idiot by the contractor for my suggestions. The grass seed that the contractor planted only took in 50 % of the earth and the earth need an additional 3 Sq yards brought in. With the seed and extra earth I was out an additional $180.00 and a days labor. This is my worst construction experience in all my 15 years of home ownership.

On Aug 7, 2013, heirloom_annie (3 reviews) from New Hartford, NY

I ordered from this company for several years running, with no problems, however, my most recent order resulted in them sending a mislabeled plant (which I didn't realize until the following year, and too late for a refund at that point). It's not only that I was out the $, but the time and garden space that was wasted, too!

On Jun 15, 2013, perenniallyme (16 reviews) from Jamaica Plain, MA (Zone 6a)

A couple of years ago I ordered from Fieldstone. I won't comment on my order because I don't remember it well. However, this spring I looked at one of my epimediums that had unattractive small unspurred dirty white flowers and wondered how I had ordered it. I looked at the tag and it said it was "Fire Dragon" from Fieldstone Gardens. It obviously wasn't Fire Dragon, so I sent them an email, and this was at least a month ago, that they had sent me the wrong epimedium, and I still haven't heard back from them - not even an apology. I will certainly not order from them again.

On May 31, 2013, Just_Grow_It (4 reviews) from Manassas, VA

They take your credit card number, but they don't actually use it to reserve the plants. After waiting 6 months for them to ship my order I was told they were all "sold out". I'm very upset. If I had known that they weren't really holding these plants for me I would have bought from someone else. Now it's too late for the season. Customer service is terrible too. It took 4 emails and over 4 telephone calls (all un-returned) until I finally managed to get a live person to tell me why I never received my order. They just don't seem to care.

On May 29, 2013, donsch (6 reviews) from Random Lake, WI

The customer service feedback leaves a lot to be desired as it is not done on a timely basis. I have contacted them twice per their website and it took three or four days to respond to my emails regarding the shipment status of my order. I requested that my order be shipped on/or after May 3, 20l3 and to date I still have not received by order. Today is May 26, 2013.

On Sep 18, 2008, garden_crazy (2 reviews) from Crystal Lake, IL

I ordered from Fieldstone in 2/08. My order was over a month late being shipped, two of the six plants were only 2-3 stems and about 2" tall (for Monarda?). They both died. Another plant was unavailable. There was no communication as to the lateness of my order. -I had to call them and then received my plants in about 10 days. -They did replace the two that died with much nicer plant that are doing fine. -Not the Fieldstone plants/service that I had the three previous years. -I can get better service/plants elswhere.

On Jul 18, 2008, fluffysquirrel (4 reviews) from Sicklerville, NJ

All I can say is, Bob, you rock:-)! Recently I had questions about the Tiny Monster Geranium. He was quick to respond to my emails, very helpful and extremely informative. I bought several, and they were packed meticulously and arrived swiftly and in happy, healthy condition. It didn't take long for these to begin thriving. I highly recommend Fieldstone Gardens; you will not be disappointed!!

On Jun 3, 2008, poppysue (37 reviews) from Westbrook, ME (Zone 5a)

I made an order for Siberian iris this spring and was very pleased with the size and condition of the plants - they looked great. A couple even had bloom scapes that survived the trip. Each plant was neatly packed with sphagnum moss and there wasn't a brown leaf in the bunch. I made a substitution with my order rather late in the game and they were very quick to respond to my request and change the order, no questions asked. I'll definitely order from Fieldstone again and would recommend them to anyone looking for hardy perennials. They were a pleasure to deal with.

On May 25, 2007, 8209 (12 reviews) from Louisville, KY (Zone 6b)

I ordered 5 plants from this company, and it took 5 days to receive them. When they finally arrived they were D.O.A. This company's customer service is very bad. They take forever to answer E-mails. Am still waiting to hear back from them reguarding the dead plants I finally received!! Will not order from them in the future. David Tucker Louisville, Kentucky.

On Oct 27, 2006, PlantsnobIN (31 reviews) from Paoli, IN

I ordered Siberian Iris 10-22 and rec'd them 10-27. A couple of the ones I wanted were out of stock, but the ones I got were very large. I would have to say that these are the biggest I have ever bought. Very happy with this company.

On Oct 25, 2006, 2manyhosta (4 reviews) from Batavia, IL

Had never heard of Fieldstone until they were listed as a source in an article about Hellebores. I ordered them, they arrived quickly and were packed well. Could not be happier with the plants or the service.

On Oct 21, 2006, Revnrose (10 reviews) from Clinton, NY (Zone 5a)

Ordered from Fieldstone for the first time, because of some of their more unusual plants (some heirloom, some common in Maine, but uncommon elsewhere). They all did well over the unusually wet summer, while many other plants just surrendered. I was pleased to be able to cut my first sweet fern leaves for herbal tea; sweet fern was one of the plants I was able to acquire from Fieldstone, a shrubby tough plant that many people would wonder about planting. But because it is tough and can take abuse (even of the occasional plow shearing) and makes great tea, I was delighted to find a nursery that carried it. One of many gems from an interesting center. Also glad to see that Fieldstone has a relationship with Fedco (noted in the Fedco Trees catalog), for those who wish to support independent growers.

On Jul 22, 2006, earthworm13 (2 reviews) from Northford, CT

I have ordered from this company for the past 2 years with nothing but good results. All plants have been well wrapped and marked. All have done well in my zone 6 climate. I would recommend doing business with this company.

On May 24, 2006, bthyme (11 reviews) from Buena Vista, VA

I placed an order in December for two different varieties of phlox and a miscanthus. The plants came the exact week in May that I requested. They were good-sized chunks of healthy plants wrapped in damp moss, and all are growing well.

On Apr 14, 2006, hugeposiepatch (12 reviews) from Clearfield, PA (Zone 5a)

I received an order today from Fieldstone. My plants were in good shape. I will order from them again.

On May 16, 2005, Baldwin (8 reviews) from Newtown, PA (Zone 6a)

Brown paper packages tied up with strings. Well, actually, rubber bands. Although the packaging was unusual (brown or grey paper wrapped around the rootball secured with a rubber band and the label stuck inside the rubber band) the plants were healthy though somewhat on the small side. I ordered a lot of stuff: daylillies, delphinium, aconitum, campanulla, iris, hollyhocks and coreopsis verticillata. Some of the labels became separated from the plants during shipping so it was a bit of a challenge to match everything up. I think my order took longer to get from Maine to PA than anticipated. The extra transit time probably affected the quality b/c two plants (a hollyhock and the coreopsis) didn't look so good on arrival. I planted anyway and neither grew. But the friendly people at Fieldstone are replacing those two plants. These folks are very nice and personable people to deal with. Very quick to react to email. They grow and ship superbly healthy stock at great prices, have a wonderful extensive catalog on the web, and I will remain a customer of theirs for years to come.

On Feb 19, 2005, sjms (7 reviews) from Keene, NH (Zone 5a)

I've ordered from Fieldstone Gardens over the past 6 years at least- maybe more! These folks have a broad selection of hardy perennials and the Currrier McEwen sibierian irises they offer are a beautiful tribute to the work of this inspirational iris hybridizer. The number of plants Fieldstone Gardens offers expands each year and since they are a northern New England nursery the shipping costs for me are good-the plants they ship are large and healthy. I've also managed to go there- and it's a pretty spot to to visit--Lots and lots of great plants!

On Sep 12, 2004, gwendylena (26 reviews) from La Salle, MI

I just ordered from this company for the first time. The items that I ordered arrived when I specified and arrived looking well. I will definately order from them in the future.

On Jul 18, 2004, psychloman (50 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY (Zone 7a)

I ordered some ferns from Fieldstone Gardens and was very satisfied with the service. The plants arrived quickly and in excellent shape. I would definitely order from them again.

On Jun 17, 2004, msanjelpie (54 reviews) from Meridian, ID

Ordered a variety of plants. Arrived quickly and all plants are alive and doing well... Would order again. DECOBUG

On May 20, 2004, BruMeta (14 reviews) from Livingston Manor, NY

“Great big roots in good condition delivered in a timely manner,” the previous reviewer said. Ditto—and with service that is courteous, prompt and responsive. A great source for healthy, 2-yr. field-grown plants of hard-to-find genera and unique species. They will have me as a repeating customer.

On Sep 23, 2003, Meelickmusic (4 reviews)

great big roots in good condition delivered in a timely manner.

On Aug 16, 2003, daylilyfever (2 reviews)

I have had the pleasure of visting Fieldstone Gardens 3 times this summer. It is the most impressive nursery I have ever visited. Lovely wide selection of plants. I purchased many named Daylilys and Hosta's. Was very impressed with their hosta selections even in mid August all their hostas are in great shape! A++++. If you are lucky enough to be close enough to visit don't pass this one up! They have lovely gardens to wander through.

On Jun 4, 2003, sangiovese (3 reviews) from Hamilton, OH

Good selection and prices. Plants arrived in great shape and are already growing very well. I will order again next year.

On Apr 15, 2003, jenc (8 reviews)

BIG healthy perennial plants, a huge selection of irises, and excellent customer service. I live near them and their display gardens are incredible.

On Apr 3, 2003, Herbsis (2 reviews)

Wonderful selection and good prices. I have been a retail customer for 3 years and I always look forward to visiting their farm. I have gotten some good ideas from their gardens.

On Mar 10, 2003, Tiki (6 reviews) from Portsmouth, RI (Zone 7a)

I ordered a couple of hostas and a peony from this company. They have a wonderful website. The plants arrived carefully wrapped in brown paper and secure in the box. The plants were in wonderful condition & bigger then I expected. Also included with my order was a postcard to send back asking my opinion on the plants & packing, and a discount card for my next order. I could tell this company loves & takes pride in what they do. I will order again from Fieldstone in the future.

On Dec 31, 2002, Lilyfan (1 reviews)

As a resident of Maine I have visited these gardens 3 times and found them to be very healthy and beautiful visually as well.. I have purchased plants at the site and also used the mail order and can say I have been very satisfied. If you are ever in the Augusta Maine area in growing season it is worth seeking this place out. It is tucked away on a country road and absolutely beautiful.

On Sep 22, 2002, vermont (2 reviews) from Bristol, VT

I had the pleasure of ordering from Fieldstone recently and would highly recommend them to anyone. Their communication is terrific and friendly, whether dealing with problem credit cards(mine),or tricky poppy plants that did not not survive to be shipped(theirs). The plants we agreed upon for shipment came beautifully packaged and in terrific shape. I look forward to ordering more of the same plants when they are ready next year as well as new ones.

On Feb 18, 2002, SiberianIris (8 reviews) from Paducah, KY (Zone 6a)

I ordered some gas plants Dictamus last year and they are wonderful. He sends very large size plants these were 2 years old. He is real good about answering question and emailing you.

On April 22nd, 2002, SiberianIris added the following: Another order recieved from Fieldstone Gardens nice big green healthy plants. Dictamnus, Astrantia, Trollius and more they look wonderful.

On Nov 1, 1998, KateHunter (20 reviews)

I've been ordering from Fieldstone for about 3 years and would recommend them - especially to gardeners in the colder zones. I can be pretty sure that anything I get from them will be cold hardy here. They have a very interesting selection of plants - a reflection on the fact that they grow the things they sell and make judgments about the garden worthiness of their offerings. I did get a couple of pots with weeds growing in them - a minor annoyance given the huge size of their plants and their good customer service.

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