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On Aug 5, 2021, Pdeuel (4 reviews) from Custar, OH (Zone 6a)

I ordered several plants from this company. I was able to find some lesser known plants that I was specifically looking for that I couldn't find anywhere else. Communication about shipping times, including delays due to forecasted hot weather were good. Prices were very good and all the plants arrived healthy, nice sized and well packaged. I will definitely order from this company again.

On May 28, 2021, goodair31 (2 reviews) from Rockport, MA

I ordered 4 plants last summer. They were shipped 1 July and did not arrive until a week later in bad shape. One was dead on arrival, the cutting had hardly any roots. Two more died shortly after planting despite regular watering, and the fourth remained poorly and did not survive the winter. I have written many times to Betty who promised some replacements but I still am waiting, 11 months later. I am tired of progress chasing with no action. I have nothing to show for the $58 I spent. I will not order from this supplier again.

On May 3, 2021, XochiH (1 reviews) from Pleasant Grove, UT

My experience with Heritage has been very good so far. It took a little while to ship but Betty emailed me personally to tell me exactly when to expect the package. When I opened it I found a beautiful little plant that was nestled in lovingly and skillfully. It had healthy roots and miraculously undamaged leaves. I was thrilled. They have a great selection of interesting plants, many of which can be hard to find. I hope to order from them again in future.

On Jun 9, 2020, maplebane (1 reviews) from Central Manchester, CT (Zone 6a)

I ordered two plants, one lived and one arrived in terrible condition and died after about a week or so. They were not shipped well, just wrapped in newspaper. The worst part is that Heritage Flower Farm did not respond to any of my emails about the dying plant, and so I have not received a refund or a replacement. Ordering plants through the mail always involves some risk, but the hope is that the seller will be reasonable if a plant arrives damaged and shortly dies thereafter. I emailed them the day that I received the plants (one milkweed and one purple-flowering raspberry) because the raspberry looked very bad and already had mostly shrivelled leaves. I sent photos, too. No response. A few days later I tried again with new photos. No response. A few days later the same thing. I do NOT recommend this farm to anyone - don't risk your money on plants that are not shipped well. This farm will not not respond if you have a problem.

On May 28, 2020, Le_Not (12 reviews) from Coralville, IA (Zone 5b)

I found Heritage Flower Farm to have an intriguing selection of plants -- lots of things I can't find elsewhere. I ordered four bare-root plants (3 phlomis and a regal lily), and they arrived in great shape: well packed, and the root systems looked great! I would definitely order from them again.

On May 22, 2020, Orchiddoctor52 (3 reviews) from Dahlonega, GA

I ordered 2 ferns from this nursery. Easy enough. Seemed like nice people. However what I received was absolute junk. The plants were barefoot and without the slightest signs of life. Just balls. Okay, I realize that sometimes plants that arrive fully dormant can go to be champs. But I didnít see it here. (I owned a nursery for twenty years and have grown ferns as a hobby for about as long). So I contacted them. Not once, not twice, but three times! No reply. I dare say that in this business, nothing here suggests either integrity or quality. Avoid.

On Apr 6, 2020, joepop (1 reviews) from Weston, CT

Our first order from this plant supplier and must say they were some healthy looking specimens! ...much more mature than we often get from bigger growers. Will be ordering from Betty and her team again.

On Sep 20, 2019, plant_collector (32 reviews) from Oak Ridge, TN

My first order from HFF and I was pretty well satisfied. Plants were shipped on the day requested, of a decent size for the price, and I also received one small free plant. Also received an email with info on each plant I purchased.

On May 5, 2019, LIRose (6 reviews) from Peconic, NY

My first order from Heritage Flower Farm was positive. I was drawn to their site because they were the only source I could find for Gypsophila repens 'Rosea', a creeping baby's breath that I had had growing in my garden for many years before it died suddenly this year, and I was hoping to replace it. My plant order arrived quickly and in bushy, healthy condition for spring planting.

On Jun 15, 2018, FrostPrincess (8 reviews) from Shakopee, MN

My only regret is that I did not find this nursery sooner! I was looking for a specific plant, Persicaria polymorpha (Giant fleece flower), which of course is not to be found anywhere even remotely where I live...so I started checking online. A couple of the standard online/catalog nurseries had it but between the cost and the shipping charge was more than I wanted to pay just to see how well this plant would do in my yard-plus I was tired of paying through the nose for teeny-tiny little plants. Then I found Heritage Flower Farm...they were in a neighboring state, had good reviews here and did not look like the typical 'plant factories' that most of the bigger/ better-known nurseries have become. I ordered my two Giant Fleece flower online and soon I got a personal, not system generated, email about my order. Then within a few days, I got the shipping information.. Shipping was set up to be fast-no lingering in some hot truck for days on end, the bare root cuttings were much, much bigger than I expected (considering the low price), well wrapped, healthy and showing no signs of stress. I quickly planted them and hoped for the best, what with the erratic weather we've been having here in Minnesota. It's almost scary how big these two plants have gotten in such a short amount of time! I am definitely going to order from Heritage Flower Farm again, I've already started planning my order for next year. This is what nurseries used to be like before they became plant factories...it's obvious this company takes pride in their plants and their name-good prices, great plants, 'real' old-fashioned customer service..it's nice to deal with a company that cares!!! I highly recommend Heritage Flower Farm and I can't wait to do more business with them!

On Sep 16, 2017, cold_bill (3 reviews) from Bovey, MN

I ordered two pink turtlehead (Chelone obliqua) plants online for delivery by mail. This was my first order with Heritage Flower Farm. The order was filled quickly, and I received the plants in three days by USPS 3-day Priority Mail. I was blown away by the plants! They were not just "plants," they were clumps. I was able to divide each clump with a resulting total of nine divisions. Some companies I have dealt with would have called each of those divisions a "plant." From this experience, I highly recommend Heritage Flower Farm.

On Oct 31, 2016, VA_GARDEN (32 reviews) from Hood, VA (Zone 7a)

First time ordering from this company, and I was most impressed. Communications were excellent, the order shipped very quickly, and I was more than pleased at the size and vigor of the plants I received. Based on the quite reasonable prices I was expecting much smaller plants - couldn't believe the size of the Rubus odoratus. Shipping cost is more than fair - you are charged exactly what it costs to ship.

On Oct 30, 2015, Sequoiadendron4 (26 reviews) from Lititz, PA (Zone 6b)

I bought a few items recently from Heritage and was pleased with the selection and quality of plants. They had a coupl things I've never heard of before and was eager to try. They also had one plant that I was specifically looking for. The plants were a good price and shipping was fair. I was especially happy that they shipped right away at my request. I potted the two bare root plants and will plant them next year.

On Jun 6, 2014, rdtjr05 (30 reviews) from Franklin, TN

Excellent experience buying Lilium superbum. I had some cultural questions and Betty was quick to respond to them. She also set some expectations about their blooming which I very much appreciated. They were in active growth but were well-packaged in a long box so their stems would not break. Would definitely order from them again.

On Jun 2, 2013, bonniejean1 (4 reviews) from Canton, OH (Zone 6a)

I ordered three plants from Heritage Flower Farm. Shipping was delayed for good reason. She ships in the beginning of the week so they won't get stalled in a post office over a weekend. They arrived in excellent condition, still moist and not droopy. The plants handled transplanting well.

On May 3, 2012, deereyebrow (10 reviews) from Black Hawk, SD

Posted on June 28, 2010, updated May 3, 2012 I love ordering form this nursery. Plant sizes are very big, shipping charges are very reasonable, and you always get very friendly emails after you place the order and after it is shipped. shipping is very fast too. The first time I ordered from them, there was a lily bulb among other plants, and they sent me three bulbs instead of one, because 'they are not very happy with the size of the bulbs.' Always a delightful experience!

On May 3rd, 2012, deereyebrow added the following: I've been ordering plants from this nursery every year. Their plants are great and always thrive, year after year, even in our tough South Dakota climate. And if there were any problems - they won't stop until they make it right! Thanks so much Betty!!! I especially love the rare and fragrant plants I got from you, and I've been enjoying them every summer!

On Apr 11, 2012, Ispahan (55 reviews) from Chicago, IL (Zone 6a)

I was admittedly off to a rough start with this company since the USPS delivered my box of plants much later than promised *and* they managed to cook it along the way during the freak March 2012 heat wave. Not many plants survived the journey to my house, but Betty was patient, communicative and eventually replaced all of the dead ones. I must emphasize that Betty's stock is gorgeous, large and healthy. Although much of it is bare rooted, it perked up nicely after being watered in and never seemed unhappy about being transplanted. The problems I had with the plants in my first order were entirely the fault of the USPS. Had they not screwed up, all plants sent in my order would have been perfect. I am now very, very pleased with the plants I have received from Heritage Flower Farm. Betty lists many items that are uncommon and/or available from very few or no other sources. Because of the quality of the plants and Betty's exceptional customer service, I would not hesitate to order again from this company. In fact, I just placed another order minutes ago! :-)

On May 27, 2011, jenireed (17 reviews) from Appleton, WI

Placed an order with them, and was very happy with the plants I received. They were large and healthy, and their communication about the order was wonderful. Would definitely recommend them!

On May 15, 2009, j2mom98 (3 reviews) from Dayton, OH

I ordered some Spanish poppies for my rock garden. They arrived quickly & in very good condition. I received a very personable e-mail from Betty letting me know that they had been shipped (the day following the evening I ordered them). I hope to be a repeat customer!

On Apr 25, 2009, usahole (1 reviews) from Chicago, IL

excellent selection of mostly species plants, reasonably priced, and in great condition. really the healthiest looking plants i have ever received in the mail!

On Dec 19, 2002, RobertGorski (3 reviews) from Waukesha, WI (Zone 5a)

Betty was very helpful finding an antique rose I was unable to obtain elsewhere. The plants are all 2 years old now & healthy. I have also purchased perennials from Heritage with equally good results. Good stock, helpful staff, fair prices. A family run business that does a good job with open pollinated & antique plants. Worth a visit.

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